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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Great job by customer service personnel Our service tech showed up on time and did a great job of isolating the problem with our window leak. He then showed me how to remove the bottom plates to remove the dust, pollen, grass and other material collected on the bottom tracks of the windows. We also discussed how to resolve the continued leakage on the windows due to the lack of caulking and flashing on all the window tops by the home builder. Great job done quickly and professionally. June 6, 2014
Took 4 phone calls to get things started, and system glitch caused NO SHOW of tech. Took 4 phone calls to get things started, and system glitch caused NO SHOW of tech. Had to leave multiple voice mails after being routed from 800 number support call. Took 2 weeks to finally make progress. Once progress was made, and a date was set. The Tech never showed up on scheduled date. Another call to Milgard revealed a glitch in computer system. However, person promptly scheduled for next day, and everything is now complete and looks good. June 6, 2014
Excellent service.,,thank you! I can't believe,that we waited so long to get our windows fixed. Juan was on-time (something I appreciate a lot) and did an outstanding job. The windows pen wonderfully now! Thank you! C. Lyman June 6, 2014
Refreshingly great service! We had a Milgard window on our 4 year old home that developed a seal leak, causing discoloration between the panes. The window was promptly replaced under warranty, no questions asked. No product ever manufactured by any company has a perfect reliability record, but how the company responds when a problem does occur says a lot about how much or little they value their customers. Valuing and taking care of customers, what a refreshing concept! Thanks! June 6, 2014
Outstanding warranty service I had a window replaced under warranty, no questions asked. Milgard was very easy to deal with, and they obviously stand behind their products. June 6, 2014
The service was great! My doors are about 15 years old and were getting hard to operate. Milgard graciously sent out a skilled tech who replaced the rollers in record time. Now those doors open and close perfectly. I was very pleased to learn the warranty still covered that work. June 6, 2014
Class Act Your service rep was fantastic. He had a smile on his face and a GREAT attitude. Made me feel that I was dealing with a small company that really cared about customer satisfaction. Before he left he wanted to make sure that I was 100% satisfied with not only his service but also with the product. What else can I say but a "Class Act" June 5, 2014
Very happy wirh their service. I would recommend Milgard windows to anyone. Can't their warranty and service they provide. June 5, 2014
Service was great The only problem I had was that you have to go on line to get the process started, and not everyone has a computer at home. SoI had to do it at work where I have a computer which was a pain. But my new window looks great. Thank-you. June 5, 2014
Disappointed, unfortunately I love my Milgard windows, which I ordered from Picture Perfect in San Diego. I have been unable to get the locks on my XX windows to properly lock -- one of them has never locked at all. When the Milgard service tech came out to assess the window, I was very disappointed when he said there was nothing he could do to fix the lock. He explained that the XX windows are more difficult to lock and require more force. I understand that they are more difficult to lock than the XO windows, but I cannot understand why one of them in particular is so difficult to lock that I have never once been able to lock it. He sprayed silicone along the tracks and said that was the best that he could do to resolve the issue, which did not seem to have anything to do with the locks at all. He did not seem interested in resolving the problem. June 5, 2014
the service was great Milgard kept their word and came thru like a champ, when my windows fogged after 15 yrs they came thru. Good company June 5, 2014
Service excellent ... Quality of product problematic Thankfully on-going service has been excellent in taking care of on-going Milgard products we've had installed in 2005. Quaity of product is not what I expected when we made our purchase. June 5, 2014
Wow - that was easy 1 call and tech showed up to do a warranty repair. June 5, 2014
Great customer service! I have been very pleased with my windows so far, we bought this windows to put into a newly built home. They are beautiful and I get alot of comments on them. After the windows were installed we were told by the lathers that we should remove the screens so they would not be damaged. We had trouble removing one screen so we called Milgard (we didnt want to damage the screen trying to remove it forceably ourselves) and they were very professional and came out and replaced the screen without any problems or delays.I would recommend these windows. June 5, 2014
The service was excellent Your customer service rep and I kept missing connecting with each other by phone. Your rep was great at trying to contact me and to resolve the issues. I was extremely pleased that she did this as I have been frustrated with other responses from other companies as it related to my home. The Service technician, called on the day of the appointment to let me know he was on his way. He arrived in the time frame, was cureteous and very quick. He was was willing to instruct me on issues with my windows. Thank you for such wonderful service. June 5, 2014
Very good warranty service provided. Very good service provided by friendly professional people in response to our warranty request. June 4, 2014
Milgard experience was wonderful! Just had our windows replaced under warranty. Tech was and professional. Liked how he gave a courtesy call before arriving too. June 4, 2014
Promptness, excellent service One telephone call, service scheduled, professional staff arrived, on time, problem solved. June 4, 2014
4 various size windows replaced under warranty The Milgard window tech guy John is super efficient. Not only does he bring his professionalism to the task in hand but as a rep for his company he is an absolute credit. Barry Whitworth Roseburg OR June 4, 2014
great service After 11 years they honored their warranty and fixed my window. Thank you! June 4, 2014
Showed up on time - excellent work and customer relations It was necessary for us to change our initial appointment. The customer service was very accommodating and did what they could to meet our schedule. They showed up on time, were very courteous and did an excellent job. June 4, 2014
Excellent support from Milgard Milgard has stepped up to their commitment to provide excellent customer service. I experienced a problem with a couple of windows and it took no time for them to arrive to assess the issue. Very shortly thereafter they were here (on time) to replace the windows. No problems, no hesitation on their part (I am the original owner-- a caveat of their warranty), no paperwork on my part. Highly recommend Milgard! June 4, 2014
Service was prompt, efficient, and well done Summary says it all. Recently we added a Milgard window to the only one left in the house that was not Milgard. We are satisfied to be a 100% window and sliding door house. June 4, 2014
Fast Professional Service We bought our home new in 2001. Since that time we've had (5# windows out of #32) replaced because of a broken seal and mold growing between the glass. I've had Milgard out to my home 2 times to replace the failed windows. When I call they schedule me for an appointment no questions asked. Their technicians are fast and professional. June 3, 2014
The service was excellent from start to finish as it has always been. Nice job! Customer service at the Temecula office was very professional and accomodating. The service tech called 10 minutes prior to showing up and was also very professional and efficient. Just bought two more Milgard windows today because of your excellent service. Thanks! June 3, 2014
Thank you so much for great service! Right on time and very professional. This is my third exxperience with Milgard, and I remain a satisfied customer. June 3, 2014
totally amazed! My whole experience with Milgard has been amazing. Easy online service, quick responses, fast service by the best of the best. My tech was very knowledgeable, polite, and professional. He really made this a smooth process. Really glad I chose milgard. I am a loyal customer for life! June 3, 2014
Excellent! Prompt and efficient They showed up right on time, were courteous and knowledgeable and got the job done quickly, made sure I was happy and that was it. About the best service call i have ever had. June 3, 2014
Very happy with service. Our service technician was on time, professional ,courteous, and very helpful. I would definitely recommend Milgard windows to anyone looking to have windows or doors replaced. Superior outstanding service and warranty. June 3, 2014
The service techs were professional, very pleasant and quick to manage their tasks. The service techs were professional, very pleasant and quick to manage their tasks. Milgard has always fulfilled their contract with quick and efficient service from the initial telephone call to the completion of service. June 3, 2014
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