SunCoatMAXTM Low-E Glass Creates a More Comfortable Home, Winter or Summer

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SAN FRANCISCO (May 30, 2007) — Milgard Windows & Doors has introduced SunCoatMAX Low-E insulating glass, now an upgrade option on its full line of windows and patio doors. The high-performance, patent-pending, triple coating technology provides a new level of solar heat gain control, energy efficiency, optimal UV protection and year-round comfort whether you're heating your home or running the air conditioner.

SunCoatMAX Low-E insulating glass advantages:

  • Improved Summertime Solar Heat Gain Reduction.
  • Increased Wintertime Interior Comfort.
  • Greater Ultraviolet Light Blockage.

During the summer, SunCoatMAX reduces the solar heat gain as much as 60 percent more than ordinary single-coat Low-E glass for improved comfort when the sun's beating down on your home. It will even yield as much as a 34 percent solar heat gain reduction over two-coat Low-E technology. Using SunCoatMAX can decrease the need for air-conditioning, saving on expensive summertime cooling costs for the home.

In the winter, SunCoatMAX helps keep the home warm by keeping the interior glass surface temperature higher to help reduce the cold drafts that can chill a room and cause discomfort. The use of argon gas in Milgard window glass units can improve thermal performance even further.

“SunCoatMAX represents a great improvement over older single and double-coat Low-E glass technologies on the market. The new technology allows us to create more energy efficient products without heavy tinting or reflective coatings that block sunlight from entering the home,” said Maureen Faccia, Manager-Marketing Communications for Milgard. “SunCoatMAX helps a home stay cooler all summer long, and in the winter, the same glass helps to keep heat indoors where it belongs."

Homeowners will also enjoy greater protection for sofas, rugs and flooring from the harmful fading effects from both UV-A and UV-B light since the glass provides 95 percent ultraviolet light blockage. SunCoatMAX Low-E insulating glass is available with all Milgard vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass windows, skylights and patio doors.

SunCoatMAX Performance

SunCoatMAX glass has three layers of protective coating that blocks a significant percentage of heat waves in sunlight from penetrating the glass. It has a solar heat gain coefficient (resistance to solar heat passing through glass) of .27, 34 percent more effective than standard (two-coat) Low-E glass and 60 percent more effective than ordinary single-coat Low-E windows. As a result, SunCoatMAX glass reduces the energy demand during peak cooling hours, keeping homes cooler in the summer and lowering air conditioning costs and energy consumption.

For more information about SunCoatMAX, visit or call 1-800- MILGARD.

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