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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Professional, efficient, courteous service Our installer was on-time, friendly and professional. He installed our window quickly and efficiently and made sure we were satisfied with his work. Would definitely use Milgard again. March 14, 2013
Fast freeindly and on time My tech showed up early and was done in under 10 minutes. This allowed me to get on with the rest of my day, and that is greatly appreciated. March 14, 2013
Excellent service Would love to replace windows at my cost through your service center. The workers that came out were very professional and efficient. March 14, 2013
The replacement of a compromised window was excellent!! From my first call on an issue with a 6 year old window, all contacts with Milgard were superlative. They had 2 hour windows where I had to be at home and as the date came closer, this was narrowed to a 1 hour window, which saves me from wasting time sitting around. Two visits in 2 weeks, one for assessment, the final for installation. Both representatives were personable and efficient. March 14, 2013
Quick and efficient The response to our large custom window's broken seal was great. Even though the intra-pane fogging only occurred once that was obvious, the photo I took of it was sufficient to result in a full replacement. The tech quickly measured to insure the size matched what was on record, and did not interrupt our day whatsoever. The replacement took awhile to build due to its size and special considerations, but on installation day the crew was actually 1/2 hour early, and proceeded to carefully and efficiently remove the old window and get it out of the house, despite its 200 lb. weight. Ditto for getting the new one up and sealed in place, although a little dirt got tracked in when boot covers were forgotten on one trip; that was no issue and easily swept up. They finished with a thorough inside and out cleaning of the glass. March 14, 2013
The service was excellent They showed up on time, they were courteous and they cleaned up after the job was finished. Top notch service. March 14, 2013
Should have called sooner I had a problem for months and just ignored it by keeping the window shut. I finally took a few minutes to deal with it, made a call and they scheduled the appointment immediately. It couldn't have been easier. I won't wait so long next time! March 13, 2013
Truly outstanding! The only negative thing can say about this experience it that it took a month to get the appointment. I called on 2/12 and the next appointment wasn't until 3/12. It was worth he wait. On the initial call the service rep (I don't remember his name) told me that they would send an email a couple of days before the appointment as a reminder. That email included the name and a picture of the employee who would be here. They also included a window of time when they would be here and said they would call when they were on their way to my house. And that is exactly what happened. It took them all of fifteen minutes to fix the problem and they were on their way. It's nice to know that companies stand behind their products with such professionalism. March 13, 2013
The Milgard service was Outstanding!! The service was great. From the first contact with the rep to the notifications by the service department on date of instillation to the two gentlemen who installed the windows to replace the failed glass could not have been better. The men who did this work made sure they were not tracking in dirt and made the changes in time that was remarkagle to me. We couldn't be happier!! March 13, 2013
Pane repair/replace Thank you Milgard, I have had your windows in multiple houses of mine and have had them installed in everyone of my families homes as well. Everyone enjoys the ease and look of them. Not to mention the wonderful professionalism and service Milgard provides. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Chris March 13, 2013
Extremely good service In this day and age it is extremely nice to see the professionalism and promptness of this company. I would easily recommend Milgard because of the service, product and living up to their word. March 13, 2013
No problem with the service. 10 foot door double outswing French door (6'# with 2ea #2'# vent doors, inswing. Problem was sunlight was seen coming around a seal in the corner of the closed French door #right hand lower, inside looking out#. Second service call, the original door quality from the factory had located the lower hinge 1/8' forward #out# of alignment from the other 5 hinges, problem the door seal would not seal, allowing dust to enter the house. A new seal was installed, which didn't fix the problem. The lower right hinge was drilled and replaced. The door is 18 months old. Your factory solution is align the hinges square in the door prior to drilling. Original quality grade of B-, this was the second service visit. The first time align the handle latch so the door would close. There are currently no issues with the door. March 13, 2013
The service was right on point. The service rep had read my initial complaint and already had a solution ready when he came to the door. He changed the part quickly and efficiently and the door worked great after he was done. March 12, 2013
