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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Wonderful service! I was very impressed with the service we received today. The tech was prompt, professional and knew his business. He even tolerated my dogs! I was really amazed at how quickly he exchanged our panel out. We had previously scheduled this service earlier in the month but due to a family emergency we had to cancel that appointment and customer service took care of the re-schedule for me. I am very pleased. Thank you so much Milgard! May 9, 2014
We were very impressed! We originally purchased our windows over 10 Years ago. Recently one of our windows needed To be replaced due to a seal breaking. Causing Streaks to appear. I thought it would be a Chore to get it replaced. Not even! Milgard Was great. They were out and had it replaced Without a problem. And the man that replaced It was professional, and went above & beyond Thank you. I recommend Milgard 100% May 9, 2014
The Milgard warrenty service performed in our home was excellent! Dell, the service man did a quick, competent installation. The new window was installed beautifully with no mess and little distrubance to our day. The finished product was perfect. The service representative was very professional and polite. We would definitely recommend Milgard windows to our friends building new homes. May 9, 2014
We love our Milgard windows! We have had such a wonderful experience with our 20 year old Milgard windows that we would never want any other type. Not only are our windows still in like new condition, but when we do have any concern at all, we receive prompt and efficient service from friendly and professional service technicians. We love our Milgard windows! May 8, 2014
Milgard stands by their warranty! It is so refreshing to contact a company about a service issue and get treated better than could be expected. Milgard doesn't try to blame the customer or make you fill out reams of documentation. They listen. They schedule. They fix. Simple as that. Zero hassles. If only all companies would honor their warranties in such an honorable manner. The service tech sent to replace my skylight (Vladimir I think) was pleasant and professional. May 8, 2014
Service was great Aaron was very responsive and helpful when setting up the appointment. And the service people were very timely, courteous and quick. Thank you! May 8, 2014
Excellent warranty service When one of my windows appeared to fail recently, I was not looking forward to dealing with having it replaced. What a pleasure it was to deal with Milgard! From the intial phone call to the techs who did the actual window replacement, everyone was pleasant and efficient. The experience exceeded my expectations. May 8, 2014
Fabulous Service! We have owned our home with Milgard Windows and Doors for 14 years. Milgard Warranty Service responded without delay to repair a worn slider and fix a window, not only without question, but had data on file so repairs went without a hitch, and repaired in less than an hour. What a great business model. Why wouldn't you use Milgard? May 8, 2014
Service was the Best! The tech came as scheduled, was friendly and knowledgeable, finished shortly and explained the situation and was gone. I couldn't have asked for a better Milgard service experience. Thank you. May 8, 2014
Happy with my replacement! The service tech Shawn was friendly and helpful and took care of more than what I mentioned. He came out on time and did the warranty in under 90 minutes and the new window panes look great! He even cleaned the glass before he was done. I will be purchasing Milgard windows in the future knowing that the warranty work is no hassle. May 8, 2014
Service was fair. The technician did not measure one window. When he came with the replacement, it was the wrong thickness. He installed it then had to come back again to replace it. Could have been done in one visit. Also, left a large amount of silicone on window (about 1 inch from frame) which had to be removed. May 8, 2014
From first contact to completion, service was on time and professionally done! Our Milgard vinyl sliding patio door gave us some track issues after many years of service to our family. I contacted the local Milgard dealer, Shannon, who arranged to for the tech in the area to come by to repair our door. Our Milgard tech, Andy, showed up on time, and with all materials, tools and skills needed to complete the job. He was neat, polite, and professional, and didn't waste a minute, addressed the problem of a new bottom track being need, and was gone again in less than an hour. The cost of this service was zero dollars. Zero. Nothing... Unheard of these days, but Andy explained that is the Milgard warranty, as I was the original owner. Very happy Milgard customers we are! May 7, 2014
Amazing Rep!! You should give this man a huge raise! He went above and beyond his "work" super nice very neat and clean. He had two calls to make that day .. One was mine and one was my 83 year old mother! Very respectful , patient and did an excellent job! I am truly happy about the replacement the job and your representative ! What a great combination!! Super happy!!! Thank you so much!!! May 7, 2014
Great service -- great follow up on gurantee I was really surprised at how great the service was. One gets accustomed to "ho-hum" to poor service these days. We certainly will recommend Milgard for our window and door remodeling . Thank you. May 7, 2014
clearly not happy.cant see thru window in morning.casement blocks view too when fully open My window has condensation in morning and I cant see thru it.if wide open the window is in middle as to block view.uncharacteristic of a casement May 7, 2014
