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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Thanks a lot Our Milgard bay window is beautiful...we did not make a mistake in purchasing a Milgard brand, it may not be perfect. but what is good about it is that The company gives lifetime warranty. They come to the house to fix whatever problem that exists and no charge at all. We are so pleased with our window and we just installed a new milgard window a week ago. We love woods but termites are eating it. With new Milgard, we don't need to woory about the termites, paints etc .... ThanksMilgard February 26, 2014
Excellent Service We had our entire house installed with dual pane windows in March 1999. This is the first repair we have ever had. The Servicemen were very courteous, knowledgeable, concerned and careful in our home. They did an excellent job replacing our window. After the installation they cleaned the window and the area where they had been working before they left. We will definately recommend Milgard to our family and friends when they ask who they should buy their new dual pane windows from. February 26, 2014
Cracked pane from cold weather Vlad, the Milgard technician, arrived right on time and quickly replaced our cracked window pane. He also explained to us that the replacement window was of a "Northern" design and would be less likely to break due to cold weather. Thanks Vlad! February 26, 2014
Prompt and efficient! The techs called to say they were ahead of schedule and would like to begin early. Great! Both men were courteous and efficient and had my warranty work completed quickly without any problems. February 26, 2014
Everything was outstanding. The service person showed up promptly, did his job outstandingly, left no sign that he was ever there, and finished and left. Excellent! February 26, 2014
Todd Our service man was wonderful. On time and did an excellent job. In the past we have had some issues with damage to our woodwork. Todd's job we couldn't even tell that he had replaced a window. Thank you February 26, 2014
The service was great The service rep that replaced the windows was polite, professional. February 26, 2014
Recommended Relaced all windows and patio doors 7 years ago. Contacted Milgard regarding a bent patio door screen track and some contractor issues. Milgard's personnel were professional and I enjoyed dealing with them. Their product has held up well and they stand behind it. Who else sends a representative to your home to investigate a complaint about their product? February 26, 2014
Excellent Service We built a home around 10 years ago. One of our windows had a goldish film that appeared between the panes making it impossible to clean. I called the Milgard folks and they said as long as I was the original owner, they would replace it for free. That is exactly what happened. A young man (Todd) came in our house and was in and out in 1/2 hour. And, there was no cost to us. I highly recommend this product as finally there is a company that will stand up to their warranty. February 26, 2014
Ease of appointments I particularly liked the email for appts and dates of service from Aaron. So efficient. When the time of the repair came, an email reminding me and with a picture of the repairman was sent . Terrific idea--thanks. February 26, 2014
Resolved the issue with the moisture between panes. Milgard has been excellent in resoling the moisture between panes, but I am very concerned that 7 windows in my house have needed to be replaced. It appears that the manufacturing of the seal needs to be reviewed. Perhaps it has been already. But the service team and tech are very responsive and professional. Thanks. February 26, 2014
Milgard Stands Behind Its Warranty After 22 Years We relaced all of the windows and skylights in a "fixer" home we bought in 1992 with Milgard windows. Although a couple of them have failed over the ensuing 22 years, MIlgard has promply provided replacements. We plan to buy all Milgard windows and skylights for a new home we will be building within the next couple of years. We wish every vendor was as responsible about honoring its warranty as Milgard has proven to be. February 26, 2014
Amazing like always I don't know how you could give better customer service, unless the repair tech brought home made cookies. Outstanding job, you are the best!!! Keep up the good work, Dave February 26, 2014
Great warranty service! I really coudn't ask for better warranty service. John handled my initial call with courtesy and professinalism. Identified my problem and had my replacement glass on order in a very short time. Milgard's e-mail notification system is excellent. Felix showed up in the front half of the two-hour projected timeslot, and had both pieces of failed glass replaced in less than 30 minutes. He left the job clean. I will never hesitate to use or refer Milgard to anyone who asks. February 25, 2014
The Milgard warrenty service is "The Best" - love it! Prompt professional efficient service from initial call through replacement of the window after ~10 years since we bought our home. The service tech was a real pro and informative about why the window had lost the seal (south exposure, but not an issue due to the warranty) - Thanks Milgard February 25, 2014
