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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

Milgard Service 4.7 5 6038 8186
Covered their warranty with free replacement One of the windows became fogged and they sent someone out to replace it at no cost to us. New window looks great. Service person came during the 2 hr window that was scheduled. August 6, 2013
my tech met our expectations and was very professional our tech was on time, dressed professionally and prepared to help us. i August 6, 2013
A bit disappointing While re-installing the window, the technician damaged the corner of the drywall corner, chipping a piece and ruining the paint. I realize this was an accident, but I would have appreciated him telling me so that I wasn't surprised after he left. August 6, 2013
service didn't happen - service tech had wrong parts Tech showed up with the wrong color parts and unclear on the job to be performed. August 6, 2013
This went very well. I am very pleased. The service person was nice, professional, and competent. I really appreciated that he knew what he was doing. However, I wish that his English were better so that I could have communicated with him about some of the finer details of the installation and what to expect. August 5, 2013
very professional and I felt very secure you are very professional and I felt very secure with my workman he gave me so much information on maintaining the windows, use silicone spray not wd40 to lubricate window tracks. August 5, 2013
Excellent, professional service! Our home was built 14 years ago, and this was the first time we ever called for service. We initially called for one small window, but they ended up also replacing a very large window. I love that they stand behind their products. Milgard was a great choice (by our builder) for our home! August 5, 2013
Service Call Today The window problem I was having was not resolved. The locking mechanism does not engage after I opened the window again. The technician may have managed to close the window and lock it but don't you think I may want to open it again soon? August 5, 2013
Service Was Excellent My home in Mesa, Az. had Milgard windows and sliding glass doors installed during construction. After 5 years one of the dual pane windows lost it's seal. Getting it replaced under warranty was as smooth of a process as I have EVER gone through with a warranty or any other replacement process. The people from the warranty desk to the technician who did the replacement were exceptional. Hats off to the Milgard folks for producing a great product and for backing up their product on warranty. August 5, 2013
Milgard's service was great! We wish the company that installed the windows had been as good! We had a very bad experience with them. August 5, 2013
I can recomment without reservation - Milgard is the best My 12 year old sliding door stopped sliding. I was skeptical when I read that it had a lifetime warranty. I emailed Milgard, the next business day they contacted me that they had the record of the purchase and they wanted to schedule a service call. Today they came. In 10 minutes they had removed the door, replaced the track wheels as well as the track in the door, and had it back together, as good as new. I am beyond pleased and will heartily recommend Milgard products to anyone I can in the future. Wow, a company that stands behind its product and takes care of its customers! August 5, 2013
Incomplete and no follow through. I asked where to order the 'L' shaped piece for the screen door that adjusts the roller. I was told by the phone rep that it comes from Ontario, CA and that no local dealer or hardware store has it. I was told how much they cost and ordered two. I hope it comes with the roller as I wasn't told. I asked for an invoice for my order after I had presented my Visa card. I produced my email but as yet have no invoice. But, I do have this survey which I am responding to. Since, you have my email then could you produce an invoice for my order. This way I know that I have not been duped. Thanks. August 5, 2013
Except for promtness, everything else was excellent We had the back door broken in a locked shut condition and we could not gain access to our backyard except through the front garage. We were planning a party for about forty people that coming weekend and it would have been a disaster if the back door was not fixed by then. We called on Monday and the earliest we could get an appointment was Friday. The technician came with the wrong part, but they were able to repair the original door lock and made everything work. August 5, 2013
Great service! Milgard always does an excellent job in responding to my calls and getting someone out to my area. The service is great and am very satisfied overall with their product. August 5, 2013
Service was AMAZING This was the easiest repair I've ever had done to my home. My call was answered immediately and I was transferred to the proper person within minutes. He in turn asked me a few questions and then set me up with an appointment for repair. This was followed by an email giving me a picture of the gentlemen that would be doing the repair (I really liked this) It made you feel safe. Sergey, the repairman, was very professional and polite. He came in with the part and installed it in record time, and he also arrived right at the set time for the appointment. Overall my experience with was an A+. I wish all companies had such a wonderful staff and ran as efficiently as Milgard. Thank you. August 5, 2013
