Efficiency Standards

Responsible building. Doing it right for all the right reasons. At Milgard, we work hard to help you maximize your energy savings and reduce our own impact through responsible manufacturing practices.

Energy-efficient Products

Milgard Receives National Energy Saver Award.

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Our windows and doors are designed to meet tough thermal and solar requirements. We make it easy to meet green building efficiency standards with a tiered selection of energy-efficient window packages. In fact, Milgard tailors the components of our energy packages to specific climates—perfectly matching the window to your energy needs. We can custom tailor the glass, the spacer or the gas fill to achieve certain standards.

Do you need an ENERGY STAR® qualified window? Of course, we have that. Do you need something even more efficient? Our 3D® and 3D MAX® energy packages—available on most of our vinyl and fiberglass windows—help builders and responsible homeowners achieve the highest green building energy efficiency standards. Triple glazing technology provides yet another option for improving the energy efficiency of your windows.

Milgard 3D® and 3D MAX® energy packages

Our fiberglass windows and patio doors are also excellent for energy efficiency. Fiberglass by nature has superior insulating properties and can withstand heat up to 350° F and cold as low as -40° F. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, fiberglass windows will remain structurally sound and square through hot and cold, avoiding a key contributor to air infiltration in other window materials. Fiberglass also has a low coefficient of expansion, putting less stress on seals so they last longer.

Durable Solutions

Our windows and doors are built to last a long time. That means less energy used to build periodic replacements and less waste in landfills. We're so sure of the quality and durability that we stand behind every window and door with a Full Lifetime Warranty, including parts and labor.

Consider fiberglass, for example. It's the strongest window material available. It won't rot, warp, rust or corrode. Fiberglass is impermeable to moisture and will not degrade over time. As a result, fiberglass has exceptional longevity plus consistent thermal performance over its lifetime.

Vinyl is an excellent choice as well. Particularly when it's made by Milgard. Each additive to our custom vinyl recipe helps determine the long-term characteristics of our final product. By using only the finest quality vinyl ingredients in our award-winning vinyl windows, Milgard gives you a vinyl window like no other and is able to back it with a Full Lifetime Warranty. Expressly designed to reduce thermal transfer, our vinyl windows meet or exceed ENERGY STAR qualifications. What's more, our maintenance-free vinyl frames won't rot, peel or ever need paint.

Responsible Manufacturing Practices

We utilize energy-efficient practices in many areas. As part of our commitment to responsible manufacturing practices, Milgard extrudes or pultrudes our own vinyl and fiberglass and assembles all the window components in-house. We reuse virtually all vinyl process waste or find another manufacturer who can use it. We waste less. We recycle more. Our fiberglass pultrusion process facility has even earned ISO 14001 certification, a standard which manages and improves performance in areas such as lower energy usage, waste reduction and increased recycling.

With conscientious manufacturing and design, we can all strive to make the environment healthier, save energy and build homes to last. (Learn more about vinyl and the environment.)

Local Supply and Service

Milgard has more than a dozen manufacturing and service locations throughout the nation. These multiple, local operations were designed to create better service and faster response times. Another benefit is that they dramatically reduce the use of fossil fuels to transport our products and to service our customers. Most Milgard customers are within 300 miles of our manufacturing and service locations.

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