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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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took a week to return my request not happy with the service . my neighbor had the same problem and the service rep made him a deal on replacement windows even though he was not the first owner . I was told that I was out of luck because I'm not the original owner. July 24, 2013
Milgard stands behind their windows We were please that Milgard promptly provided service on windows that had been installed 8 years ago. it's great to have a company stand behind their product and correct defects. July 24, 2013
Five-Star Service By far the best service I have ever encountered as it relates to its product, product servicing and customer service. Keep up the great job! July 24, 2013
Based on the service I will only put Milgard windows in my home! When the hardware broke on my window I called Milgard and within a few days a service call was scheduled. The service tech arrived within the window and didn't have the right part because I didn't request the right part. But he found a subsitute part in his car and ordered the right part which will be sent to the house. I was also getting quotes to replace a window from 1989 becaue the hardware had broken. I didn't think about calling Milgard for this piece because it was so old. But the service tech was able to fix the hardware giving me more time to replace the window. THANK YOU! July 24, 2013
Great job! Thanks for the great service. Your installers were fast and did a great job. Thanks,JP July 24, 2013
A wonderful company The customer service that this company gives is beyond belief. They are polite, responsive and I couldn't be happier with them. I have had Migard windows for 13 years and have never had an unhappy service interaction with them. July 24, 2013
Excellent service! Excellent. Nice to know a company that stands on its word. Thank you! July 24, 2013
Service Tech was very helpful The service Tech was very prompt and he was so helpful. Gave us some great tips on how to care for our new windows Thank you July 24, 2013
Great service -- clearly with expert skill and knowlege. I have had my Milgard windows for over 14 years, and have had service once before this project. -- And how nice to greet the same service person! Although we talked throughout the two visits needed, he never stopped working on my project. So the result was quite efficient. I appreciate the way the appointments are set up in short time slots, helping me schedule my own day. All over very good results, and I would recommend Milgard windows for the way they're built, their strength, and their good looks, not just the warranty. July 24, 2013
The service was great!!! The installer were the best!!!! The windows are wonderfull!!! I tell everyone "if you are replacing windows - buy Milgard. Thank you for a wonderful product and service. Jo Ann July 24, 2013
Learned "lifetime" warranty is not lifetime I purchased a home in Tacoma, WA that has Milgard windows and doors throughout. During the summer months our patio slider made a pop sound and the glass spider webbed, when examined we realized this was inside of the double pane. The pane remained intact but not safe. I Milgard's service department and left messages several times but did not get a call back. I decided to keep calling until I got to talk to Kathy. I was asked to describe what happened and email a photo. The conversation then continued via emails. At first, Kathy told me the type of damage wasn't covered under the warranty then after calling in again she told me it was and set up an appointment for a service tech then emailed me back and informed me the "lifetime" warranty is only valid for the original builder/installer of the home. I have looked at their warranty info online and this is true. I am glad to know this before I purchase any other replacement windows or doors from Milgard because this will decrease the resale value of the home in case there are any problems in the future the next owner would have to repair/replace the windows/doors all over again. July 24, 2013
Great Service Clint showed up on time and solved my window problems. Perfect Service, which I expected from Milgard. The next time I build a house, I would NOT consider any other window maker other than Milgard. July 24, 2013
not very helpful first of all, when I originally wrote an email about needing service, I gave the address. When I got a note back denying my qualification for service, the wrong address was given. So I called and gave the correct address again and was told I qualified under the original warranty. My neighbor was also getting some warranty service that day and the repairman happened to mention to her that he went to his first job and the people there knew nothing about calling them. She notified me of what he said so I waited for him to come out of her house and we found that he, again, had the wrong address!! He came to my house then to work on my window and spent more time on phone calls than he did on fixing my sliding door!!! He attempted twice to remove the door by sliding a putty knife under it and said he could not get the door lifted out because the house had settled too much.I don't believe he tried hard enough. July 24, 2013
Had to average bad experience with good experience. Called Milgard about concerns over two windows. Initial visit by "inspector" with only my wife at home resulted in no findings - "there is no problem here". Neighbor across the street had home fire and Milgard rep Sergio was most helpful to them identifying compromised windows, so we re-called for inspection requesting Sergio who quickly and easily identified 7 windows in our house requiring warranty replacement. Not sure why first inspection appeared to be denial that there was a problem. Either the person was untrained or felt his job performance was based on denying as many claims as he could. July 24, 2013
