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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Installation was fast and efficient Installer was on time, very fast and even re-installed the screen when he was finished. April 4, 2013
Milgard Peace of Mind I am so glad we purchased Milgard vinyl windows and doors when we built our home in 1999-2000. We llive in Northern California, where the highs in the summer routinely reach 115 degrees and lows of 20 in the rainy winters. Our picture windows were treated with an additional sungard. We have appreciated the low transfer of heat the vinyl provides. When we lost a few seals on the picture windows last year, the Milgard response was absolutely exceptional. A serviceman, Dan, was at our house that same week, and he assessed the problem professionally and quickly. All of our repairs were done perfectly and all were still warrantied 13 years later. When our Milgard sliding glass for handle/lock broke last week, Milgard again sent out Dan within the week. Dan didn't have the right parts, but like a true professional he fabricated a fix out of parts he had on hand.It was fixed before he left. I recommend Milgard to everyone. Your products and service are the highest quality. April 4, 2013
impeccable it worked perfectly from beginning to end. I highly recommend Milgard quite often to others. April 4, 2013
Great! Everything went better than expected. It was TOO easy. Thank you so much. We have our view back! April 4, 2013
Great all the way around! Service was great, hassle free. The only issue was the glass was "too clean" and my two year old granddaughter ran right smack into the slider door. Luckily she wasn't hurt but it was quite comical. No problems, service call, service rep and replacement all went great. Thanks for the great service. April 4, 2013
Best customer service ever! Getting my window problem solved with Milgard was the best display of customer service I have ever seen. I called the 800 number for warranty service, and an actual English speaking human answered the phone. Then she directed me to the person to help with my issue. I explained to her what I needed and gave her the numbers on the window and my address and within minutes she told me the window was ordered and we set a date for the technicians to install. I was sent an e-mail as promised two days before the appointment confirming a time frame they would be here. The technicians introduced themselves to me and immediately removed their shoes to come into my house. They were polite and professional. And best of all, they had the window pane replaced within a half hour. I was totally blown away with the level of service. Thank you April 4, 2013
Window service. Service was quick and on time from the person on the phone to the service tech. Thank you Milgard for being a quality company. Paul April 3, 2013
Tech Webber was Fantastic! Having purchased a home where Milgard products were already installed I was surprised and delighted that I was still covered for a period of time. Replacing my windows was handled with the utmost professionalism and friendliness by Tech. Webber on two different repair orders. I hope you relay my sincere thanks for a great service provided by this man...he is the greatest representative your company could have dealing with clients. Thanks again from the Carlson's. April 3, 2013
all around excellent!! loved the photo with the email reminder.... service was on time, quick and efficient ...most painless repair I've ever had should do workshops for other services!! April 3, 2013
High 5 to Milgard! Awesome service! What a surprise when we tried to open our slider last week! It was stuck in the locked position and we couldn't budge it. So we called Milgard and they gave us our options for repairing the locking mechanism on our door. The service department (a real person# was courteous and knowledgeable; we set an appointment for a home repair call and that was that! The service techs arrived on time #didn't have to wait all day) and immediately went about fixing the door lock. They even noted a problem with the door lock that we thought was just "normal" and they had the part to replace that too. We always try to shop locally and had replaced all our windows with Milgard...we love our windows and want to say Thank You to Milgard for their amazing service. April 3, 2013
Timely and Professional Milgard was respectful of my time constraints and worked with me to resolve an issue i suspect other companies would have disregarded. In this day and age, it's nice to have company backing there product like Milgard did... I'm very impressed with their service. April 3, 2013
Super windows Superior service Extremely high quality windows fairly priced. They reduced heating costs this winter by 30%. They are standing up to high winds and snow. Out here we normally have 40 plus mph winds with driving snow and the windows do not move much less leak. On nice days they open and close very easily. I did the installation which amounted to one standard size bead of caulking and screws around the perimeter of the window. Having installed them personally I see the quality workmanship. Of the 15 windows after installing 2 developed cracks the day after installation. The glass was immediately replaced no questions asked except for the serial number. Yes each window has a unique serial number that allowed the company to send out perfectly fitting replacement parts with the technician. Both windows were repaired in 15 minutes. As of today no other problems and the wind is howling outside, yet another snow storm and I write this next to a window warm, comfortable with no noise or draft. Honestly you can find other window companies that make windows of equal quality. You will not find a company that makes a better window, yes I did my homework on all of the top quality window manufacturers and have the scientific background to confidently make that statement. (This excludes special pourpose windows and windows designed for specific needs, we are talking about windows you are putting into a home, not a fortress or the C.D.C) I can't speak to the quality of service of the other window manufactures because I bought Millguard. But the truth is if and that is a big IF, you need something after your check has cleared, you will get it and quickly with this company. One last thing, about that check clearing, I would not say these windows are cheaply priced. They are certainly not the most expensive, you can pay at least in my researching, 3 times more for a brand I'm not allowd to name. These windows are FAIRLY priced but the manufacturing quality, insulation factors etc. are high level, If you want a window that will impress you today and 25 years from now go with these guys. April 2, 2013
