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At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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The service and quality was great. I really appreciate the prompt response and the professionalism from your team. July 11, 2013
Kevin provided excellent service. After almost a YEAR of having several different Milguard techs come to our home to remedy the screen issues, the problems were finally fixed by Kevin. Each time a tech came to our home, he brought new screens with him; and each time the replacement screens were the wrong size (and sometimes the wrong type!!) AND everytime the techs remeasured windows and returned to Milguard the screens that they brough with them and placed a new order for the screens with their measurements. Each time this was done we had to wait 4-8 weeks for the remeasured screens to be made and brought out to our home. When Kevin arrived all three screens were once again the wrong size; but this time he customized the wrong size screens with tools he had and made them work and fit properly without any gaps.HE HAD THE KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM. We are finally happy customers, but it took just about a year to remedy all the issues we had with Milguard windows. OH, and one more thing, we had actually requested the tech Mark to be the tech to return to our home; in order for us to have Mark return to service our windows we had to wait over 6-8 weeks. Milguard called to confirm the date of service and Mark was not the tech scheduled...somebody in scheduling messed up...But thanks goodness Kevin was the tech that showed up at our and fixed the problems. He needs to recognized as your most outstanding tech. Should this process have taken almost a year to get it right???? July 11, 2013
Amazing professional service. We had two failed seals and one hardware failure in our "house of windows" on the Pacific in Newport, OR. These windows were six years old. The service was courteous, prompt, The technician was on time, very professional, courteous and above all very competent. We could not have asked for more. Thank you July 11, 2013
Perhaps the best customer service experience I have ever had! This is a company that stands behind their products. There is no doubt that I will purchase Milgard products in the future and if you are looking to buy a home with Milgard windows you have no worries. Great company. July 11, 2013
Milgard is the best! Great product, great service. I recommend will not be disappointed! July 11, 2013
Milgard is fantastic! Had windows installed in 2002. I've been procrastinating about having one replaced (for cloudiness) because I thought it had been too long and if they did replace it would be messy. People kept telling me "yeah you have a warranty, but places will do anything to get out of them". Wrong! I called Milgard, they had all my window info, found the size of the bad window, set up a date, and it took less than 15 minutes for the removal/install. Edgar was so professional and polite. I've always said the windows were one of the best things we've done at our home. Thank you Milgard! July 11, 2013
Technician arrived without necessary part to make needed repairs We waited many weeks for a technician to come to our home to repair a stripped window handle. Unfortunately, the technician arrived without the necessary replacement part. I asked the technician if he had been informed about the needed repair and the type of Milgard window that we had. He said that he had been told that we had a different type of window that needed repairs. I don't know if the communication breakdown occurred between us and the Milgard office or between the office and the technician. Perhaps the tecnicians should stock their trucks with different parts for unexpected repairs. Unfortunately, the office that sends out the technicians is 75 mins. from our home and the needed part will now be mailed to us and we are supposed to do the installation. Hopefully the repair is as easy as the technician made it sound. July 10, 2013
World class service, super speedy! The responsiveness of Milgard was amazing. The communications were superlative. The inconvenience was nearly non-existent. I am proud to have a home with Milgard windows! July 10, 2013
In-home service was great. service rep on phone and scheduling very disappointing The window was defected when first install. Took MG 3 months to appear on site to do a 10 min fix. July 10, 2013
Great service. The men who replaced our windows arrived in the time frame given and were very pleasant and professional, even though it was a late appointment for them. I had a 3:30-5:30 window of arrival time.) They did great work and left no mess behind. July 10, 2013
Outstanding Service ! I can't say enough about Milgard service and their commitment to their guarantee! More companies should be this responsible. July 10, 2013
Slider door panes replaced Very impressed with customer service by Milgard. I purchased my slider in 1999 and last summer noticed the seal in the fixed pane was drooping and the slider pane became fogged. Finally, this summer, decided to get it fixed and contacted Milgard to see what could be done. Within a week they sent out a serviceman with two new panes and swapped them in less than a half hour. The slider once again looks fabulous and no charge! Thank you Milgard. July 10, 2013
Sergio was awesome! I wanted to say a huge thanks for today, and to call out Sergio for his professionalism and wonderful attitude. I thought this was going to be a huge hassle- I saw the window, was concerned that something was wrong, but Milgard took the issue head-on and I was so impressed with the reaction time as well as the results! The window is just sparkling, and I forgot how nice it is to look outside of that window. Sergio was not only prompt, but also called me prior to the appointment time. I explained that I was taking my elderly father to lunch, and he understood that I may be 10 minutes late. He was there when I arrived, and got the job done in time for me to go pick up my daughter. His demeanor and skills were very notable, and honestly I would want him to be the guy if I decide to do something else with a window or two in my house, or move to another place. I'm very impressed with Milgard, and just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and the team. Thanks much, Dave July 10, 2013
Excellent service! Technician, Edgar was great and professional, thank you very much. Hats off to Milgard for standing behind your product. July 10, 2013
Great representative of Milgard Service yesterday and noticed this morning that springs replaced on a window are to light and doesn't hold the window in position. I made a phone call to Tom and am waiting for his return call. Great guy July 10, 2013
