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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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This was a great service I was thrilled to hear that my windows of ten years were still under a lifetime warrenty. The replacement windows are wonderful. Thank you so much for this service. September 15, 2014
Profile change We remodeled areas in two rooms. We removed windowed French doors and two windows in one room and replaced with new windows. The second room man door was replaced by a window. Unfortunately, the profile of your present windows has changed from the time we built our home in 1996. Our house is 30% windows, close to 90 of them. We cannot change them all to match your new profiled window. We were disappointed. Other than this experience, we have always been pleased with Milgard's products and services. September 15, 2014
Our intemiedary service was really poor - We Had requested handle to be customized And ended up not being possible. We got the info once our new door was inserted to our house wall. - A window was installed already Broken - the molding around our sliding doors has been cut wrong And the intermediary is not willing to finish the work as he thinks it looks good. We will need to Buy more of it figuring the ref And having another Company do the work - we have window frames, handles, And some vinyl in general that is damaged ever since first day. Not being clean And soft And lean as the brand name of Milgard would have let us think. - our main sliding door opening is hard, its screen opening is really hard as well. We do not know if this is because of the material or because of the way it was inserted by service provider. Our old window worked better and was 50 years old... We are really desappointed And would lot recommend your brand And mostly our service provided to anyone as is. None of our quality expectations were met unfortunately. September 14, 2014
Excellent service. Response to my initial contact was little delayed. But once the contact has been established, it was all very fast, professional and excellent service. The service rep over the phone is knowledgeble and prompt. In house service tech is very professional. Overall an excellent experience and satisfied. September 13, 2014
Another Top Notch Service Visit! I was once again impressed with the Milgard service tech punctuality. The techs are always prompt, friendly and efficient - truly a pleasure to do business with! Our Milgard windows were one of the best purchases we made for our home. Thanks for the fantastic service!!! September 13, 2014
Excellent service One of the men who came out to replace the door has worked for Milgard for over 20 years. They had to place the grids inside and out, meticulous work. This is usually done at the factory.The two men worked diligently for 3 hours, left everything clean and were very pleasant to deal with. September 13, 2014
My Milgard windows are all fixed... My new home had 2 minor issues with the windows. I contacted Milgard & as of today, everything is perfect! Thanks Milgard. September 13, 2014
Great product, great warranty and great service. My wife and I are very pleased with our Milgard sliding door. The door needed an adjustment to make it close evenly. We also had a issue with the door not sliding as smoothly as it did when it was new. The sliding screen door also was not sliding too well either. The technician came out and made the minor repairs in a few minutes. He knew exactly what the problems were and how to fix them. A true professional. He had all the parts he needed on his truck. He answered all the questions I had about the door. One appointment and everything is as good as new. Service like this is hard to find today. Milgard, you are doing business the right way. Keep up the Great work. Thanks September 12, 2014
Stil waiting for you to finish the job after 4 months. They never came out and did the touch ups or came back with our price up grade. Never even returned a phone call. We've called 3 times to follow up on this issue and can not get any one to give a call back or come out and finish the job. I would never recommend the service of Milgard for anyone. September 12, 2014
service was really good This is my second time to need service work on my windows and I am glad I bought Milgard windows. Tech's are always on time and ready to do the job. Thanks again September 12, 2014
Great service! Happy customer! I needed a window replaced and other minor fixes. The phone service rep called me back promptly and scheduled my appt. ASAP. The window technician was friendly and knowledgable. He fixed my minor issues on the same visit and When he came back after the window was ordered, he was efficient and did a good job. Hopefully I will not have to call again for anything else but if I do, I have confidence that I will receive great service again! I would recommend Milgard to others! Thanks for a pleasant experience and for honoring your warranty! September 12, 2014
Sevice was good The tech came in and got the job done quickly. He was friendly and professional. September 12, 2014
Professional, nice service people My only reason for rating a little lower was that it took 3 months to replace my large glass window, and it is quite large. It required 3 service people and a pulley system. I was told it was difficult to schedule but once they arrived, it was done promptly and they were a pleasure to deal with. I also want to point out one of the technicians was the actual serviceman who installed all the windows in my house 12years ago. That says a lot about a company and continuity. September 12, 2014
The service was fair It is hard for me to believe that two windows were fixed by having service representative come on two separate occasions i.e. date and time. Is it really hard to give one appointment and get the job done at once? What is the rational behind making customer wait at home for two days when the same thing could have been easily accomplished in one appointment. I see lack of efficiency in the service scheduling and management team. :-( September 12, 2014