Absolutely Fabulous I can't thank you enough. Best Customer Service I have ever experienced. Polite, timely and very professional. Not found often in the world today. Thank you. April 2, 2013
Great service - great windows. Very impressed from the first time I called - would use this company again and reccomend highly. April 2, 2013
Milgard is an excellent investment The lifetime warranty is just - lifetime with no questions or problems. The window pane replacement went much quicker than I had thought it would take. Another great thing was that the service folks showed when they had promised. April 2, 2013
Great customer service! Easy from beginning to end to have a few windows replaced under warranty. Thank you! April 2, 2013
So impressed! Fantastic customer service. Bought a condo with Milgard windows from original owner. Upon inspection, found a few windows and the slider door with failed seals. Milgard was willing to replace all the windows and door based on the original owners warranty. All the customer service reps making appointments were efficient, Betty is very organized, and the 3 in-home service tech's (Ron, Jeremy, and Alex) were friendly, helpful and considerate of our new carpet. Best group of guys to have come to our home. If we ever need new windows, we'll be calling Milgard! April 2, 2013
Always prompt and courteous servic Pablo went the second mile with instructions for better maintenance of our windows! Thank you, Pablo! April 2, 2013
Excellent service from the start to finish Thanks to Sheila and to Andy our Service Tech we couldn't be happier with our service experience. April 2, 2013
Excellent service Techs came ON TIME and were very efficient in making the repairs. No mess and they cleaned up whatever little debris there was. Knew their repair technique and were gone in less than one-half hour. April 2, 2013
We were very pleased. Thanks Milgard! You went above and beyond to solve a problem we had with windows. We appreciate so much your promptness, courtesy, and professionalism in dealing with the issues with our windows. April 2, 2013
Excellent and professional service We were pleased with Milgard's pro-active response without the usual objections and quibbling about coverage under its warranty. Milgard accepted full responsibility of its warranty and corrected the problem quickly and professionally. Good work! April 1, 2013
very satisfied the overall service on my repair was prompt and professional. took only a few weeks to resolve the problem April 1, 2013
Patio Door Patio door was not unlocking correctly. Called Milgard and they set an appointment. Pleasantly surprised when they called later that day and said they could come out that day. Tech was very thorough and methodical. Identified and solved the problem in short order. Cleaned up and was on his way. Told me that if there were anymore issues, to call and they'd fix. Lifetime warranty...and customer service to back it up. Way to go Milgard! April 1, 2013
Very impressed from start to finish. Wow a company who stands by their lifetime warranty without hesitation! How refreshing. April 1, 2013
Servicee as not so great We recently built a custom home using all Essence windows and doors. I understand that with any large project that problems will occur. My frustration is how long it takes to get these problems resolved and how well the repair addresses the problem Whenever any issue arises it takes weeks before a tech can come fix the problem. The first 2 times we waited almost a month. This last time it was better- 3 weeks. We have a recurring problem with air infiltration on Essence french doors. We failed an air test because of this problem. The only thing the tech could do to solve the problem was to adjust the door so it now has to be slammed shut. The weather stripping is not very forgiving. The tech did the best he could but with what he had to work with. I would have expected better quality and service for this upscale product line. I am also disappointed in the cheap hardware./handle. Most of the windows are Casement windows. The crank and trim are not what I would expect. on higher end windows. April 1, 2013
Very inefficient Initially told by Dixiline that they were local representatives for Milguard. Invested over an hour with Dixiline inspector who documented the issues and supposedly passed on to Milguard. Seevral weeks went by with no action of communications. I went in person to Dixiline store and learned that info had been submitted but Dixiline was not responsible. Milguard to start everything from scratch. After insisting that Milguard look at Dixiline assessment scope of work was supposedly agreed but it took 3 visits to complete the scope because parts were not ordered or brought or were wrong etc. We appreciate the fact that all the work was conducted under warranty but were disappointed in number of hours we had to invest in being available for the technician to come when the task could have been comlpeted in one brief visit (seal replacement mechanism repair and adjustment) April 1, 2013
Window Problem We have had the same tech come out every year to fix our windows and he does a great job each time. My complaint would be why do I have to have my windows fixed each year? Our windows either need to be replaced or a permanent solution come up with. April 1, 2013
Pleasant to work with! It was a painless experience. Something that you rarely find these days. Milgard does stand behind their product. Something you can count on! April 1, 2013
My service appointment was changed at the last minute. My service appointment was scheduled 2 weeks in advance then the day before I was contacted ant the appointment was changed. Patty S. did not schedule the appointment correctly. I was supposed to be the first appointment of the day and ended up as the last appointment because the third installer and a piece of equipment were going on another call. March 31, 2013
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