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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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We were very pleased. Thanks Milgard! You went above and beyond to solve a problem we had with windows. We appreciate so much your promptness, courtesy, and professionalism in dealing with the issues with our windows. April 2, 2013
Excellent and professional service We were pleased with Milgard's pro-active response without the usual objections and quibbling about coverage under its warranty. Milgard accepted full responsibility of its warranty and corrected the problem quickly and professionally. Good work! April 1, 2013
very satisfied the overall service on my repair was prompt and professional. took only a few weeks to resolve the problem April 1, 2013
Patio Door Patio door was not unlocking correctly. Called Milgard and they set an appointment. Pleasantly surprised when they called later that day and said they could come out that day. Tech was very thorough and methodical. Identified and solved the problem in short order. Cleaned up and was on his way. Told me that if there were anymore issues, to call and they'd fix. Lifetime warranty...and customer service to back it up. Way to go Milgard! April 1, 2013
Very impressed from start to finish. Wow a company who stands by their lifetime warranty without hesitation! How refreshing. April 1, 2013
Servicee as not so great We recently built a custom home using all Essence windows and doors. I understand that with any large project that problems will occur. My frustration is how long it takes to get these problems resolved and how well the repair addresses the problem Whenever any issue arises it takes weeks before a tech can come fix the problem. The first 2 times we waited almost a month. This last time it was better- 3 weeks. We have a recurring problem with air infiltration on Essence french doors. We failed an air test because of this problem. The only thing the tech could do to solve the problem was to adjust the door so it now has to be slammed shut. The weather stripping is not very forgiving. The tech did the best he could but with what he had to work with. I would have expected better quality and service for this upscale product line. I am also disappointed in the cheap hardware./handle. Most of the windows are Casement windows. The crank and trim are not what I would expect. on higher end windows. April 1, 2013
Very inefficient Initially told by Dixiline that they were local representatives for Milguard. Invested over an hour with Dixiline inspector who documented the issues and supposedly passed on to Milguard. Seevral weeks went by with no action of communications. I went in person to Dixiline store and learned that info had been submitted but Dixiline was not responsible. Milguard to start everything from scratch. After insisting that Milguard look at Dixiline assessment scope of work was supposedly agreed but it took 3 visits to complete the scope because parts were not ordered or brought or were wrong etc. We appreciate the fact that all the work was conducted under warranty but were disappointed in number of hours we had to invest in being available for the technician to come when the task could have been comlpeted in one brief visit (seal replacement mechanism repair and adjustment) April 1, 2013
Window Problem We have had the same tech come out every year to fix our windows and he does a great job each time. My complaint would be why do I have to have my windows fixed each year? Our windows either need to be replaced or a permanent solution come up with. April 1, 2013
Pleasant to work with! It was a painless experience. Something that you rarely find these days. Milgard does stand behind their product. Something you can count on! April 1, 2013
My service appointment was changed at the last minute. My service appointment was scheduled 2 weeks in advance then the day before I was contacted ant the appointment was changed. Patty S. did not schedule the appointment correctly. I was supposed to be the first appointment of the day and ended up as the last appointment because the third installer and a piece of equipment were going on another call. March 31, 2013
He did a great job. The installer arrived promptly. He was friendly and courteous. He wore booties over this shoes. He installed the windows quckly and cleaned up everything. I am very pleased with your installer. I am sorry I forgot his name. I have had the windows replaced 2 times now due to fog between the panes. Each time Milgard has been prompt to replace the windows without charge. I have a problem at another location. I hope that you quality control gets better. Regards, Ken Brooks. March 31, 2013
Milgard has excellent customer service. Milgard has excellent customer service and the in home technicians are amazing. My CSR was "SA" and my TECH was "JA" March 31, 2013
Great service - friendly, dependable and timely We love our windows, the heat stays out, or in and the noise outside is almost completely blocked. A different world! March 30, 2013
Best Service we have ever received We are not the original home owners but the windows were guaranteed for 10 years - we made the call that the windows lost their seal - someone came to check the windows and the windows that need to be were replace with no hassle - Milgard was wonderful to work with and they really stand behind their product. Best we have ever experienced! March 29, 2013
