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At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Locking Mechanism issue - Fixed on first visit I had contacted Milgard Service through my reseller and set up an appointment. The Service Rep called to confirm the appointment and showed up on time. The rep immediately identified my issue and stated that this was a known engineering issue with construction of the Ultra Series and Tuscany Series doors. The issue was that my deadbolt would not work properly and I could not lock my door. The root cause was a bolt-anchor in the frame that protruded into the deadbolt opening and did not allow the deadbolt to extend entirely into it's intended slot, which effected the entire locking mechanism to malfunction. The Milgard rep used a dremel tool to grind down the bolt-anchor which allowed the deadbolt to fully extend and lock properly. The rep did the work quickly, cleanly, and professionally. My only note would be to Milgard engineers...if this is a known issue, please reduce the size of your bolt-anchors in the frame so you don't have this issue happen again. February 17, 2015
Warrenty replacement I had a double pane wind start discoloring on the inside. It was almost 10 years old. Called milgard and they promptly gave me an appoint to have it replaced at no cost. Technician showed up at the scheduled time and had it replaced in about 15 minutes. No hassles, just great service. A+ February 16, 2015
Worked out pretty well I really appreciate the ability to have windows replaced even 10 years after installation. The tech came out promptly to assess the problem, and was professional. However we never heard back from Milgard about an action plan, so I had to follow up about a month later. Serivce desk was quick to respond and set up date to make repair. Techs that showed up were talented and professional. We had a big hiccup with the safety officer who would not allow techs on to my scaffold at first. However i was very appreciative when we finally resolved the safety issue. Techs did a great job swapping out bad windows. We did have a small issue in that one of the replacement windows was cracked upon arrival at our house, but i got a call a few days later from the service dept. setting up a new appointment to install the cracked window. All in all a pleasant experience. February 16, 2015
Best Service I ever got, will continue use Milgard products and recomment to friends very efficient & responsive on request warranty service prompt to schedule appointment and arrive on time Very professional service with details on installation Very happy with their Courtesy Service February 16, 2015
Love the service guys but the scheduling was a nightmare. This replacement of windows was a scheduling nightmare. The first time the techs came out with the wrong windows. The second time we werent' aware that they were coming until 10 minutes before they arrived when I just happened to arrive home and listened to my answering machine. The third time I cancelled the appointment by computer and call and they still came out even though I wasn't home. The fourth time, I called personally to schedule because I am only available on certain days (Tuesday and Fridays). I scheduled it for Tuesday Feb 10th. I called the week before to verify and was told that I was now scheduled on the 16th, a Monday. Thankfully this was a holiday and I was home otherwise I would have been gone again. Loved the service guys. They are professional and pleasant. Your scheduling people were also pleasant but the scheduling issue is a real problem. I'm glad this work is done now because it has not been a good experience. February 16, 2015
FAB Great service! The tech was very experienced and addressed the problem quickly and accurately. February 16, 2015
Great warranty service When the seal on one of the Milgard windows in our sunroom failed after 20 years, I was sort of amazed at how quickly MIlgard approved the warranty claim, since they did that on the same day I emailed them the paperwork - no hassle. And they promptly reimbursed me for what I paid a local installer to do the replacement job, too, since we're located outside of Milgard's service area. Again, no gripes about the cost. They were very professional throughout the whole process. Great warranty service. February 16, 2015
had to reschedule again for third time trying to get things right had to reschedule again for third time trying to get things right February 16, 2015
Very satisfied! The bathroom window just shattered by itself, very strange! But after contacting Milgard arrangements were made to replace the window under warranty. The Milgard repair man arrived on time and replaced the window very quickly. I'm impressed. Thanks Bill February 16, 2015
Service Tech went the extra mile The service tech was very helpful and even worked on two extra windows since he had the parts. We have built many homes and we always use Milgard because of the quality and top notch service. February 16, 2015
Impressive!!! Josh was very professional in the manner in which he replaced my faulty windows. I felt comfortable letting a stranger into my home after briefly talking to him. He did a great job!! February 15, 2015
Great warranty, good customer service Millgard's life time warranty is excellent. This is the second time I've had the same problem with the same window and Millgard has honored their warranty every time. February 14, 2015
They took care of the problems happily and willingly! The representative was very helpful in answering questions when he came to evaluate the window problems (old blancers and some broken seals). When he returned to correct the problems, he was again helpful and efficient. It was a very positive experience for me and I appreciate very much that Milgard happily took care of problems willingly. February 14, 2015
Very Professional My south facing window were at least 10 years old and the seals had failed. Milgard replaced them, at no cost to me. I am a client for life. Cheers, Mike Thomas February 14, 2015
