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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Milgard stands by its' product--a rare event nowadays The technician that installed the windows was very professional, meticulous, and, I could tell, proud to represent Milgard. In my opinion, you are a first class operation. Dan Baker May 23, 2013
poor service on defective window Noticed a single hung window would not open when it was delivered and the 2 screens were not built to fit the opening. It took more than a week for a rep. to call me back to schedule an appointment and then it will be 3 more weeks before I can actually have them look at a window that should never have left the factory in this condition. How hard is it to check screens and window operation before delivery! Needless to say my customer is not happy either! May 23, 2013
Technicians were knowledgeable, efficient and professional! The technicians were the best! Two technicians arrived on a rainy morning to replace a large window for me. I really appreciated the following things they did: they called 15 minutes prior to arrival to let me know they were on their way; the put 'slippers' on each time they came in the house, they answered all of my questions about the process and other questions I had about other window products, looked at other problem windows in my home and arranged to have them repaired after identifying the parts required, and they replaced my foggy old window with a beautiful clear window without a hitch. All of this in less than 45 minutes. They cleaned up all of the mess from the old window and left me with a new clean window. The next day the Customer Service Rep called to schedule the repair of the other windows that would need parts ordered for. Very pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful Customer Service also! I had put up with the old foggy window for many years....I kick myself and wonder why I waited so long, when it was so easy to have it replaced under warranty! I have a non-Milgard door with a window that has leaked. When I am ready to replace it, I will definitely look at the Milgard door products...they stand behind their product! May 23, 2013
Awesome customer service! I am so impressed with your service, and the way you back up your products! I will tell everyone I know what an awesome company you are. Thank you! May 23, 2013
service call One phone call and everything was taken care of. Wish all service providers are like that. Life would be much easier. May 23, 2013
I couldn't be more impressed - this is how business should be conducted. I had a window issue 12 years after installation. I contacted Milgard after a quick google search (late 05/14). I received a timely reply - with a short list of required details and photos(05/15). I gathered the requested details and sent off my reply on 05/16 @ 8:04AM. My info was quickly verified and I received a reply less than 3 hours later (10:55AM). A window replacement was scheduled at that time for 5/22 with 2 hour time frame of their arrival (1:30-3:30). A follow up reminder email confirm the scheduled repair date/time - along with a photo of the repairman we should expect to see knocking at our door. He arrived right on time - with the replacement window completed and the repairman out the door @ just after 2:00. Best warranty repair of my life. May 23, 2013
Very fast service. The replacement was a 2 person job. The guys arrived on schedule, and before we knew it, they were done. They left everything very clean and neat. We are very impressed. Thank you for a job well done. May 23, 2013
Excellent customer service! The technician was very professional and very knowledgeable. He went the extra mile to answer my concerns and tried to fix my other window leakage problems. In fact, he had to come back to replace the window because of a scratch and noticed another window that needed to be replaced also. I asked that he be the technician to return and he was. I would highly recommend him. May 23, 2013
Excellent service! Very friendly, professional, organized. Very respectful of the home and items. Thank you! Debbie and Henry May 23, 2013
Hands down, the best customer service and warranty ever! My original intention for purchasing Milgard windows was because of your reputation; a quality product and warranty. 15 Years later my impression has not changed. In fact if anything, I am convinced by experience that your windows are not only fabulous to look out of...they are attractive to look at. Your employees, techs and service providers are top notch! Thank you. May 22, 2013
Excellent Service all the way around!! Everything taken care as requested very please with everyone involved in your company. May 22, 2013
The service was excelent The tech was on time and quickly changed out my window and then professionally answered the questions I had. This is a quality organization. They honor their guarantee. May 22, 2013
Excellent Service. The cause of the problem still has to be discovered by by your in-house engineering/research department (photographs of the problem were taken) however, the promptness, professionalism, and courteousness of your field rep. were excellent. He completed his work in a timely manner and left the work areas in a very clean condition. Your Company will be recommended whenever possible. May 22, 2013
SERVICE HAS BEEN EXCELLENT We have now had to replace 7 windows. The service has been great. It seems there must have been issues with the quality control when these were made. Everyone has been on top of the issues and fixed them. Thank you May 22, 2013
Great Serice Once I found out that I had the lifetime warranty I made contact with Milguard and an appt was set up. It too rougly about 3 weeks for the appt. They sent me an email with pix of tech and he called as scheduled. Came out and service was immediately taken care of! Cannot say nothing but great service. Thank you! May 22, 2013
