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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

Milgard Service 4.7 5 6707 9101
Very helpful and prompt service Aaron in customer service was very friendly and helpful in getting me the parts I needed to fix some window problems. Thanks! Lee Sherman August 16, 2013
Excellent service My phone call was answered promptly and the part I needed was identified and shipment arranged. August 15, 2013
Great service and information Your service tech was very professional and helpful--showed me how to remove second floor sliding windows. My husband is thrilled not to have to climb on ladder to clean windows. Great info to learn after living in our home for 21years. Never too late to learn something new. August 15, 2013
Excellent The whole experience was painless and so quick. Both workers were professional and courteous. I can see out the window again - it like getting lazik. August 15, 2013
Very Courteous and knowledgable representative The main windows that had somewhat broken seals, was discovered to actually be Insulate brand. I do have one French Door from Milgard which the representative noted. He was very helpful and suggested I go onto the internet for a warrantee site of Insulate windows. Thank you! Peggie Linville August 15, 2013
Excellent service!! This is the second home we've installed Milgard Windows in. In both homes we received excellent service from them. The service techs knew their product and how to fix the problems we had quickly. I must admit that both problems that we had were due to the owner (me) not the products. Milgard still stood behind their product. I would highly recommend Milgard windows for any home owner who wants quality products they can trust and a company that stands fully behind what they make with quality service. August 15, 2013
Excellent The service was excellent, starting with the phone call and the in-home technician. August 15, 2013
The service was great. The window installer did a great job. Milgard has excellent service and great customer response on warranties August 15, 2013
Repair man damaged one of the windows The window replaced in the bathroom now does not stay open the way when it is raised. This happened when the repair was made. There is a plastic piece that is now visible on the LH side of the window when it is raised. Now I have to call and have them come out again to fix the window. August 15, 2013
I WAS IMPRESSED The 2 employees arrived on time and exchanged the window in no time - picked up all of the trash - cleaned the window I could not ask for any better service. August 15, 2013
Great Customer Service Twice over 12 years, we've had leaking windows completely replaced at no charge. Yesterday, the service rep also provided many answers to our questions about building our next home in Oak Harbor, WA and we will definitely be purchasing Milgard Vinyl windows for our new home too! Very clean, courteous and FRIENDLY service rep here yesterday! THANK YOU! August 15, 2013
Great Although first request for service was not completed, the second was accomplished as expected. I like the e-mail giving all the info on when to expect the service and the photo of the person. I have been a Milgard fan since 1995 when we remodeled our home. Thanks for the service. August 15, 2013
Very pleased with the service! The Service Tech was able to pinpoint and take care of our issues quickly with a very pleasant, helpful, polite attitude. August 14, 2013
Service ad quality was great The service tec who came out - Roilo or something of that nature was kind, courteous, did his job thoroughly and with good quality, He needs to be commended for his job. August 14, 2013
Excellent service, very professional. Steve and Todd were quick and highly professional in solving our window issues. We greatly appreciated the incredible fast response time, between our call and they arriving at our door (same day). Best service and outstanding warranty. August 14, 2013
Service has been slow The service has been slow. It has taken 5 service calls and the latest fix is questionable. This is a exterior fiberglass door with two sidelights. The problem is that the top dog on the right hand sidelight does not retract all the way when the handle is turned to open. Sometimes it would retract enough to allow the window to open and other times it would hang up and not allow the window to open. There has been 5 service calls. Two adjustments, one wrong part and two times the 2-point latching mechanism has been replaced. The last service call was Aug. 14, 2013 and the latching mechanism was replaced. Currently, the top latch retracts enough so the sidelight opens but not all the way into the frame. (It appears that at times the dog rubs the door frame). If I recall, the first replacement mechanism acted the same as the new one that was replaced Aug. 14, 2013. Eventually the latch would not retract far enough to allow the sidelight to open, resulting in another service call. The technicians have all be very responsive and have done what they can. Could this be a defective design of the latching mechanism? My concern is; With the second replacement of the latching mechanism doing the same thing as the first, will it completely fail again. Not sure of the final solution. Would replacing the sidelight be the solution? August 14, 2013
