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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Excellent Warranty Service! After 22 years my vinyl windows were getting more difficult to open. Milgard stood behind their Full Lifetime Warranty and after their service visit my windows are now much easier to open! August 7, 2013
Outstanding service Service was outstanding and the employee that came to my house was very professional. Thank for taking care of my windows! August 7, 2013
Milgard has failed to support their product. I asked Milgard to supply or direct me to a source for replacement weatherstripping for a french door. They sent one type which did not even resemble the original, which I reported by phone. In spite of assurances that they are still working on the problem, I have received nothing further and have gotten no feedback. Since it has been about two months, I assume I will receive no help from Milgard Service. This is disappointing since I have received excellent service in the past. August 7, 2013
Milgard's warranty response has been exceptionally good. I have called Milgard about problems several times over many years and have always received and have always had courteous, prompt, and efficient response that corrected the problems. The life-time warranty really is worth a lot. August 7, 2013
Excellent service. I was not on site, but my son reported on all of the issues I had put forward. Each was addressed by the technician and fixed except for the retractable screens on our sliding doors. He fixed them the best he could and suggested a maintenance schedule for the slots they slide in and how we can make a wooden piece to protect them from damage as they are easily damaged without protection. Thank you Milgard for living up to your guarantee. August 7, 2013
They Stand by their Product My windows were installed 7 years ago. One of them lost their seal. I called them. They came out and replaced it. They arrived exactly on time and completed the job in about 10 minutes. So glad I went with Milgard Windows. August 6, 2013
The service was excellant ! I am impressed with Milgard windows, your office staff and your technicians. I did not have the receipt and couldn't make out the numbers in the window, so you sent a tech to locate and measure the window. He also found minor "clouding" with a few more. He was on time, prompt and courteous. When the windows were ready you scheduled the install with us, were again on time, prompt and friendly. And very neat and cleaned up. Both techs did the install and they were great! I tell my friends about Milgard and my positive experience. Many thanks August 6, 2013
Great! Your Milgard technician was on time and he managed to quickly replace the screen even though the replacement part was the wrong color. We are highly satisfied. Thank you. August 6, 2013
Got there fine in the end. Two visits were involved. 1. The first failed to address the well documented, photographed and agreed work statement, all small stuff: change some incorrect color handles, replace a broken drain (Hardware given to us the owner to install because it's up on the roof# and fix poorly fitting or missing trim. 2. The visit in this review went fine and was to correct the deficiencies above #less the drain that we accepted but are disappointed by). Our technician did fine but I do have a complaint of the factory. The trim pieces cut to length and routed to mate with other trim parts was done with a worn out router bit that burned the wood and pulled the grain at the edges. GET SHARP TOOLS! None of this should have taken two months to complete. Thanks for asking and now we are there, we like our new windows! John August 6, 2013
Glad to be given this opportunity to write a review! From the initial phone call to the end service, your company continues to be one that I am always happy to deal with. Our technician was prompt, courteous, knowledgable and efficient. Thank you so much for a great product,a wonderful warranty and a pleasant group of employees. August 6, 2013
Excellent Work! If you want quality windows (and we did!) go with Milgard! Bruce Medford, OR August 6, 2013
Fantastic service! We are so pleased to have had such professionalism form the moment we placed call for service. The young man was quick to determine the problem and quickly made the repairs. He was very kind, polite and courteous. August 6, 2013
Great work We have always had very good service by those who came to our home. They knew what they were doing, they watched out for out pets, and they never leave a mess. Work has always been done correctly the first time (sometimes the replacement glazing was the wrong size). August 6, 2013
Seamless.....what else can I say? From the time I called throughout the process of replacing a failed glass window, the process was seamless. Great, almost too much communication! Thanks Milgard for your FABULOUS customer's much appreciated! August 6, 2013
Quick and professional service Milgard stands behind their warranty. They replaced two windows without question. Felix the tech that came out was extremely professional, fast, accurate and friendly. I would not hesitate to buy Milgard again. August 6, 2013
