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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Fantastic service and warranty We had Milgard windows installed to replace aluminum windows in our home in Maui. Over time, a few fogged when the harsh weather did a number on the seals. Milgard came out and replaced the fogged windows without question and did so at our convenience and with excellent communication at all times. No cost; no hassle. We are Milgard customers for life! October 15, 2014
Outstanding Job! Hector and the other tech were very professional; the window was installed properly and they did a clean and outstanding job. I would highly recommend Milgard, and especially Hector and his team. October 15, 2014
Prompt and professional From my initial e-mail for service to the actual service call, all aspects were very good. October 15, 2014
Everything was good! The In-Home Service Tech did a great job fixing the windows. Thanks! October 15, 2014
This service was great! This service is great! Prompt service and friendly. Always shows up at the given time. In and out of your house so quickly! October 15, 2014
Very professional! They were prompt and very professional. They explained the problem and repaired door the best they could. They are to call Angle Construction in Scotts Valley to let them know that they installed the door frame incorrectly (out of plum), so if we have another issue with it, they will have to come out and repair it. October 15, 2014
Excellent service for what we needed. The Milgard servicemen were on time, professional, happy, and quite helpful as to the next step in solving our window leak. They were able to determine that the leak was not the window. It was the caulking around the window that needed replacing. It wasn't evident to us, but they knew that one minimal crack in the caulking would cause leaking in a good rain. They advised us to remove the old caulking and recaulk a couple of times with a few days drying time between each layer. Then spray water on the window from bottom to top to check for leaks. We were very happy with Milgard's service. They did not charge us for the visit. Thank you. Previous to their visit, I talked with a service person on the phone. She walked me through the water leak test to see if the window was leaking. She was very helpful and very willing to spend the time telling how to do this. Also, very cheerful. Thank you, again. October 15, 2014
Mildgard always come through! Anytime we have a issue with any window Milgard immediately comes out to fix it! October 15, 2014
Migard is simply the "Best" These guys are second to NONE! Best product, best service, reliable, and best customer service....period! October 15, 2014
Excellent service by two friendly installtion techs! Overall we are very pleased with our Milgard experience. We did have to carefully coordinate our appointment for service, however, apparently due to Milgard's busy schedule and availability. October 15, 2014
Excellent warranty service Overall quality of my windows is great. I've had a few failures in seals along the way, but even after 15 years in use, warranty replacements have been quick and professional with no questions or hassles whatsoever. I rarely recommend any product or brand to anyone, but I have recommended Milgard. October 15, 2014
Milgard another job well done thanks My wife originally contacted Milgard for a warrantee problem. They scheduled the work, even showed up a little early The technician was in and out in no time. Good job October 15, 2014
Wonderful service! I have many properties and Milgard has always had amazing customer service. Everyone is knowledgable, efficient and fast. October 14, 2014
Played phone tag. not helpful in determining which window since no number on it. I tried to be as specific and answer all questions to determine the 2 windows to replace. He resorted in doing e-mail due to playing phone tag. End result was one of the windows ordered was wrong so we had to set up another install time and get off work to meet a second time, since we had asked for a time between 2-4 and was given a 9-11 time to be home. Only reason I would recommend again was in our prior home we did not have this problem and had a good experience. We do appreciate you standing behind your product. October 14, 2014
Very happy with the service and the tech. Our slider door handle/lock wasn't working. Your tech quickly and efficiently repaired the concern. It only needed some proper adjustments made to it and it now works better then it did when it was first installed! He also called twice during the day to let us know when he would be here. October 14, 2014
Survey was great! Very polite, well mannered. Explained what needed to be done and went right to it. We have been recommending your windows to all of our friends & family. Thank you for the great service!! October 14, 2014
Identified the problem and solved it expertly The technician methodically eliminated possible sources of the problem from the simplest to the more difficult. He was very focused. Having identified the "fix", he set removing and resetting the glass. He checked the result to see that the problem was resolved. The technician knew what he was doing and was very professional October 14, 2014