Could not imagine better service. Wonderful service on replacement of failed dual pane window. Very careful and clean workmanship. Best part: no charge due to lifetime warranty. Highly recommended. February 25, 2014
Stand by their product The thing I have learned about windows is that over time some seals will break, the thing I know about Milgard windows is that they will be there to fix them when they do. Getting ready to change out another whole house full of windows and doors and although Milgard isn't the cheapest they are a great buy and I know we'll be happy down the road. February 25, 2014
Great Product ans service. We know the product is great and of course the lifetime warranty is above reproach. The professionalism of your employees who serviced us was excellent. Jim & Judy Ogle February 25, 2014
Their "outstanding" reputation influenced our decision Surviving a community wide fire disaster brings many challenges when building a new home. Thus research is extremely important. When it came to windows I drove through a section of our community that had more higher end custom homes and looked to see whose window stickers were on the windows of these gorgious homes. Milgard stickers were very prominent. Further research revealed and now I personally see that their statements regarding quality, energy efficiency, functionality and beauty are true. We are very pleased with Milgard and highly recommend them. February 25, 2014
Service timely and quick. I really appreciate the quality warranty work Milgard has offered over the 11 years that we have had their windows. My few problems have always been handled promptly and professionally. We consider these windows to be a great value. February 25, 2014
Still have problem When Steve was here he had to remove an alarm system magnet from a window. The alarm system no longer works because the magnet is no longer properly positioned. In Steve's defense it did work when he left, the magnet apparently was margainaly placed and failed the next day. February 25, 2014
Always responsive We had Milgard windows installed in our Morrison home 10 years ago. Any time we have had a problem, and there have only been a couple, they have been more than accommodating. Dell W was just out to replace a bad mechanism: on time, courteous, professional and done in 15 minutes. Wow!! Just don't find that kind of service anymore. Thank you for knowing the the true meaning of "customer service". February 25, 2014
You couldn't do better! The service was excellent. if service and quality is what you seek, then look no further. the windows were installed 13 years ago and when i called about a problem there was no quibbling about the guarantee. they just do what the said they would do and then did it . Please don't look for service and quality any place else. I love these guys. February 24, 2014
Service was fine. Service tech was early and finished job quickly. No complaints. February 24, 2014
Friendly, fast and and professional. Window shattered to due cold shock. Milgard CS was great. Appreciated the email appointment reminder with a photo of the Tech. I could go on and on, but the simple fact is this - the level of service from start to finish made me a Milgard customer for life. February 24, 2014
Good work, but should have had replacement parts on first visit I initially contacted Milgard for service on two different windows. Over the phone, I spoke with a very professional rep and provided the individual sales order #s from the windows that needed service -- so my assumption was that the service tech would bring the correct replacement parts based on the fact I provided these individual sales order #s. But when the service tech arrived, not all of the required parts were on the truck, so a follow-up visit was required, and this was an unnecessary additional visit from my perspective. February 24, 2014
Outstanding service! The two technicians were on time, courteous, very talented, and did a superb job replacing three defective windows and caulking others. We were very pleased with the entire process. February 24, 2014
Follow up and Problem solving is excellent I called about Patio doors that face south and get wind and rain. Service techs were prompt and professional. They had come before to check some windows which needed replacing. They just did the work and one would never know they had even been here. February 24, 2014
Appreciate Millgard We appreciate your continued attention to our needs. Your technician was very professional, competent, and quick. February 24, 2014
The techs need to bring locks I have 8 Milgard white vinyl windows. The white locks chipped and yellowed over the years. One window was replaced. The tech was only allowed the FRONT of the locks in his van. On trip two he brought the back half of the lock latch for ONE window. On trip three he brought the back latches for all the remaining windows. Every tech should ALWAYS have two boxes of standard white Milgard locks in his van at all times. Tech #2 was going to spray paint the locks right at my house instead of come back with baked enamel new ones! What a waste of time. When techs don't have basic equipment provided by the company in their vans all the time, it makes the company look very cheap. And incidentally, the word "Milgard" should be added to your spell check dictionary. February 24, 2014
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