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At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Very pleased with Milgard and their prompt service The technicians I had were very professional and prompt. It is indeed a pleassure to deal with Milgard and their reputation is stellar. Thank you. Miriam Fish, Escondido January 20, 2013
The service to my sliding glass door was done to my complete satisfaction! Everything went as smooth and as quickly as I could have ever asked for. Our service tech repaired my sliding glass door back to perfect condition. Thanks for the great job Milgard! January 20, 2013
Not a happy customer!!! We entered into contract on 9/20/12 with installation in October. It is now late January and the problem with my screen door is still not resolved. From the day of installation, I mentioned that the door sticks and it was not acceptable. It was also noted at the time of installation that both the screen door screen and an adjacent window screen were damaged on installation along with a gash in the ceiling and some damage to interior framing. A "repairman" came out about a month later and replaced the window screen but could not resolve the sliding door issue. After another wait, another repairman came out on January 11th with a new screen door and again could not get the door to slide smoothly. We mutually agreed that the framing was binding the door and that an installation repairman would have to come out and take measurements again. I had impressed upon him the need to get this done quickly and was assured it would be. After a week, we had not heard from Milgard and we made a call to you. We were told it would be in early February before anyone could come out with no reassurance that "measurements" would be taken or a new door would be provided. To say the least, I am very disappointed. You have my money but the job is incomplete. How long is this going to take? January 20, 2013
Good service people We have had warranty service with our windows over several years. The company totally follows through with its guarantee. The technicians are efficient and friendly. They know what they are doing. January 18, 2013
Great service on warrant replacement I'm glad we had these windows installed in our new home and had great service with them. Especially with warranty on a problematic window. January 18, 2013
Awesome Job!!! Fantastic Customer Service with Mary Ann & Service with Mark...Great job!!! - Doug January 18, 2013
Quick, easy, free repair I had eleven windows installed in 1996. This fall, a couple of windows would no longer close all the way -- they left a one-inch gap at the bottom. Thx to the lifetime warranty, I emailed a request and Milgard immediately scheduled a tech, who replaced the old springs in about ten minutes. Problem solved! I was impressed that he was also willing to give me a tutorial on how to remove the windows and spray silicone lubricant to keep everything moving freely. I'm very pleased and only wish I'd thought to contact Milgard when the problem first occurred instead of trying (and failing) to fix it myself - and then just stuffing sweaters in the gap for a couple of months! January 18, 2013
Not a huge problem but persistent. No emergency. Not a big deal. Thank you for asking me to review your service. Since our purchase of this new home on April 11, 2008, one bedroom door has been a problem to thoroughly secure. Adjustments are made by Milgard but the problem eventually returns when the seasons change. Milgard service has sent many different representatives who adjust the door. The last service person - another new one, promised to get back to us, install replacement parts, but dropped the ball. We do not pursue the issue of the door until the weather is warm. Usually July. The last service phone call was not followed up with a service visit for over a month. The service visit was made in July or August? Now it's January and nothing! The parts the door needs are ordered? I have no idea. No one ever calls to do followup. Our last service was this past summer. I am just now getting this survey. I don't do follow up calls to keep Milgard on the ball. The problem is not that big. I am their customer. Maybe I should become a squeaky wheel. They should be of service to me with no chasing required no matter the size of the problem. I will call again in July when my work schedule is slow again. Maybe Milgard will call me in June. We are patient people. January 18, 2013
unsatisfactory due to incompetent follow-up for sizing and lack of care and professionalism of the installation crew. The initial email schedule did not agree with the spoken agreed upon time. The initial installation could not be done because they realized they had the wrong size when they came. There was an immediate re-schedulel, which was appreciated. When crew came with right window they shattered the old window while taking it out. About a day later we realized there was broken glass on the driveway where we drive our cars on. We cleaned it all up ourselves. Having to re-schedule because of crew bring wrong window size has happened before. January 17, 2013
The service was excellent. When I contacted Milgard,I was treated very well.The service caller took my info and responded with an timely manor.The service Technician came to the house looked and found the problems of the windows and with an timely manor(a few weeks) the windows were replaced,and came out great.I want to thank Rudy and Thomas,the service tech's for doing a wonderful job.Thank you, January 17, 2013
Great service! Minor problem with a newly installed window was promptly taken care of. They were great at working with my schedule and getting someone out in a timely manner. The guys were here on time and had the problem taken care of in no time. Over all an excellent experience!! Thank You! January 17, 2013
Outstanding Value - The Guarantee As an orignial homeowner, I have been using Milgard windows since the 1980's. There life time warranty did not start until the 1990's sometime. By 2012, I had two octogon windows and two skylights fail and leaking. The techs came out and acknowledged the problems. I was then scheduled for repair. They returned prompltly with new windows and repaired the skylights. They did a terrific job. Now were are waiting for our next big rains to hit to see if the repaired skylight have been fixed appropriately. The techs said if they fail, they will be back to correct the problem. I am very satistied. January 17, 2013
Could not be better! A Milgard window of ? age developed condensation between the panes. After calling Milgard, a service visit was scheduled to evaluate the problem. Milgard called two days before to give a two hour time window for the visit. The techs arrived on time, evaluated the problem in minutes, and told me it was covered under the lifetime warranty. Another visit was scheduled in about two weeks to replace the window. Same scenario. The techs were very professional, polite and skillful, had the window replaced in under ten minutes, and were on their way. If all companies serviced their products like Milgard, this would be a better world! January 17, 2013
