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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Excellent Service for FREE Bought the windows when rebuilding my new home. So far, 2 sliding windows glass cracked for no reason but the company sent manufacturer to come and replace the windows for FREE. It takes 2 weeks from the call but can't beat the free replacement. January 24, 2013
Windows work great now After several frustrating attempts to schedule a service call, when the technician did arrive, he replaced all the side rails and the windows work beautifully. We are very happy. But milgard needs work on the initial phone call response. January 24, 2013
Parts for a broken sliding door! Wow! These people are walking the walk when it comes to Customer Service. As a former GM of a Mercedes Benz Franchise I can recognize good management and a quality service staff. I asked if so e parts could be replaced and was contacted promptly and professionally by Tara and my problem resolved in a few moments. These folks obviously want your business, January 24, 2013
I had hoped for a quicker turnaround. Once determined which windows needed replacement, I was disappoointed having to wait 23 days for the install. It pays to do business with professionals and a well known brand January 23, 2013
great sevice thanks to ramon and peter for their excellent service on our windows. they displayed professional and kind workmanship,. and the milgard products are top quality. i am grateful that companys like milgard are providing great products and service today. January 23, 2013
Very professional...well trained group!!!! What a nice surprise a company that has trained employees and know their business. I give a big thumbs up to this service... They were superior in my view. January 23, 2013
this is really a very good service provided by Milgard they perform the job very professionally, email in advance to remind me of the appointment, call by in service tech half an hour before coming and repair the window within reasonable time and clean everything before leaving. Really appreciate the efficient and professional job they provided. January 23, 2013
Solved a recurrent problem--for now. This is the third time Milgard has visited our home to make the same repair. While the service was timely and responsive (after some difficulties in obtaining a callback for an appointment), it was disappointing to learn that the same problem is likely to recur in the future. This service rep said that our window faces too much sun, and the stripping will likely expand and peel again. So while the service is fine, we are left to wonder about the durability of the product. January 23, 2013
VERY PROFESSIONAL AND KIND SERVICE TECHNICIANS I was very pleased with the prompt response from the office and timely manner my issues were addressed. The technicians were very polite and professional. I would definitely recommend the Milgard company to anyone looking for windows! Thank you again for your wonderful service! January 23, 2013
Milgard is the best! The windows were repaired and Steve left his card, telling me the same, so I knew he had come and gone without a trace! I appreciate the excellent service and products that Milgard provides. Shelley Dahl January 23, 2013
Service was above expectation! With it being a bitter cold day out, you might expect shortcomings, but not with Milgard. He replaced the windows and preceded to clean them! Even though the window spray froze, he made a super effort to continue. Thank you! January 23, 2013
Very impressed with both technicians! Excellent customer service and follow up! Refreshing! No hassle lifetime warranty! January 22, 2013
Service that others cannot match. Called mid-day to request assistance, left voice-mail message. Wiithin 2 hours, received call to schedule services, received e-mail with directions (PDF visual and video link) immediately after phone conversation. ALWAYS impressive. ALWAYS consistent. Recommend Milgard to all of our friends. Great product and customer service that stands out above all others. January 22, 2013
Prompt, Professional, Perfect! From the phone call, to the end of service, everything was A number 1. January 22, 2013
Bob did a great job Bob checked the springs on a number of sash windows and replaced the tired springs. They are much easier to use now. Mahalo. January 22, 2013
Always excellent service 2nd time having tech out to replace slider panes. From your telephone customer service, your reminder emails of service appt. to the serviceman himself my experience has been top notch. Even your customer service girl on the phone always has a "smile" in her voice. Your serviceman is always friendly, does a great clean-up job and even shines up the new pane installation. And....he is "always" on time or I get a call! What a rairity that is! I don't know who has instilled this great customer service in your full staff but bravo to this person. Every company should have this person as a true leader. It makes such a difference. So many companies these days lack this "true" customer service attitude. Thank you, Beverly Blonstein, Ventura, CA January 22, 2013
Good Job! The repair crew was prompt, clean and courteous. Thank you! Mickey Sanders P.S. Give these guys a raise!!! January 22, 2013
Sliding glass door problem My appointment was for 21 Jan 2013, between 2 - 5PM. The service rep called me at approx 2:45PM and arrived at 3:20 or so. They were very friendly, helpful and the end result was our sliding glass door is now working extremely well. I can not thank you enough Milgard, for your customer service, scheduling appointment and tech support. Again, thanks for your quick response. bob w. January 22, 2013
Excellent Warranty Service Responsive, professional and thorough warranty service. Great products, great people. January 22, 2013
