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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Wrong parts sent twice and had to have a tech come out I ordered the "balancers" and the first time they were too short. When I called I was told you don't make the 25-9 anymore. The apparent solution was the 26-9, but what arrived was ONE 29-9 when it should have been a pair. In the process of trying to install the one that was too short the spring broke and the clip the "balancer" was supposed to fit into broke off and went inside the window frame. In frustration I asked for a tech to come out. He did an excellent job of fixing the problem. The phone people and the shipping department apparently don't communicate too well as both shipments were wrong. The tech brought a pair of the 26-9 ones. Another suggestion is you send instructions on how to perform the installation. August 19, 2014
The service was wonderful. I had a great experience with Milgard. The customer service representative was extremely efficient and the technician was on time and completed the work on time. August 19, 2014
The service was outstanding The technicians are always so friendly as they replace the windows. August 19, 2014
I have used Milgard windows for 30 + years; this was the first problem ever with one for me. The warrantee took care of the windows that had lost their gas seal. Work was fast, and excellent. I am ver pleased with Milgard Windows! August 19, 2014
Apple Valley service Techs showed up before estimated time...that was great!! August 19, 2014
Amazing service, and super nice techs. The service is always excellent. appointments are easy to schedule. Service techs show up when they are supposed to, and cheerfully do the job. August 19, 2014
In-home service The in-home service was excellent. The 3 guys that replaced our cloudy windows were professional, speedy, and did an outstanding job. August 19, 2014
Response time to initial call This is the second time I've had to have a window replaced for the seal leaking air between the double paned window. First time I had the window replaced in one week. This time it took 7 weeks. Other than that, it's nice to know they stand behind their product. Service tech showed up on the dot, he was quick, polite and professional. August 19, 2014
Best in service We are so grateful we have Milgard windows that carry a lifetime warranty. Colorado weather is hard on window structures. Extreme heat and cold result in occasional seal loss over time. Any problem we have with a window seal requires only a quick call to the company and the window is efficiently replaced in no time. Keeping our windows in excellent condition adds real value to our home. Thanks, Milgard! August 19, 2014
Service was prompt and great. Your service is great. I was notified in advance by e-mail of when the work would be done. The service man Martin called before arriving and showed up on time. He was fast, friendly and efficient. August 19, 2014
Getting service scheduled takes way too long. But, when the windows are delivered and installed, the service is great. Tom, the istaller, is a real asset tor Milgard. Professional, personable and great installation skills. August 19, 2014
All around problem solver!!! We had a problem with our back windows squeaking & hard to open, Tom (tech), came and installed new balancers, explained the issue and poof, all fixed. The only BAD was the wait time in getting the tech here....took a month!!! August 19, 2014
Service call was informative and one issue resolved. The service call was very informative and the tech was knowledgeable with respect to my specific questions on install and function. One function issue was resolved by the technician and the other was resolved by pointing out that the screen door rollers were out of adjustment travel and the door needs replaced. The big issues was with the original install and pointed out the installer did not do a proper job which resulted in a poorly fitting and moving door. The installer however has been nothing but evasive and no longer takes calls. This will only get resolved by me spending time and money to fix what has already been paid for. August 19, 2014
Difficult to replace window due to 3rd floor height and large window size but Milgard crew made it look easy. The 8 year old picture window in our 3rd floor condo had lost its seal and become cloudy. We were worried that this would be a costly and difficult window to replace due to its size and location. We were very pleased to find that it was covered by Milgard's warranty and we were impressed by how responsive the company was in responding to our phone call. An appointment was set up quickly and the window replaced in less than 1 hour! There was no paperwork involved. Exemplary customer service by Milgard! August 19, 2014
Great service! Two clean-cut very professional young men came to my home and replaced a large dining-room window. They were extremely polite, super fast, and even cleaned the window after it was installed. I cannot recommend Milgard and their employees enough. It was refreshing to see dedicated workers and to receive good service. I would definitely purchase Milgard windows again. August 19, 2014
All Milgard personnel courteous and professional. Mike, technician, was professional, skilled, worked very well with his associates and he remembered details of my various projects. All contacts with Milgard were handled with courtesy and very professionally. The product designs and ease of installation amazed me. August 18, 2014
