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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Prompt and quick Milgard replaced the cracked framing (the "vent panel") surrounding our sliding glass door under warranty. The service was professional and completed in less than an hour with no problems. May 31, 2013
Service was excellent. The two technicians were efficient and did an excellent job. The office staff was most helpful and friendly. I would recommend Milgard products based on the excellent service we have had. May 31, 2013
Great service in replacing window under warranty Very professional company to deal with, was easy to submit warranty claim online, good speed of response and setting up appointment to evaluate, timely replacement. Service techs friendly, professional, clean. Showed up on time, performed the task quickly and efficiently. I appreciated that they delayed appointment for installation until they could arrange for THREE technicians to do the job (VERY LARGE window in high, vaulted space). They know what they are doing, and the result was great. My only minor complaint has nothing to do with the (wonderful) Milgard Service at all, it is with the Milgard product policy that turns a "Lifetime Warrenty' into just a 10-year warranty as soon as a home is sold and changes hands. So basically, there windows suddenly become less reliable just because ownership changes? I'm worried that the other 3 windows in this quadrant may fail just after the 10-year warranty expires (and they are $4k each) as this one failed at 7 years. In our society, people move about every 4-7 years, so Milgard should reconsider this limitation to an otherwise excellent product. Again, amazing service, amazing personnel, don't want to detract from the overall positive experience I had with them by griping about company warranty policies! David May 31, 2013
Outstanding customer service!! So refreshing to have a service person call in advance, show up on the appointed time, and make the entire process seamless. We are 100% satified with the service we received. Thank you..... May 31, 2013
Service fair---product is questionable Unfortunately, I cannot say that the purchase of my French doors has been a good experience. I ordered them way back on March 6th through Home Depot. When they arrived a sidelite was broken, and one screen had a hole in it. I do not know where or how that happened. After they were installed, the one sidelte locking mechanism would not work, as well as problem with main door locking mechanism. Had to wait almost a whole month for tech to come out. After he left, sidelite again malfunctioned with same problem. Had to call service rep 3 times to get another tech to come out, so still dealing with this issue. That is why I am not impressed--particularly with the door hardware. You will have to do something great to impress me from here on out. May 31, 2013
Service was excellent! Technicians were polite, friendly, careful and efficient. They called ahead of time to let us know an exact time that they would be here. They arrived on time. The trucks looked brand new and were clean. The technicians were well groomed with clean uniforms. They cleaned up any mess that they made. I would recommend Milguard to my neighbors and friends. May 31, 2013
New Door While my service call person was prompt & professional, I do not feel confident that: 1) The new door that was replaced from a brand new door that leaked upon installation will not leak in the future (the reason I had a new door installed). 2) The locking mechanism is not working smoothly, it is difficult to teach a petsitter/cleaning person (& I am not confident that they lock it correctly when I am not there). 3) The "new" door has scratches & nicks all over it. 4) The sides of the new door are not aligned - gap at lower left side is wider than the right. Overall, I have been happy with Milgard as I finished replacing all of my windows with Milgard product last summer. I do not feel the same about the door as the windows as far as the product goes. I will be placing another service call to see if we can get it right this time. I would recommend Milgard for windows (excellent!), but not for doors. May 31, 2013
Outstanding, professional service! We had to replace two windows under warranty that had leaked gas between the panes and became discolored. Setting up the service call was easy and a technician was scheduled to replace two windows within a week. We requested that the technician assisgned to our job call us 30 minutes prior to his arrival and he did just that. We even received a courtesy call to say the technician would be a little late and we really appreciated that. The two gentlemen that arrived were polite and professional and they went straight to work on the window replacements. I was amazed at how quickly they did the job while also being careful and meticulous about their work. These guys knew what they were doing! They left no mess behind and our windows look like they did when we first purchased them (in '05). We could not be happier with Milgard! May 31, 2013
very efficient The fellow was very good. He did not introduce himself though. I like to have the experience be a bit more personalized...introduce by name and use my name and I use his name...that makes me feel more than merely another guy with a failed window. But maybe that is not the standard for your company....maybe it is to keep a distance and remain impersonal. Don't let this be a reason for the fellow to be in trouble. This is just MY preference. OK? Thanks for the fix though. It was fast and efficient! May 31, 2013
Outstanding. Allaspects of service were very professional; phone contacts conformattions by Tara,notice of arrival,installition and completiion . MILGARD is tops in product and service. May 31, 2013
Arrived on time - Problem fixed - great service We had a problem with our sliding door that had to be fixed. Technician arrived on time and solved and fixed the problem quickly. Very friendly and competent and was able to answer all our questions and concerns. You usually only know how good a company is when you experience problems after the purchase. This was the first problem we had and our decision to buy from Milgard was confirmed. Great after sale service. May 31, 2013
Service tech was very friendly and professional. It took several weeks to schedule an appointmnet, but when the day came the tech was right on time. I have had a lot of trouble with these windows, constantly breaking springs in the mechanism. The tech unfortunatly only brings parts for the window on the work order. I was able to get him to look at another window my wife mentioned was hard to open that I didn't have on his workorder. He recommended I use a silicone lubricant to get it to move better, but he couldn't do it since it wasn't on his work order. Outstanding customer service might include having the tech stocked with additional parts and be free to inspect ALL of the Milgard windows in my home. A bit of prevention and lubrication might save me some aggrevation in the future and a service call. The tech was great but he seemed restricted to only look at the window I had called about. May 30, 2013
