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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Howling wind, wait and hear We had Milgard replace all the weather stripping in the window's because we live in a high wind area and the window's howl when the High winds blow. We also had the "string" put in the weeping holes. Our windows are one year old and I thought these items were covered under the one year warranty, but Milgard said no, we had to pay for them, which we did. We'll wait until the next high wind day and see if the widow's still howl. April 12, 2013
Absolutely excellent service! From beginning to end, this was done professionally and in an organized and efficient manner. Excellent service and I'll recommend Milgard to anyone. I like the windows very much and the warranty service was exemplary. April 12, 2013
super ! Once again Milgard to the rescue. Standing behind your product is huge. I will always recommend and use Milgard products. Your tech Ray was fantastic. Professional, Neat , and got the job done quickly . Thanks, Jimmy Black April 12, 2013
Right on time. Worked rapidly. Your agent showed up shortly after 8:00 AM. Went to work right away and worked rapidly. Wasn't very helpful, though, when discussing issues of the aluminum windows weeping, and water forming on the inside and dripping down to the sill. Simply said it could not be helped, and wasn't covered by warranty. nevertheless, I would recommend Milgard, because of the warranty and quick response of the maintenance staff. Wayne C. April 11, 2013
Once again the service was outstanding! The in-home service tech was truly a professional. Competent, took the time to inform me about the details of what he was doing, completed the window exchange in quick order, even investigated and fixed another issue we had with another window. Am so pleased with the Milgard service. April 11, 2013
Please with the response, the timeliness of the install and the professionalism of the installer. Thanks Milguard, you have come through once again! April 11, 2013
Great and quick service! Technicians were well trained and were in and out of our home so quick. They knew what the problem was and took care of it. They were great and the service was free! Thanks again!! April 11, 2013
Exceeds expectations, the replacement windows look great. I was very pleased with your service and warranty. I have already recommended your windows to a friend. I purchased windows for both of my daughters homes. April 11, 2013
Excellent It was the best service I think we have ever had. The guy was not only very on time, but was extremely friendly. I am glad to have the opportunity to let people know what a pleasure it was to have this yound man come into our home and perform such great and on time service. April 11, 2013
A pleasurable experience from start to finish! I recently had all my windows replaced by Windows and Glass by the team of Mike/Mike. Frankly, my wife and I had become weary of our old aluminum windows. We reside in a forest environment and James, the owner, provided us with window design suggestions that incorporated our unique situation. My wife loved the result. For me, the professionalism of the installation crew cannot be overemphasized; always polite, courteous and respectful. Highly recommend! April 11, 2013
Milgard is the BEST there is, hands down. We are so, so glad we used Milgard Windows in our Guest house. When our main house was built I was ill, and somehow I missed the detail that the windows were NOT Milgard. What a huge mistake. No one else stands behind their work. There is no comparison. Milgard is the best. The people are always kind, and helpful on the phone. The installers are always timely, polite and do a fabulous job. And don't leave a big mess behind. We are proud to work with only the best, Milgard. Thank you! April 11, 2013
Great service I'm impressed with the professionalism and service from this company. Good communication, well organized, and they stand behind their products. 6 years after installation, I had a minor problem with a sliding glass door fixed, without any trouble. I would not hesitate to buy Milguard windows again. April 11, 2013
Beyond Expectations Imagine calling for service, having your problem addressed and scheduled, and not only having the technician arrive on time, but to take care of my window replacement in 15 minutes. It's nice to see a company which brings back the old days of customer service. I'm a new customer for life! April 10, 2013
Milgard let me down My home was built in 1996 and has Milgard windows. We are finishing a big remodel right now. When it was time to choose windows I asked for Milgard since we'd been happy with the ones we have. Unfortunately, my (now former) contractor didn't use a Milgard dealer to buy them, and failed to order the right window in one case. We can't pass inspection because it was supposed to be a tempered window. When I contacted a Milgard dealer, they were less than enthusiastic about replacing it even though I am more than willing to pay for it. The error certainly wasn't theirs - or Milgard's. When they balked I called Milgard directly and was told that since the window was built as ordered there was nothing they would do and that I needed to work directly with a dealer. I'd really hoped Milgard would help out. I can understand the dealer not wanting to deal with a very small dollar problem that they didn't cause but I think that as a manufacturer that Milgard should help make sure that I can get the parts and service for the windows that I bought. Now I don't really know what to do - I'll probably wind up ordering another window and tearing that one out unless I can get a non-Milgard window place to put in tempered glass, but since it also has to be low-E I think the pieces have to come from the factory. I suppose I'll put a different kind of window in that location. April 10, 2013
Amazing Service From the moment we called we experienced nothing but great service. Upon the arrival they noticed that a few more windows needed to be replaced and without any hesitation they immediately ordered them and set up another appointment. All in all we are extremely satisfied with Milgard! April 10, 2013
Professional and experienced An excellent job in every aspect, with a difficult replacement (large window in an upstairs room). It could not have been a better experience. Thanks, Architect/Owner Norm12 April 10, 2013