The Priorities Needs Some Adjusting The only criticism I have about this service call was the ability to get someone out to our home to assess the problem and then resolve the problem. My first call for service was 2 weeks before Christmas. We were having a large family and friend gathering on December 24 and the large, major kitchen window began fogging up with water droplets and stains between the panes. I told the person on the phone that this window was going to get a lot of attention because it was the major viewing window in our kitchen. But the earliest a technician could come out just to assess the problem and take measurements was after New Year's Day. Once assessed, the windows were installed on January 17th. I can't tell you how many comments we received about the poor condition of our kitchen window. They all asked who the manufacturer of our window was, when did I first call for service and why did it take so long to get it replaced. All of these people own upscale homes and many are about 15 years old. Many of them are considering replacing their current windows and doors. Maybe you could have answered these questions better than I could. January 17, 2013
Window handle repair Service man was timely, very pleasant, upon my request explained the issue to me and was very respectful of my time. Appreciate the great effort January 16, 2013
I will repeat my business with Milgard! When I contacted Milgard customer service re: a patio slider that was installed six years ago, I fully expected the run around and claims about the small print in the warranty, etc. But instead I received a 'Yes, we'll come out and have a look at it'. What a relief. Milgard technicians came out three separate times to help resolve my problem. I will definitely put Milgard products in my next house. Thanks! January 16, 2013
excellent service In these times of automation and poor service, it is wonderful to see a company that provides prompt, efficient personal service. I highly recommend Milgard and this service. January 16, 2013
excellent things went well..the guys were on time and got done quickly...thnks....w January 16, 2013
A rare but true lifetime warranty Milgard does not only claim to warranty their windows, but they actually do respond quickly and repair the problem. They do not inquire as to how the problem occurred, but simply respond and fix. Also, their windows "work" as expected which is especially appreciated in freezing weather. January 16, 2013
Wonderful The service representatives were very polite and responsive. They were easy to work with and got the job done quick. January 16, 2013
Service is excellent Your representative showed up on time and completed the window replacement in less than 1/2 hour. Very professional. January 16, 2013
Felix I believe was the gentleman's name that came out on 1/14/2013 to my home was pleasant, yet focused. Nice disposition and knowledgeable! I would have to say that from the initial establishment to the actual visitation of the service technician, Milgard has it RIGHT! They are about customer service with appropriate follow up and I feel they see the benefit of customer lifetime value! I would recommend to anyone looking for window or patio slider replacements for their home, Milgard manufactured items. They have stood behind what they said they would within the scope of their warranty and delivered in this instance. I can't thank you enough for your courteous, professional service. I wish you much success and longevity in the industry! January 16, 2013
Excellent service through and through. The service tech came at 3pm and after 15 minutes or so replaced the bad part, sprayed silicone on the track and we were good to go. My problem was a latch wouldn't completely close and he fixed it in a jiffy. January 16, 2013
Great Job! Service Tech came back a second time because the first window dimensions were not correct. He recognized the problems and remeasured the window to ascertain this. Due to extreme cold weather condition combined with internal heat and inability for the window to expand, it caused the glass to shatter. To compensate for this, he re-ordered a slightly larger window with thicker glass. He diagnosed the problems and worked efficiently when he returned with the new window one week later. January 15, 2013
Good job The 2 service reps completed warranty replacement of a window and a skylight. The service was done well and quickly. My only suggestion would be for the in-home reps to communicate more with the homeowner before, and perhaps during, the repairs. I like to know know what the plan is at least in some detail before strangers start walking throughout my home and on the roof. It's possible I want this more than the typical homeowner, but my recent experience with other contractors suggests that these other companies train their employees to over-communicate during the visit. Overall I'm very pleased with Milgard and with this service visit. I feel VERY fortunate to have purchased a home 15 years ago that happened to be outfitted with Milgard windows. January 15, 2013
Great I insisted on Milgard new construction windows and I am glad I did they are great from munfacture to maintainance, I am happy with the product. January 15, 2013
Milgard is terrific! Milgard has a wonderful guarantee on their windows! My thermal pane window lost its seal after almost 20 years, and they replaced it really quickly, especially considering it was a custom size. I am very appreciative of the professionalism of all of the employees I worked with on this transaction, from the scheduler, to the measuring crew to the installers. You made it effortless for me. Thank you. I will absolutely recommend Milgard to anyone! Karen Perry January 15, 2013
Service was provided in a timely and professional manner We were pleased with the service provided. Service technicians called in advance and arrived in the prescribed time slot. The technicians that arrived were not the ones described in the email we received but they provided ID and were very polite. Our foggy window issue was easily fixed and we look forward to clear viewing from hear on out. January 15, 2013
The service was awesome Other than the wait for an appointment, everything was great. Our slider works better than when it was new. January 15, 2013
Excellent Customer Service What a great company to do business with. I would recommend that anyone considering buying windows (either for new construction or replacement) consider Milgard. Milgard puts the "Customer" back into Service. January 15, 2013
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