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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Fantastic handling of a warranty issue. We contacted Milgard for help with a mechanical issue that was impacting multiple windows in our home. We were elated to learn that what we believed would be an expensve service issue would in fact be covered under our warranty. The service technician arrived on-time and handled the issue quickly and professionally - not a typical experience with other service providers. We enjoy our Milgard windows and doors and now that they function as well as they were designed to we are even more pleased. Thank you for making a potentially stressful (and expensive) situation a positive one. June 20, 2013
Overall, great customer service The acceptance of, and response to, my warrantee service request was excellent, but dampened by the long wait for the actual service. I had to wait a month from phone call until the tech came out. Tech was excellent in all respects. Took care of everything that needed attention, and passed along some great information. June 20, 2013
Great Service!!! I have had several windows replaced in the last few years and I must say that on each occasion Milgard Service was absolutely the BESTI have ever encountered. The people are friendly and the service technicians are prompt do great work. June 20, 2013
The service was fantastic! We were totally impressed with the service we received. The Service Tech was friendly, polite and even took his shoes off when entering our home without being asked to do so. He was fast, efficient and left no mess. We were delighted. Thank you! June 20, 2013
Medium at best This was the second time the service reps came to adjust the windows. We had two problems; 1. the sliding window that they worked on during the first visit had a bow in the center post so that it wouldn't lock - a result of the work they did during the first visit. 2. the dining room window has a strange sound, like a loose spring, when the window is opened or closed. I was outside when they finished, so I didn't get a chance to operate the window while there were here. The strange spring sound is still there, although they said everything was working just fine. June 20, 2013
Awesome! The service men were efficient, polite, left the area perfectly clean. June 20, 2013
Great Service! We are were happy with our service man and with the repair done to our windows. Our windows repaired are like brand new. We love the way they open and close now. Thank you so much! The Phelps Family June 20, 2013
Service was great!! From the time I made initial contact (by phone?) regarding some windows and patio slider, all Milgard personnel were friendly, courteous and professional. Pat walked me through the on-line request form and responded via email in a very timely manner. Gerry (the installer) showed up on time .. every time as we had a couple of different appointments. Thank you for making this a painless experience .. no pun intended. Ron S. June 20, 2013
Excellent and timely service Need for window repair was identifed as part of an inspection perfromed by the buyer of our home. Milgard moved the repair date up to accomodate final closing for the house. That was really appreciated. June 20, 2013
Really good service The service was prompt and all job was done with the highest standards! One of the best experiences with contractors I've ever had. June 20, 2013
Disappointed on Warranty I installed Milgard windows in 2005 based on the company's reputation. All my windows were replaced. An inside pane shattered in the middle of the night. The glass was still intact but was bulging outward. I wanted Milgard to inspect it but they it wasn't warranty and they would not service it. I was told I would need to contact the installer. I contacted Royal Pane and asked them to pursue the warranty with Milgard. The broken glass was unstable and I needed to remove it before it ended up on the floor. I'm still wait for Royal Pane to get a response from Milgard. June 20, 2013
Excellent service Professional attitude from customer support people, willing to accommodate my schedule. No problem at all from field installation people. Thanks. June 19, 2013
Both service techs were excellent The lifetime warranty is amazing and I love Milgard as a result. My Service Techs were on time, very professional and did an excellent job. June 19, 2013
The service was excellent Both Patti & Brad did an excellent job handling our warranty claim from start to finish! Thanks! June 19, 2013
Prompt and efficient. The appointment was on time. The window was fixed, no questions, by a clean courteous repairman. The warranty is outstanding. June 19, 2013
Super Professional and courteous rep who knew just what to do and the windows were replaced in a timely fashion. June 19, 2013
Fast & knowledgeable Service It was very refreshing to have a company do exactly what they say, when they say they are going to do it & so fast without seeming like they are rushing. And I love that the guys call when they are on their way as well. Very helpful. Easy peasy! Keep up the great work! June 19, 2013
This service was wonderful! Everything was fixed very fast...thank you very much! June 19, 2013
Service techs on time and professional Service techs spent a lot of time at my home and were very neat and clean about their work and themselves. June 18, 2013
Milgard and its personnel were great The Milgard service was professional, timely and our windows and doors now operate properly. Thank you MIlgard. June 18, 2013
Excellent The service men who came out were fast, friendly and very good at what they do. I am very happy that I bought your product and will tell my friends. June 18, 2013
The replacement guarantee is excellent Very professional repair and service. Repair technician was very prompt and professional June 18, 2013
The service and staff were excellent! It's so good to know in this day and age that your company continues to stand by their products. I'll never buy any brand but Milgard windows! June 18, 2013
Milgard Windows and the service behind them is a great value! I have had several windows break due to cold weather and exposure to heat from the sun. They were replaed each time as an accomodation. The service was scheduled and the technician showed up at the agreed time and completed the job. Thank you! Milgard June 18, 2013
Milgard staff have been extremely responsive in correcting window vapor seal failures. Pat was great in responding to my problem with our window and getting the issue resolved promptly. Real professional. Milgard should give her a raise in pay. June 18, 2013
Poor Services I have had great customer services in the pasts when my windows were under warranty & rails had to be replaced. My current issues is a broken window panel. I placed the order without incident but when the tech arrived to install the panel pattern was incorrect. The 2nd order was also incorrect with the same pattern?! I am still awaiting install of the correct pattern. I also find the window rails become inoperative frequently as I have had to had 4-5 replaced since I purchased my brand new home. June 18, 2013
The was by far the best service The service people were friendly and happy to help. The service person that came out wasted no time in fixing the problem and very assuring that they stand behind the windows. June 18, 2013
Service rep and work were both great The serviceman was quick, efficient, courteous and takes care not to make or leave any extra mess. Very nice and very professional serviceman. I knew he had a long drive still ahead of him but even with that he took time to answer questions and show he cared about the product and service they provided June 18, 2013
Expedient service repair! Milgard's replacement of a 24 year old window pane (that had lost its seal after all these years but was still under warranty as we are the original homeowners) was very prompt and professional. They arrived during the time frame that they had stated and it was replaced in a matter of minutes. We have 32 Milgard windows in our home, so it failing after this amount of time says a lot about the quality of their products. They last and they stand behind their warranty! About the only thing that we could take issue with would be that the contruction of the replacement window had changed from the original due to design changes over the years. I guess that we have to get used to looking at the difference when I wash the windows every so often or when looking through them from our back porch seating area as two large, identical windows sit side by side. The replacement window lacks a 3/4" metal band edge surround between the panes of glass. June 18, 2013
Great in-home Service Tech! And the Service Rep was wonderful, worked to get a quick appointment after an initial error in the dimensions and the first window didn't fit! THANKS!!! June 18, 2013
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