Like our windows purchased 13 years ago; value the life time guarantee Overall great experience. As have been all previous events with Milgard over the time we have been in our home. Field guys were both very polite and capable. Both are good employees to be facing Milgard customers. August 14, 2013
Excellent service After the new windows were installed, we noticed a small scratch in the glass. I didn't mind, but Milgard did! They sent a service-tech who replaced the damaged glass. They worked fast - Milgard wants their newly-installed windows to be perfect, and they follow through. August 14, 2013
Couldn't ask for better service I have used Milgard windows for many years in our construction for others. This time the windows were in my own home which is located in a rural part of Oregon. The technicians that met me at the site were efficient, polite and came ready to do the work. The windows were located a fair distance above grade and they had no problem accessing them and to my great surprise they even washed the new glass inside and out before leaving. I would recommend Milgard to anyone looking for a company that stands behind their product. Thank you Milgard. August 14, 2013
Great Experience We called and were walked through the process of having windows replaced. The tech came and installed the replacement windows. We were not charged for anything. That is honoring their warranty. August 14, 2013
Polite, effecient and quick I'm simply thrilled with my recent Milgard Service. Not only was my concern with a sticky sliding glass door handled in one call, but the technitians even showed up on time as promised. They greeted me politely, introducted themselves and then quickly with skill and effeciency replaced the sliding door track. They also took extra care not to mar my hardwood floor. Now that's true customer serivice. August 14, 2013
The service techs were great the service techs were very professional and considerate of our home. They were also able to take care of a small unscheduled issue while they were at our house. The new windows look perfect! August 13, 2013
We were very pleased with all aspects of Milgard. We would highly recommend Milgard. The person we contacted on the phone was very professional and understood our problem and set us up with a service appointment without any excuses. The in-home Service Tech was prompt, efficient and courteous. We were pleased with the whole process. August 13, 2013
The outcome of the experience was great. After the initial measure or the new window is when we ran into snags. First window had been made with the inside grid going the wrong way. After a second three weeks, the window arrived broken. After yet another three weeks, the perfect window was delivered and installed. You know what they say about the third time? Any of the less than perfect ratings were due to lack of detail re: the problem. August 13, 2013
Double Hung -- difficult to operate I bought about 15 milgard windows for my new construction; picture windows, casement windows and double hung with smart lock. Overall, the look is okay for the price. However, the double hung windows are a nightmare. The system called smart lock is not good as it is very hard to operate and locks 1 every 10 times, literally. Milgard came twice to my home . The milgard technician could not solve the problem and claimed that the windows work as expected. It is not only me, I brought friends and family to try them out and they could not lock them. The upper hung is tilted and loose which makes the lower hung hard to latch. To me this is either defective units that they sent me or the product is really poorly designed. Either way, I would not recommend them to anyone. August 13, 2013
service repair call The two technicians actually came to my home early. They had a prior cancellation from another customer and called to ask if they could come early to do the repairs. They arrived and went right to work to make the repairs. They were very friendly, professional and efficient. I purchased my Milgard windows over 12 years ago and this is only the second time I have had to call for warranty work. I would definitely recommend Milgard windows to other people needing replacement windows. I purchased mine based on a recommendation from a friend who worked in construction. August 13, 2013
Warranty worked! Sergio was on time and did a wonderful job. Customer Service however failed to put in the work order to additional windows however Sergio said he would take care of it. August 12, 2013
Glad the windows have a lifetime warranty. Warranty covers original home owner and Milgard has stood by that warranty for me. My windows were installed in 2002 with low E squared glass. My house gets sun all day long and I have got sun fade on all the hard wood floors and furniture. I think the windows of today are probably better in blocking out UV rays instead of having to have blinds closed all the time. All windows that have lost there seal have been replaced, overall I am glad I bought Milgard Windows. August 12, 2013
Best customer service I ever had! This was the best customer service I have ever experienced. All the employees knew what they were doing, were friendly and always on time and did a fantastic job. A special thanks to Monica for her work in finding my order (it wasn't easy), scheduling and following up on every aspect of the project. After this, I can never imagine buying anything but Milgard windows. Thanks. August 12, 2013
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