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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Excellent product, professional service. We purchased our Milgard windows for our home over thirteen years ago, and have enjoyed the benefits of dual panes. They help keep our home much quieter, and comfortable. We recently noticed that two windows were looking a bit cloudy. So we made one call to Milgard, and they were replaced promptly, and for free! July 23, 2013
Excellent service from beginning to end. I needed to have two panels replaced under warranty service. From begining to end this was a great experience and great service. Thank you Milgard. July 22, 2013
excellent in all respects From the telephone contact establishing the appointment to the service rep and his performance, couldn't be happier. July 22, 2013
Technician was polite but unable to satisfy request. Martin was a very polite technician but was not able to credit one of the windows with a cracked frame after I had already bought a replacement. July 22, 2013
great install team, average at best customer service team The on site install team is great. polite, prompt, professional, and respectful of entering your home. July 22, 2013
100 % Did not expect the manor in which we were taken care of. Thank you. July 22, 2013
Why I bought Milgard We knew as home owners to buy quality product when remodeling our 1958 tract house. No choice better than Milgard for our windows. We felt that if something were to need service, Milgard would be there based on reviews. Today was a repair from the windows installed in 2001. Milgard cares! July 22, 2013
Best warranty in the business. Service was easy to set up. Technicians were professionals. Milgard has an amazing warranty. The replacement cost me zero! The warranty service was easy to set up. The Milgard phone rep. told me what she needed, I provided it, and a month later, the service guys arrived with the new panes, all in the correct sizes. The technicians were genuine Milgard employees, in a Milgard truck. Installation took just over an hour. Milgard is a first class operation. July 22, 2013
Good service, but question the charge that I was given. I was pleased with all the polite customer service you gave me, however, in hind-sight I should not have been asked to pay for the window replacements. It should have been part of the lifetime guarantee of the window. I talked to a couple of window tinting companies as well as some of my neighbors, and it appears that the breakdown of the seal is not related to using the tint. Over the 10 years we have been in this house, you have replaced about 12 windows - some had tints on them and some of them did not. My neighbors have found the same situation. One neighbor had to have several windows replaced, and he had never had any windows in his house tinted. So I have to conclude that the problem is not the tinting. One individual I talked to indicated that a subcontractor did faulty work during the period of time you were putting windows in the houses built in our neighborhood. I can understand how that may have been a big financial burden for you to guarantee the windows that failed because of their workmanship. It that fair, however, to pass on to the unknowing customer who thinks the windows have a lifetime guarantee? July 22, 2013
Excellent service Ron was an excellent service tech who got the job done quickly and without any issues. Also, very professional and courteous. July 22, 2013
Good Milgard warranty service over 13 years. Several times over the last 13 years we have used Milgard's unlimited warranty for our windows. Each time the problem was fixed promptly and completely. We highly recommend Milgard windows. July 22, 2013
Very Pleased My wife and I both were impressed at the simplicity of scheduling and the professionalism displayed by all. Service was GREAT! July 22, 2013
Excellent service Every aspect of my interaction with Milgard was professional, courteous, prompt. The phone dispatcher was able to diagnose the problem and arrange for a service call in a very short time period. The service technician called to let me know her was 15 min. away. He covered his work boots in booties and further diagnosed the problem, fixed the problem, and advised me of a prior issue. I really appreciated that. Thanks for great service. July 22, 2013
Great warranty & customer service I was told a time frame by customer service and the Service Tech called to confirm and was right on time. Great friendly service! July 22, 2013
Great service Technician Felix was excellent: prompt, friendly, efficient and competent. I am very happy with Milgard service. July 22, 2013
Super fast warranty work We had a broken seal on one of our windows. I knew Milgard has a lifetime guarantee but I was skeptical. I called them up and they gave me an appointment time. The tech was early, which was nice. He came in, I showed him the window, He cut the inside seal and said he would do the rest from outside. I said let me know when you need me. I figured I would have to sign something or be up sold or something. He pulled the window and replaced it and then left. I was surprised on how easy the whole procedure was. I highly recommend get Milgard windows. I gave them 5 stars and I almost never give stars in a review. July 22, 2013
The service was excellent. The service representative phoned when he was on his way and, again, when he got detained. He was also very professional and knowledgeable and told us about lubricating the windows every 3 months. This tip was appreciated and immediately acted upon by us. Thanks, Milgard!! July 22, 2013
Problem still not fixed!! HI, I am the homeowner of the property and my tenant was home at the time of service. She noticed the problem of the window still not remaining up all on its own after the tech had left. Also expected the tech to look at all windows for properr operation. She felt as though he was in a rush to get in and out. I was very upset that the problem remained as I though Milgard would provide excellent warranty serivce, especially since the windows are more expensive than most other brands. I will certainly expect this to be fixed quickly, I waited 3 weeks for this appointment. Please call. July 21, 2013
