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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Window replacement Tech was on time, quick and friendly. Overall service was good. Not to pleased on how long it took to return my call after placing online service ticket. I had to make a follow up phone call to get someone out to my house. Thank you December 19, 2012
Could not be any easier Getting a window replaced under my warranty was entirely painless. Even though the company that installed my windows has gone out of business and its been several years since i got them, once i located the name of the manufacturer--Milgard--this process could not have been easier. A google search for Milgard, a phone call, an email of the number stamped on the window, and a couple of weeks later, I had a new window. i dealt with 2 people--the Milgard service rep who took my initial call and the local contractor who installed the window. Milgard uses all the conveniences of the internet to make this as simple as a phone call and an email. Thank you. December 19, 2012
Well done! Defect fixed carefully, quickly, and courteously. No problems. Well done. Thanks. December 19, 2012
Great Service!! The tech showed up on time, replaced four windows, and then asked if there was anything else he could help with. He was very friendly, efficient, courteous and professional. December 18, 2012
No complaints After about 30 years I was pleased with the replacement windows with no problems. This is the first company that has sent a picture of their representative in their e-mail which I found very nice. December 18, 2012
Excellent service all around! I am a property manager for several properties throughout Southern California, and have dealt with both the LA and Riverside/Org Co branches, and both were great as far as service was concerned. Although we have had some problems with defective windows, Milgard has always stood behind their warranty 100% in all instances, and with no fuss, delay or questions asked. I am a firm proponent of Milgard windows and would absolutely recommend the company to all in the future. Thanks for being one of the few companies in America nowadays with great service and attitude! December 18, 2012
Great service! The technician who came out was very professional, polite, and did excellent work! Thank you! December 18, 2012
Promt and courteous The service was great and right on time. Very pleased with Milgard products. December 18, 2012
Service was prompt, a little early and ver responsive Mike was ver cordial, checked th window frame of concern and suggested that it was not a problem since the flaw was not evident. December 18, 2012
can't get service, wasn't offered I have an extremely loud humming/whistling from my milgard windows every time the wind blows. At least eight of my neighbors have the same problem. You can't sleep through this noise. This is either faulty installation or a horrible product. I advise not considering Milgard windows, they are horrible. December 18, 2012
A credit to your company Francisco was prompt, courteous, efficient and neat. Employees like this reflect a fine organization. December 18, 2012
Could Not Believe the Great Customer Service! Low-E in one of our windows recently failed. We have owned the house for over 7 years and Milgard still stood behind their product and replaced the window, no ifs, ands, or unusual these days. Thanks, Milgard! December 17, 2012
Milgard stands behind their products with excellent service We first installed Milgard windows when building our home 23 years ago. Milgard was the product chosen by our builder. After several years in the house we had a seal break and Migard promptly replaced it. In 2000, we build a new house and this time we required the builder to use Milgard. We are very happy we did. We have had several more seal breaks and had wonderful, prompt service with courteous technicians. December 17, 2012
Outstanding warrantee with even better service to back it up fifteen years ago i purchased Milgard windows. over time, several of the panes failed. the warrantee said that as long as i owned the house Milgard would fix any problems with the windows. i called, expecting excuses and reasons why they couldn't help, but instead i was greeted by professional, caring people. the technician showed up on time for both the prep work and the installation. he was personable (beyond polite), knowledgeable, efficient, and competent. the windows were replaced as scheduled. the entire experience was exceptional. December 17, 2012
The Service Tech work s hard to get out of work The Service Tech was on time which I appreciate. When I opend the door I was hit with a strong odor of cigarretes, disgusting and unprofessional. Then when I showed him the problem ( shredded weather stripping on one side of my sliding glass door, the doors are only 3 months old) he told me "oh thats normal, it won't be a problem, sometimes they do that, and don't worry you have a life time warranty" What the heck does all that even mean? I told him I have a total of 6 sliding glass doors and this was the only one that the weather stripping was damaged. He did not offer to fix it and was gone in 10min. December 17, 2012
Excellent service. Very fast and efficient service. The tech was friendly and professional. This was a large fixed window, and he changed it out in 20 minutes. Amazing! December 16, 2012
My window still makes noises when the winds blow. The service call did not resolve my problem. The window still makes noises, just not as much as before. I will have to call again to ask them to come out to fix this. Please call me, so we can arrange another visit. December 16, 2012
Replacement under 10 years warranty 5 years after installation glasses started to have scratches and became very dull. We called the support and they send a person for the initial inspection and after confirmation he measured all defective windows and said within a month they will send someone to fix it. And as he said we got a another call for the next appointment to replace it. They replaced the defectives windows and now they look great. Top service!! December 15, 2012
