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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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I recommend this company I've had to have 2 windows replaced and my screens replaced since I had these windows installed throughout my house in 2008. Each time I needed service the representatives and technicians were professional and courteous, worked quickly and efficiently and were conscientious of their surroundings. I am very satisfied with this product and service. June 10, 2014
7110Verite From the initial call to actually having the service performed, took a really long time. As well as the re-schedule for the service. The installers were great, efficient and through! Thank you June 10, 2014
Impressive! Very happy with the customer service we recieved. Within one half hour had Our faulty windows replaced, cleaned, and looking great. Thank you!! June 10, 2014
This experience far more disappointing than happy, opposite of first experience. We have had problems with 17 windows installed in 2004 only twice. First time, customer service was fast and installation prompt and excellent. We were impressed and pleased with entire experience! This time, I had to make numerous contacts over weeks to get ANY response, then more time and additional contacts to provide information and inquire if info had been received and was correct. And more time, and contacts, for service call to be arranged and finally happen. Installer was on time and proficient, but less than tactful about my need for service to NOT really be needed. Possibly he was correct, and if so this was something that customer service should have discovered at initial contact, if not all the following contacts. This matter has been concluded finally, but I feel more abused than pleased. I rate customer service with an F. Technician was not aware of the problems, so his comments were salt in the wound. Otherwise, I would give him a B+. (An A would have earned by putting the shade back in place.) June 10, 2014
VERY happy with the Milgard service I was fortunate to have a replacement warranty for my vinyl slider. And I was fortunate that only the outer pane was broken. When the replacement window was being made, Milgard' service representative was able to schedule the installation 3 weeks in advance with a 2 hour service window. The service technicians arrived at the beginning of the time frame #unlike the "cable man"# replaced the window, cleaned everything and left within 45 minutes. Oh by the way, it was 104 degrees that day. The service could not have been better. Thank you to Milgard for a job well done! June 10, 2014
Excellent warranty and service Our Milgard windows were installed in 1995 under lifetime warranty. The frames still look new and service has been excellent. Prompt, attentive and service work has been well done. June 10, 2014
Great and easy service I was amaized, called them, it was scheduled, they showed up on time and with all the parts, installed and were gone. Keep up the great work June 10, 2014
Great service Great service no questions about the need to replace the panes June 10, 2014
It was as good as it gets The service was fast and the follow up was as promised. The service man was fast and very customer oriented, He had our defective screens replaced at no charge even though they were out of warranty. June 10, 2014
Quality service experience Milgard stood by their commitment to their products when I noticed a window developed an issue. Response to my service inquiry was prompt and follow up was great. The service technicians that arrived to my home to make the repairs were punctual and professional. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the repair was completed. Overall, the entire experience was exceptional and I am thankful to everyone who helped. June 10, 2014
Top notch company! I had a problem with discoloration in two of my homes windows and a sliding door that didn't slide very well. After my call to Milgard service, a technician was dispatched to take measurements. Two weeks later I had brand new windows and a patio door that canbeopened with one finger. My house was originally built in 1998 with all Migard windows. It was definitely one of the best choices made in its choice of products. I highly recommend Milgard windows and am completely satisfied with them. June 9, 2014
excellent good phone service on time fast efficient installation honored their warranty and then some! June 9, 2014
We are very pleased with the high quality of service we received. I am so happy we purchased Milgard Windows because when we had an issue, the service we received was excellent. All windows we purchase in the future will be from Milgard. June 9, 2014
Technician was great! Customer Service was not. It took 11 phone calls for Milgard to finally replace my window that spontaneously shattered in March. The Customer Service reps that I spoke with were all very nice, but couldn't get the job done. In fact, one rep scheduled a technician for June 2nd and nobody ever called to confirm or showed up. It took me calling an 11th time and speaking with a supervisor, Susan, before the job got completed. Edgar arrived today, his 2nd visit, was extremely apologetic and replaced the broken window in 10 minutes. Susan and Edgar were fantastic and got the correct window replaced. I love my Milgard windows, I just replaced the remainder of my house with them last summer, but my experience with this warranty replacement window was a nightmare. June 9, 2014
