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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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The technician was very knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. My experience with the technician, Steve, was very positive. He was very knowledgeable and efficient. He wanted to make sure that I was very satisfied with all my windows, not just the ones he came to fix. He ended up fixing, adjusting, or making each window in my home easier to open and shut. I will only buy Milgard and recommend them to all my friends and family. The service provided was fabulous. Thank you!!! August 4, 2013
Good Too bad it took so long to get here after installation, It only took him 10 min. to repair the blinds. He actually was looking for something else to do when he finished. August 4, 2013
Excellent after-sales service The technician arrived on time and quickly resolved our problem, replacing two spring balance bars either side of the window - and cleaning the frame too. And this on a window that was installed at least 10 years ago and before we bought the house. This is the second time we have called a technician out and both times we have been very pleased. So pleased, in fact, that when we extended the house two years ago we specified that Milgard Windows should be used. August 4, 2013
excellent service not completed due to missing parts. Was told a rep would call me to schedule another appt. to complete requested work. Still waiting for that call. the technician gave great service to the extent he could in that he needed to get parts to complete the r and r of the french door rubber strip. the window replacement (due to fogging) was excellent August 4, 2013
Excellent response and service I had a latch on my patio door that broke Was directed to the customer service representative after my initial call and was very impressed with the quality of the service. August 4, 2013
Some things could be better. The representative had a chip on their shoulder when they arrived. The representative's body language and condescending attitude portrayed they had no desire to be of assistance, and made remarks indicating it was the homeowner's fault resulting in issues with the product. After remarking to the representative that their body language and attitude was not appreciated, and if they did not want to be there, they could leave, the attitude somewhat changed and offered to take a better look and see what they could do to help eliminate the problem. They did work on the issues, and told me what remedies they performed, but neglected to leave any paper work. August 3, 2013
Resolved the problem but... I started with my vendor and went around in circles trying to figure out how to get service, They kept saying they would have some one contact me and nothing happened for weeks, so when I went to Milgard directly for advice, it took a couple of attempts but I was happy to hear that they could send out the serviceman directly. From there all things went very smoothly. Thank you all. August 3, 2013
Excellent service, long wait time for appointment. Tech was very professional and knowledgable. He was able to solve all problems to our satisfaction. Thank you. August 2, 2013
Very good service After 23 years, Milgards lifetime service was still in force. We had windows which after time, heat and cold, leaked moisture. Our original window installer went out of business but Milgard's lifetime guarantee was still in force and they honored it by replacing the bad windows. Thank you Migard! August 2, 2013
Very good service. Thank you. Service was prompt and efficient. All I needed was a replacement part. Tanya was very helpful. August 2, 2013
Techs were great The rating for the Techs, Dan & Ken, that came to our home to fix the sliding door is excellent! Dan & Ken were kind, friendly, polite, very quick w/ the fix & they made sure that everything worked well before they left. I'm very impressed w/ Dan & Ken's abilities, work ethic, friendliness & professionalism. Getting through the 1-800 phone service was a little harder. I had to call back a number of times to ensure all the proper info was provided. However, I didn't receive a call back from those answering the phone. August 2, 2013
Made the right choice when selecting Milgard for our windows & doors. We chose Milgard for our windows & doors when having our house built twelve years ago and have been pleased with the Milgard products ever since. Recently, a hand crank failed on one of our awning style windows and required replacing. Milgard came out to our house and replaced the failed crank and assembly at no charge. After this experience, we look back and say - we made the right choice when selecting Milgard for our windows and doors. Ed & Lynda, Sonora, CA. August 2, 2013
Great Service The technician was in and out in 15 minutes and replaced the glass in my window to like new condition. It was great. Aaron August 2, 2013
Excellent, excellent Technician went above and beyond out expectations. It began to rain but he still went ahead and completed the task outdoors. If I still had my business, I would offer him a job! Bob Forster August 2, 2013
exc scheduled 12-2. called at 1210, here at 1235, gone by 1300 August 1, 2013
The telephone and on-line response excellent. The in-home service has not yet been provided. However, I am surprised and well satisfied with the telephone and on-line response. The contact was the same, and her response, her knowledge and willingness to be involved and help is absolutely outstanding. Please convey to her my thanks and my compliments. I look forward to the site visit by your technician, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to thank the representative that called me and also communicated by e-mail. William August 1, 2013
The products are great, service was just OK. The technicians were nice but not very neat. They left pieces of sealant and sharp pieces of plastic trim by the repaired windows. They dropped a 3'x6' window from the 2nd floor and it completely shattered. They moved some chairs and a couch and didn't put them back into place. They installed the windows and left the with fingerprints, smudges and generally dirty. I had the windows replaced because a fog had developed over the years between the panes. They were replaced under warranty, which is a great Milgard policy, since I am the original home owner. You would think they would clean them so the customer could see the new, clear, not foggy windows. It was hard to tell if the windows had been replaced because of how dirty they were left. Overall, Milgard has great products and warranties, but the technicians need to be better at cleaning up after the work is complete. August 1, 2013