So impressed with the in-home service. I highly recommend MIlgard windows. They stand behind their warranty and make any repair necessary without any complications. March 29, 2013
Outstanding. It was a pleasure to observe the service being performed. We hold your company in the highest esteem. In the several years we have had your windows and doors, service requests have been few, but always resulted in complete satisfaction on our part. March 29, 2013
Very impressive! I was extremely impressed with the service. This is the first time I have called for service (home built in 2007). The two guys who came out to fix the problem were very professional and efficient. I actually had them tweak a couple of other window while they were there. March 29, 2013
Milgard was great to work with! I had a window that fogged in the center. The window was 5 years old. I called Milgared and they ordered and replaced the window ASAP! Thanks for the great service from the person that answered the phone to the man who replaced the window! You are making this way to hard to send...nick name, email(you already have it...I want to send review in seconds! March 29, 2013
Excellent service! Milgard set a date to come out and fix my window within a short time of my initial contact with them. Received an email confirmation...including a photo of the repair person that would be coming, and two hour time frame when he would arrive. He was in and out in no time and my window functions like it was new again! Amazing service...fantastic warranty. I would definitely recommend them! March 29, 2013
Outstanding As scripted, very professional service. Thanks, Cliff March 29, 2013
The service was excellent! We have been very pleased with everyone we've had contact with at Milgard. March 28, 2013
Great to Find a Company That Stands Behind Its Warranty We are original owners of a townhouse that is now about 16 years old. We have had perhaps six occasions in which we have needed service on our windows, and Milgard has fixed and/or replaced as needed each time with great professionalism. March 28, 2013
Good Wood was damaged by previous folding handle. I would not offer this option on wood windows. We love our windows but are sad that the wood is now damaged. I will repair that though. new handles are very nice and should be the only option. March 28, 2013
I super appreciate Milguard's warranty and prompt attention to my problem Every Milguard representative has been courteous and easy to interact with. I love my Milguard windows. The service representative was able to give me a hint about how to prevent my problem from re-occurring. Thank you March 28, 2013
Great job, even left the new windows cleaned!,, Great work by all. Fast and efficient work. Thank again!,, March 28, 2013
Very Professional Technicans arrived early which was appreciated. They were waiting when I saw they had arrived, I went out and asked them to start earlier than the appointed time. Both technicans were friendly and egar to start work. I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently they approached the replacement while taking time to ensure that the correct glass was used. They were neat and took the time to show me how they knew the glass seal was breached on the old window. Thank you Valdmyr (appoligize if misspelled) and Stan March 28, 2013
Every aspect of Milgard service Is exceptional! My personal experiences with Milgard service is what drives me to recommend my customers select them as well. Attention to meeting customers expectations is what keeps me happy and my customers. March 28, 2013
The Installer were great Installers arrived on time, wore booties in the house to keep our carpet clean, did a great clean job installing two windows. Milgard has been to my home on several occasions to replace defective glass, there has never been a question about waranty issues. Milgard has always done a superior job from the scheduling to the final installation. Kudos to Tommy the installer, he is the best. March 28, 2013
Attention to Detail falls a bit short Two issues: It appears that one of the 3 replacement windows has a small spot on the inside surface of the glass (maybe on the UV coating?) which was overlooked by assemblers and installers - not big enough to demand replacement but disappointing none the less. Second, the installers should have cleaned up the strands of silicone caulk that fell onto the concrete and soil / plants below the window. The debris was from the removal of the old window pane when a putty knife is used to separate the window from the frame/moulding, which is secured / sealed by the silicone caulk. Other than that, it is nice to once again have a clear view of the ocean now that the old, fogged up window glass has been replaced. March 28, 2013
Top notch in-home repair service! Very happy. The service persons who came to our home were prompt, efficient, professional, courteous, and friendly. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. More companies should follow this type of service model. High quality employees, high quality service. We have had extensive home construction and remodeling done over the years. We have experienced varying degrees of professionalism in our experience. Having Milgard in our home was one of the better experiences we've had. Thank you. March 28, 2013
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