Great Service I can't remember the technicians name, but I've seen him before and we greet like old friends. He was able to replace the glass on site so one trip did it all! Thanks! Brad June 9, 2014
Excellent on all points. Wouldn't have any other windows. Windows excellent, service excellent -- what else is there to say. Thanks, June 9, 2014
window seal broke; factory fixed Only problem was with the phone message left by the telephone rep at Milgard, as I couldn't hear their phone number well. Otherwise, everything went perfectly, timely, and high quality. stan June 9, 2014
Thank you! After 6 years, ALL of the spring for the window sashes were rendering my windows inoperable. One call to Milgrd and the technician came over, assessed the condition of my windows, and said they would be in touch. One week later I had an appointment and all my windows work now! Thank you! June 9, 2014
Excellent service The two individuals that serviced our door knew what they were doing. They were very efficient (in and out with in 15 minutes), They had the replacement parts in the truck. I highly recommend their support and service. June 9, 2014
No follow up - I called and was given the phone number of my local service tech. I called the local service tech and left a voice message at least twice, and have not yet received a call back. Therefore my windows have not been even looked at. June 9, 2014
customer feedback Milgard tech was very knowledgable about repair technique, executed process skillfully and professionally. Very satisfied with his work. June 9, 2014
service was great and the service tech was very professional! My resent experience with your service and warranty team was great. I wish other company's honored their products warranty the way you do. I'm very proud to have purchased Milgard windows for my home and I would recommend Milgard to anybody who's looking to remodel or build. Thank you Milgard for your service,honor and integrity. June 8, 2014
Service man wasn't very professional, got things fixed fast though. Everything was great except when the service truck arrived they parked in front of our next door neighbor's driveway. I told him that he was blocking it and then asked if anyone was home. I said no. He said 'well, are they coming home?' and I said 'yeah, at some time'. He seemed put out by that and then got in his truck and moved it so it wasn't blocking the driveway. Everything else was great but this bit was stupid and uncalled for and spoiled an otherwise perfect service call. June 7, 2014
Love Milgard!! Good products, great warranty, nice people...what more can you ask for!! June 7, 2014
Scheduling left a LOT to be desired The scheduling for my area seems to have a lot of confusion as to who does the appointments. After scheduling the date for my repairs I was told that "someone" would contact me with a 2 hour timeblock for my service. The date arrived with no callback. When I called the service number they could find NO appointment scheduled. After a couple of hours the local technician called and was able to do my repairs that day. Local service was great; the 800 number was well less than professional . I was told (800 #) that this would provide a training opportunity. Not my job! June 7, 2014
Thanks for following through with the great service after the web site glitch. We had some initial difficulty using the Milgard website to initiate the service request, but the Milgard rep scheduled a technician to come out to investigate the issue; after the tech's visit, the replacement glass was ordered and subsequently installed quickly and efficiently. We are very pleased with the results! June 7, 2014
I'm impressed! Our technician arrived on time. He wore booties in our home. He knew exactly what to do and had the window replaced very quickly. Great professional service. June 6, 2014
Very satisfactory We've owned our home for 10 years. We only had minor issues with some of the windows. We called Milgard's toll free number and described the problem. Milgard responded to our initial call promptly. The response was quick and the panes were replace with no charge. Thank you Milgard June 6, 2014
Great service, great repairman He managed to get all of our windows working smoother than they have since we moved into this house 17 years ago. He got the one window that I could not get to unlock unlocked and made it work easily. He then went around and took care of the other windows which were draggy. I now love my windows, and I was a bit unhappy with them before. June 6, 2014
Truly the best warranty service I've ever had The repair tech, Serge, (sp?) was not only professional and friendly, but obviously very competent. He replaced the pane in our window in under 15 minutes. Just a fantastic experience. I would consider no other manufacturer than Milgard because of your commitment to your customers. June 6, 2014
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