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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Replaced bottom track, but not seal The plastic lip with brush strip to seal the bottom track of our sliding glass door broke. We call to check if it was under warranty. They said it was and scheduled a replacement. We gave them the color and size info, they found our installation info in their database and all was confirmed. However, when the tech arrived, he only replaced steal section of the bottom track (which was fine and didn't need replacing. When we showed him the damaged part, he said that was due to "wear and tear" and was not covered under the warranty. Sadly, while this started out as a good experience, it did not end that way. November 18, 2012
the tech was nice but he was given the wrong parts to fix the problem very poor. it has been over 2 months and the problem is still not fixed. November 17, 2012
Great job!!! Very impressive!! Milgard stands by their product and services it as promised. Great product and excellent service. They set the bar for others to strive for. November 17, 2012
Well Done! Jose was right on time, he know exactly what to do, he protected the area around the window. The defective pane was replaced in about fifteen minutes, door to door. It is a pleasure to work with someone who knows exactly what and how to do the job. November 17, 2012
Great in-home service but poor response to initial request It took me two attempts to schedule my warrantee service. I used the online tool but my request was lost. I had to call to schedule the service. When I called, I was notified that the Milgard computer system was acting odd and that my initial request was not received. This is unacceptable. From a customer service standpoint, my first request should have gone through. The in-home service technician was very friendly and knowledgable. He arrived promptly and fixed my problem quickly. November 16, 2012
I actually "enjoyed" having the window replaced due to the staffs caring attitude! I have had Milgard Service out twice. My windows are 20 years old and had no problem getting the warrantee service. The service tech was very personable, polite, careful, prompt, professional and just a very nice man to deal with. I can say I actually "enjoyed" the experience. My hats off to Milgard and their very professional staff! Thank you so much for your prompt attention and professionalism and understanding. November 16, 2012
I received the same high level of profession excellence that I've come to expect with each Milgard contact. Actually finding time to call Milgard was the hardest part of getting service to a bedroom window installed in 1999. The Customer Service person I talked with was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, and an appointment was set up with no hassle. The service rep who came to the house yesterday was also very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. He took one look, saw the problem, got his tool box and materials and solved the problem, washed the window, and was gone within an hour. It can't possible get any better than this!!! November 16, 2012
service was very good, had a slight problem getting my service date changed had a slight problem getting my service date changed. the automatic email reminder, did not cancel the old date. the date was actually changed on the order, just the automatic reminder messed up, so i had to call back to make sure the proper date was there. it was. the service tech was very good. kept the house clean and "got her done". the alarm system magnet cause a problem which took a little longer than planned, be he got it right! he was very polite and very knowledgeable. it's very nice to see someone with experience (16yr) and polite too. thank you Sergio jim November 16, 2012
The service was very professional and well done The service on our windows was done thoroughly. The problem was gaps at the corners of the windows, which I thought would just be filled with caulking. The serviceman removed the existing trim and installed new trim that fit. He worked quickly and efficiently and did a good job. It was apparent that he was skilled in his area. November 16, 2012
Excellent service. Two days prior to our service date we received an email with a time frame for arrival, tech's name and a picture. Tech arrived promptly at the start of the time frame (10:30 AM) and was very pleasant and professional (even wearing protective boot covers as to not dirty the floors). Service was quick and efficient. Excellent job Milgard, that's the way to treat a customer. November 16, 2012
Buy local, be happy. Sometimes things happen. Then you think this is going to be an ordeal to get it fixed. Well, surprise surprise! No ordeal. Pretty much painless. Didn't have to argue with anyone. The warranty is for real. Then the service tech comes over and replaces the cracked glass in less than 1/2 an hour. Very professional. Good as new. I'm happy. Happy Camper November 16, 2012
Timely, professional. And friendly. Great job! Initial phone contact was warm and professional. Service person showed up exactly on time and was competent and easy to work with. Within the scope of Milgard's responsibility, he was able to address the problems. Overall, we were very satisfied with the level of service. November 16, 2012
Prompt, clean, professional, and quick. This was a second service call from Milgard (for separate issues) and both service calls were exactly as scheduled and very professional from the intial phone call to the final clen-up when complete. This the way "customer service" was meant to be. November 16, 2012
We were not happy with the service Our window started a small leak after being installed this summer. A service tech. came and spent a total of fifteen minutes. He put a silicone treatment on the window and said to call if that did not work. I think a new window replacement should have been considered. November 16, 2012
