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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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This service exceeded my expectations! I had had a problem with some windows for some time and did not realize my solutions were just a phone call away! Wow! EVERYthing was resolved in one service call. I can now open ALL my windows with one hand compared to suffering whenever I had to open OR close my windows. THANK you Milgard! THIS is what a lifetime warranty looks like! July 15, 2013
Service was done quickly and the Service Tech's were excellent!! I was very pleased with the Milgard Lifetime Guarantee. From the first call I made to arrange the repair/replacement work to completion everything went smoothly. The Service Techs arrived during the specified timeline and were very pleasant and professional. I am so glad that I had Milgard install my windows when we decided to install dual pane windows. I will definitely choose Milgard in the future and would confidently recommend Milgard to others. July 15, 2013
The actual repair was very good. I wish that I could be notified by phone a few minutes before service techs come. Waiting between 1 and 5 pm is quite a waste of a customer's time. Also, I would like rep to return my calls and email. Otherwise, the service is good. Could be much better if phone reps could be more responsive. July 15, 2013
As always, Migard has lived up to its service warranties. We have chosen Milgar d Widows for various home improve and new construction projects for for over 25 years. Your company is great and the onsite service people are great and represent the company well. He mentioned that he would not want to work for any other company. It means a lot when the employees are proud of the guarantees that the company makes and they have no doubts that the company will stand behind there product. July 15, 2013
Awesome warranty and warranty service I had the window serial numbers handy when I called the service rep and he quickly pulled up my customer information and scheduled the service call. As promised, two days before the scheduled service I got a confirmation call from Milgard. The day of the service, the tech was 5 minutes early and made the repairs in about 10 minutes. Great product. Phenomenal warranty and warranty service. I highly recommend Milgard for all of the above. Dan Dickey July 15, 2013
Service was great. The window replacement job was very difficult for the fact that it was a 6'x6' window and it was on the third floor. The crew was very careful on how they handle the window installation and moving around inside the house. They took their time to ensure that safety was first, and they did a great job. thanks. July 15, 2013
What a difference! We have 2 companies in our area and BEST is the BEST. The service, quality and price by far exceeded the competition. Everyone we had contact with were professional, nice and a pleasure to work with. Even when one of the windows needed to be replaced after installation it was handled great. We have no complaints and would highly recommend BEST. July 15, 2013
Overall, pleased with service. Servicre rep ordered the wrong window so installer had to make two trips. Both were prompt and professional. Email notice very helpful. Good service. July 15, 2013
Very Pleased! Milgard's technician came to install a screen to replace the one that the window installer (from another company) bent during installation. Milgard's tech noticed that the window installer installed Tuscany screens on my Styleline windows and he ordered all of the screens to be replaced. As soon as the order was ready he installed all of them, free of charge. July 15, 2013
Very pleased! The technicians and phone personnel were very professional and the service was prompt. They came out within two days. This is the second time I have had to call Milgarde and am very pleased with their services. July 15, 2013
Milgard is the best. John was our service tech. He was prompt, efficient and very professional. Milgard is truly a company that stands behind their product - no debates, no squabbles. You back up your windows 100%. Thank you for taking care of us. July 15, 2013
Great service, just wish it was quicker than the 10+ days to get someone out. Great service, just disappointed it took so long to get a tech on site. July 14, 2013
Excellent Submitted the request only online and there was quite a delay before I heard back. However once the process started it went very well! Warranty service with Milgard is everything it is advertised to be - awesome! July 14, 2013
The staff at Milgard were professional and quick! The Service Rep on the phone was warm and professional. She was very patient while I was writing down the order number from my affected window. I am just amazed how each window have different order numbers and they refered to Milgard's database of window dimensions, window type (low-E), frame type, etc. This system gives us convienience when the technicians make only one visit to our house! The technicians are professional and neat and they get the job done in minutes!! Thank you!! July 14, 2013
Coulda done it myself On 4 of the 6 casement style windows I have, the plastic spacers between the hinge halves are missing allowing the window todrop down a bit and not close all the way and stick. The window only hits in the lower outside corner. If I pushed the window up on the hinge, back to the spot that it would be in if the little spacers were there, the window closes fine. The tech came out, looked at the hinges and told my wife the window had house had just settled a bit, I was out working. He proceded to use a cats paw pry bar and "tweek" the window 'till it closed. I coulda done that. In my opinion, it's not a proper repair. The hinges are failing, the plastic parts of the hinges are cracking and falling off. The hinges should be replaced, but, the windows do have a lifetime warranty, so I guess as long as they work, it's all good, right? In the attached pics you can see the difference in a good and failed hinge. Also, the "tweek" he did is a patsc. On the completely failed windows, the top now has twice the space as the bottom of the window. Now that the hinge is metal on metal, I fear in the near future the whole bottom side of the window will hit the sill. July 13, 2013