Outstanding Warranty and Service Couldn't ask for anything more. The process to repair my windows was easy and all commitments were met. Milgard stands behind their products and while one hopes there are never problems, it does happen. No hassle, no fuss. When I build my new home in Idaho I will be installing Milgard windows for sure. The technician was friendly and efficient. April 10, 2013
Milgard is TOP NOTCH It's not very often these days that I experience GREAT customer service. So I was ecstatic with the service I received from Milgard this morning. They replaced the window in 15 minutes. I just can't say enough good things about this company. April 10, 2013
Quick and Efficient Arrived very shortly after phoning ahead they were on their way to our home. Also received an email about the appointment. Technicians came in and changed the door handle. Everything works properly and they were quick and efficient. April 10, 2013
Excellent service! We purchased Milgard windows twelve years ago and two of our big bedroom windows needed service with the opening mechanism. Milgard very promptly sent in a technician who was experienced, knowledgeable and courteous. He quickly fixed the problem and there was no charge because of the warranty. I am very thankful and absolutely pleased with the service. April 10, 2013
I told them what was wrong and they new what to do. They were a little late the day of my appointment. But window was replaced and were very happy with his service. April 10, 2013
Great job great tech. The technician was very helpful and did a great job and fixed another problem as well. He was very fast and the door works better than new. April 10, 2013
Great about accommodating my schedule! I appreciate how the office and technician communicated and were able and willing to switch the schedule to accommodate mine. I had made a specific request, it wasn't the way the schedule came out that day, but it was cheerfully revised...great service, nice windows! April 10, 2013
The service was great! Having my window replaced was a pleasant experience. From the initial phone call at head office to the installation of the window. There is a willingness and desire to help customers in a friendly, efficient and knowledgeable manner. What a breath of fresh air! One recommendation: have your techs wear disposable shoe cover booties when working inside of the home. My rating of professionalism of the in-home service tech then, will go from good to excellent. Thank you Milgard. April 10, 2013
4+ stars (Just shy of 5 for not being able to schedule repair faster) The response time to schedule the appointment was a little long. However, the service rep was on time,courteous. fast and even replaced an item he thought was not working up to Milgard standards. I give the service rep a 5* rating. April 10, 2013
The service technician provided excellent assistance. It would have been helpful if when the service rep called, I would have gotten the same info I requested on the follow up call I made to narrow down the appt. time. The first time, I was told I needed to be available for the entire day. When I called back, I was told that if the first appt. of the day was still available, I could have it scheduled for 8-9:30am. Fortunately it was, freeing up the rest of my day for other commitments. April 9, 2013
Disappointed I just had 13 windows and three Milgard sliding doors installed by Newman Replacement Windows. They did an excellent job on the install. The only problem was that the three screen doors ordered for the sliding doors were not the right size. So replacements were made. Milgard service installed the replacement screen doors. Two of the three worked perfectly. But the third (unfortunately the one we use the most) was installed without a catch installed on the fixed frame to allow the screen door to lock. I called Milgard to have them come out and fix this seemingly easy repair. It took two weeks to schedule an appointment. The tech came installed the catch and showed my wife such that she thought it was working properly. But when I came home, I found that it did not allow the lock the work properly. If you apply about 5 lbs of force to the screen door, it will come off the catch and open. Even if the lock on the screen door is engaged. It is such a small thing I hate to be nit picky but a company such as Milgard that prides itself on quality products I would think would make sure that their service techs pay attention to these little details that can make such a difference. I don't plan to call a tech back out just to move the catch down a little bit so the door locks properly but I just thought you should know that one little thing can take a 5 star product and make it seem like a 3 star (average). Make sure you tell your techs to pay attention to the details when servicing your products. It makes all the difference in maintaining the high quality that you put into making these products in the first place. April 9, 2013
Excellent product, excellent warranty and FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE! Excellent product, excellent warranty and FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE! Kathy and the techs did a great job. Thanks to each of you involved in the process April 9, 2013
simple, easy, and absolutely zero hassle. Just about the only "no excuses" customer service experience that I've ever had. The problem was fixed with one 5-minute phone call to Milgard. No hold time, no transfers, no bs. A courteous and professional technician arrived on time and re-glazed my window in less than 20 minutes. Way to stand behind your products, Milgard! April 9, 2013
This service has potential to be great... The service provided was good and the serviceman was prompt and professional. The only critique I might give is to double check with the customer which phone number the serviceman should call if needing assistance into a condo complex. The serviceman called my phone number, however, it was my condo tenant who needed to let him in, since I do not reside on the property. I then had to scramble to try to contact my tenant and to call the company back to make sure they dispatched to the serviceman the correct number before he gave up and left. It was stressful and didn't have to be! Please have the person taking the order confirm which phone number the serviceman should call upon arriving at the site. Other than that, everything was great! April 9, 2013
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