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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Good Job! This was a warranty issue from a bad seal. It was taken care of with no hassle and the service was simple--good job; I will be updating more windows and I will specify Milgard brand again. Thanks for the good work! Bob April 30, 2013
Choose Milgard, then you are all set, window wise My house was built in 1990, or circa 23 years ago. I had circa 80 Milgard windows in different shapes and sizes. None of them failed during the period except one. The one which failed was installed in the kitchen. To maximize the view and the light, that window had no eaves over it, meaning the window was exposed to the element all the time, rain or shine for circa 23 years in Northwest before it failed. 23 years is not a short time. A window that can sustain the test of 23-year proves its durability. Even if after the window failed, the pros in the Milgard took care of it immediately by professionally scheduling and finishing the job on time. That's why I would say: Choose Milgard, and you are all set , window wise. April 30, 2013
milgard's overall service is second to none.. Our experience with Milgard has been wonderful. From initial contact with the representative through installation of new windows by our service tech, the service has been pleasant and very professional. We feel as though we are treated like family, they have been so kind. April 30, 2013
This service was great While cleaning the windows of our new home, we found that the Dining room window was out of alignment, thus was not sealing. The service Rep. was on time and quickly repaired the problem. He was very nice & professional. April 30, 2013
yes , the service was great. The quick response to my initial request for service was unbelievable, and the appointment was set within a week. The installer arrived within the two-hour timeframe and was very professional changing out the window in less than 40 minutes. Everything perfect now. Very pleased with the Milgard warranty and service. Highly recommend! April 30, 2013
see below Probably one of the most professional services I have been involved with in years. Keep up the good service. Very impressed with your two representatives. Thanks April 30, 2013
Excellent service Your technicians were on time, professional and extremely knowledgable. They had the situation remedied to our delight in a flash! April 29, 2013
Smooth and professional installation. The installers knew exactly what they were doing and replaced the damaged window with a broken seal. Both Robert and John were both professional and efficient. I'm very happy with the install and can now see the beautiful view without an obstruction. April 29, 2013
I was very impressed with my service We have had Milgard Windows for years, with absolutely no problems. We love these windows. We did notice that there was a slight problem with one of our bathroom windows andI noticed it had a film inside the pane, so we called Milgard and they immediately took care of us. The service was excellent. They kept in touch with us by phone calls and e-mails and my installer was right on time. We absolutely have no complaints, just compliments. Thank you. April 29, 2013
Outstanding service at all levels This was a warranty reinstall matter. Everyone was so attentive and responsive that you would have thought I was making a new large purchase. Pat was wonderful to work with and has a great personality. The guys who performed the work were outstanding. They were all polite and professional and completed the install so fast and efficiently that I didn't even know when they left. You have a great organization,. April 29, 2013
Oh my gosh! There remains in this day and age a commitment to quality and service. Ten year old sliding glass door with a worn out bottom track. They're sending a technition to fix it AT NO COST! Made my day! April 29, 2013
Great service Tech called ahead, showed up as we were advised and did an excellent job of installing the replacement glass. Great overall service. April 29, 2013
Great Service - poor appointment wait time Phone and in home service were great, professional, fast and easy. However appointment was scheduled more than one month out...very long time to wait for maintenance. April 29, 2013
Excellent Due to scheduling conflicts with my work, I needed to re-schedule my orginal early March appointment several times. I spoke with several very helpful people in the Service Scheduling Department and they were very understanding when I needed to reschedule (3 xs). Finally, everything worked out and I was able to meet the Service Technician on April 23rd. He was friendly and very professional, and completed the window pane replacement in 30 minutes. My Milgard Windows were first installed in March, 2002. This was the first warranty service coverage I needed. I am extremley happy with them and have referred several family and friends to Milgard dealers in their area. April 29, 2013
A manufacturer with real customer service! You stand behind your good product, and if there is a problem, you solve it quickly. In this day and age of robotic phone trees and impersonal emails, you stand out. I could not be happier. Thank you April 29, 2013
Excellent warranty coverage and service The sliding glass door in our 10 yr old home was very difficult to open and close. Milgard confirmed we were the original home owners and covered the repair of the sliding glass door under warranty. I was pleasantly surprised about the warranty coverage because I assumed that I would have to pay for the repair out of my own pocket. Based on my experience Milgard provided excellent warranty coverage and service. The service techs had the door repaired and aligned in less than 20 minutes and even tightened the handle, which was a little lose, something I had not noticed or asked them to repair. It was a great service experience all the way around and I will definitely want Milgard products in whatever home I own. April 29, 2013
