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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Professional service and highly knowledgeable. The staff are friendly and easy to communicate with. The appointment was made just by calling and it's them who will do the follow up and remind the customer. I was sent an email with picture of the person who is going to the the service for security reason. The service person (Jorge Abonce) is well experienced, very professional and highly knowledgeable. Milgard is highly recommended. September 16, 2013
Fast and professional. Brian (tech) called the next business day and satisfied our needs over the phone. Very well done. September 16, 2013
Very happy The two installers that came to my home were fast, friendly, and competent. Great experience. Thank you. Gina September 16, 2013
Awesome! Ten year old slider became cumbersome. One phone call, one visit, courteous, professional,free! Slider works great! Milgard is the best! September 16, 2013
Window wrong size, 2nd window scratched. I required 2 windows replaced. I measured each one as requested. One window was several inches too large requiring a second visit. The window installed on the second visit had a 4" scratch which is visible after installation but my frustration level was that I did not have another one ordered. The installion service personnel were absolutely great, very courteous and careful both inside and outside our home. They apologized for the errors. September 16, 2013
Great service! The Service Tech fixed the problem I had called about and when I mentioned another problem I was having, he fixed that too! Very professional and fast too. Overall a great experience from the first contact to the repair. September 16, 2013
Great service and tech was very helpful on every issue. Milgard Tech Juan was very helpful and also gave me some maintenance tips for keeping my Milgard windows operating like the day they were installed. His direction worked great and we are happy customers. Thanks so much! September 16, 2013
Over the top professionalism and quality of service I was very impressed with the expertise and knowledge of the Milgard in-home technician. He was on time, courteous, and very fast in installing the replacement window. I am so happy that I chose the Milgard line of products for such an important home improvement project. September 16, 2013
Excelllent service! I have more windows that will need to be replaced due to the same reason as this particular window. Based upon the ease of scheduling this appt, the timeliness of the repair and level of customer service provided not only on the phone but by the technician I am confident it will be easy. September 16, 2013
Went the extra mile to make everything work. Best warranty service ever! They came to fix one window and ended up making a second appointment to come back improve all the windows (which weren't broke). All done to make life easier for me. September 16, 2013
Service was excellent and promp. Really glad I had Milguard windows and doors installed when I did. Phone service was excellent. Technicians were promp, knowledgeable and fast.' I would recommend Milguard windows and doors to anyone. Thanks Milguard. September 16, 2013
Came out and replaced windows that had lost their seal Did a great job of matching the window and very fast installation September 16, 2013
Milgard honors their guarantee!! Service from Milgard is efficient and professional. We appreciated that the technician was on time, pleasant to work with, and highly skilled. It was fascinating to watch how a window is replaced. Milgard honors their guarantee!! September 15, 2013
Service was lousy Took 4 weeks to get 1 window replaced, and when someone finally showed up, they said they weren't expecting a window replacement, and said I would have to reschedule. I yelled loud enough that they made a few calls and finally got it resolved. We did our entire home with your windows, a spec home, and we will not use your company again. September 15, 2013
Fast and knowledgeable. It took the technician, literally, less than 10 seconds to know what was going on with our door. The fix was about the same. He explained what had happened in clear terms and showed me how to fix it if it happened again. The best part was that he didn't make me feel dumb when the problem turned out to be so simple. September 15, 2013
very professional and courteous agents They did what they could, but concluded that the problem was with the installation, not the window, which did not help us since we don't want to go through he inconvenience of having the window reinstalled, which will probably create additional problems, as did reinstallation of the sliding door. September 14, 2013
The service was 5 star right from beginning to end I had installed Milgard windows on my house about 19-20 years ago. One window had broken its seal and had water inside it. I called Milgard and they took my information and replaced my window in about 3 weeks. The replacement could not have been easier to have done. September 14, 2013
excellent service! The service tech arrived right on time, used booties to protect floors, was very polite, knowledgeable, and efficient. You have an excellent employee in Todd! September 14, 2013