Great experience! We had four windows with moisture in between the pains, so I called customer service and they were able to look up our window sizes in their database. A schedule was setup and the installer was on time, very personable and did a great job keeping the areas clean. Thanks! February 14, 2015
Very helpful, great service, on time It was very helpful to have the photo with the call-outs for the dot matrix numbers on our windows, so I could get them replaced. The serviceman was excellent, tidy, and efficient. Great job. Great windows. February 13, 2015
Excellent and timely service. Troy Garcia is the technician assigned to replace my window glass. He's very professional in changing the broken glass and making sure the new glass was cleaned upon completion. When I mentioned that the window could not open easily, he also oiled and made some adjustments for me so the windows can be opened smoothly without noise. I am very pleased with his work. Thank you for the great service. February 13, 2015
Great experience. The service we received was fast, very professional. Service Rep contacted us to confirm the date and time. We were vey pleased with all aspects of our repair. February 13, 2015
Service was great! My requests for warranty were responded to in a very timely manner. The service tech was professional and knowledgeable. He came when scheduled and took care of the work quickly. February 13, 2015
great service The tech did a great job solving a problem with the door properly latching. February 13, 2015
Milgard is synonymous with Qualty. Your technician was professional and knowledgeable. He adjusted the lock mechanism and the sliding door rail. It now works perfectly. Although the wait time for the appt was substantial (over two weeks), your company, the products you sell, and the service you provide are incomparable. Thank you. Michael & Wendy Diederich Sandy, Oregon February 13, 2015
excellent service overall The technician showed up on time, was very professional and did the required repairs. February 13, 2015
Windows are great. Screens are bad. I love your windows. BUT---We have had your service people to the house THREE TIMES trying to install screens that fit correctly. Sometimes they're too small, sometimes too big, some screens are too loose, sometimes they send with pull tabs instead of the bar, sometimes they call the day before and say that they have the wrong screens and we need to reschedule. I have asked twice on the phone to speak with a supervisor. Twice I have been assured that someone will call me. No one ever does. The techs come out, the screens aren't right, and we wait another 4 weeks for more techs to bring the wrong screens. I was assured by the last service tech yesterday that he will fix the problem. We had our windows initially installed October 6th. It's February. Although I love my windows, I could not recommend Milgard because of this. This is bad customer service. February 13, 2015
The service call made all the difference. Wasn't feeling all that great about my choice of Milgard, because the local window company wasn't helpful when I encountered a problem. I just decided to give up on the local window company and call Milgard directly. What a difference--they said they would send someone out shortly to resolve the problem, no run-around at all. The window professional arrived exactly on time, I showed him the problem, and he said I can fix that right now. He did a great job, explaining what he was doing, and this at the last stop of a busy day. February 13, 2015
Ineffective, 2 bow windows, problem not solve Would not recommend Milgard windows or service. We have had them out 2 times. Installation done perfectly (private contractor) but after installation both windows found defective, 1/4 inch opening at sidewhere window closes (sent pictures) and could see outside and feel air, obviously done at the factory. Window frame was warped. Called Milgard service and of course tried to blame it on installer. Told them it was done properly and it was obvious it was manufacturing and needed them replaced. Said that wasn't going to happen but would try to replace panes. Came out replaced panes still not fixed. Stated would file a report and get back to me. Service guys (who spoke English) said windows not repairable in Spanish, did not realize I understood. The whole time here spoke Spanish so it was it was obvious they were saying things they didn't want be to know. This problem has been going on for 3 months and still no resolution. February 13, 2015
We have always been happy with customer service... We bought our home three years ago and so, sadly are nearly at the end of our warrantee coverage. However, each time I've needed service on our windows the techs have gone above and beyond the required repairs. I'm very happy with the service and sad that we will not be covered lifetime as a secondary owner of our home. February 13, 2015
Great Service. Work hard to resolve an installation issue. Have some issues that seem to be from windows not being shimmed properly when installed. The tech tried hard to work with the windows to correct the problems the best he could. Thank you. Did a good job. February 12, 2015
Very pleased with the warranty service. Experienced a slight response time issue after filing my initial request for warranty service on line with follow up emails. Other than that, service rep and service tech were very prompt, courteous, and knowledgable. February 12, 2015
The repair was quick and done right. The repair was quick and done right. He was professional in his appearance, attitude and work. I am very happy happy with the service and the serviceman. February 12, 2015
Fast, efficient, helpful. The rollers/track on my 6' slider were starting to fail. Took 6 weeks for parts to arrive and install. Servicemen quick, efficient, helpful. Explained they installed an improved track, changed out the rollers, and told me to use dry silicone 2 times a year (which I do, but did not know about dry silicone). Even though it took quite a while am happy with the results. Slider works like new and no charge. Thank you. February 12, 2015
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