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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Milgard is my new favorite company! I had a ten-plus year old window that got a leak between the panes. After looking into how to replace it, on a whim I thought I would call Milgard and see what they would recommend. They immediately, without question, said they would replace it for free under the lifetime warranty. I was shocked and amazed. I didn’t think there were any companies left that operated like this anymore. Someone came right out and measured the window then a few weeks later did a very clean and professional replacement. Milgard is my new favorite company! October 27, 2014
Problem solved! We recently had our home re-sided and decided it was time to replace our two large single-pane aluminum sliding doors. We went with Milgard because of their excellent reputation and our contractor's recommendation. We chose a beautiful Tuscany style slider for the kitchen area and the stunning Tuscany French doors for the opening to our deck. The French doors proved problematic for our contractor to install (and he had installed many french doors). The Milgard service technicians promptly diagnosed the problem - ordered the replacement parts needed and installed them within a few weeks as promised. We are thrilled with the doors and very pleased with the prompt and professional service we received! October 26, 2014
very compitent and professional The team of two techs that came out were extremely knowledgeable and experienced in replacing window panes. They are an asset to the Milgard company. October 26, 2014
Milgard service is second to none! The Milgard team was absolutely professional from start to finish. Thanks for everything. October 26, 2014
Perfect job! Pleasant, professional crew showed up in the agreed to time window. Went right to work. Completed the job in less than 30 minutes. Top flight all around. October 25, 2014
Great tech! My service tech was excellent. Loved that he left the area clean! All windows worked well when he finished the repairs. THANK YOU for your full time warranty! October 25, 2014
Problem Solved Technician was prompt and resolved the problem quickly. He also serviced the door and checked it's operation. Very thorough and professional. October 25, 2014
Excellent, professional and courteous service. Best warranty in the window business. I would insist on Milgard windows in any home I own. October 25, 2014
Slider Window lost seal Our Milgard slider lost its seal and I called for a service call. the tech was professional, did a great job, and was done within 40 minutes. The product has a lifetime warranty so NO COST! I will never buy anything but Milgard October 25, 2014
Very happy. The service tech was great, very professional. Had to wait 6 weeks to get a new sash in, but was very happy with the warranty.i October 25, 2014
The windows work great now. I was very happy that Milgard has such a good warranty and stands behind there product. My repair was handled promptly and the service person was very professional and fast with the repairs. He did a wonderful job. October 24, 2014
Fabulous service! The service technicians are very professional and friendly. They arrived right on time and were very helpful. October 24, 2014
Great Service Tech Tech was friendly and treated my home with respect. October 24, 2014
Overall, the service was great. The Service Technician did a great job in solving our problem by replacing the rollers on all our windows. The problem was that the rollers had developed flat spots and opening and closing the windows was very difficult even with cleaning the tracks and applying silicon spray regularly. The Service Technician came to our house on-time and while working on the windows explained what was the problem and how he was fixing it. He was very courteous and professional. Thank you Milgard! October 24, 2014
excellent service We bought Milgard windows for their quality and lifetime guarantee--we got both when we reported interior glass discoloration on 12 year old windows. Their service was prompt, efficient, and professional. That is why we bought Milgard. Thank you October 23, 2014
Couldn't be happier We have lived in our Milgard-window home for nearly 17 years. Over that time, a few windows have failed, primarily with moisture between the double panes. Milgard has been prompt, courteous and skilled in replacing any failing window. My wife and I have told other people about the Milgard warranty and replacement policy. We are extremely happy with the Milgard warranty policy and their quick and easy replacement service. The service technicians have been excellent, too. October 23, 2014
I am impress with the professionalism of the reps. that do the field.. After the original seller provided the proper instructions and contact was made with Milgard the process worked well. The service technicians arrived a bit ahead of the scheduled time (positive), they were GREAT company representatives, and did the work in a very efficient and professional manner. It was a very POSITIVE experience. Good Job Milgard! Thank you. Chuck October 23, 2014
Excellent final result. Slow getting the correct replacement window. The window that failed was a half round with a sun burst insert. The tech was great, but he had to reorder the window twice since he was sent incorrect windows from the factory. This made for a total of 5 trips to my house. That didn't bother me because I'm retired and home most of the time. But I'm sure that it cost Milgard extra money by making and shipping and then having windows returned. However, don't get me wrong, I'm very satisfied with the service and the techs were excellent. Thanks. October 23, 2014
Absolutely Superb Service! I want to commend customer service contact, Lindsay, and the Milgard techs, Lalo and Andre, for their experienced, efficient resolution of my window problem. It is very unusual these days to see such perfect execution by a team in any service business. October 23, 2014
Service was great Technian was on time, very personable and did a very professional job. October 23, 2014
Excellent service Although it took over a month to book the service when the In-home service tech arrived he was very friendly and efficient. The window was replaced quickly and without a mess. Well done! The window is gorgeous. October 23, 2014
superb and far exceeds expectation I strongly recommend this Company for their excellent service, prompt timing, superb skills. October 23, 2014
Excellent Service The Milgard tech was polite, professional, and was able to make necessary sliding door and window adjustments in a matter of minutes. Excellent service. October 23, 2014
Complete satisfaction! I have had your service before and it is always above professionalism. On time, courteous, well done and a pleasure. October 23, 2014
window warranty service was excellent The installers were very knowledgeable and efficient. Thank you Milgard! October 23, 2014
Great Service and Workmanship All I can say is GREAT SERVICE. Called with appointment time 8-10AM and he arrived at 8:10AM. The repair was completed by 8:40AM. Very good cleanup and the work completed with ***** rating. Thank You.. October 23, 2014
The service for warranty repair was excellent. The man who did our warranty work was prompt to his first visit to measure defective windows.He was also prompt when he came to install the replacement windows.He gave us excellent service.Thank you very much! October 23, 2014
L&P Thank you for the customer service and standing by your product. The Tech is always a pleasure to do business with. He arrived at a time that worked well for us and had the necessary material to complete the job. Laverne & Ellis Palmer October 22, 2014
Great people The telephone representative was very patient and thorough to be sure that I had the right information so he could correctly document my problem. The technician who came to the house was polite, professional, and personable. The interaction with your staff could not have been better. I only wish that I did not have to wait 6 weeks from the time of the telephone call until the windows were replaced. October 22, 2014
Service was good... but, there were a few glitches It took awhile to get a response from the rep, but between email and missed phone calls, I did not think that it was a bad thing. We were not in a hurry and Sheila (in the Denver office) was great. On the day of installation, the service techs were prompt. He informed us that because of tinting applied by the builder, our windows were really out of warranty! EEEK! However, he called Milgard and my husband talked with someone there and it was determined that we could just pay for the installation. We did not know that the tinting wasn't applied by Milgard, so the fact that they agreed to replace 7 windows for the price of installation was great! After all that was squared away, the techs started to install the windows. One window was too large for the 2 techs to install, they needed a lift. So that window was placed in our garage until they could come back out. Two of the replacements were cut wrong. To top it off, the window that started the whole replacement idea, was not in the truck! I did not hear back from Milgard over the next 3 weeks. I called Sheila, found out that she was at a new position, so our service call was lost in the transition, I guess. But Shelia took care of it and less than 2 weeks later, the remaining 4 windows were installed. (They still forgot the lift, but with my husband's help and 3 ladders, they were able to get the window up and installed.) Many kudos to the service techs - they were very professional. They called to ask if they could come early, and they were quick. Thank you! October 22, 2014
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