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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Best Service Ever! After an extremely cold MN winter, I discovered a crack in one of the upstairs bedroom windows. I went online and found the Milgard customer service email option and I sent an email. I received an email with simple instructions explaining how to determine the order number of the window that needed to be replaced. (see attached video clip) VERY SIMPLE. I then received a call from customer service (Debbie) and she confirmed the old order number. The window was ordered and two weeks later it was installed in 20 minutes. Best service ever! June 1, 2014
Exceptional Service! Thanks Milgard. I was surprised at how easy it was to schedule online for service; and when someone called to follow up on my request for a window replacement. The technician arrived on time as scheduled and even waited since I was running a little late. He was quick, thourough, and friendly. I'm glad I made the investment in your product. November 27, 2012
Excellent Service from beginning to end! When I decided to replace all my doors and windows I selected Milgrard because of the beautiful appearance and the superior quality, never realizing that the "after sale" service would be so incredible. From the time I called to report the window problem to the replacement install, the Milgard service team was responsive, professional and hassle free!! Unlike the majority of companies today, they seem to still value the right way of handling customers. When I called I was greeted by a real person (not a recorded message), promptly transferred to the service department where my concerns were addressed immediately. I will recommend Milgard to everyone I know! November 27, 2012
Polite, thorough, accoutable, proficient I built my home 21 years ago with Milgard windows, in part because of the lifetime guarantee. The local distributor at that time was a crooked incompetent. I had ordered low-e glass and she delivered clear. It ruined my hardwood floors and blinds. One would think I had a bone to pick with Milgard, but not so. The windows themselves have shown to be rugged and reliable. I contacted the factory when some of them began to show condensate and this is where the good news begins. My warranty claims were never questioned. I told the factory rep of my problems with the original vendor and Milgard warranty service treated me very well toward a whole-house upgrade to tempered and annealed SunCote Max glass. The delivery was timely. The crew was very polite and professional. They were a joy to work with. They replaced some twenty windows in but a single day, some of which were quite large high-up on a two-story wall. Milgard product quality has shown to be as good as this engineer could reasonably expect. Although some of the seals did break down, realize that daily temperature swings of 50° are common here with highs over 105° much of the summer. Even after 20 years, the fiber seals and elastomers perform almost as new (I note that the slider trucks have improved considerably as was needed). No complaints. Even so, they have stood behind that guarantee, with an upgrade that leaves my windows better than the day they were originally installed. Now that Internet customer reviews are quick and easy to offer to the people who need to hear them, hopefully the vendor/distribution problems have been conquered and a good company posses the wherewithal to become great. August 29, 2012
Service of window was fast. Wait time to have window serviced was a little long, butwhen service man came the job was done in a very quick maner and professional Tom Elliott October 20, 2014
Wrong attitude for pr satisfaction I had an appointment set up for warranty install. Got back home 30 mins. prior and found that the tech had been here and gone 1 hour early. Called to get him back and also the shop and neither could get it done. After a few phone calls to shop and tech and getting very upset I finally got them to reschedule for 3 days later. Not very cool when I had everything moved as asked and was ready for the work to be done. The email appointment was as I said at 4:30 pm and they said it had been changed to 3. No phone call, voice mail or email to my home, my email or to my cell. Very poor on your part. On the following Monday when a tech came a 9 am as rescheduled he had somewhat of an attitude and before leaving didn't even check to make sure the windows looked their best. I had to go over them to clean off numbers smudges. Not the best of service in my opinion. I am used to techs coming into my home and putting on shoe covers and making sure the work site is more clean than we arrived. That's how I was taught and that's how I have always left a work site. Milgard is the Cadillac of windows in my book but this past weekend was not the best experience in PR. this is why my friend who is a general contractor and installed these windows some years ago used to us Milgard changed to another vendor because this became more the norm than he was will to put up with. October 20, 2014
Show up when you say you will! The phone rep scheduled, on 3 separate occasions, to have the service tech arrive between 7 and 9am. On all 3 occasions, they managed to screw it up. The first, they didn't show at all - I took that whole day off of work and didn't get paid while I waited around the house for NOTHING! The second, they called the night before and said they'd arrive between 12-2pm - I called and said don't bother, I only took the morning off of work for the 7-9am window I was given and had to leave at 11:30. They came anyway and had to leave. On the third, even after getting the phone rep to PROMISE we'd get the first appointment at 7am (I was pretty angry at this point#, they didn't show up until afternoon. My husband took the morning off of work but ended up having to take the whole day! Each time I called, I provided the BEST phone number to reach me, and every time they called to confirm #a different service time than promised), they left the message on the WRONG phone. The level of disrespect for other people's schedules is outrageous! Clearly my time is not worth anything to these people. The windows eventually got replaced, but it took 11 months and 2 1/2 missed work days. After the last issue, I asked the phone rep to have her supervisor's manager call me. It's been a week and I'm still waiting.... I won't hold my breath for that call! The service tech was great, but the rest of the horrible experience overshadowed that. October 20, 2014
excellent warranty service! Service tech Leo arrived on time and replaced the glass in less than 20minutes. He also lubricated the window track so it works like new! Leo was very professional and did an excellent job. October 20, 2014
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