Excellent Thankful we went with Milgard for our initial window replacement-the lifetime warrantee is exactly that! May 22, 2013
The man knows what he is doing. The window would not close all the way and would not lock. The tech was able to identify the problem and fix it in a very short time. May 22, 2013
A warranty honored after 9 years! Three windows installed nine years ago lost their seal and started to deteriorate. Contacted John at Milgard. We were in their computer as homeowners. The serial number within the frame verified info on file. A date for the technicians was set at a reasonable time. As the date approached, was contacted via two emails and a phone call. A photo of the tech was included which was a nice security touch. Thomas showed within the two hour window and much to my surprise changed out all windows in 45 minutes. I thought it was just going to be a verification inspection with change out on a later date. I can't think of a more professional company approach to customer service. I thank all the great employees involved in satisfying our concern. Great Work Milgard! May 22, 2013
Great service, I always buy Milgard windows. The technician arrived on time. Was very professional, he fixed our two problem windows in very little time. I will only buy Milgard windows. May 21, 2013
Everything about our service was outstanding. I am still amazed how easy it was to obtain service even though I had lost my original paperwork. The technician, Juan, who came to our home was very professional, courteous, and speedy. He arrived promptly and answered all my questions. I am so happy we purchased Milgard Windows because they stand behind their product, which is rare these days. May 21, 2013
Superior service. All employees that I contacted were very professional, knowledgeable,and made very prompt responses to any inquiry I made. In my opion, Mark V. is a great assest to Milgard. Like all employees I was in contact with, he was very proficient in performing his tasks, I was astonished with his efficiency, and he was a gentleman throughout every visit. Every employee at Milgard that I was in contact with were also very couteous and thorough with their responses to my issues. May 21, 2013
The speed, quality and care given to my home was AWESOME! Although I was unable to be at the house at the time of service, once I returned home later that evening, I was extremely impressed with the replacement window. Other than the fact that I had a new window, there was no sign that anyone had been working on my house. The speed in which I was able to get the window replaced was amazing! May 21, 2013
Outstanding in every regard From the time I called to the completion of the work I was treated with fantastic support! The technician was prompt, professional and did an outstanding job. The little things are really importatnt, clean, efficient , curtious and informative are a few examples. I would recommend Milgard to all for their attention to detail and great work! May 21, 2013
Excellent Service! We installed Milgard windows when we remodeled our home in 2007. We had heard that Milgard had great value, excellent quality and a lifetime guarantee. We were extremely pleased with our windows (and still are). Unfortunately our picture window developed a leak and the inside started frosting on the inside. One email to Milgard was all it took to set up a time to have the window replaced. Frankly, I was amazed at the level of service I received. The window was replaced quickly and the technician was professional and polite. Milgard has great products and they stand behind them with a great guarantee and awesome staff. May 21, 2013
Dependable Company I love the quality of windows and especially the lifetime warenty and quick professional service. I have probably received service from Milgard about 6 times in the last 14 years. It's so nice to know that I'm dealing with a dependable company. May 21, 2013
Milgard really did a excellent job! A new townhome development was built in 2006 using Milgard windows. When the owner decided to put the until on the market in April, I noticed that two of the windows in the master bedroom the seal had failed and the windows were cloudy. THe owner of the unit lives out of state and Called Milgard and they sent out a technician right away. The technician confirmed that the seals were in deed broken but also noticed another small window that had a broken seal as well, one that I didn't notice. Within two weeks all three windows were replaced. That's a great job at providing service May 21, 2013
Very fast and professional From my call to the lady taking my order to the installation of the replacement windows was very cordial and professional. I wish all companies were this way!! May 21, 2013
On-time, efficient, expert knowledge They explained the procedure then quickly and carefully removed the failing windows with new ones. I was impressed with their skills. May 21, 2013
Excellent customer sevices This is the second time I need Milgard service. They are always prompt in their response, professional, and provide immediate resolution. Excellent job. May 21, 2013
One false start, but otherwise excellent This was a replacement of a window with a seal that went bad after about 10 years. The process seemed perfect and extremely easy until the tech arrived with the wrong window. They quickly fixed that and in about 1 week sent out the correct window. Installation was very quick and professional. The replacement window looks great (as does our restored ocean view through it!). May 20, 2013
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