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At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Super service Great professional service from start to finish. Appointment was set and followed up with email and call for reminder . Service men arrived on time and diligently worked to replace window with no mess and no fuss. Thanks October 12, 2014
Still waiting for my replacement windows, do you have a time frame? Initially told a little over three weeks? Still waiting and no one has contacted me. Can someone please give me an ETA????? I will await a call.. or if by ends week I haven't heard anything I will be reaching out. THANKS.. It's been months. October 12, 2014
Might As Well Fix it Yourself Have a newer house- 2 years old. Sliding glass door frame was warped. I contacted Milgard via email/online service request to have a technician come out. Took them a week to get back to me. The dates they proposed to have a technician come out unfortunately did not work for me, so I asked for some days available within a certain week during the summer. Waited over 2 weeks and they hadn't gotten back to me. I eventually got sick of waiting and called their 1-800 number. I discovered that the individual who I had been emailing with scheduled an appointment for me without my knowledge or consent. I had no choice but to make it work at that point. Technician came out and would not fix the issue; said it functioned just fine. So, I am stuck with a sliding glass door frame that is bent and warped and lets cold air in during the winter. Don't even bother having anything fixed through this company. They will waste your time. October 11, 2014
the service tech was prompt arriving, careful, and fixed the window problem quickly From when the window problem was reported to you, to the time the service tech could come to repair the problem was over two weeks. Fortunately the weather was still warm with no rain, so was not a problem in not being able to close the window. Had this occurred in the winter months, I might have been rather upset with the service. October 11, 2014
Milgard is the best! I'm very happy I chose Milgard for all my window and door replacements. Warranty service is excellent. October 11, 2014
service Excellent service for glass replacement due to moisture damage. Arrived on time, very professional service. October 11, 2014
Excellent Service I could not have been more impressed with the level of service I received with Milgard. We had a window replaced that I broke, but there was no charge and NO MESS. Milgard will my window of choice from this point on, without question. Thank you. October 11, 2014
Love that Milgard stands by their product. We had Milgard aluminum frame windows installed by a contractor in 2000. In the last couple of years several of the panes have failed. I like the fact that Milgard has a record of our purchase and when I gave the CS rep the dimensions of the panes they were able to identify which windows were involved, even 14 years after the purchase date. When the service technician arrived (on time) I just showed him the windows and he had the panes replaced in about a half hour. I am very happy with the service provided by Milgard and would recommend them highly. October 10, 2014
Great window replacement Our technician did a great job and there was no mess at all. October 10, 2014
Too long from call to service My big complaint is the time delay from when you call re: a problem and the date a service tech can come out. It is often weeks. My energy bill has dropped since installing the windows and French doors. I just would like to see a quicker response time from when you call for an appointment and when they are able to come to your house to take care of the problem. The quality of the windows and doors are exceptional. Maybe we need more technicians in Las Vegas, Henderson. It is always the same one that responds. I hope he isn't covering the whole valley. When you call they are professional, courteous and helpful. October 10, 2014
An initial mix up, but made right The info given to the in-home rep by the job dispatcher was wrong, so the rep came prepared to solve a problem I didn't have but not to fix the one I did have. He had to order the right parts and then I had to wait another 24 days in addition to the three weeks it took for the in-home rep to come the first time. The same in-home rep returned with the right stuff, and he and his helper took care of the problem very quickly and efficiently. Bottom line, I'm happy at having the new window panes, but I'm not so pleased that this process took such a long time. October 10, 2014
Most excellent service From our initial phone inquiry to the completion of the task, the Milgard service was beyond reproach. Everyone we dealt with was friendly, knowledgeable and anxious to take care of our problem. Thank you!!! October 10, 2014
Could not be any more pleased Dan is an excellent rep. for the Milgard Co. If we ever replace a window or build another home we would only use Milgard windows October 10, 2014
Milgard customer service has been excellent! My home is about 125 miles from the nearest Milgard servicing dealer, yet on 3 different occasions they have provided excellent service, even though my windows were installed back in 2001. The latest was draftiness I felt from several windows on the windward side of the house. I expected to be told that I had purchased the wrong type windows or something like that. Instead, a friendly service guy (Sergey) came out and inspected the windows, had some ideas including complete replacement of two large insulated glass panels, and installation of the "coastal package", extra sealing around stationary glass. Three weeks later he was back out installing the glass, sealing, and new springs on some single-hung windows. That service call took only about an hour, and they were done, no muss, no fuss, and no cost to me. I do not know yet if this will actually solve the draft problem until winter winds kick in, but I am very happy that they didn't blow off my complaint and came out to attempt a fix at their expense. As the original owner, I bought Milgard in part because of their lifetime warranty, and I'm happy I did. October 10, 2014