Make the job complete As part of the service the technician should clean the inside and outside of the replacement windows to get rid of the fingerprints and smudges during installation. This would be a nice touch to make the job complete for the homeowner September 14, 2013
The phone service was great Patty was very helpful. Milgard is a great product.. September 14, 2013
Excellent prompt warranty repair on 20 year old windows!! What is not to like. After about 20 years the internal grids on my a window failed and slipped down between the panes. The tech arrived on time and measured noticed the grids in the adjacent pane were going to fail and measured that as well. Came back a replaced both panes and the grids matched up to the adjacent window perfectly. Truly a proffesional job well done. September 14, 2013
Excellent customer service Excellent customer service. They are polite and response quickly. The tech arrived a little early and had my window handle fixed in 2 minutes. Thanks Milgard! September 13, 2013
Technician late The technician did not show up during the 2 hour window that I was given. No phone calls were made to let me know the technician was late or when he would arrive. I had to leave a note (I had another appointment) and the product was left on the front door step. I would think at some point during the 2 hour window you would know if you were going to make your appointment time. Someone should have phoned to let me know the status. Reason for poor marking was because I didn't interact with the Tech and he wasn't in my home. The problem was resolved - it was a screen and I easily switched it out myself. September 13, 2013
Great service! Excellent customer service. The tech arrived a little early and had my sliding door handle replaced in about five minutes. He was very nice about my annoying dogs too! September 13, 2013
Sales and Installation Botched I don't have a problem with the quality of the windows but they were not designed for my application and many of the windows have severe leaks and all have the potential for leaks. So you don't have to read this whole thing the bottom line is Milgard apparently does not require certified sales personnel or installers to make sure the windows fit your application. Unbeknownst to me the windows were for new construction and not aftermarket or to be installed in the original window frames of your house which does not make sense. The installer cut out my old window frames from the wood stud frames and installed the Milgard windows over the outer stucco using everyday caulk to seal them. The windows flex, contract and expand with weather changes pulling the caulk from the slick plastic window material and from the stucco leaving cracks open to rain. I have scraped away old caulk, roughened the plastic and stucco with a wire brush for better adhesion many times resulting in temporary results. I have resorted to putting a much thicker layer of caulk and it seems to be lasting longer but who knows how long. Bottom line do not purchase these windows until you've done all your homework and read the application specifications thoroughly and only sign a contract that your installer agrees to cover all costs to replace with proper windows if later finding out they are not correct for your application. This may apply to all manufacturers of windows. Asking Milgard for help they only referred me back to the installer that I was reffered to by Lowes. Otherwise the windows look nice and operate nicely. September 13, 2013
Very quick and professional at the house It took and amazingly long time to get a tech out to the house, but once they were there, they put the window together and installed it and fixed one other one in a very short time. September 13, 2013
Not quite done but so far going great Still working issue but progressin extremely. Patty is great to work with and really helpful trying to resolve the issue. I feel confident everything will go well September 13, 2013
The service tech did a good job resolving the issues with our Milgard doors. We own three Milgard sliding glass doors. Some of them were difficult to close and lock at times. The Milgard service tech quickly determined the cause of the various problems with each door and made the appropriate repairs. He replaced one set of roller wheels and one safety lock assembly. He also made some adjustments to all of the locks and roller wheel assemblies. All three doors now operate perfectly. Thanks Milgard for a great product backed up by great service! September 13, 2013
Wonderful service Other than forgetting to call when they were on the way to complete the service call as was requested, I have no complaints. 10 / 10 September 13, 2013
Clean, prompt, fast, friendly, after 30 years still standing behind the product! Built the home 30 years ago and Milgard was the window of choice with the lifetime guarantee. Little did we know that 30 years might be the lifetime of the window with the broken seal, and the other with the apparatus not working properly. Found Milgard online and the rest was easy. Learned to measure glass only, and was set for the date. The technician arrived promptly, and after surveying the scene went to work. Clean, friendly fast. He replaced the bad glass with beautiful shiney glass, no mess, nothing left behind. A GREAT and rewarding experience! Thank you Milgard!! September 12, 2013
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