Great customer service experience! I wish more companies had the same attitude toward their customers as Milgard. They obviously understand the value of excellent customer service. Melissa, who I spoke with on the phone, was very courteous, professional and efficient. Larry, the in-home tech, was also great. He solved the problem quickly, and, as a bonus, even showed me how to take the windows out of the frames, which will make cleaning the outside of our upstairs windows much easier. July 10, 2013
outstanding service Robert the technical Service rep was on time. He presented himself in a very nice manner. He was well spoken. He was knowledgeable and knew immediately how to fix my sliding glass door problem. He gave me suggestions on how to best maintain the door. He is a fine representative for Milgard. Robert W July 10, 2013
Exceeded expectation There are many companies that make and install windows. But, how many of them stand behind their product like Milgard? The UV coating went bad on one of my windows. I called customer service and scheduled a service call. Wow, I was amazed that the technician came with the replacement window. No hassles, no follow-up appointments. A first class experience from start to finish. July 9, 2013
Prompt and competent customer service Truly superb customer service. They followed up on my email right away, the technician called ahead to let me know he was on the way, then he actually showed up when he said he would, was polite and was able to fix the issue right away (and also helped with another, related issue). You rarely see this prompt, competent and no-nonsense customer service. Really good experience, kudos to the Milgard Customer Service Team. July 9, 2013
Quick! My tech was here earlier than promised and fixed the window in five minutes or less. Very impressed. Thanks! July 9, 2013
Thank you for your prompt service and for standing behind your product! When we started having problems with our windows in a home that was built in 2006, we wondered if they would still be under warranty. When we contacted Milgard a representative quickly returned our call and e-mailed us some information on how to begin the process of replacing the defective parts. We appreciate how your company stands behind it's product and handles customers! Thank you for your prompt service! we really appreciate it. when the technician came out to our home, he went right to work and finished in about an hour. He also pointed out one window that was failing, and took note of it, so that it could be replaced! I was extremely impressed that he would do that. It was not even a window that we needed repairs on (to our knowledge), until he pointed it out. Thank you. July 9, 2013
Excellent service and window warranty! I have had to replace some windows due to dust between the panels and have not had any problems getting this done. My only negative comment would be, that I wish this did not occur but happy they always fix the issue by replacing the window with a new one! July 9, 2013
Great response to a failed sky light. After 10 years we had a skylight fail and fog up. Milgard was able to pull up our address and look at our window purchases. The crew was out within a few days and replaced the skylight at no cost with their guarantee for life policy. Our entire house is Milgard and it's nice to know companies still stand behind their products. July 9, 2013
superior Service The service technician was wonderful. He replaced two windows in a short amount of time. He also repaired the latch on the door he was replacing the window. I would recomment Milgard they stand behind the warranty of replacement for any defects. My windows had been installed back in 1995 and not problems with the repair. July 9, 2013
VERY HAPPY with Milgard service! Was impressed from the start with the professionalism shown by your company. The customer service reps I spoke to on the phone were both courteous and informative. I was especially impressed by JUAN, the technician that came out to replace our windows. He called about 15 minutes prior to arriving (a nice "heads-up" touch!) and was friendly and informative about the window installation. The work was done very quickly, and he did not leave a mess behind! (cannot say that about all the contractors that have worked on projects at my home!) Am planning on having more windows replaced in the future. Will definitely purchase Milgard windows and ask for Juan to install! Thanks for a great customer service experience! July 9, 2013
Service was professional, thorough, and on time! So nice to have a contractor show up as scheduled and do it all right. Very glad my originial builder recommended Milgard windows! July 9, 2013
No resolution after waiting 2 months and 2 service calls. Side panel of new French doors has a purple line down the middle. After my first call, it took an entire month to schedule an appointment for a technician to come to the house. He was unable to fix the problem so he scheduled another appointment to replace the side panel...again a month later. So, after waiting 2 months for the problem to be corrected, the new panel was marked with black streaks and did not fit. I asked the technician to put my original panel back on the door because it fits the properly, purple line or not. The technician was great, it was the replacement product he was given that was defective. July 9, 2013
The service was beyond our expectations! We built our home 10 years ago and installed 53 Milgard windows. Over time 4 windows developed "leaks" and fogged up. Also, the lock on the sliding patio door no longer locked properly. I called Milgard and they sent "Webber" to scope the job and he was excellent. A couple of weeks later "Frank" and "Alex" showed up to replace the windows and fix the lock. They were in and out in about 1.5 hours. We were kept advised about approximately when they would show up. We would definitely recommend Milgard for anyone building or remodeling a home. July 9, 2013
WOW, In this time of talk about customer service but with nothing but talk, Milgard talked the talk and walked the walk WOW I called into Milgard and the receptionist sent me to service. After I explained my problem. Tereasa looked up my history and I told her what the problem was and she found my info and said a technician would be out on the 8th between 11 and 1. .Don from Milgard, showed up on time and told me what he was going to do.. Examined and checked measurements. removed the panel and replaced it. Checked it out, cleaned the glass and was gone. All in less than one half hour. This is the first time I have used the Milgard service and WOW was I impressed. Keep up the great work and products. Thanks. Jim July 9, 2013
Great From the setting the appointment to having the job complete was great. Fonzo the tech was polite, fast, clean and friendly. I'm very happy I chose Milgard for my windows! July 9, 2013
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