The warranty service is excellent We had a problem with one of the windows and they fixed it very quickly. I'm happy with the warranty service from Milgard. I will use Milgard again when replacing windows on other properties. July 24, 2013
Excellent service Milgard products are great, thanks for the lifetime care.. July 23, 2013
Milgard is really willing to stand behind their product! I just did not believe that I could get my windows serviced under warranty. After all, it had been more than ten years since I had them installed and they have seen a lot of use. But I was so wrong! Millard was a dream to work with. They scheduled my repair as soon as possible, the repair man was prompt and knowledgable and my windows now work like new. July 23, 2013
Warantee ++ Milgard stands by their Warantee 100% Thanks for the best service ever. July 23, 2013
Outstanding service! Milgard went out of their way to assist us with a window problem which had been long standing. July 23, 2013
Quality Windows, Quality Service! I had a great experience with the Milgard window technician that performed the service work. The repair was performed in a prompt manner and I am pleased at the results. I am equally pleased with the Warranty on my windows. It's proof positive that if you buy quality products from a quality manufacturer, they stand behind their product. I will continue to use Milgard products and recommend that other do the same. Eddie July 23, 2013
The service was great! The service is very good. This is my second time I they changed my glass door. The service is quick and good. July 23, 2013
Wonderful experience for a warranty repair! The CSR determined we qualified for warranty service with no hassles. The service tech arrived on the day and time scheduled and made the repair in a few minutes. Can't ask for more than that. July 23, 2013
Professionalism at its Best! We had our home built 7 years ago and unfortunately had two widows fail this last year (seals were broken between panes creating discoloration). We called Milgard not knowing what to expect, imagine our surprise when their representative informed us a technician will come out and replace the windows without any cost to us. The technician arrived on time, was very professional in appearance, explained the process in detail and repaired both widows in a short amount of time. He was courteous, personable and had a great attitude; you could tell he really enjoyed his job. He took every precaution not to damage the home’s interior and cleaned up after himself. Milgard sets the bar, can’t imagine it getting any better! July 23, 2013
If Warranty expires so does customer service! If I could give Milgard 0 stars I absolutely would. Like another poster I am the second owner of my home. This means te windows are not covered under warranty. We have one Milgard window that will not open, another that won't stay open and many others that are questionable. CS referred me to a local person who supposedly does repair. As soon as the guy found out I was not calling about an install, he basically claimed someone would call me back to set up an appointment to get me off the phone. No one ever did. When I called CS again, I was told that Milgard doesn't really care about my windows because they are not covered and if that referral didn't work it was up to me to find an authorized dealer who was willing to come out and repair. So far no one is willing. We have another property that is an old craftsman needing all windows replaced. I was considering Milgard for that as well but iI feel like this is just a hint of what would be to come should we run in to any difficulties. I mean, what's to be done with a company who does not stand by their product? July 23, 2013
Verry effecient service Repaired two windows. Large picture window lost it's seal. Kitchen window had flaw in the glass. Records of original installation were readily available and sizes confirmed. Repair was on schedule and took very little time. Installers were efficient and courteous. Would recommend Milgard very highly to any one needing windows. July 23, 2013
Service I received was magnificent. I am very demanding and picky person, but service technicians John and Robert exceeded even mine expectations. Being professional, fast, polite they did very good job. I was happy with Milgard doors and windows and now I am very satisfied with your service. I definitely will recommend your company to my friends and family. Thank you, Vladimir July 23, 2013
Just needed parts, and I got 'em! Ms. M in customer service handled my problem entirely via phone. I like it when folks are practical! I just purchased a house with Milgard windows. No clue what I had; just needed replacement window stops. Prior owner left no paperwork or anything. Didn’t know what to do to procure parts. So I filled out the on-line assistance form and Ms. M was on the phone to me in good time. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a bit of a snipe hunt. No paperwork, no identification numbers stamped on the windows, nothing to indicate the model of the windows. Just a date stamp-which was no help. She suggested I email pics of what I needed. Perfect solution! Parts were issued to me quickly. Problem solved. And Ms. M made the experience enjoyable. July 23, 2013
On time and professional service person. Your man, Paulino, was on time and professional. He presented a professional demeanor and was very neat and cleaned up after the installation.. A good man representing your company... July 23, 2013
Service not finished on date promised, window not on truck. Need better quality assurance when loading trucks. July 23, 2013
your warantee and service was outstanding!! I was very empressed at how well the service team handled the problems we had. I would never buy any other brand window after finding out how well the warantee was covered. I cant say enough good things about milgard. July 23, 2013
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