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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Excellent service and warranty I appreciate the fine response and attention I received from the time I placed my initial call. I am very pleased with the way Milgard stands behind their lifetime warranty and guarantee. I have three large picture windows in the front of my house. They were installed 10 years ago. 2 of the 3 have been replaced because the seals broke and the windows clouded up between the panes of glass. Milgard has replaced them both with no questions asked, no hassles whatsoever. I am impressed that someone still cares about customer satisfaction. I have a kitchen window to replace this summer, it will be a Milgard.I highly recommend Milgard to anyone who is window shopping. For me they have been the best. Thank you Milgard. April 17, 2013
THE SERVICE WAS EXCELLENT The service tech at our house yesterday were great. They were fast, professional and everything worked great after they left April 17, 2013
a little frustrating The service tech that came out the first time to measure the windows should have let me know that the shutter frame would have to be removed in order to replace a window. When the 2nd tech came out with the new window, service couldn't be completed because he couldn't get the window out without potentially harming the shutter frame beyond repair. thus said, the window did not get replaced. April 17, 2013
On time, professional, great support, quality product. Installers were on time, very knowledgeable and provided a courteous service. After one quick phone call with a representative, iI was set up for the repair job which was completed at the time arranged. April 17, 2013
Very helpful on the initial phone call! Both techs were professional but I would have felt more comfortable if they had not spoken in Spanish while in my home. I understand that my Milgard windows are warrantied while I own the home but the tech told me that because I have dogs, they will service my sliding door only one time. He said that the dog hair causes problems with the doors. I clean the track often and the wheels were unable to be adjusted. I have had all new windows and sliding door installed ten years ago and just started having problems with the door. I do not think it was because of dog hair and wonder if this is really your policy? April 17, 2013
Warranty is honored, as advertised, with no hassles Our windows are now 10 years old, and had some gas leakage issues. We reported it to Milgard, and they scheduled a service visit. The service guys showed up 5 minutes early, quickly validated the issues, and for the next three hours worked on replacing the windows. They left no mess, and did the job well. Very nice to have a company perform this way on a warranty replacement. April 16, 2013
Lifetime warranty means lifetime friends Everyone, from Veronica on the phone to the 2 installers that came to the house, was very professional. I will never stray from Milgard after experiencing how a customer is treated if there is an issue. I couldn't be happier with the experience. April 16, 2013
The service was great from start to finish! The rep I spoke with on the phone was knowledgeable, and she found my information quickly. She arranged for service right away. The service technician completed the work in record time, and his work was perfect, professional, and (from my perspective) entirely seamless. Thank you, Milgard! I am a happy, returning customer! April 16, 2013
Did not even know the service was completed! Rating only for service request, not new windows as I am very satisfied. Review would be N/A for all. The screen rubber trim holding the screen material in place must have shrunk (as it is not totally encased). I called my dealer and they were to notify Milgard. I never received a call from Milgard of a visit notice to be scheduled. Now i get this e-mail asking if I was pleased with the service (did not know if anything had been done!). I have tow pictures of two screens to attach (if I can) - so if Milgard was out to the house, they missed these screens. April 16, 2013
no service performed no service was performed on fixing my patio door. nothing could be done due to my boxed blind installation. the tech service man said that the bar that the blinds were attached would have to be removed, which is not feasible. as a result of this , they could not remove the door to fix the problem. April 16, 2013
Great service I'm glad I don't have wood, vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass windows like many companies try to sell me over the phone. I like these GLASS windows in my house made by Milgard. I'll tell everyone that it's much easier to see out of glass windows!! JP April 16, 2013
Great in-home service! The in-home service I have received from Milgard has been outstanding. Not only did the technicians fix the broken window springs, they replaced all the springs in my windows so this won't happen again. April 16, 2013
Great folks backing up a great product. I love these doors and windows. Easy use and great performance. Will purchase this product again. April 16, 2013
This was a good example of customer service as it should be. Nothing but good things to say abiut the service and overall response. Thank you. April 16, 2013