Exceeded expectation Milgard windows are a good quality product. The service was prompt and the service person arrived one half hour before the earliest expected time. However, this company should NOT have Lowes provide installation of the products. They DO NOT stand behind their sub-standard installers. This has caused several problems with the performance of your products over the 9 years that we have had your windows. Advise your customers to find a competent caftsman, that is not a person from Lowes. August 1, 2013
Everything was perfect From start to finish, service was prompt, professional and spot on. August 1, 2013
Warranty and service is first class! Everything about Milgard is excellent with only one exception: When your double hung windows are large, they are almost impossible to close & lock due to the top window sliding down (because of the weight.) I can not lock them even when using a ladder. My husband is 6'2", 200#, and struggles with the chore of locking our many large windows. This is a complete design/usage failure in the large sizes of this window. Some type of upper window locking mechanism would fix this problem and be a very welcome feature. Nothing else has worked that you and the service tech have tried. Thank you. August 1, 2013
Cleaning of encased window glass was very poor. HAVE WARRANTY ISSUE. Morning light, the window looked okay; but, afternoon sun showed totally streaked up mess. Have two long narrow encased windows where the vinyl between the glass has turned brown. Milgards explanation for the cause of the discoloring was blamed on excessive radiant heat from the sun. ALL WINDOWS HAVE SUN EXPOSURE AND SHOULD WITHSTAND THE HEAT WITHOUT DISCOLORING. OUR WEST FACING ENCASED WINDOW HAS NEVER DISCOLORED WHERE AS THE TWO THAT HAVE ARE EASTERN EXPOSURES. THE VINYL ON SOME WINDOWS IS APPARENTLY DEFECTIVE. OUR NEIGHBORS HAVE THE SAME ISSUES. MILGARDS WARRANTY SHOULD HAVE REPLACED THESE WINDOWS FOR ALL OF MORRISON HOME BUYERS. August 1, 2013
Great service! The service I got from Milgard was much better than I expected. The evaluation of the problem, the service from the phone calls I made and received, and best of all the technician who installed the replacement windows. He was prompt, pleasant and very respectful. He knew exactly what the problem was and how to fix it. I would recommend Milgard to anyone. My windows look and work great! August 1, 2013
Very happy with Milgard service. The main section of my living room bay window had started to cloud after several years. I was thrilled that one phone call took care of it. I got the appt reminder as promised and service tech called prior to arrival, again as promised. The techs were quick and professional, and left the area both inside and out clean. The replaced window looks great and once again is the focal point of the room. We plan on an addition to the house soon and will definity be using Milgard windows. I highly recommend Milgard and have spoken positively about the windows and the service with my friends and co-workers. August 1, 2013
Good first experience with Milgard warranty Second homeowner warranty claim. Placing the claim was quick and simple. Had to wait 1 month because we had a total of six windows with broken seals that needed to be replaced and the job required two technicians. Understandable, but 1 month seems a little far out to schedule. Techs had a 4-6pm window and showed up at 3pm. It's a good thing that I was home. Techs were couteous and worked quickly to get the job done and cleaned up afterwards. Overall, I rate my experience as excellent, but gave the four stars due to length of having to wait 1 month for the work to be done. I would recommend Milgard to friends and family. August 1, 2013
Timely, professional, responsive service. I have been very pleased with Milgard's service - from the call center appointment person to the technican responding to our request. August 1, 2013
Excellent service--wonderful windows I am so happy we insisted on using Milgard windows. The lumber company providing the materials for our remodel pushed us to use another window company. We started to use them instead of Milgard (used them for the sunroom), but I felt uneasy. The windows just didn't seem as well made. (After 6 years, my uneasiness has been confirmed. Components in the non-Milgard windows have deteriorated. For example, the screws attaching the fasteners in the double hung windows are all rusting and need to be replaced with stainless steel screws.) I insisted that the windows for the rest of the remodel--basically an entire house--come from Milgard. The lumber company agreed, and I'm so glad I insisted. The difference in quality is readily apparent. The lifetime warranty alone is worth a ton. We've had John out here twice now to fix some minor problems. He is always so friendly and efficient. You couldn't have a better person representing your company. He's proud to work for Milgard--the day he was here marked his 24th year as a Milgard employee. Thanks for your responsiveness, thanks for manufacturing a quality product and for standing behind it. August 1, 2013
this service was great I was concerned at first when I heard that Milgard had been sold. My concerns were not valid, the quality of the service from my first call to Milgard to when the guys finished the job was great. August 1, 2013
Nobody responded to my E-mail requesting a screen part. My 4 screens need new corners. Here's a picture. August 1, 2013
The service was great! The rep arrived and got to work quickly. The entire replacement only took a few minutes! Thanks! August 1, 2013
The service was excellent Thanks Milgard for replacing a window where the vacuum seal had failed. The technicians arrived when they said they would and professionally installed the window. The grid in the window was not correct so the technician immediately ordered the correct window and grid and it was installed within two weeks as Milgard said they would. No complaints. John Spence. July 31, 2013
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