Excellent service all around I cannot be more pleased the service I received from my initial call to report problems with the leaking dual pane glass window on my dual slidder patio doors to the replacement of the glass. The service rep understood my problem, found my window specifications and ordered the replacement prompty. It was quick, simple and easy. A week later, Rudy the service tech came out to replaced the leaking dual pane glass. Rudy found that the lock on one side of the slidder was the wrong part. I always suspected something was not right with the locking component but never thought any further of it. So Rudy also brought it to my attention and explained about the component. Rudy asked if I wanted the correct component installed. Obviously I aggreed. Now the door locks correctly with the top and bottom latching to the frame. Whereas before both sliders locks but you have a 1 inche movement from either side. The new galss looks great! Great Job Milgard Temecula! December 15, 2012
excellent service and response Your service was excellent. You responded very quickly. You Service Tech was very good and took care of my needs very quickly. I would recommend your windows to anyone. Thank you for your service. December 15, 2012
Milgard stands behind its products! This is the second time I've had Milgard come out to repair the rubber sealant around my windows. This time I had to wait a little longer than I would have liked, but when the Service Tech came out today he was very professional and well-prepared to solve the problem and fix the seals. He also repaired an awning window that was not functioning properly. He was excellent! It gives me a lot of confidence to know that when Milgard says "lifetime guarantee", they really mean it! December 14, 2012
Broken Window Your service department did a wonderful job in replacing our window that blew out. Had to wait for it to get fixed but so worth it. Thanks so much! December 14, 2012
great service! both guys who came in to work on the windows and the lady who scheduled the service are all very professional and friendly! A+ December 14, 2012
Excellent service on lifetime warranty products We've had Milgard doors and windows for decades, so we've experienced a few product flaws and failures. But the service staff have always fixed our problems and therefore kept our trust in the company at the highest level. December 14, 2012
Great Professional Service Initial review of problems by evaluation tech were written up and put in the queue for service. Two service techs arrived to address a couple issues, including replacement of a glass panel as well as screw assemblies on casement windows. The techs arrived just before the scheduled time and had everything ready for a smooth, hassle free job. Both techs were very professional - even removing their gloves and shaking my hand when leaving. That is something I have rarely experienced but it was truly professional as was my entire interaction with Milgard. Thanks so much. December 14, 2012
Not great I went back to my original dealer (Ganahl Lumber) because the metal pins holding my screens to the frame of my casement windows corroded and wouldn"t move. I couldn't remove the screens for cleaning, etc. The windows were only two years old so Milgard (after a call from my dealer) agreed to replace the screens at no charge. That was a positive. However, after six weeks or so I called the dealer who determined that the order was never completed. Apparently, the paperwork was "lost" somewhere along the way. After that was corrected, the screens showed up in about two weeks. I picked up the two screens today. Unfortunately, one of the screens was not even close to the right size so the dealer had to reorder that screen. The other screen was ok. I notice that the pins are now made of plastic not metal so hopefull corrosion will not be a problem in the future. I am happy with the original windows, however this replacement experience was not optimal. December 13, 2012
The service technician was Excellent, knew his business and was in and out, like he could have done this in his sleep. I'm not so often tempted to write a review on service, and I don't. But in this case, I want to tell you that your technician "Felix" who came out to the house to do a warranty repair, was in and out in 10 minutes. Felix is an outstanding profesional worker, excellent in service, and exceeded all expectations. You should consider him a very valued employee, as he represents you company in the highest of standards. He needs to be in your business teaching younger employees what its like to have good work ethics, and attitude. Felix was kind, considerate and answered all my questions. He's a delightful professional and a loyal Millguard employee. I can't say enough about him. December 13, 2012
Milgard rules! We built our home in 2001, and over those years, have found seals broken in a handful of one case, due to faulty windows and in the others, due to normal settling of the house. The Milgard lifetime guarantee has saved us hundreds of dollars in window replacement and the service was seamless! We love Milgard, and if we were to build in the future, would absolutely install Milgard products. Thank you for setting the standard a notch above the rest! December 13, 2012
Excellent resources and support. With so many products promising extended warranties, it is refreshing to find a company that so readily stands behind their products. By using their YouTube videos about window maintenance, I was able to contact Milgarde and speak with a support person who provided all the parts needed. I then installed them with minimal difficulty. Thank you Milgarde for your outstanding customer support. December 13, 2012
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