Milgard's service tech's rock! As a contractor whose day is very full I received a phone call from Steve just as I was told and gave him the final directions to the job. I met him over there and he fixed our problems within 30 minutes! All four doors work great! This is why I have always use & recommend Milgard! September 12, 2014
Best service for windows Your service man was here early and took care of our problem, He replace the two side slidder windows for us that had some moisture in between the window panes.We have been very happy with your service and have given your name to many people who have used your service. Love the windows and the easy cleaning of windows and the screens. September 12, 2014
Your Technicians were great! I was very happy with the skill level and professionalism of Sten and his helper. They were very pleasant to talk to, kept the job site clean and had great attitiudes towards me and each other. I was not very happy with Milgard in general as it took 5 months to get my scratched windows replaced. I spent alot of money (for me) to get high quality windows and for them to be defective to start with had me ready to write off your company. Employees like Sten sway peoples opinions in a great way. He is a great represenitive of your company. Matt Allen South Lane School District Facilities/Maintenance Supervisor Electrician/H.V.A.C September 12, 2014
Excellent service! This was an almost effortless service. The service tech was on time and very fast. We were impressed. September 12, 2014
Great warranty I purchased a new home that had MIlgard windows installed. Builder's warranty was expired by the time I started noticing some problem with windows. I called a local contractor and found out it was going to be costly repairs and was suggested to contact the manufacture directly. I called Milgard thinking it was going to be a long and painful process to have it resolved. I was wrong! Replacement windows were ordered right away. The service tech arrived with shoe cover on, so I did not have to worry about the carpet getting dirty. He had not only replaced windows, but he also checked every windows in the house to make sure they are functional. All that at no cost. It was beyond my expectation. I highly recommend MIlgard windows. September 11, 2014
excellent service Service-great! I have these ~10yr old wood clad windows with never functioned hardwares and torn weather strips. thank you for replacing them. we will see how they perform in coming rain season. About woodclad, i have to say milgard need to do more to support them-the paint starts to chip in some interior frames. September 11, 2014
Todd was a great technician. We learned a lot about MW as well. Great job Todd. Thanks so much for the pleasant install, quick info and ability to get a job done with professionalism and accuracy. September 11, 2014
Milgard stands behind it's product. We have Milgard windows in our home. Anytime a problem arose with one of the windows, Milgard was right there to stand behind their product. When doors made by another company needed replacing, we looked no farther than Milgard. Milgard is living up to its reputation. One of the doors needed adjusting and a Milgard service person was out, no questions asked, and fixed the door. They sell a quality product that is attractive, easy to operate and maintain. September 11, 2014
The Milgard service has always been great and profeshonal. We have had nothingf but top shelf service and would not deadl with any other window company from now on. Thanks >>>>>------------------------->Gene Winstead September 11, 2014
The service was very good! I think Mike was one of the best service people to ever work in our home! I give him an A+ September 11, 2014
The tech was fantastic. The tech was fantastic, friendly ,informative, and pleasant to talk to. Explained how balance bar works and its importance to window operation. He answered all of my questions. He called 30 min. before scheduled arrival to confirm appointment, then arrived exactly on time. He immediately recognized the problem. He fixed the windows he had parts for and ordered the parts for the others all in about twenty minutes. In all a pleasant experience. September 11, 2014
The service was good...not great! The tech came hours early since he had a couple of canellations that morning and I really appreciated that. What I did not appreciate was the fact that he didn't remove his shoes and never even asked if I would want or expect t him to remove them.. He could have worn the booties to cover his shoes. He replaced the two windows in a promt professional way but didn't bother to clean them or remove the sticky mess from the Milgard sticker. He was very nice and also sprayed some silicone on a couple of other Milgard windows that were hard for me to open. September 11, 2014
Service was prompt, courteous and exceptional! Thank you Milgard for your prompt and courteous service. We have had many issues recently with our sliding glass door and everyone at Milgard has been extremely helpful and gracious in seeing that their product lived up to Milgard standards. September 10, 2014
Fantastic I called home to see if the service rep. had arrived. My sister told me that he had not only shown up but had already replaced the windows that had shown staining. Wow! I highly recommend your company. So nice to have the lifetime warranty. September 10, 2014
As always, the service was excellemnt Our local representative , which we've dealt with on several building projects, was as helpful as ever. Replacement time was good and the service techinician was knowledgeable and prompt. Milgard called to inform us of the scheduled trouble call followed by an email with the technicians name! Can't say enough good things about Milgard service and quality. September 10, 2014
Perfect service! Have had to get service on windows twice now and each time it goes perfectly.They respond quickly and fix the problems no questions asked. They stand behind their lifetime guarantee! September 10, 2014
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