Environments For Living®

The Environments For Living®1 program is an initiative of Masco Home Services, Inc., a Masco company. The program was launched in 2001, in response to a growing need for professional services to support regional and national home builders in applying building science and energy-efficient construction practices in the field.

Milgard 3D® and 3D MAX® energy packages

Under the Environments For Living program, Masco Home Services uniquely offers a complete suite of turnkey services for builders. These include pre-construction plan reviews that use industry-standard home-energy analysis software, various inspection services and diagnostic testing utilizing industry-standard authentication tools. Builders can also take advantage of building science training, sales training and marketing assistance. The program also offers homeowner limited guarantees on heating and cooling energy use and comfort.2

Milgard is a participant in the Environments For Living program and offers windows that meet both the Environments For Living® program and Environments For Living Certified Green™ program requirements.


Environments For Living® is a registered trademark of MASCO Home Services, Inc., a MASCO Company.
See limited guarantee for further details and limitations.
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