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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Great service and professional attitude. I am impressed with the reliability of your company's service and by stading behing your product with lifetime warranty. I'd recommend your company without hesitation. March 6, 2013
Excellent Service I setup service for my parents house and everyting went very well! March 6, 2013
Prompt & Excellent service Juan arrived at the exact beginning of his scheduled time period. We had received an email in advance from Milgard giving his name and picture. He repaired all three problem windows in 25 minutes. He had all necessary parts available on his truck. Though our windows were not under warranty since we only purchased this house one year ago, the charge for service was waived by Milgard, apparently because we had done thousands of $ of business with them at our previous residence. We had not asked for, and didn't expect, such consideration. We are grateful. March 6, 2013
You can't beat Milgard windows!!! this was my second interaction with Milgard and I have found its service to be unequaled. If it costs a bit more for Milgard, do it anyway, it's worth the price in the long run. You won't find another company with the same reputation. March 6, 2013
Initial experience has been very disappointing Purchased a brand new home in Trabuco Canyon. Unfortunately, although the home has a great view -- mountains and city lights -- the builder installed "grided" windows. We have been working with Milgard to replace the new windows with clear glass, but so far the process has been very tedious. March 6, 2013
Excelent Service We purchased our home about ten years ago and have no isses what so ever with the windows or doors until about six months ago our Sliding Glass patio door lost it's seal and as a resul began to show dirt and stuff on the inside that we could not even get to. I called Milgard and they promptly arranged for a service tech to come out. He arrived just as planned and within minutes had the unit swapped out, cleaned up and ready to leave. We were very surprised when there was no charge for the service. We were very impressed to say the least with the customer care that we received and how well Milgard stands behind their products. March 6, 2013
Excellent service! Thank you for taking care of our repair quickly so we could get it ready for the sale of our home. Everyone was courteous and professional. The buyers are very happy to know that the lifetime guarantee is transferrable and that was a real plus for the sale of this home. Have a wonderful day! Sarah March 6, 2013
Rudy was great! Solved the problem immediately. I am nothing but satisfied with Milgard's performance ! March 5, 2013
Milgard warranty and service is excellent We built a home six years ago with Milgard windows. Almost all of the windows are single-hung. Over time, many have developed a noticeable sag in the top frame of the bottom pane. I called Milgard to inquire if this problem was covered by the warranty and to ask about replacing a small broken window. The sent a tech out to take a look. Sergio was very polite, knowledgeable, and articulate. He even put booties over his shoes to protect the carpet! He identified the problem with the windows (manufactured with a batch of bad springs), explained how he would fix them (new springs and some internal shims), and gave me instructions about how to prepare for his return at a later date. Three panes were also identified as having failed (there was moisture inside). The failed pains were replaced under warranty. The broken window was replaced as a courtesy (they said this was possible because it was small). Sergio returned on a separate visit to replace the failed panes and install the new springs and shims. We have a lot of windows. This was not a small job. I am very impressed with Milgard's warranty: they really stand behind their product. Their customer service is excellent. If we were to build another home, I would choose Milgard again without hesitation. March 5, 2013
I recommend Milgard window products to my friends. Milgard made ownership of my ocean-view custom home in San Clemente a pleasure for 25 years. I can't wait to build another house so I can install them again. They are the best in the business. I wish more companies would take customer service lessons from this firm. Far exceed your expectations and really seem more like old friends. I never stop thanking my contractor for advising me to buy this brand so many years ago. March 5, 2013
The service was fast professional and clean, great customer service team! We had our new Milgard windows installed in June of 2012, one of the windows downstairs developed a small crack in the glass. The warranty service team quickly scheduled the fix and the techinician showed up exactly when sceduled and did a VERY professional job of replacing both panes of the main panel quickly and in a very clean and organized fasion. You would never know he was even there exept for the new pane with no cracks. Great customer service team! March 5, 2013
Great Service You dont often know that you are working with a good company until something goes wrong. After identifying a need with a window, a call to service was greeted quickly and hastle free. Within days, the replacement was installed by a courteous and professional team. They were very careful and very clean in the house. This experience justifies our purchase and Milgard is highly recommended. March 5, 2013
Milgard does not stand by their warranty. I have a twenty year Milgard window that over time developed a crack in the frame weld. They have determined that unless I reported a defect in the first year of owning the window they are not responsible for this on their "Lifetime of Satisfaction and Peace of Mind Warranty". So much for their lifetime warranty they advertise. I would not purchase a Milgard window because of their best homeowner's warranty in the industry. Doesn't seem too best to me. March 5, 2013
From start to finish - it was a great experience! I was very happy with the inital customer service call as well as the technician that came to the house. They were both professional, knowledgable and helpful. I could not be more pleased with the quality of my Milgard windows and the service Milgard provides. March 5, 2013