Who could possible ask for anything more? Perfect, perfect, perfect! The tech called ahead, was on time as promised, put on booties to protect my light carpet, did his work quietly, safely. He was courteous, neat. He dropped absolutely nothing on the floor and left no trace that he had been there except for a sparkling clean new window.....and my smiling, appreciative face. I say again ... "Who could possibly ask for anything more?" Thank you. yorba linda, ca 92887 August 6, 2013
Covered their warranty with free replacement One of the windows became fogged and they sent someone out to replace it at no cost to us. New window looks great. Service person came during the 2 hr window that was scheduled. August 6, 2013
my tech met our expectations and was very professional our tech was on time, dressed professionally and prepared to help us. i August 6, 2013
A bit disappointing While re-installing the window, the technician damaged the corner of the drywall corner, chipping a piece and ruining the paint. I realize this was an accident, but I would have appreciated him telling me so that I wasn't surprised after he left. August 6, 2013
service didn't happen - service tech had wrong parts Tech showed up with the wrong color parts and unclear on the job to be performed. August 6, 2013
This went very well. I am very pleased. The service person was nice, professional, and competent. I really appreciated that he knew what he was doing. However, I wish that his English were better so that I could have communicated with him about some of the finer details of the installation and what to expect. August 5, 2013
very professional and I felt very secure you are very professional and I felt very secure with my workman he gave me so much information on maintaining the windows, use silicone spray not wd40 to lubricate window tracks. August 5, 2013
Excellent, professional service! Our home was built 14 years ago, and this was the first time we ever called for service. We initially called for one small window, but they ended up also replacing a very large window. I love that they stand behind their products. Milgard was a great choice (by our builder) for our home! August 5, 2013
Service Call Today The window problem I was having was not resolved. The locking mechanism does not engage after I opened the window again. The technician may have managed to close the window and lock it but don't you think I may want to open it again soon? August 5, 2013
Service Was Excellent My home in Mesa, Az. had Milgard windows and sliding glass doors installed during construction. After 5 years one of the dual pane windows lost it's seal. Getting it replaced under warranty was as smooth of a process as I have EVER gone through with a warranty or any other replacement process. The people from the warranty desk to the technician who did the replacement were exceptional. Hats off to the Milgard folks for producing a great product and for backing up their product on warranty. August 5, 2013
Milgard's service was great! We wish the company that installed the windows had been as good! We had a very bad experience with them. August 5, 2013
I can recomment without reservation - Milgard is the best My 12 year old sliding door stopped sliding. I was skeptical when I read that it had a lifetime warranty. I emailed Milgard, the next business day they contacted me that they had the record of the purchase and they wanted to schedule a service call. Today they came. In 10 minutes they had removed the door, replaced the track wheels as well as the track in the door, and had it back together, as good as new. I am beyond pleased and will heartily recommend Milgard products to anyone I can in the future. Wow, a company that stands behind its product and takes care of its customers! August 5, 2013
Incomplete and no follow through. I asked where to order the 'L' shaped piece for the screen door that adjusts the roller. I was told by the phone rep that it comes from Ontario, CA and that no local dealer or hardware store has it. I was told how much they cost and ordered two. I hope it comes with the roller as I wasn't told. I asked for an invoice for my order after I had presented my Visa card. I produced my email but as yet have no invoice. But, I do have this survey which I am responding to. Since, you have my email then could you produce an invoice for my order. This way I know that I have not been duped. Thanks. August 5, 2013
Except for promtness, everything else was excellent We had the back door broken in a locked shut condition and we could not gain access to our backyard except through the front garage. We were planning a party for about forty people that coming weekend and it would have been a disaster if the back door was not fixed by then. We called on Monday and the earliest we could get an appointment was Friday. The technician came with the wrong part, but they were able to repair the original door lock and made everything work. August 5, 2013
Great service! Milgard always does an excellent job in responding to my calls and getting someone out to my area. The service is great and am very satisfied overall with their product. August 5, 2013
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