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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Absolutely Superb Service! I want to commend customer service contact, Lindsay, and the Milgard techs, Lalo and Andre, for their experienced, efficient resolution of my window problem. It is very unusual these days to see such perfect execution by a team in any service business. October 23, 2014
Service was great Technian was on time, very personable and did a very professional job. October 23, 2014
Excellent service Although it took over a month to book the service when the In-home service tech arrived he was very friendly and efficient. The window was replaced quickly and without a mess. Well done! The window is gorgeous. October 23, 2014
superb and far exceeds expectation I strongly recommend this Company for their excellent service, prompt timing, superb skills. October 23, 2014
Excellent Service The Milgard tech was polite, professional, and was able to make necessary sliding door and window adjustments in a matter of minutes. Excellent service. October 23, 2014
Complete satisfaction! I have had your service before and it is always above professionalism. On time, courteous, well done and a pleasure. October 23, 2014
window warranty service was excellent The installers were very knowledgeable and efficient. Thank you Milgard! October 23, 2014
Great Service and Workmanship All I can say is GREAT SERVICE. Called with appointment time 8-10AM and he arrived at 8:10AM. The repair was completed by 8:40AM. Very good cleanup and the work completed with ***** rating. Thank You.. October 23, 2014
The service for warranty repair was excellent. The man who did our warranty work was prompt to his first visit to measure defective windows.He was also prompt when he came to install the replacement windows.He gave us excellent service.Thank you very much! October 23, 2014
L&P Thank you for the customer service and standing by your product. The Tech is always a pleasure to do business with. He arrived at a time that worked well for us and had the necessary material to complete the job. Laverne & Ellis Palmer October 22, 2014
Great people The telephone representative was very patient and thorough to be sure that I had the right information so he could correctly document my problem. The technician who came to the house was polite, professional, and personable. The interaction with your staff could not have been better. I only wish that I did not have to wait 6 weeks from the time of the telephone call until the windows were replaced. October 22, 2014
Service was good... but, there were a few glitches It took awhile to get a response from the rep, but between email and missed phone calls, I did not think that it was a bad thing. We were not in a hurry and Sheila (in the Denver office) was great. On the day of installation, the service techs were prompt. He informed us that because of tinting applied by the builder, our windows were really out of warranty! EEEK! However, he called Milgard and my husband talked with someone there and it was determined that we could just pay for the installation. We did not know that the tinting wasn't applied by Milgard, so the fact that they agreed to replace 7 windows for the price of installation was great! After all that was squared away, the techs started to install the windows. One window was too large for the 2 techs to install, they needed a lift. So that window was placed in our garage until they could come back out. Two of the replacements were cut wrong. To top it off, the window that started the whole replacement idea, was not in the truck! I did not hear back from Milgard over the next 3 weeks. I called Sheila, found out that she was at a new position, so our service call was lost in the transition, I guess. But Shelia took care of it and less than 2 weeks later, the remaining 4 windows were installed. (They still forgot the lift, but with my husband's help and 3 ladders, they were able to get the window up and installed.) Many kudos to the service techs - they were very professional. They called to ask if they could come early, and they were quick. Thank you! October 22, 2014
Prompt and professional. A+ Prompt arrival of technician. Polite, professional, and answered all my questions. Took time to explain what he was doing. Also, explained how to get faster service in the future by explaining how the serial number within the windows helps MG know exactly which window is having an issue. Thanks! A+ October 22, 2014
Wonderful service! From the moment I emailed Milgard about replacing the panes whose seals had broken, I was treated with the best customer service I've ever experienced! What a blessing that Milgard was happy to honor their guarantee even though the original windows were installed years ago. The service technicians were polite and completed the work in a timely manner. Thank you! October 21, 2014
The in-house tech was great. The in-house tech was great. He was a little early and asked if that was ok. That was fine. He put new glass in the window and was quick about it. Excellent results and appt, Thank you! October 21, 2014
Extremely wonderful service, we are very happy with the service person and overall with Milgard. It would be hard to find a better company to service our needs. You are the greatest. The warranty is another great asset to Milgard. October 21, 2014
Sliding Door Had to wait 6 weeks for repaire work. Almost had to wait another month +, but the repair man had extra parts from another job and was able to repair my door. There service is great once they get there. October 21, 2014
I am glad I have Essence windows Having bought high end windows before and working as a contractor I can honestly say having these windows installed is very nice insurance that you will be taken care if you have any issues. I get compliments from neighbors I have never even meet before! Thanks for the great service from a local Oregon company. Mike G October 21, 2014
good service i have several homes with milgard windows we had some issue with a batch of windows we had put in 2001 with low e failure Aron in the slc warranty department sent some one out resolved the issue right away. THANKS FOR THE GOOD WORK ARON October 21, 2014