excellent I have written and sent a letter to management indicating how I felt about the excellent representation and service I. O. gave me when he came to replace our broken window. He is a valuable asset to your organization. He was very meticulous in everything he did. He was considerate of our property and belongings and very personable. Watching him work made it very obvious that he was a perfectionist and took pride in his work. With him it was personal and he was not about compromise. Overall the entire experience was out of the ordinary in today's business environment. Steve March 5, 2013
Service was exceptional Great customer service and installers. Promptly replaced window under warranty. thank you March 5, 2013
This service was horrible! It took Milgard too long to call me back. I have a big opening in the window. March 4, 2013
A warranty that means something The Millguard warranty service was more than we could ask lifetime warranty that means what it says. Called to report two windows installed 9 years ago and within two weeks, totally taken care of without hesitation. Very skilled service personnel. March 4, 2013
Good, but should have pointed out change in design. We realized after the service people left, that the replacement glue chip design does not match the existing companion window. We would have appreciated this being pointed out by the service people, and receiving an explaination or an opportunity to have a matching window installed. March 3, 2013
Window lock broke Amazing they came out when they said. No long waiting!! Fixed the window quick and easy!! I will only buy Milguard for all my homes and retals! Jim Q March 3, 2013
I was frustrated with this service... I can understand that your company can be booked out a few weeks in advance for service- but, I cannot understand showing up with the wrong size glass (after I read off the serial number to the representative on the phone and measured the glass as well). No one came out to inspect the window to make sure everything would be in line when it was time to replace it. So, not only did we have to wait again to have the window replaced- I made it clear, via email, with the service supervisor that I would be unavailable until after 3 pm on the day of service. I was assured that we would be scheduled after 3. I received a reminder email 2 days before service with the wrong time stated- I replied with my original time of 3 pm being my availability, explaining I would be working. Not only did I not get a reply- the service technician did ,indeed, show up while I was at work and said he would be unable to return at the later time. I am thankful that the supervisor contacted the service tech. and worked everything out, but I think the situation was a bit ridiculous. March 2, 2013
Exemplary I almost never write reviews. The service provided by Milgard is exemplary, and sets a standard for the industry. Great work! March 1, 2013
Over all the service was great. Our only problem was that after a large window, the weighs about 200 pounds, was installed a defect was discovered between the two pieces of glass and it will need to be replaced. March 1, 2013
I have never seen a company that stands behind its products so completely. In the almost 20 years I have been dealing with Milgard, I have never been disappointed with the service and support I receive from them. No how big or small my issues are, they are always there to take care of them. When we built our home and were told by our contractor that Milgard windows were the best to use and they were guaranteed for the life of the window, we didn't really know how true that statement was! Keep up the excellent work March 1, 2013
Amazing warranty service.... Milgard stands behind their Lifetime Warranty 100%! Even if your windows were installed 20years ago, they treat you like they were just installed yesterday! No wonder, in most of the new construction in the area, I see the Milgard stickers on the windows. Highly recommend Milgard! March 1, 2013
see below Your inhome technician was great, in and out in 5 min. with the problem fixed. Hopefully you're asking for a review so you can make the whole process better because up to the technician the experience was quite frustrating. It took 2 days to talk to a real person, every call I made I was told she was busy and not available. And that no one but that one person could help me. I get one week day off a week and am not available during work hours so I felt a more caring, responsible company would have had more people available to help. You are a big company, you must have more than one person who can schedule appts. Also, you only come to my area of Springfield on Wednesdays so I scheduled a month out to make arrangements to be here after noon and then I receive an e-mail saying you'll be here between 10-12, so a relative was here for me. I feel you should have been more accomodating in working around your customers schedule rather than having to work our lives around your 5 minute opening. I love my windows but worry about ever needing more repairs and dealing with the lack of concern from your service. March 1, 2013
Pleased with the service Technician arrived on time, very professional and knew his stuff. Did not leave a mess after getting the job done. Thanks for great service Milgard. March 1, 2013
Outstanding Service & Experience! We have had these Milgard windows for almost 20 years and inevitably some of them have began to degnerate. We have dreaded calling for service because we thought it would be a horrible tedious messy experience. What a wonderful pleasant surprise! Milgard representatives were responsive and helpful in setting up the service call. It is nice to get the email reminders with the technician's photos so we know who is coming into our home. The technicians were outstandingly helpful and knowledgeable. They were very professional, polite, and so very careful with their work. The new windows look fabulous! We are so totally impressed with the whole experience!! Thank you! March 1, 2013
The service tech was great, very professional and efficient. I will recommend Milgard windows to any and all of my friends. The product is great, the warranty is excellent, and the service outstanding. February 28, 2013
The service was perfect. The service was perfect and easy. I had no idea Milgard would take care of the problem so quickly and for us with such ease. Thank you February 28, 2013
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