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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

Milgard Service 4.7 5 6020 8167
Fantastic service! We have 40 Milgard windows in our home which we built 15 years ago. The service we received from Milgard when the windows were installed was excellent. The service we have received on repairs/replacement of the windows has always been excellent. We love our windows and the Milgard service that comes with them. Fantastic company! February 5, 2013
Excellent Communication/On Time/Knowledgeable Fairly minor issue with window latching mechanism not being aligned properly, thus window did not lock & also was very drafty. Service man simply removed lock mechanism, repositioned it, drilled a new hole for the retaining screw, & reattached. Room now feels warmer as there's no longer any problem with unworkable lock or air infiltration thru window because frame couldn't be properly positioned due to misalignment. Thanks Milgard ! Cox/Anderson Windsor, Colo. February 4, 2013
Straight A. I was very happy with Milgard's entire response to my request to have a window repaired. It took only a minute on the phone to get a repair job scheduled. The guy was not only on time, but a little early. He went right to work and had the thing repaired within 20 minutes, including a little bit of cleanup and moving a heavy couch. I give him an "A Plus," and an A Plus for Milgard. February 4, 2013
A fantastic experience overall...but slow to get window replaced Milgard did a great job overall. Very professional, excellent system. Excellent response and so on. It did take a long time to get our replacement window. Long time to get the technician to our house and then several more weeks to get the window replaced. It wasn't terrible or anything, just longer than we expected. February 4, 2013
Best service ever! Betty is wonderful - courteous and prompt! Technicians are arrive when stated and complete work professionally. Milgard's guarantee is the best! February 4, 2013
very happy with quick response to problem Service was prompt and repairs done quickly. Courteous workmen, very professional. February 4, 2013
I am very pleased with this company at how well they service their customers. I am very pleased at the service Milgard provides their customers. If I were building a home today I would insist on Milgard windows. They make it easy to report problems and take care of them promptly. February 4, 2013
They stand behind their product No problems getting two windows, circa 2000, replaced when the air seal broke. Our whole house has Milgard windows. Glad we chose this brand. February 2, 2013
Service tech was punctual, fast and experienced. However, he left foot prints on our floor which had to be cleaned. Technician did a good job and was knowledgable. However, he had little regard for the footprints he was leaving on the flloor. Wish he had used shoe covers when coming in with wet feet. February 2, 2013
Satisfied Customer I am exceptionally please with the quality and service. I had a repair issue that was taken care of in the most satisfactory manner. I will recommend them to all my friends. February 2, 2013
Exemplary service that's less common every day. I could not be happier with the Milgard repair service. I was treated with courteous, prompt attention to a broken window problem. We had a window that broke for reason that is a mystery to us. The inner pane only of the dual pane window broke from corner to corner. Although the Milgard service tech explained that glass breakage was not covered in the lifetime guarantee (which I understand and agree with) a service repair tech was sent out and the window was repaired free of charge. To me that is Milgard going the extra mile to satisfy a customer. I am completely satisfied that I chose Milgard windows and I recommend this company without reservation. February 2, 2013
Very happy with the service. The service tech was very pleasant and efficient. Three windows were replaced in about an hour. February 1, 2013
Not only great-outstanding This guy was good! Efficient, pleasant, reprersent your company very well. Thanks. February 1, 2013
Top Notch Customer Service I initially called with general questions about Milgard's warranty. The customer service rep was so helpful after I explained my concern with one of my windows, that she immediately scheduled a tech to come over and replace it. I was called back several days later to confirm the appointment and the tech arrived on time as scheduled. What a breath of fresh air when you receive great customer service. Based on this experience alone, I will always recommend Milgard windows in the future. Thank you Milgard! February 1, 2013
Milgard is amazing! We built our home 13 years ago and decided to use Milgard windows and sliding doors throughout. They make a beautiful product and I believe it is absolutely the best value. The quality is excellent and we've only had a couple minor issues to date (normal wear and tear) and those didn't occur until after 10 years. In order to resolve the problem, I called their toll free number and a technician was scheduled to repair the issues within10 days. The customer service was excellent and the repairs were made "free of charge". Based on my 13 years experience with their product, Milgard is the ONLY manufacturer I would recommend for windows and sliding doors. February 1, 2013
Window replacement Scott L. was the one who installed the replacement windows on in our bedroom. He was extremely thourough and courteous. He even suggested things I could do on the outside to ensure a better seal around the windows to prevent leaking from rain. I am very impressed with the quality of the Milgard brand of windows and the NO Hassel replacement of windows with damaged seals. Thanks Milgard you can be assured if I ever need new windows in my next home your company will be at the top of the list. As a side note the installation of the windows done by the contractor Polygon was shoddy at best and poorly done which is why I am having some leaking during heay rains and wind. February 1, 2013