Call for service was not returned for 2 weeks, Still no service date 30 days out This is our second failure of in door blind lifters on a Tuscany door (not the same one each time) within a 6 month period. We were able to get the first door repaired within 2 weeks of our service request which happened almost immediately after installation. We still do not have a date scheduled to repair the second failure in over a month of our request for service. August 18, 2014
Todd, the tech who came was awesome! I asked Todd how to replace lock on sliding door because it broke, he had the parts in the truck and fixed it for me! Yeah! August 18, 2014
Took a few attempts to get anyone to contact us We had water coming in our house through the sill of a Milgard window. We took some photos of the aftermath and submitted them on the on-line service request tool. After not hearing back for two weeks I made a call to the service department. I sat on hold for over 30 minutes and then was curtly sent to the voicemail box of the person I needed to talk to. Another week and a half went by and I received a call to set up a time to come out to our house out of the blue with no explanation of what would be happening when the service representative arrived or any questions about what the problem was. I then received 3 confirmation calls about the time the technician would arrive. The last confirmation call gave a time that was an hour earlier than the other two confirmation calls and was the actual time the technician arrived. The technician did a satisfactory job explaining what happened with our windows and cleaned the drain from the bottom sill so that hopefully the problem won't happen again. We also learned from him that our windows are "good" on the Milgard "good, better, best" scale implying that we could expect this type of thing to occur in the quality of window we have. The whole experience speaks more about the quality of your product than the quality of the service but in the end both are disappointing. I would discourage anyone asking my opinion from purchasing Milgard windows. August 18, 2014
Excellent service! I had MIlgard service replace a cracked window unit for one of my customers and John Martinez did an excellent job. The complex manager was very impressed with his service. He was in and out in a flash and cleaned everything up before he left. Very impressive. Good job John! Thanks again. August 18, 2014
The service was exceptional Milgard has honored their Life Time Warranty for repairs needed on our windows. The repair service was prompt, with excellent quality handled by professional service personnel. Thank you for operating with such high integrity in your business operations. August 18, 2014
A great help A service technician from Milgard came to my home to check 3 windows that had failed. While here he found 2 others. They ended up replacing 2-20 yrs old windows and 3-12 yrs old windows." Lifetime Guarantee" Great! August 18, 2014
excellent service Quick and easy installation of replacement window! August 18, 2014
True to their promise! We have had Milgard windows in our dining nook addition for over 15 years. I recently called Milgard for servicing of two windows--one was stuck and the other not staying up all the way. Before the technician came, I noted that the wall housing the two problem windows had sagged a bit (our house is on serpentine soil and we have to have it leveled every now and again) so that the two window frames were no longer exactly 'square'. I really didn't think that Milgard would be able to correct the window situation. However, technician Manuel, who arrived exactly on time, managed to perform his magic so that both windows now work perfectly, in spite of the 'not square' situation. We still need to have the house leveled, but Milgard's service exceeded our expectations! August 18, 2014
Excellent replacement service. It took almost 2 months to get the replacement service arranged (4 slider panes), but once scheduled, the service was professional and fast. And, the new panes look great. Jeff C. August 17, 2014
Unsafe product. It is impossible to have any confidence in the product (door) because you can not depend on it to lock. Extremely poor design, and very unsafe. Why wasn't I informed before I purchased this door that there was a possibility that it would not lock, and that I would have to use a stick to try to secure my home? I will have one of my relatives take a video of how this door does not work, how unsafe it is, and upload it to you tube. Respectfully, Richard Simonelli August 17, 2014
Great company Great windowa! The service I got from Milgard was great. They were very responsive. The Service tech was polite, neat and answered all my questions. Definitely will use them when I replace the other windows in my home. August 16, 2014
It was wonderful!!! The service tech. showed my husband how to do a quick fix for the future. He was really nice, and helpful. We were more than happy with his work. thanks again! August 16, 2014
AWESOME! WOW! Impressive customer service! It's great to have a company that backs it's products! The whole process was smooth and the people were great! The service person showed up when they said he would and he was in and out in no time! Great company! August 15, 2014
Only problem was the time between request and service Thank you Milguard for a job well done except for the delay between request and service. Phone service was exceptional. Repairs happened as planned. All personnel were courteous. Installation was competently done. August 15, 2014
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