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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Awesome The service tech was prompt and courteous. He wasted no time in resolving the issues I had with my sliding doors. Both work good as new now. Thanks Milgard for the excellent service call! January 12, 2015
Awesome service! The technician arrived right in the beginning of the time frame that I was given. He had my problem resolved in just a few minutes, and was very friendly. January 11, 2015
Milgard stands behind their waranty I bought my house new 15 years ago with Milgard windows. When the seal on two windows recently failed, I contacted Milgard who promptly replaced the windows at no cost. I was very pleased with the service and am now a lifetime customer. January 11, 2015
Milgard stands behind an excellent warranty We have fiberglass replacement windows with a lifetime warranty. Milgard has performed warranty service work several times with no argument. Unfortunate for Milgard that our windows have needed repairs, but the company has excellent solutions to repair the movable sashes. January 10, 2015
Replacement service has been excellent. When we have had a window fail after 10 or 15 years, Milgard's replacement policy has been simple to request and replacements provided with no hassle. Service of installers has also been great. January 10, 2015
Milgard's the best! After living in our dream home for eight years (purchased new), our family has been extremely happy with everything... except the Milgard courtyard doors! The doors were hard to open and shut and every last piece of weather stripping had deteriorated. After a couple of years of shopping online and in store for the correct stripping, I was told be my neighbor that Milgard has a guarantee on all windows and doors and a qualified serviceman would come out for repair upon making an appointment. The call was made, the service was completed in the most professional manner! Our doors and windows work perfectly! My only advice might be that Milgard place window/door product guarantees on a few of the products, so that the consumer has that information (Milgard guarantee, Service Rep phone numbers). January 10, 2015
Great service from Don. He called in advance of his estimated arrival time & asked if he could arrive 1/2 hour early. When we agreed, he arrived at precisely the new designated time. Replacement of 2 glass inserts was accomplished expeditiously & professionally. January 9, 2015
TOTAL Satisfaction Dave, Vince and Josh came on two day and identified the problem and then came back with the part and fixed it. They also gave me some tips on next to the ocean can get rough on a window! besides that they were all very personable, polite and people who are pleasant to be around. Thanks. January 9, 2015
You have a great service system. The service was great but was disappointed how long it takes to get a service appointment scheduled. I'm guessing it's because of where I live?? January 9, 2015
Perfect Service It was a pleasant experience and the tech was friendly and thorough. January 9, 2015
Very impressed Technicians were very professional; well dressed, efficient, and courteous, and I I really liked how they expressed confidence and pride in their quality work. January 9, 2015
Wonderful service! Dell was a joy to have in our home. His warm personality was a welcome as he repaired our patio door latch. He was careful about our property, courteous, polite, and caring. Just an overall good guy. Many companies would envy to have him. January 9, 2015
Replacement Service Milgard stands behind their guarantee. We have had to have several windows replaced and they replaced them without hassle. Best Service ever. January 9, 2015
We wish all in-home service was as good as Milgard's! We live in the country so service people are often reluctant to put forth the effort to find us. But Milgard was prompt, efficient, courteous, and competent. It has been a pleasure to do business with Milgard. January 9, 2015
Awesome Service! The total process was so easy and professional. The office responded to my questions and when the rep came he was totally professional even putting on shoe covers to come into my house. The fixing process was quick. Im so happy I went with Milgard! not only do I love my windows I love the after sale followup January 9, 2015
They keep their promises! We've had our Milgard windows for 9 years. Just in the last 2 years, a few windows have fogged and one broke. The company has been great about replacing them. They also fixed one that was a bit hard to open. No extra charges for extended warranties or services. Great service! January 9, 2015
Very pleased with Milgard and definitely must recommend As with anything, you have to put forth the effort when there is a warrantee issue. I couldn't ask for any more from the Milgard employees who handled my request. My window was replaced within a reasonable timeframe and I was communicated with professionally by all involved. January 9, 2015
You don't see customer service like this anymore Beautiful windows! We did have an issue with two windows that were damaged during shipment. Customer service got right on it, didn't try to weasel out of the problem like most companies do, and replaced the two windows. Everyone was wonderful to deal with from the very beginning. When they were driving away, my husband commented, "you don't see customer service like this anymore"! How true! January 9, 2015
Great warranty work! We were initially reluctant to request warranty work on our 3 windows having broken seals, fearing delays and excuses (what we have experienced before involving warranties). However, Milgard's response to our request and the subsequent repair work were beyond excellent! All other companies should take a lesson from Milgard's practices. January 8, 2015
Replaced damaged window Called ahead, arrived on time, introduced himself, removed and replaced damaged window fast and efficiently. January 8, 2015
The technician was professional and very quick. The in-home technician was efficient and excellent. The lead-time to fix the broken window from the time I called to the day the window was repaired was two and one-half months! January 7, 2015
Milgard warranty is a joke After contact, I received an e mail telling me that after a random property search, that I was not the owner of the house and that I was not eligible for warranty service. I e mailed back twice (without response) that I had built this home myself on vacant land 20 years ago and no other persons name could possibly be at this address. I paid for the replacement windows myself. I doubt that I will ever build another house again but I definitely will not use or recommend Milgard windows to anybody!!! January 7, 2015
Excellent Company Milgard is a great window company! I purchased Milgard windows for my custom home, built in 2003. I have recently had leaking in some windows. I called Milgard's service department and the windows were replaced promptly. The service techs, Leo and Alex, worked quickly and professionally to replace the windows. I give them both my highest possible praise. I would recommend Milgard to everyone and will be a customer for life. January 7, 2015
Very good service My windows were repaired on 1/05/15. The two service techs were polite, clean and easy to work with. They answered my questions which were few, but they were very nice guys a very efficient. There was no wasted motion, they worked well together and kept taking off their shoes every time they entered our home. Two very consience guys. They kept all aspects of their work clean and appeared to be very experienced in the needed repairs. In my opinion they are a asset to Milgard. January 7, 2015
Warranty service was excellent I was very please with the Milgard warranty service. There was no hassle at all! January 7, 2015
We are so happy We live on a golf course. The prior owner had dreadful nets and heavy screens put up over the windows obstructing the view. The broken glass guarantee was one big reason we bought our new windows, besides the fact that they are beautiful and energy efficient. Sure enough, four weeks to the day after our new windows were installed a golfer broke a window 15' up, but of course denied it. I called Milgard and a nice lady scheduled the repair. The repairman was polite and efficient and took special care not to mess up my newly painted walls. All in all the only thing that could have been better is if the golfer was a better player and hadn't broker the window. January 7, 2015
Service personnel were fine, company response to problem was terrrible. We had a problem with a retractable screen door last summer: The cord had become detached from the bottom of the screen. A general handyman referred to us by the original supplier partially disassembled the mechanism and identified a crack in a corner pulley as the potential source of the problem, which had happened twice before. One of your technicians, who showed up a couple weeks later, confirmed that this part should be replaced and placed the order for that. This was in late September. The part didn't arrive until early December. Then, due apparently to your shortage of repairmen, the repair couldn't be sechduled before December 24th as it was a two-man job. We chose, January 2nd instead. The repairmen did a competent job. January 7, 2015
Excellent Service Mr. Christianson was very courteous and professional. He was very methodical and replaced each window with care. He took time to explain the process and made sure that each window fit and sealed properly. Mark Jander January 7, 2015
Awesome Service Service Rep right on time at 9am. It took him 10 minutes. Awesome and knowledgeable. Thanks, Milgard January 7, 2015
Outstanding customer service What an excellent experience. Scheduling was fast and friendly. Service was fast and professional. I was blown away by the excellent service and support. January 7, 2015
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