Problem not resolved We had 17 windows installed in June. 5 casement windows would not fully close a few weeks later. Jaime came out on Saturday and made adjustments to 4 of the 5 windows. The one closed properly without adjustment. Four days later two of the five again did not close properly - one of them being the one that worked when Jaime was here and did not need adjustment. Called again for service, but now have to wait almost three weeks for next service call. And now four days after the call for a second service, three of the five are again not closing and the other two close but make a groaning sound at the very end. July 21, 2013
Wonderful. The whole process was easy, effiicient and the staff was kind and helpful. Thank you! July 21, 2013
Sticky casement windows Milgard rep was on time (actually 15 min early!). Turned out it was a quick and easy fix. Glad to be here to see how it's done so that I can do the same myself in the future and not have to call for a service repair. Love my Milgard windows! July 21, 2013
Service was horrible My window was brought out 4 times wrong, now I've been waiting for a phone call to schedule for over 15 days. Really? July 20, 2013
Excellent professional service from the Milgard technician. Professional service. Technician explained what he was doing to service the sliding glass door and repaired it quickly. Excellent. It was the failure of the local Milgard retailer, Groves. They came to repair the mechanism for our contractor when he first installed the window and only made matters worse. In fact, when we requested additional help through our contractor to get a representative from Groves (Port Hadlock area retailer) they did not respond with a phone call to us to set up an appointment or call back our contractor Cary Casel of Casel Homes. Silence. Not a good representative of Milgard in the Port Townsend/Hadlock area. In our former home, Portland, Oregon we installed in a full remodel, $30,000 worth of aluminum exterior pine interior Marvin windows and a 12 foot slider. The retailer, Classic Sash and Door was beyond excellent and ten years later when we sold the home the windows are still in excellent working condition. Service. If we have further problems with our Milgard sliders, we will call directly to Milgard Tacoma. July 20, 2013
Very happy with Milgard service We have two single-hung windows installed years ago, that were not functioning; the larger one could not be opened without it nearly falling out, and the smaller on was OK if we pushed in the rod to keep it up. We called Milgard after being told by a local window repair provider, that our windows were guaranteed for life. We had an appointment set up for early August but received a call that our service date was moved up to July 18th. Received not only a phone call to confirm but also an email with the picture of the service person! He was on time, and fixed both windows in hardly any time. Courteous and professional. We are so happy with our repairs, and now we can open our windows to let in summer breezes to cool our home. July 20, 2013
General attitude was we couldn't have done it wrong but did resolve issue. The screen for our custom sliding door could be 'forced' into the track but taking it out for cleaning, etc was going to be a real chore. Our contractor had forced it in and the service man from Milgard pried it out and in but didn't seem to think it was an issue. He did agreed to replace it when I said that was not right. Delivery guys said they didn't pickup items when they brought the replacement screen but did take the old one when I again asked them to do it. July 20, 2013
Outstanding warranty! We've had our Milgard windows for almost 15 years with no problems. One window developed a shadow so I requested a repair. I made my request on your website with followup via email. Although the first visit failed because of a size error, the second visit fixed the window in 15 minutes. Great warranty, great service. I'm so happy I chose Milgard. July 20, 2013
Couldn't be happier! We received a phone call from Milgard in less than a week from when we contacted our window store in town. We were scheduled promptly and when we had to reschedule at the day of our scheduled appointment, the tech rearranged the schedule to accommodate us. He was professional and FAST! Thanks Milgard for your excellent customer service, I wish all businesses were as pleasant to deal with! July 20, 2013
Superb Service! Your two technicians, S. and V. were positive and polite and very quickly removed our bad window, cleaned the seal area, applied the new seal, secured the new window, and then made sure it was sparkling clean. Give them a raise! They were great representatives for your company. July 20, 2013
On time, adapted to changes Service man arrived on time. Some confusion as to what needed to be done. He replaced upper and lower glass in one window. However, what should hace been done is replace upper glass in adjacent windows. When he "finished" and asked usmto sign off we realized what had was dome was not what was needed. We poonted this out, service man took it is stride and quickly replaced the second widow. No hesitation, gripe , sour look pr gripe. Just said ok, that is easy to correct and did it. When he first arrived I mentioned a minor problem I was having with window in a different room. When main job finished he asked a out 2nd problem - it was a tight locking mechanism- he adjusted it without additional,discussion. Great , professional,quality service July 20, 2013
This is the best Company ever!!! Milgard Windows have been the best company to deal with. They stand behind their product. Every time I called for service, from the person taking the call, to the person scheduling the appointment, to the repairman coming out it has been a great experience. No problems ever and they even go out of their way to make the customer happy. I wish all companies operated the way Milgard does. Keep up the good work. July 19, 2013
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