The Personal are great to work with!!!!!!!!! i am a custom home builder and this repair was on my own home, i have used Milgard for many years and they always come thru with good service, it may take several trips and take some time getting it done but they always get it done and stand behind there product, I just tell my clients don't worry about the service it takes time but it will get done. October 21, 2014
Service was fast and efficient. Technician communicated enroute and, upon arrival, performed the replacement quickly and efficiently. He was fast, efficient and conducted himself in a very professional manner. October 21, 2014
Service of window was fast. Wait time to have window serviced was a little long, butwhen service man came the job was done in a very quick maner and professional Tom Elliott October 20, 2014
Wrong attitude for pr satisfaction I had an appointment set up for warranty install. Got back home 30 mins. prior and found that the tech had been here and gone 1 hour early. Called to get him back and also the shop and neither could get it done. After a few phone calls to shop and tech and getting very upset I finally got them to reschedule for 3 days later. Not very cool when I had everything moved as asked and was ready for the work to be done. The email appointment was as I said at 4:30 pm and they said it had been changed to 3. No phone call, voice mail or email to my home, my email or to my cell. Very poor on your part. On the following Monday when a tech came a 9 am as rescheduled he had somewhat of an attitude and before leaving didn't even check to make sure the windows looked their best. I had to go over them to clean off numbers smudges. Not the best of service in my opinion. I am used to techs coming into my home and putting on shoe covers and making sure the work site is more clean than we arrived. That's how I was taught and that's how I have always left a work site. Milgard is the Cadillac of windows in my book but this past weekend was not the best experience in PR. this is why my friend who is a general contractor and installed these windows some years ago used to us Milgard changed to another vendor because this became more the norm than he was will to put up with. October 20, 2014
Show up when you say you will! The phone rep scheduled, on 3 separate occasions, to have the service tech arrive between 7 and 9am. On all 3 occasions, they managed to screw it up. The first, they didn't show at all - I took that whole day off of work and didn't get paid while I waited around the house for NOTHING! The second, they called the night before and said they'd arrive between 12-2pm - I called and said don't bother, I only took the morning off of work for the 7-9am window I was given and had to leave at 11:30. They came anyway and had to leave. On the third, even after getting the phone rep to PROMISE we'd get the first appointment at 7am (I was pretty angry at this point#, they didn't show up until afternoon. My husband took the morning off of work but ended up having to take the whole day! Each time I called, I provided the BEST phone number to reach me, and every time they called to confirm #a different service time than promised), they left the message on the WRONG phone. The level of disrespect for other people's schedules is outrageous! Clearly my time is not worth anything to these people. The windows eventually got replaced, but it took 11 months and 2 1/2 missed work days. After the last issue, I asked the phone rep to have her supervisor's manager call me. It's been a week and I'm still waiting.... I won't hold my breath for that call! The service tech was great, but the rest of the horrible experience overshadowed that. October 20, 2014
excellent warranty service! Service tech Leo arrived on time and replaced the glass in less than 20minutes. He also lubricated the window track so it works like new! Leo was very professional and did an excellent job. October 20, 2014
You cannot argue with the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The two men who came to my home were very professional, offered me advise, timely with the repairs, ask if I needed them to check any other windows or doors and ask to verify the new like performance of the repairs for customer satisfaction. I have had Milgard windows and doors for 14 years. First time I called for service. It was a wise investment for a lifetime of service. Thank you Milgard for properly training your technicians on window and door technology and customer care. I will always buy MILGARD!! You ROCK. October 20, 2014
Appreciate Accommodating Hours I was told that the serviceman would be here between 7:30 & 9:30 a.m. Those hours were not satisfactory with my schedule. After having to delay the service for the second time because of the hours, they finally scheduled an afternoon appointment which was compatible with my schedule. October 19, 2014
Great service. Excellent service. Prompt arrival. Friendly serviceman. Very satisfied... Good business to work with. Very happy with my new windows. October 18, 2014
Quality Service I was originally going to buy one of those cheap $400 sliding doors from the local contractor supply warehouses but after doing my research I chose a Milgard Vinyl sliding door instead and I am glad i did. Not only does the door look great but when the door was installed initially and the sliding door wouldn't close properly, I called Milgard and they offered to send out a Service Tech for free and fix it after installation was complete. The in-home service tech was professional and got the door to slide super smooth. I definitely recommend Milgard for Windows and Doors. As the old saying get what you pay for... October 18, 2014
This is why I like Milgard window service...outstanding. We installed Milgard windows when we did our home remodel more than 16 years ago, and my experience getting service/replacements has been excellent. This was the third time I have had them come to fix a window that "expired" and while it took some time to get "on the schedule" through a few phone calls, the technicians were absolutely prompt and professional. They know their stuff, are efficient and communicate well, and get the job done. Thank you, thank you. October 18, 2014
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