On time, considerate, knowledgeable., The team that came out was well equipped, knew what the problems were and promptly fixed them. They also brought booties with them to put over their shoes so as not to track dirt in the house. Great service! May 7, 2014
What service???????????????? Would love to give a review on my "service", but it is non existent!!!! I've been waiting nearly FIVE WEEKS for a quote on three windows that have broken seals...........AGAIN! Even after calling to follow up with the "Service" rep, I was told that they had not put in the information into the computer and when they do, they will send me the quote. Are you kidding me?????!!!!????? It takes 5 weeks to put information about 3 windows into a computer!!!????? I will never put a Milgard window in my home even if I was paid to do so. I honestly cannot believe a company would tolerate this. May 7, 2014
The problem was solved! I had an issue with my screens and within 5 minutes of the technicians arrival the problem was solved! Thanks for such great service. May 7, 2014
The entire experence working with Milgard was over the top excellent. From the first call, everyone I talked with and the tech taht came out was totally professional and responsive. May 6, 2014
Very prompt and professional Millard has been wonderful. They have followed through with the warranty with no problems. We contact them and they schedule a service technician. Very easy with no hassles. May 6, 2014
Excellent service! We recently had our 20 year old skylights replaced by Milgard. They were quick to assess the problem on there first visit. On the second visit they installed both skylights while we were away at the airport picking up our daughter. Now that is what I call customer service. May 6, 2014
Great Service We love our Milgard windows and have only two minor problems with them, seals breaking. In both cases we have received prompt service and replacement at no charge. May 6, 2014
Excellent and Fast Service I received a telephone call in advance about arrival and the installation and service was great. It was great to see everything that was found wrong in an earlier pre-visit. Everything had been taken care of today. Again, great and fast service by Milgard. The company stands by its product and it was a pleasure doing business with the company. May 6, 2014
Very Plesant experience. My phone assistant was very easy to deal with. The tech did the job fast and efficiently. Very good experience. Thanks so much for the fantastic warranty. Ralph F. Los Altos May 5, 2014
Impressive service The service was great. The repair guy arrived when he said he would be here and replaced the glass in record time. I was very impressed. May 5, 2014
incorrect appiontment time on email notification The Email reminder had the incorrect time listed as 7:00am to 9:00am after waiting for 2 hours pass said time I called Milgard the operator said the appointment time was incorrect and the tech would be there at 1:15 pm to 3:15pm I ask her if it would of been to much trouble to communicate with the customers that said appointments for the day were incorrect ,so in closing I wasted a day waiting for service ,which was excellent once the Tech got here May 5, 2014
The technicians were very friendly and professional in their repair process. The was a very stress free experience. They replaced the trim strips on my window and were gone. No muss, no fuss. May 5, 2014
Windows Replaced I received a phone call about ten minutes out. The fellows arrived on time, worked quickly, and were out within an hour. I couldn't be more pleased. May 5, 2014
Technicians were excellent The service technicians and coordinator were excellent. My only issue was the automated email notification stated they were supposed to be at my house between 7-9 am. At 9:15, I called the 800 number and the rep said I was scheduled for 1:15 - 3:15. They arrived at 1:30 and were very professional and knowledgable. May 5, 2014
As a consumer advocate, your company has never failed to service my lifetime replacement windows that are now 24 years old... As a consumer advocate and home owner, your company has never failed to service my lifetime replacement windows that are now 24 years old. Over the years I've grown to know most every service worker you've sent out to the Beaverton house. Today was no exception when I believe it was Steven who came out with a trainee and together they performed another valuable service. My apologies to him for becoming preoccupied and not shaking his hand goodbye when they were leaving. I remember the wife wanted Kraft Screens to repair two bug screens, your guys removed the one from the window they repaired and I went upstairs to retrieve the large one while the service workers were leaving. I'm getting old and felt bad that I forgot to shake his hand even though I did thank both of them. The only thing as a disabled person that caused me some grief and I can't blame Milgard for this is that, the Beaverton house is empty, because we are remodeling, and are staying at our home in Portland. So to make it to Beaverton on time for the 7-9:00 am appointment window, makes me hustle from PDX to G-d's country. What I didn't know was, that the time window didn't mean they might still be gassing up and loading their truck in Tualatin at close to 8:00 am. With a leg that's half metal inside and nowhere to sit unless back in my vehicle, had I been living where you were making the service appointment, then I wouldn't mind, but in this case I wish there was a way to narrow the actual arrival time. In any case, next time, I'll be sleeping there and this all becomes an academic discussion. Again your workers did a great job, it's always good to chit-chat with the guys when the visit, and I highly recommend your company and products. I wish the new townhome I bought in Portland had of included Milgard windows instead of Atrium's problem plastic window assemblies. May 5, 2014
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