The service was great. Our service rep was very professional, knew what he was doing and went overboard to take care of the issues. We had called him on one broken spring but when he got here he realized that we had the old springs. He changed every spring in the house (24 windows). Was in and out in no time. Thanks for the great job Andrew!! February 1, 2013
Great service I don't like service techs coming to my house! Mlguard service tech was on time professional and curteous and fixed our window with no problem. He even covered his shoes before coming into our house. Thank you Milguard, Jim Quiroga February 1, 2013
Problem Solved! Our new Essence windows had air leaks which caused noises when the wind blew. The Service Rep identified a potential solution based on my discription of the problem. The Techinician verified that the dust blocks were compressed and not providing the correct seal. TheTechnician was able to replace the damaged dust blocks with new ones which had been ordered by the Service Rep. The proactive work of the Service Rep prevented the delay that would have happened when the Technician identified the problem, ordered the new dust blocks and had to make a second tript to install. Great teamwork.! January 31, 2013
Good service. Got 3 emails for every communication. The service was good, but it took a while to get it scheduled. For some reason they sent me 3 emails for every communication. January 31, 2013
Fantastic!!!! The service tech's were ahead of the scheduled time and worked very fast at getting the job done. They replaced two windows and were very professonal. Very Satisfied with my new windows. Love the lifetime warranty. Thank You January 31, 2013
Very good experience Your service was very quick, easy and professional. The job site was all cleaned up and our window looks great again. Also, the phone scheduler was very polite and called well in advance to notifiy us of an issue so we did not waste time on the initial day. thanks January 31, 2013
french door fix I am so happy with Milgard's service. They've been out twice for two different issues and have exceeded my expectations both times. Hats off to Milgard. January 31, 2013
Service good except for financial loss due to defective products I installed six doors with internal blinds. They proved to be defective and were all replaced. The new blinds work flawlessly so far. The issue I have is that I now have to replace the window tint that was on all six windows. Your company rep told me that I could not be compensated for my loss as the tint voids the warranty. I looked at the warranty which states that if the damage is caused by the application of tint that it would not be covered but not that the warranty will be voided. I discussed the window tint replacement for months while waiting to replace the windows. I was expecting to be covered as the defective windows are a manufacturing defect as all six windows functioned poorly and it was not my fault. Only after the windows were replaced, I was contacted by a company service representative informing me that to compensate me for my loss would be against company policy as it endorses window tinting. I find this rationale problematic as I am left with the bill to replace the tint to match the upper Milgard Windows which are tinted. January 31, 2013
Window not fixed Rep today said there is nothing wrong with the window. This is the 3rd sevice call on the window. It's been bad since '06 when we moved in the house. All other 40 windows or whatever we have in the house our fine. This one feels like it's open in the winter and is the only one that gets ice all over it. It leaks. The Rep told my Wife today that there is nothing wrong with this window. At this point I would stay clear of Milgard windows. January 31, 2013
Will always buy Milgard Our experience with Milgard windows has been nothing but positive. The initial installation was quick and efficient and the windows vastly improved the quality of life in our home by eliminating drafts and minimizing noise. The few problems we've had since have been promptly addressed in a professional manner with no cost to us. January 31, 2013
Broken window repair We had the inner glass break on a 2 pane window (that was roughly 9 years old) due to the winter cold. The company replaced it at no cost to us and the tech who came to do the install was kind, clean and very professional. He explained why it happens in a very understandable way and was not demeaning in any way. Was in and out in roughly 10 minutes. January 31, 2013
Phone response for warranty service could be better, but your installer was excellent. I am extremely pleased with you installer, he was professional and prompt. I am pleased with the warranty coverage and would dfinetly recommend you for making good on your product. January 31, 2013
Good Service, Tech was Great Everything would've been perfect except for the fact that the factory sent the wrong size glass replacement the first time and we had to reschedule for another tech visit 1 week later. The phone reps are courteous and the tech seemed to know exactly what to do to solve the problem. I'm very happy with my Milgard lifetime guarantee -- that's not something you get from many other companies these days! January 31, 2013
Fast response! My garage window shattered in the recent cold spell. It appears that the window had been leaking between the panes, iced up and one of the panes broke when it warmed up. Milgard was awesome! I did not have to find the paperwork fromr when it was installed 11 years ago, they had all that on record and looked it up quickly. It was replaced with no questions asked and no cost to me. I would highly recommend Milgard windows for their customer service and follow through on any problems that may arise. January 31, 2013
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