Poor phone service I called Milgard to discuss my windows. I left a voice message with 'Mary'. She never returned my call so I called back two days later. She was available then and stated she would send me the link to watch the video to try and repair the window myself. Her email was not sent to me until a couple of days later. August 5, 2013
Second Window Replaced! This was the second window we had to replace and appreciate the technicians attention to detail. They did a very good job! August 5, 2013
Superior Service Milgard stood behind their promise of a lifetime warranty. Clint the technician was completely at ease with the window hardware and repaired three windows in five minutes. I asked him to check other Milgard windows in my home and he pleasantly did so. By the way, the problem with my windows was not due to a faulty product, but rather, due to the inexperienced handyman I chose to install my windows years ago. Live and learn... all's well now due to the great customer service. August 5, 2013
The technician was very knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. My experience with the technician, Steve, was very positive. He was very knowledgeable and efficient. He wanted to make sure that I was very satisfied with all my windows, not just the ones he came to fix. He ended up fixing, adjusting, or making each window in my home easier to open and shut. I will only buy Milgard and recommend them to all my friends and family. The service provided was fabulous. Thank you!!! August 4, 2013
Good Too bad it took so long to get here after installation, It only took him 10 min. to repair the blinds. He actually was looking for something else to do when he finished. August 4, 2013
Excellent after-sales service The technician arrived on time and quickly resolved our problem, replacing two spring balance bars either side of the window - and cleaning the frame too. And this on a window that was installed at least 10 years ago and before we bought the house. This is the second time we have called a technician out and both times we have been very pleased. So pleased, in fact, that when we extended the house two years ago we specified that Milgard Windows should be used. August 4, 2013
excellent service not completed due to missing parts. Was told a rep would call me to schedule another appt. to complete requested work. Still waiting for that call. the technician gave great service to the extent he could in that he needed to get parts to complete the r and r of the french door rubber strip. the window replacement (due to fogging) was excellent August 4, 2013
Excellent response and service I had a latch on my patio door that broke Was directed to the customer service representative after my initial call and was very impressed with the quality of the service. August 4, 2013
Some things could be better. The representative had a chip on their shoulder when they arrived. The representative's body language and condescending attitude portrayed they had no desire to be of assistance, and made remarks indicating it was the homeowner's fault resulting in issues with the product. After remarking to the representative that their body language and attitude was not appreciated, and if they did not want to be there, they could leave, the attitude somewhat changed and offered to take a better look and see what they could do to help eliminate the problem. They did work on the issues, and told me what remedies they performed, but neglected to leave any paper work. August 3, 2013
Resolved the problem but... I started with my vendor and went around in circles trying to figure out how to get service, They kept saying they would have some one contact me and nothing happened for weeks, so when I went to Milgard directly for advice, it took a couple of attempts but I was happy to hear that they could send out the serviceman directly. From there all things went very smoothly. Thank you all. August 3, 2013
Excellent service, long wait time for appointment. Tech was very professional and knowledgable. He was able to solve all problems to our satisfaction. Thank you. August 2, 2013
Very good service After 23 years, Milgards lifetime service was still in force. We had windows which after time, heat and cold, leaked moisture. Our original window installer went out of business but Milgard's lifetime guarantee was still in force and they honored it by replacing the bad windows. Thank you Migard! August 2, 2013
Very good service. Thank you. Service was prompt and efficient. All I needed was a replacement part. Tanya was very helpful. August 2, 2013
Techs were great The rating for the Techs, Dan & Ken, that came to our home to fix the sliding door is excellent! Dan & Ken were kind, friendly, polite, very quick w/ the fix & they made sure that everything worked well before they left. I'm very impressed w/ Dan & Ken's abilities, work ethic, friendliness & professionalism. Getting through the 1-800 phone service was a little harder. I had to call back a number of times to ensure all the proper info was provided. However, I didn't receive a call back from those answering the phone. August 2, 2013
Made the right choice when selecting Milgard for our windows & doors. We chose Milgard for our windows & doors when having our house built twelve years ago and have been pleased with the Milgard products ever since. Recently, a hand crank failed on one of our awning style windows and required replacing. Milgard came out to our house and replaced the failed crank and assembly at no charge. After this experience, we look back and say - we made the right choice when selecting Milgard for our windows and doors. Ed & Lynda, Sonora, CA. August 2, 2013
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