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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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OUTSIDE CONDENSATION on MILGARD: AVOID MILGARD MILGARD FAIL: Milgard will tell you that outside condensation on their low-E windows is normal. So if you want windows that you can't see through, go ahead with Milgard. Otherwise, stop right now and start doing research about outside condensation and ask them to back up their product. Milgard is the worst. February 14, 2013
Prompt, professional, and go the extra mile! After a bathroom window shattered (just one of the two panes in the moving sash), the woman I spoke with in service - Tanya was her name, I believe - was extremely helpful in helping me get a replacement window under warranty and explaining why the previous one likely broke. She was easy to understand, empathetic, and friendly... and I appreciate it! Also, a friendly shout-out to Kemp's Windows in Oak Grove, OR, for guiding me to the factory number and helping me find the order number for the windows on the phone at 9 in the morning. They were also super-helpful and kind. Note: no in-home service rating given, since, for expediency reasons, I'm going to get the replacement from will-call and install it myself. February 14, 2013
Only way to go... I will say that Milgard does stand behind their products. It did take a while to finally resolve the issue due to wrong measurements and the fact that we live in the mountains and the cold weather. But overall I will say that the most important is the fact that Milgard replaced our windows and I have confidence that they do guarantee their work. The Warranty is very important and that is a main reason why we choose Milgard. February 14, 2013
Outstanding Service Milgard windows are one of the best choices we made for all the items we purchased when we built this home. They have held up well out here on the plains in the severe weather, have always worked perfectly, and every experience we have had for service has been outstanding. Thank you for building and selling a fine product. Travis Miller February 14, 2013
Professional and courteous. Milgard really lives up to its promise in backing their lifetime warranty and providing top-rated quality service to make things right for their customers. I have owned two homes with Milgard windows and they have made things right for me when my windows needed servicing. I am very happy with Milgard! February 14, 2013
Excellent Service I had condensation between my glass in my bathroom window. I called my contractor and shortly after Milgard called me to schedule an appointment to have it replaced. On the day of the appointment they were prompt, courteous, professional and quick. He had my new window replaced within 20 mins. I love the fact that Milgard stand behind their product. I will certaintly recommend them to others. Thanks, February 13, 2013
The service was poor and lack of communication from your reps. I had my entire home done in your windows mid December We were shipped the wrong size screen sliding door and it has taken till 2/13 to finally get one. Every time it was ordered, the wrong size was shipped. Then your customer service dept couldn't give me mornings appointments as those work best for me. I don't like having to wait 2 days prior to my appointment to get a time frame, and then I get afternoon. February 13, 2013
excellent service I was very happy with the service I received .The tech was on time and completed the repair in good time. February 13, 2013
great service! Thanks, Pat! very satisfied with all prosess. Will recomend your company to anyone. February 13, 2013
You guys are rock stars! Manuel and his helper were outstanding. They replaced the glass and showed me how to properly measure replacement glass for future. They also showed me where to find the serial numbers inside each window. February 13, 2013
Douglas The tech did an excellent job and was very professional (Saib A) February 13, 2013
Amazing experience. Was thrilled to know you honor your warranty & your service repairs was fast and professional.Will be purchasing Milgard window's in the future. February 13, 2013
Very Professional! The service was excellent. The technician arrived promptly, finished quickly, and was very courteous and professional. It is such a pleasure to find this kind of excellent service in this day and age of frequently sloppy, and indifferent service! February 13, 2013
Could not ask for better service Tech was there 1/2 hour BEFORE his appointed time. Was courteous and kind and waited without complaint until we were ready for him. He explained the issues clearly and fixed everything quickly. Kudos! February 13, 2013
Fast warranty repair! I called Milgard about my broken glass on a window in my home and they looked up everything and had someone out the following week who came on time as scheduled and repaired the window free under warranty. No hassles, just good service! Glad our builder used Milgard windows! February 13, 2013
Field rep was great The one problem I encountered was the 2nd service rep on the phone I talked to did not send the window out she was suppose to when the 1st window was replaced. Caused me to use more time off of work which shouldn't have happened. February 13, 2013