Brand new screen door was installed. Replaced a faulty screen door which had no weather striping. The replacement has shown to completely exclude mosquitos that had been driving us crazy trying to determine how we could possibly be getting mosquitos inside the house at all hours. The technician's promptness, professionalism and skill was noted and welcome. October 14, 2014
profesional and friendly Very happy with the handling of the service request. October 14, 2014
Service is always great with Milgard. Milgard is the best. Where else can you get a life time warranty for what you buy. I have been with Milgard since 1988 and I have always received the best and promptest service you could possible ask for.The quality of the product is good and in my case will last me a life time. I have from time to time request a upgrade to my defected window and I only had to pay for the upgrade not the labor. Great deal. Great people work there and the ones that I have met know what they are doing. I strongly recommend Milgard for quality and service. October 14, 2014
Sergio Lopez Sergio Lopez did an excellent job and is always courteous. October 14, 2014
good technician support, questionable product. woudl not recommend product no issue with technician at all, he was very professional and did all he could. but i came away from the experience questioning my purchase of Millard products. the door hardware seems to have a fundamental defective design. the latch does not easily latch, the handle knob does not sit horizontal. it can look like its locked, when its not, leaving me constantly checking to see if it is really shut. i think the technician did everything he could, but seemed to agree it was a limitation of the door design. i am a mechanical engineer by training, and quite surprised at the sloppy tolerances and poor feel for this door hardware, which is a shame because the door is very beautiful. i think now i paid too much for it, and i don't think I'd purchase Millard again. October 14, 2014
UNBELIEVABLE SERVICE! I don't even know where to begin to tell you how much I love Milgard! We bought a house with new windows from Milgard and several of them were out of their tracks. In just one week the service tech came out and completely fixed them in about 20 minutes! So happy with this fabulous company and plan to use them in the future. October 13, 2014
service technician was spectacular! 1st phone assistant was aessome. Technician was late due to being over booked but was awesome. 2nd phone assistant was discourteous and unhelpful. Window is replaced though and I appreciate that more than anything else. October 13, 2014
Just Like they Promise! I had a problem with a window lock. One call to their service folks and they had a new part at my door step - completely free of charge. Window is working great once again.! October 13, 2014
Milgard stands behind their product We had a Milgard window that looked like it was dirty even after washing so I looked on the Milgard site to see if they could service it and found out that it was under a lifetime warranty! I filled out the online service request form and was notified via e-mail within a couple of days about an appointment time. A few weeks later the technician came out and replaced the window in less than 30 minutes. Amazing! So professional, great communication, great customer service. I'm so glad we bought Milgard windows throughout our home. October 13, 2014
Exceeded my expectations Our issue was handled promptly, professionally, and without question. 20 year old windows just needed a new slider on one side. Lalo, our tech, had it changed out in a matter of 10 minutes. I had a question about the sticking of another window in the house and he happily pulled it out, replaced the wheels on the bottom, and had it working like new in just a few minutes. Awesome to have this level of support and ownership of their product. Will definitely go with Milgard every time. October 13, 2014
Really pleased with overall experience! Sent an e-mail with the problem and got a response both by e-mail and by phone.When my service day and time was here the techs were pleasant, professional and clean. This is the second time we've had something replaced and both times were pretty hassle free. Thank you October 13, 2014
8 Weeks seems long to me Filled out the online form, they called the next day confirmed everything. We set up an appointment and they came out to meet my daughter who we had come over from 2 hours away to the appointment. Wrong thickness window.Daughter was not happy. Spoke to installer, we can make last appointment of the day as not bringing her back over. They make new window, send us appointment card 10-12AM. We cancel both online and by phone but they show up anyway. But 10/8 a Wednesday (since they only come on Wednesdays where we live) it takes him 12 minutes and its done! So short story-be prepared to wait. Be prepared for multiple appointments. They made good on their warrantee and the windows are a good value so... October 13, 2014
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