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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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A Company to Count On We had a window problem (our 3rd) and they were here and fixed the problem promptly. Buying double-pane windows at altitude is a problem but they continually stand by their products. I would buy from them again (we purchased 22 windows and a patio door!). I did ask the tech to make a quick visual inspection of all my windows before he left and he said "no problem". I'm sure his intention was good, but I happened to get a call just as he was finishing up and never checked my other windows. But, if I have a problem again, I know they will be here to resolve it. May 25, 2013
RePlaced springs in windows. I'm very pleased with your warranty and quick service. thanks May 25, 2013
excellent service Your service was awesome. I would recommend everyone when they install new windows that they choose Milgard. I have been in my home for 23 years and I appreciate the lifetime warranty that comes with the window. I had 3 windows that needed to be replace and when I called Milgaard, the service was helpful and friendly. So happy I have Milgaard windows. Thanks again Nancy May 25, 2013
Top notch service! The ease and quality of getting the replacement panes installed was amazing. May 25, 2013
Hassle Free Warranty Work We had several windows that needed replacement, and Milgard handled it all with minimal hassle on my part. Milgard's lifetime replacement for original owners was really easy. Friendly on time service, and to my surprise, no paperwork on my end. Milgard just came in and took care of business. I am totally satisfied with their service. May 25, 2013
great products and great service to back up their warranties just love having milgard windows and glass doors. They are good looking and company stands behind their products. Will buy again. May 25, 2013
This service was great! Service techs were very knowledgeable and professional. May 24, 2013
Excellent Milgards service rep makes the company look good. Courteous, presentable, efficient and prompt. May 24, 2013
Timeframe from initial call to installation must be shortened. I called the 1-800 number on Friday, May 3. I received a return call on Friday, May 10. The appointment was tentatively set for Tuesday, May 21 and the installation representative arrived at 7:55 AM. I had another window that needed replacing, by another company, and that representative came on May 3 and the window was replaced by May 17. The timeframe from call to job completion by Milgard is too long. May 24, 2013
Excellent warranty The reason I bought Milgard windows over any other was their warranty and customer service. We had some problems with a window and they put us on the schedule to come out and fix it at no charge. When they serviceman got to our house and fixed the one window, my wife showed him a problem with some of the other windows and because they weren't functioning properly, he scheduled another visit (he needed to order parts) to come back out. Thank you Milgard!! May 24, 2013
Wonderful as usual! I really appreciate the email confirmation of appointment with the photo of the service technician. We've had many break ins in our neighborhood recently, and this was reassuring. Our technician was very professional. We bought our windows 22 years ago and have had almost no issues. When we do need a repair it has been handled promptly and at no cost. May 24, 2013
Excellent communications! Despite two appointments being cancelled due to atrocious weather yesterday went perfectly. The Service Tech called to say he was on the way. An emergency delayed his arrival, but Patti called to let us know about the short delay. Brad was in and out in no time at all. No problems whatsoever!!! We recommend Milgard to everyone. May 24, 2013
Great customer service. Thank you for the excellent customer service. Even though our house we built was 12 years old, your database had our information up to date and there was no problem getting service. Everyone we worked with was very professional and did their job well. The repairs were made in a timely manor and we are very satisfied. May 24, 2013
The response time was fast and we got exactly what we were looking for! Our client had a hinged Milgard door with a broken lock. We needed a small spindle to replace broken one. Tanya located the part, had it shipped to us and did not charge us which was nice because we were able to just stop by our client's and put it on quickly at no charge as well. Thank you Milgard!!! May 24, 2013
Would Recommend! Arrived during the time window they had confirmed, even received a call saying they would be there in 30 minutes. Very professional, nice men that were here, and worked hard until the job was completed!!!! Would not hesitate to purchase Milgard Windows again, love their lifetime guarantee! May 24, 2013
Service was excellent. Just had one side of a sliding door glass replaced.Worker who did the job was very professional and competant,an excelent representative of the Milgard company.His name was "ROBERT" and is to be commended.I have had several glass replacements in the past and have always had great service.Thank you.John . May 24, 2013
Milgard service is truly excellent! After much research, I chose 34 Milgard Ultra windows and 4 doors when I remodeled my home 2 years ago. I'm still extremely happy with my choice and visitors to my home often remark on the excellent look of and the obvious quality of the windows and doors. Recently, a problem developed where my double outswing doors became difficult to lock, so I called the Milgard Service Department for advice. John G, the person I spoke to, was extremely pleasant, located my purchase records immediately and after taking precise details of the problem, scheduled a Milgard technician to visit my home. The technician, Tommy V, arrived on time, diligently diagnosed the problem, replaced some lock parts, realigned the doors and totally solved the problem. He only left after he was sure that I was completely satisfied with his work. He is an excellent tech! All of this great service was provided at no charge under Milgard's excellent warranty policy. I could not be happier with Milgard. Great products, great service and great employees! May 24, 2013