Beyond outstanding from phone call to repair. This is a class act organization. I've owned this home for 10 years, 7 as the owner and three as a landlord. These windows have never given me a single problem. As the original purchaser of this new home Milgard offers the buyer a lifetime warranty. I called, they reviewed their records, we discussed the issue, and they corrected the problem.... no questions asked. You've got to appreciate an organization that stands behind their written word. I'd strongly recommend them period!!! Dave C March 12, 2013
We are so pleased with this service! We had the windows of our whole house replaced a few years ago. Only one small window in the bathroom had a spot between the layers of glass that could not be cleaned. It was annoying to look at. We called Milgard and the window was replaced within a few weeks. The service was great, no hassle! Thanks! March 12, 2013
Awesome service I have been purchasing Milgard windows for over 20 years. The service is top notch. I am extremely disappointed that the replacement glass was not the same pattern that I had originally purchased. March 12, 2013
We received very good service The service was great. The workmen were here at the appointed time, they were very professional in the workmenship. They cleaned up any mess they made. March 12, 2013
Love that lifetime warranty, and the service guys were great. This service visit was to replace the 3 window panes in our large living room window where the e-glass had degraded over the years and looked hazy all the time. We really appreciate the lifetime warranty that allows for such service. Really enjoyed the two men who came to do the work. They were done a previous job early and called to see if they could come to us earlier. I needed them to wait a few minutes and they did without any complaint. They did the work without having to move any nearby furniture or even take down the drapes around the window they were working on. The visit allowed for 2 hours but they were done in half an hour. One of the men liked our vacation pictures on the wall and we talked for a few minutes about his travels in other countries. It was a highlight to my day to share these reminiscences with someone who had been in the same places and appreciated them, too. It was unrelated to the window repair, but made the entire interaction much friendlier. They still left ahead of schedule. Our new windows are so clear you can hardly tell there's glass in them! We hope they stay that way, but we also know if anything goes wrong with them, we can count on Milgard's lifetime warranty to correct any problems. March 12, 2013
I am totally satisfied with the handling of my window problems. It is with deep respect, satisfaction and admiration that I attribute to the Milgard Company for standing behind its guarantee on window service. The peace of mind resulting from their guarantee is inmeasurable especially in this day and age. Old fashioned service, repair and guarantee is a "breath of fresh air" in modern times! March 12, 2013
excellent service I was very supprised that all I had to do was to make one phone call and the three windows were inspected and replaced without any hassles March 12, 2013
Excellent Windows and Excellent Service!! They worked around our schedule and showed up on time, or EARLY, which is a great attribute in a installation team. And, if anything needed repair, they were even more concerned than I was. Very impressed by their standards in the quality of their work. I will definitely recommend to everyone in need of new windows in the future! March 12, 2013
Very pleasant and professional service people! Awesome service Milgard replaced a number of my windows that were installed over 15 years ago. They stand behind their lifetime guarantee. The only problem was more with the outside seal than with the windows themselves. This is an amazing service. I will always use Milgard windows in my remodeling projects. March 12, 2013
Fast, efficient and professional. We had a problem with a sliding door and the glass was replaced without any hesitation or lengthly explaination by us. Fast response and properly repaired. March 12, 2013
Experienced, Friendly Professional service call Service techs arrived close to beginning of window, worked efficiently, explained and answered questions. Couldn't be more satisfied. Thank you. March 11, 2013
The service was great! They showed up when they said they would and got the job done.Gotta love that life time guarantee! March 11, 2013
Technician was very professional The service technician did a great job. He put booties on when he arrived, so my floors stayed clean. He was on time and efficient. March 11, 2013
Excellent service all around I reported the service need online. I preferred email as communication method over phone. Everything worked flawlessly including scheduling two appointments. Quality of work and follow-up. Keep up the great work. I have my loyalty to Milgard whenever I need new Windows which I might need soon for my other house :). Samir March 11, 2013
sliding door They did an excellent job, thank you milgard. I recommend milgard to all my friend's and family. March 10, 2013
Service was on time and work performed professionally. Workers arrived on time and installed product professionally and quickly. They prepared site with drop cloths and were careful about cleaning up after installation was complete. March 10, 2013
Great Service & Grat product As a member of both the architectural and real estate development industry, I've used Milgard windows on numerous projects for over 20 years and continue to be impressed with the quality of thier product in relaiton to value and price and the consistently high quality of their customer service. Thank you Milgard! March 10, 2013
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