I was extremely disapointed in Milgard service! Service was required because the original sliding door screens were too tall to install by my contractor. He reported the need for service and it took one month to hear back, then the appointment could only be scheduled out an additional month. I requested a mid afternoon appointment. I received an email announcing that the tech would be there at 8am. I again requested an afternoon appointment, but was told that it was OK because the screen is on the outside and he did not need interior access. The screens were installed badly. There was a lot of vertical play in the screen. One of them did not slide smoothly. AND the latch clip was screwed in and the screws were stripped so that they pulled right out the first time I touched the door. I called Customer Service to remedy the problems and was given the opportunity to leave a voice mail message and got a call back three days later. Thank goodness for my contractor who responded to my call the same day and arrived at my house on the next business day, adjusted the doors properly and reinstalled the latch clip without destroying the screw holes. The doors now work the way they should have in the first place. January 21, 2013
Another good experience with Milgard Service was excellent and technician was extremely professional and polite. We've required your service on several occasions, and each has been outstanding. January 21, 2013
Very impressed A simple email with the description of the problem and I received a phone call to confirm and schedule an appointment. The service tech showed up early and resolved the issue with in a half hour. Prompt Service - Check Prompt Response - Check Courteous & Professional Tech - Check Very impressed January 21, 2013
Very pleased with Milgard and their prompt service The technicians I had were very professional and prompt. It is indeed a pleassure to deal with Milgard and their reputation is stellar. Thank you. Miriam Fish, Escondido January 20, 2013
The service to my sliding glass door was done to my complete satisfaction! Everything went as smooth and as quickly as I could have ever asked for. Our service tech repaired my sliding glass door back to perfect condition. Thanks for the great job Milgard! January 20, 2013
Not a happy customer!!! We entered into contract on 9/20/12 with installation in October. It is now late January and the problem with my screen door is still not resolved. From the day of installation, I mentioned that the door sticks and it was not acceptable. It was also noted at the time of installation that both the screen door screen and an adjacent window screen were damaged on installation along with a gash in the ceiling and some damage to interior framing. A "repairman" came out about a month later and replaced the window screen but could not resolve the sliding door issue. After another wait, another repairman came out on January 11th with a new screen door and again could not get the door to slide smoothly. We mutually agreed that the framing was binding the door and that an installation repairman would have to come out and take measurements again. I had impressed upon him the need to get this done quickly and was assured it would be. After a week, we had not heard from Milgard and we made a call to you. We were told it would be in early February before anyone could come out with no reassurance that "measurements" would be taken or a new door would be provided. To say the least, I am very disappointed. You have my money but the job is incomplete. How long is this going to take? January 20, 2013
Good service people We have had warranty service with our windows over several years. The company totally follows through with its guarantee. The technicians are efficient and friendly. They know what they are doing. January 18, 2013
Great service on warrant replacement I'm glad we had these windows installed in our new home and had great service with them. Especially with warranty on a problematic window. January 18, 2013
Awesome Job!!! Fantastic Customer Service with Mary Ann & Service with Mark...Great job!!! - Doug January 18, 2013
Quick, easy, free repair I had eleven windows installed in 1996. This fall, a couple of windows would no longer close all the way -- they left a one-inch gap at the bottom. Thx to the lifetime warranty, I emailed a request and Milgard immediately scheduled a tech, who replaced the old springs in about ten minutes. Problem solved! I was impressed that he was also willing to give me a tutorial on how to remove the windows and spray silicone lubricant to keep everything moving freely. I'm very pleased and only wish I'd thought to contact Milgard when the problem first occurred instead of trying (and failing) to fix it myself - and then just stuffing sweaters in the gap for a couple of months! January 18, 2013
Not a huge problem but persistent. No emergency. Not a big deal. Thank you for asking me to review your service. Since our purchase of this new home on April 11, 2008, one bedroom door has been a problem to thoroughly secure. Adjustments are made by Milgard but the problem eventually returns when the seasons change. Milgard service has sent many different representatives who adjust the door. The last service person - another new one, promised to get back to us, install replacement parts, but dropped the ball. We do not pursue the issue of the door until the weather is warm. Usually July. The last service phone call was not followed up with a service visit for over a month. The service visit was made in July or August? Now it's January and nothing! The parts the door needs are ordered? I have no idea. No one ever calls to do followup. Our last service was this past summer. I am just now getting this survey. I don't do follow up calls to keep Milgard on the ball. The problem is not that big. I am their customer. Maybe I should become a squeaky wheel. They should be of service to me with no chasing required no matter the size of the problem. I will call again in July when my work schedule is slow again. Maybe Milgard will call me in June. We are patient people. January 18, 2013
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