Lack of communication The service rep on the phone said he would change out all hardware on up/down windows. I was told the windows made in 2006 had trouble with the hardware and before my warranty expired Milgaurd would replace them. That was what I was expecting. Instead only one window was fixed. I understand that the other windows are working, but I hope they don't break by next April. I was disappointed that my expectations were not met. October 10, 2014
Very happy with service Service representatives were friendly and helpful from my first contact with Milgard until the repairs were completed. The service tech who came out to do the job was on time and prompt in completing the repairs. October 10, 2014
Very quick and professional, not more than 15 minutes to replace a window Very quick at replacing the window. I was impressed. I had to take it back out again though to wash it, as there was some glue or sticky stuff on the outside glass. Overall, it was a pleasant experience to have the window replaced. Thank you. October 9, 2014
Bad windows, service and company! We have 16 windows installed and have had nothing but problems with them, Starting from the very poor installation. When we called customer service we spoke to a snooty women who told us it would take OVER A MONTH to get a technician out to fix the problems! BUYER BEWARE! October 9, 2014
Great product ,, fair revice.. I am not sure that I should be the one to complete this survey. For the most part your sales team in Logan are great. Went out of their way to make sure that I was happy with my purchases. They even line up a contractor that I should call to handle my remodel. who turned out to be a great source and took care of my every needs. He never left my house with out making sure that I was completely happy with his work and professionalism Now to your service, Having been in providing service for almost 40 years. I know how to take care of the customer and make them feel that I had done everything that I could do to resolve the problems. In my dealings with your service department, you are not the service minded I think that you feel that you are doing a great job but I can tell you. you have a lot to learn, but then maybe you are just happy to have the sale and maybe you will not have to deal with the customer again. Who knows. I will tell you this. We are very happy with the product and so I guess I'll have to be happy with that October 9, 2014
A Customer Service Disaster 4 of my windows were not closing properly and I had a "lifetime warranty" on these windows. I was on hold for about 10 minutes before I could talk to a customer service rep. Then was told that I needed to give them specific window numbers before they could send a tech out. I called back and was put on hold another 10 minutes before I talked to someone. I gave them the exact window numbers and was told a tech could come out in about 3 weeks, that they would give me a 2 hour window, but would not give me that 2 hour window until a day before they came out. They never called to give me the 2 hour window, the tech did show up on the day promised but at a time I was not home. Our nanny let him in since I figured they had all the window numbers and I did not need to be here. I came home that night and 1 out of the 4 windows were fixed. October 9, 2014
Field technician was great, Scheduling not so much It took a few months and several follow-up calls before a service technician was scheduled, but once he came out he resolved the problem in a matter of minutes with no mess. October 9, 2014
All communication with staff and service were timely and professional. However, it took 73 days for the final install Our service call was for the replacement of three windows due to broken seals. Overall I was happy with the process and service provided by the Milgard team. The only issue was that the first two installs had the incorrect windows, stretching the final install to take over 60 days. Each person I was in contact with was very helpful and professional and won't hesitate to contact them in the future, if the need arises. October 9, 2014
Service to 10 year old window was GREAT. I feel protected After 10 years 1 out of by 12 Milgard windows needed service. This was done in 15 minutes with NO impact to window frame, walls or stucco. He even checked out another window to insure there was no additional issues. I sleep better October 8, 2014
Excellent job!! Among the very best service calls we've ever had for anything, in any of our homes. Hope all of your service techs are as knowledgeable, professional, and friendly as Cornelio. October 8, 2014
The service was excellent! The technicians arrived at the time expected. They performed the services covered under the warranty. They were very professional in all aspects of the services provided. I was impressed with the short period of time it took them to complete their work. October 8, 2014
Overall experience positive. Our location is a little rural, so it took a few scheduled appointments. First time they couldn't find it, second time they didn't have the gate code, etc. I won't comment yet on the quality of the repairs until some time passes, but the service was very good. October 8, 2014
Good job! Technician was prompt, courteous and fast. He did not leave a mess. October 8, 2014
Todd is an amazing problem solver and is a terrific representative for Milgard. You are so lucky to have him on your team!!! I think I said it all in the summary. Excellent, worry-free service! October 7, 2014
Milgard's service was excellent. We had Milgard skylights that were 22 years old were the seal was beginning to fail. It was easy to contact Milgard and arrange to have the skylights replaced. We previously had a patio door replaced. Milgard does a great job standing behind their warranty. October 7, 2014
Service & Product excellent Milgard is a great company that stands behind their product. Never any hassles getting a service call and always had the most professional repair people..They stand behind the "lifetime warranty" and any problems have been resolved to my satisfaction. Thank you Milgard for a great product and service!!! October 7, 2014
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