Superb service The initial appointment was arranged via internet, but it turned out the time slot they gave me was going to conflict with an appointment across town that I had. So they had the technician call me to work out a time. He came, replaced a latch and balancer on a newly installed window, and installed the screen.....all within less than 15 minutes. The tech was very friendly, professional and certainly knowledgeable! He demonstrated how to remove the window, and how to install screens on this particular window, and checked to see if I had any other questions. I couldn't be happier with Milgard's service!! April 29, 2013
Excellent service and quality individual Arrived on time. Got right to the problem. Replaced the hinge and lubricated all of the other hinges and threshold. Looking forward to hearing back from Milgard about replacing my screens. April 29, 2013
Excellent prompt service Timing was great, service was good. Quality of the windows not so strong especially with the plastic latches. Also some of the brackets are make the up down windows close a little off. April 29, 2013
locking the door issues We got our patio door about a month ago. Since then it is difficult to lock the door. We have to find the exact spot of which we can lock the door. Isf we push the door too much or too little, the door will not be locked. This is unacceptable and we had not bought the doors from Millgard if we knew that this is how the final product function. April 29, 2013
Fast and efficient! The response to my email was within 24 hours. They had already found our records from 15 years ago. We talked about which windows had a problem, they were out within 10 days to replace the window panes, no cost. Fast and efficient! April 29, 2013
Excellent Service, As Usual! We are very happy with our Milgard windows and doors which we've had for 13 years.........and the few minor issues that we've had over the years have been quickly resolved under Milgard's LifeTime Warrantee. Great Product! Great Service! April 28, 2013
very pleased with our Milgard purchase Your response was very fast,Thank you.I wanted info on buying new weather stripping for around my windows outside Black color.Today I pulled the stripping off getting ready for the new,and I found more of the same stripping on the inside of the windows wow sealed great.But on checking the seals on the inside of the windows white in color I found they were degraded as bad as the outside ones.Your company offered to send for free the stripping we needed.Now it seems we need more of the white stripping for the inside.Please give us a cost on the white stripping so we can replace it also.Thanks again. April 28, 2013
Customer Service Rep Needs Much Improvement It took several months to get two windows replaced that had broken seals. The customer service rep who took the original request was terrible. I needed to provide information that was printed on the window but the printing was not legible. She had me take photos and then never got back to me about if they were good. She was constantly using terms I would know nothing about. Finally, had to have someone come out to get the info. Overall, this experience has soured me from using Milgard in our next, upcoming, window purchases. I think I will be using a different manufacturer. April 28, 2013
Once again, Milgard provides amazing service and guarantees. The work was done on time, perfectly and with professionalism. I am so thankful that I chose Milgard for my construction project over and over again. April 28, 2013
First Class Service This is my second service from Milgard. After they have replace a couple of defect windows and springs,I relize that I have many more spring on my remain windows need to be replace. They gave me many notice when the schedule was due. The work was done clean and in timely matter. If I can build my own house,I would highly consider MIlgard window for their great warranty. Thanks again Milgard. April 28, 2013
Disappointed with the product! We had all new Milgard windows installed a couple of years ago (2010 I think) and have had more issues with them than I we expected. We had Milgard windows in our previous home, and in 20 years we never had a problem which is why we again went with Milgard. To date, 3 window side tracks came out of the casing and 3 had blown seals. I'm told, quite often the seals go bad when the windows are in high heat areas. The windows with blown seals were on the east side of our home and were shaded by a maple tree so that's not the case. Regarding service, we contacted the company we bought our windows through and they contacted Milgard. Milgard Mailed us the new track for the side with the instructions for us to install. We called and explained it would void our warranty if we touched the windows. A date and time was set up for the repair. We were told 2 pm. We returned from another appointment at noon and their was a note on the door saying we had missed our appointment. I called and was told they have a 2 hour window and I said it was suppose to be 2 pm and she said no it was suppose to be noon. Service is frustrating. Once you get a technician here, they do a great job. The technician who came even cleaned the windows ..........which is something they didn't do when they did the complete house install. April 27, 2013
Fantastic service! Great service techs with quick resolution of my problem! April 27, 2013
Milgard Quality and Repsonse Time to Service Request was Poor! Although Juan (In-home Service Tech) was professional and appeared to resolve the defective window problems, the response time from Milgard was unacceptable. I called for service on March 26, 2013 and Milgard did not complete the warranty repairs until April 25, 2013. Milgard would also not guarantee a specific time and only a assigned a two hour window for their arrival the day before the actual service was to take place. Two (2) of the six windows manufactured by Milgard and installed in my home were defective which is a high percentage. April 27, 2013
Millguard stands by their warrantee....years after installation . I am very pleased that we replaced all the windows in our house with Millguard Windows. At least 13 years after purchas they fixed our sliding glass door! We are going to be adding a large window upstairs and it will be a Milguard window- they stand by their products! April 26, 2013
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