I love Milgard! I was more than impressed with Milgard's support team. They sent a technician to measure the windows to be replaced and then scheduled the replacement of the windows within a week. They were responsive, responsible, and professional. My windows are absolutely beautiful. I have another building that needs windows replaced and I am so in awe of Milgard's guarantee that I will definitely buy the Milgard windows for the other building later this year. July 13, 2013
My first dealings with Milgard repair service and could not be happier. I am a property manager for a 28 unit complex. We have changed about half of our units to new Milgard windows. We spent a little more per window but the Milgard warranties and aftercare was well worth every penny. July 12, 2013
We love our new windows We could not be happier. We can already feel the improved insulating qualities and we love both the ease of use and the improved appearance of our home. July 12, 2013
Great service The only problem was that they either forgot or didn't order the other replacement door panel. I was told I would be contacted and set up another service call. I don't really consider this a problem. July 12, 2013
I was given excellent service in all aspects of the job. The men did an excellent job in putting up the windows and doors. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. All furniture was moved and covered, when necessary, and returned to its proper place when completed. I am very satisfied with the appearance of the windows and doors and am glad I chose Milgard. All debris and trash were removed from the grounds, when completed. The salesperson gave us all sales information promptly and efficiently, by phone or email. All in all, I considered an excellent job was done. July 12, 2013
Perfection After 24 years, two sealed double-pane windows leaked. Without question or other obstacles, Milgard sent someone to replace them. It took only a couple of minutes and the repairman was here exactly as scheduled. It doesn't get better than that! July 12, 2013
Lifetime Warranty is th best!! I very glad I purchased Milgard windows 13 years ago. I have had several that have lost there seal and Milgard sent someone up very promptly to get them fixed all under warranty. You just cant beat that kind of service. The one thing that would suggest about the replacement service is: if the Technician would have got all the sticky residue off my windows before he left. I spent 4 hours cleaning the replacement glass after the technician left. If I ever build a new house again there will definitely not be a question about which brand of windows I will be using. Milgard is a great product with great service! July 12, 2013
So easy to get prompt warranty service with absolutely no hassle. It is rare to find that "lifetime warranty" really means that. But with Milgard it appears to be automatic. I installed the window in question over 10 years ago, and we saw some moisture accumulating inside the window. Milgard sent a technician out at my scheduling convenience. He noticed another window that may be experiencing the same, and ordered replacements for both. Again, the appointment was scheduled at my convenience, and the replacements were installed very cleanly and quickly. They are my company of choice! July 12, 2013
Excellent service Customer rep. was attentive and courteous. Tech. was professional. July 12, 2013
Over all very good Afer my initial call, I was directed to enter my information online. Then when I got the call back the only thing they had was my name and phone number. After that everything was outstanding! Thank you! July 12, 2013
Professional, caring, personable service Unfortunately, I have had to see my Milgard window replacement serviceman several times. He has been a true blessing. He is so nice and really went beyond the basics to help me. July 12, 2013
Very pleased! I was impressed with Tanya's response and accommodation via online service. She answered all my questions and set up appointment for service technician. Steve the technician not only replaced window but also fixed some other issues I had with springs in other windows. He also adjusted my sliding screen door. It all works beautifully now. I am very pleased with the service and work performed. Thank you! Wendy Strategos July 12, 2013
Excellent Service by Technician but too long of a wait time to get an appointment Felix was wonderful! So helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. He knew just how to fix my window. It took about 6 weeks to get an appointment, however. Would rather have not waited that office was very hot with not being able to open the window. July 12, 2013
The service was as expected and met all my expectations. The process was basically seamless and was resolved with a minimum of time lost and confusion. The installation tech did an excellent job and I would highly recommend him for his work and interactions with me during the efficient process. Lee Loquist July 12, 2013
Service CSR was great The CSR was great in communicating the process and handling our issue in a prompt and professional manner. July 11, 2013
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