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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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So the gal that calls you for the service is great I called to ask for a call before the tech came and NO ONE called me back, not happy.... but the techs themselves.... GREAT GREAT GREAT December 3, 2012
Milgard warranty not what I thought I was extremely disappointed when the service technician told me that after his team discovered the head of the framing screw had backed into the window gap and "supposedly" broken the seal of the window that Milgard would not stand behind the warrantee. I questioned how the screw could be the cause for the failure and he tried to convince me the screw head compromised the seal. It took the team almost 1 hour of tugging and prying before they realized the screw head was holding them up. By the time the window was removed the seal had been compromised around most of the area around the screw from all the pulling by the technicians. It cost me $1000 to replace this large window and I felt I had been cheated. What's worse, after they replaced it, I was told the window I had just replaced would not be warranteed under 2012 new condition but under the 2004 install. Why does this matter, I asked? When I sell the place, the warrantee on the windows won't transfer. So much I didn't know that I do now about Milgard... NOT HAPPY! December 3, 2012
Good experience. The only possible disappointment is that this door is still 2 to 3 times harder to slide than the other Milgard door that we have. The tech changed out the rollers and lower roller guide that did improve the door but still not as good as the door that was repaired 6 or 7 years ago. The tech was very courteous and professional. December 3, 2012
Technician ontime courteous and resolved all the problems Technician ontime courteous and resolved the 2 issues had. 2ND issue was on 3 of the larger windows. He fix each of time take the care not to damage the window nor hit on anything, while working as fast as he can. I'm very satisfied with Milgrad Service. Thank you MANUEL. December 3, 2012
Great Warranty - Great Service We installed Milgard windows 12 years ago. We were happy to get high quality windows at a reasonable price. After 12 years we had a couple windows where the seal was compromised and the window discolored. It was hard to notice, but I thought something was wrong. I contacted Milgard through their website and was responded to in a couple days. They sent a tech out in less than two weeks and new windows were ordered and installed two weeks later. Incredible service on a lifetime warranty after so many years. Thanks Milgard! December 3, 2012
Horrible customer service!! Essence Series ARE NOT real wood My parents had a bad experience with Milgard. Essence Series does not have real wood for windows AND doors. Make sure that you ask to see window's AND door's cutaways so you won't be fooled. They recently purchased the Essence products and was fooled by their "real wood" claim. Even their sales people did not know the door was not made of wood. They appeared to try hard to resolve the dispute. Each time it took one month for someone to get back to you. Phone calls and email are unanswered. December 2, 2012
Great Service I have had service on my Milgard windows 3 times in 12 years. Service is always prompt and professional. It took longer this time to get service but I suppose that means that Milgard is selling more windows! December 1, 2012
The service technicians got the job done! I had to wait a month for an appointment in Walnut Creek on a Friday. The service rep really wanted me to try and fix the problem myself, which I had tried to do before calling. December 1, 2012
Technical expertise was great. Problem was schedling appointment. Had some difficulty scheduling on-site work due to technician's obligations on large off-island job. Once we were able to get him on-site, work went very well. Milgard tech may have needed backup help for large off-island project. December 1, 2012
Professional, and prompt. Got great service in a timely maner. I would recommend Milgard to anyone. They truly stand behind their product. December 1, 2012
Service The only thing that disappointed us was that this problem had not been taken care of last time we had Milgard at our house. We noticed an issue on one window and contacted Milgard. Service person came out, but he told us there was nothing wrong with the window. But according to the home inspector who checked our house for a purchase, there was a problem indeed with the window and we had to repeat the process again. We wish that the first service person took care of it, so the second trip was not needed. November 30, 2012
I was very appreciative of the short time frame for arrival. the technicians were very prompt efficient and courteous. I''m willing to give a review but why make it so difficult November 30, 2012
On time, fast and efficent............ Your man arrived on time, was very professional and customer oriented. He took out failed window and installed new and was gone in 40 minutes or less.. Great Job....Thanks November 30, 2012