Technicin was very polite. fixed issue quickly. I have 3 brands of window in my house. Milguard, Brothers , and Alpine. When we go to purchase more windows i will be sure its a Milguard Window for the customer service! They just dont sell you the window and forget about you. They fix any issue asap. And theese days that means alot!! You actually get a call back quickly and a tech comes out and fixes your issue. February 12, 2013
Terrific service! I called the Milgard Company to question replacing two windows that had lost their seals. We also had three windows that had been broken. I was given the name of companies they recommended to replace the broken windows. To my great surprise they replaced, without hesitation the two windows that had lost their seals at absolutley no cost to me! The windows in our house were put in in 1990, a long time ago! Milgard totally stood behind their life time guarantee. No questions asked! They were prompt, helpful with the measurements and everything was done in a matter of just a little over two weeks. So impressed!! February 12, 2013
The service was excellent We are very pleased with Francisco's service and will definitely recommend your company to friends in the future. February 12, 2013
Best of the best Milgard techs are always on time, extremely clean and courteous. Job gets done the first time. We would never purchase anyone elses products. February 12, 2013
stand by your product! It's upsetting that a defect in the product does not warranty a replacement, regardless of whether I'm the first owner or not. I think it's outrageous. The low-E coating in between the panes of our large front window is rusting in spots. I'm told it will eventually turn brown. This should not happen after only 10 years!! There are probably 40 spots....surely this is not normal. Surely Milgard does not know expect this to happen. Or maybe they do and that's why they only have a 10 year warranty and don't cover subsequent owners. It's unbelievable. For the cost one pays for Milgard windows, you'd think they'd stand by their product with a little more conviction. February 12, 2013
Guaranteed for Life, just like they say! We had a window shatter (the glass didn't fall out, just cracked all over). We don't know what caused it, but they came and replaced it at no cost, very timely and professionally. While the tech was there he also fixed one of our patio doors that was hard to slide. We are glad we put Milgard throughout our house built in 1999. They work well and the lifetime guarantee is great! February 12, 2013
Very good service. I rated the quality average because the tech's did not clean up after themselves. There are scrapings from the old window in the cill. The windows are on a second story, so I have to take out the screen to clean up the mess. They left the some of the moldings from the window on the ground. February 12, 2013
Good experience Thanks for being a great company that stands behind their warranty. I am a fan! February 12, 2013
Unsatisfied with response from Phone Rep, Great installers I was not happy with outcome of initial phone service call. Rep was insistant that because it was cracked it wasn"t warranty and just kept quoting cracks aren"t warranty items when you bought windows. I tried to explain that a window doesn't crack on it's own unless there is a defect or installation error. Finally just agreed to pay to get window fixed with hopes when intstaller came out it could be proven that it was because not installed properly. I could see when they were removing cracked window that glass was rubbing up against frame in corner where crack started. I asked service tech to note that on work order. I am sure your techs are told to be very careful what they say to a client to avoid waranty claims like mine February 11, 2013
Couldn't have been better I'm the original owner of the 22 year old house. While in great shape generally, my double hung windows didn't seal properly anymore. Milgard came out, took a look and returned as scheduled with replacement parts. The windows are as good as new. Both the phone/email contact and the technician were professional. I couldn't have asked for more. February 11, 2013
service was wxcellent this is the second time we get the same service tech . he is very very nice knows his job and i defiantly recommend his service to whoever i know. this tim i had to go to work and he worked with my schedule to accommodate me i really appreciate his work February 10, 2013
Excellent, unsurpassed customer service. Dealing with Milguard , especially Juan M, was a fantastic experience. Jaun was professional, polite, knowledgeable throughout my entrie re-placing of a faulty window section. Milguard and Juan M should are definitely the GOLD standard for customer satisfaction. A lesson for all the customer related service companies in this country. Thank you once again for this stellar service. Preston Kent February 10, 2013
Love your warranty and the way you stand behind your products The only problem we had was it took three visits from three techs to get the correct size of window to install it. Finally it is perfect.....just had to wait three separate days to get it done properly. February 10, 2013
Above and Beyond My wife and I are very thankful we chose Milgard windows for our home we built 6 years ago. Even newly built homes have issues that arise, and when we have had to call Milgard, we have had excellent service from the person taking our service request, to the person who has arrived to fix the issue. Thank's again.. February 10, 2013
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