Excellent warranty service Our custom house in Rainbow was built in 2000 with Milgard double glazed windows. Twelve or thirteen years later when we cleaned the windows we noticed some dirt inside between some panes of glass. There were also a few cranks and locks that no longer worked like new. A call to Milgard resulted in a technicial coming to measure a week or two later and his return a week or two after that with new double glazed panels and replacement cranks and locks, all of which he installed cheerfully and efficiently at no charge. April 15, 2013
Everything was great, except for initial contact Everything was great except the initial contact. I first sent in my service request by email along with photos, contact info, and details. Milgard either lost this request or did not respond, and I had to call them back after two weeks to open up a new ticket April 15, 2013
The in-home service tech team was excellent and highly productive. The team came in twice...once to scout the problem and then later to fix it. They were we'll skilled and highly efficient in their work. April 15, 2013
The service was tremendous! The service, from start to finish was wonderful. It was actually amazingly hassle free. Everyone was easy to deal with and very customer orientated. I can not overstate the positive of the service. The window technicians were on time, very courteous, respectful of our home, and extremely thorough as well as quick! April 15, 2013
Outstanding Service Service technician came on time, was polite, professional, putting booties over his work boots without being asked. Repair was made in such a quick and efficient manner that it hardly felt like there had been a disruption to my day. Very satisfied with the results. April 14, 2013
Great service and product Getting a live operator and personalized service visit after having had the products installed 2 years ago buy our previous builder shows that Milgard stands by its products. Though Milgard is a large multistate company, you definitely get the feeling like you're dealing with a local neighborhood manufacturer and that is definitely worth spending extra money for. April 14, 2013
Great sevice. Great product, but we had a small problem with the back door beeing hard to open. The service tech made a very small change and it works great! April 13, 2013
Dissatisfied Customer When I chose Milgard, it was because it provides lifetime warranty. Now it comes time to replace a broken glass, I am told it isn't part of the LIFETIME warranty, thus, I have to pay for the replacement. I am a very dissatisfied customer. April 13, 2013
Very satisfied with Milgard When we built our home in 1999, we decided to go with Milgard and we've never been disappointed. Our windows have been very quiet, energy efficient, and easy to operate. And, when we did have an issue (years later), it was easy to call Milgard, talk with their reps, and get service, which was completely covered by our original warranty. It's nice to know this type of company is out there. Thanks Milgard. KAS & SAS in San Diego. April 13, 2013
Two double paned windows developed leaks & discolored, and Milgard replaced them fast & free! Everyone I spoke with from Milgard was professional, and quickly made an appointment to replace our windows at no charge, since they were under the long warranty period. The home installer, Monte, was most gracious and we had new windows, with no mess whatsoever, in record time during the appt. Highly recommend! April 12, 2013
The best ever! Milgard is the best in every way...quality products and can't beat that. Every business in the world should model themselves after Milgard. I highly recommend Milgard!!! April 12, 2013
Prompt and professional service Thank you, Milgard, We live in a remote area of Oregon's high desert. Unusually extreme winds damaged one of our Milgard windows. One call to Ali---- at Milgard started repairs in motion. She called about progress and followed up to see that repairs had occurred to our satisfaction. Ali---- and Milgard are the best. We could not be more satisfied. Robert and Nora April 12, 2013
Great competent, fast service, BUT... The same unit was replaced in December 3-4 months after initial installation in October of the same year. The defect in the initial replacement was contamination on surfaces 2 or 3. After several years of service, the replacement unit showed signs on loss of sealing - with condensation appearing on surfaces 2 and 3. We requested replacement when the condensation resulted in whitish deposits of unknown nature. From a service point of view- great. From a product point of view - not so great. Of the 11 dual unit windows installed, only this one unit has failed but it failed twice for different reasons. April 12, 2013
Excellent!! Sergei was very professional, and the work was performed quickly & carefully. Thanks! April 12, 2013
Screen Door Handle Replacement Part After several months, of trying to obtain a screen door handle replacement from a dealer, I sent an email to Milgard asking if we could order the part directly from them. I was pleased when I received a phone call from Milgard and the representative knew exactly what replacement part we needed. She ordered the part for me and we received it in the mail in less than 3 days. Thanks Milgard. We still love our windows and the service you have provided. April 12, 2013
Service was quick and the installation was very fast. We have had Milgard windows since 1989. In those years several windows have broken their seals. Every time I called Milgard a service tech was promptly out to measure and within two weeks I had a new window. We are so glad we went with Milgard and it's great customer service and warranty. April 12, 2013
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