Outstanding Tech Working For An Outstanding Company If all techs were Andy and all customer service people were like Sheila the world would be a better place. This was the 3rd trip for Andy. The 1st and 2nd trips he replaced window sections. The 3rd trip I felt so dumb, it took Andy 2 seconds to realize hat the window was not going all the way in the window frame pocket. The window just has to be guided into the window and all works just as advertised. Great team effort. Andy and Sheila make Milgard look great, please keep them. We are moving to the metro Phoenix area, I hope I don't need window service, but if I do I hope I can find people like Andy and Sheila. Thanks so much. E.B. November 16, 2012
Bad Comunication I was told that a service tech would be arriving between 2-4. I called the service department at 1:30 and asked to be called before tech showed up, and was told no problem. Turns out that Tech showed up at 1:00 and completed repair without my supervision. My client was glad to get it done after waiting almost three weeks, but my opportunity to service my client and learn about repair was lost. November 16, 2012
Completely satisfied! Phone response was prompt and competent. Technician on-site was courteous and exacting. Installers had a window that fit exactly, were on time, and finished neatly and quickly. I could not be more pleased! November 15, 2012
We love,love love,Milgard and how they stand behind their product with pride! Thank heavens we took our builder's advice and installed Milgard Windows 15 years ago in our home. The service technicians are simply the best, we have ever seen in their knowledge, installation abilities and unwillingness to comprimise on quality. They have caught a factory mistake in a replacement window and called in an order for a new window on something we might never have noticed. Be smart don't try to save a few bucks now for something you will have forever. Thank you so much Milgard. November 15, 2012
Very efficient and professional. Bob was very nice. Always answered emails and returned phone calls right away. Aaron arrived when promised, got right to work and replaced windows quickly. There was something between the panes on one of the replacement windows. Aaron gave us our options of reordering or making a note in the file. We chose to hold off replacing, but appreciate how he wanted to make sure we were satisfied and taken care of. EXCELLENT customer service! November 15, 2012
Service was great! Service was great, did not show up with in the service window. November 15, 2012
Milgard continues excellent product support Once again, the folks at Milgard Windows demonstrate their commitment to their customer and product. Earlier this week, Saib arrived - ON-TIME (yes, you got that right, he was here right on time at the beginning of the service appointment time range). Saib is very courteous, knowledgable and efficient. He made the required repairs. EVERY service call should be as smooth and timely. Thanks to Saib, Patti, and John for their help. Rick November 15, 2012
The service was outstanding. Excellent service from the office staff to the installers! Each individual was well versed in their job. The window looks great! November 15, 2012
Timely, professional, efficient! Jerry and Rob showed up on the dime, quickly diagnosed and fixed the two problems I had with my 3 year old skylight and window latch. They were professional and kind from start to finish. I particularly liked how they took extra time to explain and show me exactly what the problem was and how they were able to fix it. I am VERY confident in Milgard and certainly love the warranty!! ...Impressive all the way around! November 15, 2012
Best service and warranty We chose Milgard when we built our custom home back in 2002. Since then we have had a few minor issues with latches and one glass cartridge leaked. We were serviced within a week each time and we were very happy with the professionalism and competence of the servicemen. We would recommend Milgard to anyone who is considering any new construction or replacement. Being a contractor myself and seeing the poor service of most all of the high end window manufacturers I would choose Milgard over all of them. November 15, 2012
Can't beat Milgard and their Service! I've been in my house 20 yrs now and I'm so thankful my house was built and installed with Milgard windows. They have stood behind their product 100% and are always prompt and curtious. I can't say enough about scott their installer, he also has been with the company a very long time and is always very considerate and reliable. You can depend on the Milgard product! November 14, 2012
Broken Seal window replacement The seal broke on one of a pair of bronzed windows MG no longer makes. Realizing that the windows, being so close together, would no longer match, they decided to replace both windows. That reflects a high sense of quality and integrity. The service tech was very efficient and fast. I'm going to build in the future and will only buy MG windows. Thanks November 14, 2012
Great repair service. Excelente products and great service after the sale. November 14, 2012
Great Service and Professionalism I contacted Milgard about an issue in my skylight. They responded to me very quickly, asking for clarifications and with suggestions and explanation for the issue I was having. Within short period, they proactively scheduled an appointment, had service technicians sent over to my house and had the issue fixed. The technicians were very pleasant and showed great professionalism, and were done with the work within 15 minutes. All in all, great customer service and I will highly recommend Milgard. November 14, 2012
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