The work by Ruben the technician was great. The attitude by Sarah and Jennifer was outstanding From the minute I called the warranty department about the glass doors that had lost the seal, my experience with Milgard was outstanding. The warranty department was very profesional and the field tech Rueben did an excellent job. He wasvery knowledgable and so time. Thanks Milgard for standing by your warranty. I appreciate it....Lenny K May 30, 2013
Wonderful service! The representative was on time, performed the work and was on his way in record time. I love my Milgard windows, saves on my utility bills and look great too, May 30, 2013
Milgard is the best The number one reason I recommend Milgard windows to all my friends is the customer service. There are very few companies now days that stand behind their product, Milgard certainly does. Robert and his assistant arrived right on schedule and fixed our problem glass door and gave us recommendations for preventive maintenance. You can't go wrong with Milgard products. May 30, 2013
Great response, great installation Your Tech was wonderful!!! Very friendly, knew his stuff and was in and out of here within half hour to 45 minutes! Milgard windows rock!!!! I have had these windows for about 16 years! Best investment I have ever made. They are still sealed and keep all the air and noise out of the house. Would recommend these to anyone that needs to replace windows. They may cost a little more, but you pay for the best!!! Milgard windows are the best!!! May 30, 2013
techs were great! The folks on the phone were adequate...the guys that showed to do the work were outstanding! Knew their stuff. Fixed my and gone under 40 minutes when I thought it might take all day. Pleasant service...pleasant surprise! May 30, 2013
Great job Professionally performed window replacement & installation May 30, 2013
Milgard's service technicians are EXCELLENT as is the companies warranties! ROBERT P. has been the service technician who has helped us and he is excellent -- friendly, professional, skilled, prompt, and knowledgeable. THANK YOU for sending the same technician -- that is very helpful for the customer when you are comfortable and trusting of the technician and that person also knows the lay-out of your home which saves time and questions. I also greatly appreciate Milgard's integrity in standing behind their warranties. We always recommend MILGARD to anyone shopping for windows! May 30, 2013
Service great, product not so! The techs made some adjustments to the upper sash in an attempt to keep it from sliding down,, which prevents the lower sash from locking. The new design of not having an upper lock makes the Tuscany window I have very difficult to close and lock. I am totally dissatisfied with the window. May 30, 2013
Very good Very good service with the technician on the job site. May 29, 2013
I WILL SHARE MY GREAT EXPERIENCE WHEREVER IT MAKES SENSE AND IF WE BUILD MORE HOMES, WE'LL USE MILGARD! I wasn't here when the technicians arrived and did the job, but my husband said they were extremely efficient, knew what they were doing, did it well and took care of everything. And, my husband is a very critical judge when it comes to 'professionalism'. The technicians were great, knew their stuff and nice to work with. The pre-appointment process was excellent and the person who took the initial call was so very courteous and so very professional, I have to let the world know that Milgard has its act together and I will let any and all the contractors we deal with in the future know. THANKS FOR SUCH A GREAT EXPERIENCE! Kendra Sanchez May 29, 2013
Great Service Very impressed with all aspects of the service from setting up to execution of the repair. Milgard manages to deliver the service that most companies can only strive for! May 29, 2013
Very Professional Hassel free warranty service. A couple of phone calls and everything was taken care of on a door that is seven years old. Couldn't have asked for better service. May 29, 2013
Warranty. Denied?? After being led to believe we were under a livetime warranty on our windows, we were then told our windows were built "prior to the lifetime warranty" when they were measured for replacement. Your reps from Redmond were not as professional as i would expect and basically their measurements caused Milgard to deny our claim. Not sure i trust their measurements as they were in disagreement most of the time.. I am very sad that Milgard would deny replacing my defective windows after all this inconvenience. May 29, 2013
This service was professional and exceeded our expectations. The service technicians were prompt and knowledgeable about the problem with our windows and the solution. Thank you for your good service. May 29, 2013
Always Excellent Service!!! I often do business with you long distance and always appreciate how friendly and accommodating you are. You always are willing to work with my situation and I am told by the people who let you in that you are always there in the time frame given. Thank You! May 29, 2013
Excellent Warranty Service The warranty service work was super easy to facilitate with a phone call....I didn't need to manage the work order and keep calling back, they did it all. My previous order for replacement windows 13 years earlier was still in their system so no one even needed to come out to re-measure. The technician was fast and allowed me to clean up around the door when the window panes were out and hard to reach areas were exposed. He even replaced some parts they were beginning to fail that weren't apparent to us yet. Best of all a live person answered the phone and helped me! May 29, 2013
Very impressed! From the Coordinator to the two visits from service people, everything was done professionally and when they said it would be done. My in home techs were prompt, careful and courteous. May 29, 2013
Excellent customer service! Amy is wonderful. She's a very valuable asset to the Milgard approach to customer service. The recent issues were resolved with the exception of a poor caulking job around the exterior of my kitchen window. As I am writing this review, Amy is to return a phone call to let me know about the caulking material details. The technicians (3) that were sent to my home were very professional in their approach to getting things done quickly and neatly. My only concern is the poor caulking job that was performed because of possible water penetration into my home. This needs to be resolved before the monsoon season sets in. I have every confidence in Amy and Milgard that this will be done to my satisfaction. May 28, 2013
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