Although it took more than 3 weeks after our initial call for service, the Milgard technician came promptly on time and resolved/fixed the window. Milgard service has been top notch. I will not hesitate to recommend Milgard windows to any friends, but I will also recommend Milgard to re-establish sales and manufacturing of Milgard windows in Illinois. Also, when need arises for window replacement, I will certainly purchase from Milgard. May 23, 2013
Excellant service The representative that helped me was extremely helpful to me.(customer ) I was unaware that there was a web site that you could watch a video and fix minor problems, she was very helpful getting me to the web site and I was able to do the repair myself. I didn,t need a in home tech. May 23, 2013
Milgard stands by its' product--a rare event nowadays The technician that installed the windows was very professional, meticulous, and, I could tell, proud to represent Milgard. In my opinion, you are a first class operation. Dan Baker May 23, 2013
poor service on defective window Noticed a single hung window would not open when it was delivered and the 2 screens were not built to fit the opening. It took more than a week for a rep. to call me back to schedule an appointment and then it will be 3 more weeks before I can actually have them look at a window that should never have left the factory in this condition. How hard is it to check screens and window operation before delivery! Needless to say my customer is not happy either! May 23, 2013
Technicians were knowledgeable, efficient and professional! The technicians were the best! Two technicians arrived on a rainy morning to replace a large window for me. I really appreciated the following things they did: they called 15 minutes prior to arrival to let me know they were on their way; the put 'slippers' on each time they came in the house, they answered all of my questions about the process and other questions I had about other window products, looked at other problem windows in my home and arranged to have them repaired after identifying the parts required, and they replaced my foggy old window with a beautiful clear window without a hitch. All of this in less than 45 minutes. They cleaned up all of the mess from the old window and left me with a new clean window. The next day the Customer Service Rep called to schedule the repair of the other windows that would need parts ordered for. Very pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful Customer Service also! I had put up with the old foggy window for many years....I kick myself and wonder why I waited so long, when it was so easy to have it replaced under warranty! I have a non-Milgard door with a window that has leaked. When I am ready to replace it, I will definitely look at the Milgard door products...they stand behind their product! May 23, 2013
Awesome customer service! I am so impressed with your service, and the way you back up your products! I will tell everyone I know what an awesome company you are. Thank you! May 23, 2013
service call One phone call and everything was taken care of. Wish all service providers are like that. Life would be much easier. May 23, 2013
I couldn't be more impressed - this is how business should be conducted. I had a window issue 12 years after installation. I contacted Milgard after a quick google search (late 05/14). I received a timely reply - with a short list of required details and photos(05/15). I gathered the requested details and sent off my reply on 05/16 @ 8:04AM. My info was quickly verified and I received a reply less than 3 hours later (10:55AM). A window replacement was scheduled at that time for 5/22 with 2 hour time frame of their arrival (1:30-3:30). A follow up reminder email confirm the scheduled repair date/time - along with a photo of the repairman we should expect to see knocking at our door. He arrived right on time - with the replacement window completed and the repairman out the door @ just after 2:00. Best warranty repair of my life. May 23, 2013
Very fast service. The replacement was a 2 person job. The guys arrived on schedule, and before we knew it, they were done. They left everything very clean and neat. We are very impressed. Thank you for a job well done. May 23, 2013
Excellent customer service! The technician was very professional and very knowledgeable. He went the extra mile to answer my concerns and tried to fix my other window leakage problems. In fact, he had to come back to replace the window because of a scratch and noticed another window that needed to be replaced also. I asked that he be the technician to return and he was. I would highly recommend him. May 23, 2013
Excellent service! Very friendly, professional, organized. Very respectful of the home and items. Thank you! Debbie and Henry May 23, 2013
Hands down, the best customer service and warranty ever! My original intention for purchasing Milgard windows was because of your reputation; a quality product and warranty. 15 Years later my impression has not changed. In fact if anything, I am convinced by experience that your windows are not only fabulous to look out of...they are attractive to look at. Your employees, techs and service providers are top notch! Thank you. May 22, 2013
Excellent Service all the way around!! Everything taken care as requested very please with everyone involved in your company. May 22, 2013
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