Very Good service The techs that came to repair the window and sliding door were very professional and pleasant and willing to assist any problems that I pointed out that needed their expertise. November 30, 2012
Excellent service and friendly staff. I am absolutely speachless - I have never had better service anywhere. You all do an amazing job. Thank you! November 30, 2012
Prompt and professional They scheduled my appointment within a week. I especially like that they sent an email not only to remind me of the appointment, but of who the technician was that was going to respond to my house. The information included a picture and name. That is a great feature!! The tech was friendly, informative and professional. Thanks! November 30, 2012
Wow, Milgard provided me with excellent service My experience with Milgard was so easy right from the first phone call until the service tech left my house. They had all of the info regarding my purchase on file. They called to see if an earlier service appointment would be more convenient for me. They sent an email reminder and a follow up email to see how my service experience was. The website was easy to navigate. The service tech arrived at my door with clean white booties in hand without my requesting them. He was professional, clean, fast and fixed my window right on the truck. They are trained well. I guess it's easy when you have a great product and warranty. Thank you to everyone at Milgard. November 29, 2012
job well done A service personal arrive on time and stress free. He was a really helpful. November 29, 2012
Caring, Concerned & Prompt Service! Paulino the service tech from Milgard came to my home to fix my Casita sliding door. He arrived promptly at the projected time arranged, had the required part to replace the defective one, and was finished within 2-3 minutes! He was caring and expressed concern about my frustration regarding my guests not being able to close the Casita door properly due to a defective door piece. Paulino encouraged me to contact him/Milgard immediately should I experience any future problems with my door and Milgard would take care of it! Thank you Milgard. Thank you Paulino! November 29, 2012
Customer service is excellent! Cherie and Edgar were professional, polite and very helpful. I would recommend Milgard Windows to anyone! November 29, 2012
The installation was great! Except for having to contact the store where we bought our windows twice to get Milgard to call us everything was great. My only other recommendation would be to have a direct line to contact Milgard instead of having to go through the original store where we bought our windows. November 29, 2012
Great customer service everytime!! Milgard manufacturers an excellent product and their warranty is awesome!! November 29, 2012
WONDERFUL SERVICE, AS USUAL! This is the third service that Milgard has performed at our home (each one was a different window). We are amazed at how courteous and professional everyone at Milgard is in representing their company. Milgard really stands behind their product and goes the extra mile to make sure the customer is happy. I recommend Milgard windows to everyone at my workplace as well as my neighbors. November 28, 2012
The in-home service for for window repair was great, but... I contacted service rep before the service day to confirm the service appointments, I left two voice messages but I never got any reply back. The confirmation came to my email instead. November 28, 2012
Coudn't ask for better service locating the serial number on the windows was the only hard part, but when I called, the Representative was able to find my full order from many years ago on their database; was able to locate the window that needed replacement and the technician who came to my home to replace it was nothing but the best. Thank you! November 28, 2012
Excellent same day service. Proferssional and prompt. Picked up the replacement part the same day. I have enjoied the windows for many years. This is the first item we have had a problem with and we picked up the replacement part on the same day. A lifelong Milgard customer. November 28, 2012
see review below Felix arrived on time. He was very friendly and professional answering all of our questions. After listening to his explanation we realized that we may not need service at this time he was more than cooperative and would have changed our glass if that was the only way to satisfy our concerns. November 28, 2012
Service Great Excellent service. On time and friendly, effiecient Tech. Polite and neat work accomplished. Thanks! November 28, 2012
some problems existed thank you for the opportunity to give you feedback on milgard's service. just so you know: - after waiting several weeks to have our faulty garden window pane replaced, the tech brought the wrong one - when he returned 2 weeks later (a lengthy delay at at a rainy time of year), he came in the morning BUT he had been scheduled for afternoon -- we were lucky our tenants were there at the time November 28, 2012
I LOVE Milgard! Friendly, helpful, professional, knowledgeable, disciplined, organized, timely...what a wonderful experience! November 27, 2012
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