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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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If I buy windows again they will be Millard !!! Great service ! If I buy windows again they will be Millard !!! The service was prompt . After several years started having issues with windows. Windows with issues we're replace with ease . We are so please with our new windows . Thank you April 15, 2014
Excellent rapid response A day after Milgard replacing a window in our 2-story entry, I noticed that the shade had been pulled down and I wanted to have it up and open, as it had been before the window replacement. I couldn't easily reach the window to do it myself since it was at the top of the second story. Because I was having people over to see the house, I was in a rush! I called Milgard Customer Service and they were able to send Michael out the very next day. He was very friendly,helpful and reassuring and, with some difficulty, got on his long ladder and opened the shade. Thank you! April 15, 2014
Great service Milgard honors their warranty and does so in a timely manor. They have been a pleasure to do business with. April 15, 2014
Great service This is the 2nd time I've called on this window. Again the tech was prompt and professional. He was familiar with the issue and repaired the window. Hopefully there won't be a April 15, 2014
Always great service! Very professional, helpful service tech. Very happy with the lifetime warranty on the windows, too! April 15, 2014
I received immediate response to my contact with Milgard Within 10 days of my contact with Milgard my mildew window was replaced. Our appointment was for 9:00 am to 11:00 am and the tech arrived at 9:30 am. At 9:45 the window was replaced and the tech was on his way April 14, 2014
Service was great The rep on the phone was very efficient in scheduleing the repairs and following up on the problem. Service Tech was early, which was great since my experience with every other company service is that they are always late. he came in a quickly took care of everything and I was able to go about my day as scheduled and ahead of what I had planned for myself. April 14, 2014
Excellent, so far. I have 5 windows where the seals are broken. All of my contact with Milgard was over the internet until the tech came to my home. Dell inspected the windows agreed they were damaged and told me someone from Milgard would contact me regarding replacement. The first contact I received was this request for review. Dell told me he would be the person replacing my windows. I am happy about that he was personable and professional. April 12, 2014
Milgard in-home service Our home had Milgard double-pane windows installed over 10yrs ago, and recently a second-story window developed condensation problems between panes. A call to the Milgard Service Center got an immediate response, service call scheduled, and a field technician came out shortly thereafter and fixed the problem after only a few minutes work. No questions asked, no billing, no hassle! These are terrific windows, and backed up by competent servicing. Fully recommended. April 12, 2014
This service was great & satisfactory. Thanks for Milgard's expertise that solve the problem of my window leakage during the last storm. I have strong confidence on Milgard's product and service. Thanks! April 11, 2014
Milgard is truly a first class organization Milgard is truly a first class organization from the products to the people, we are extremely satisfied and our expectations were blown away by your superior customer service. I had struggled with our (national company) builder to address the problem with the failed windows and they couldn't even tell me who the manufacturer was and the paperwork they included with our warranty book was incorrect, it showed our windows as a competitor product. Fortunately I was able to find your logo by looking closely at my windows and associating it with your company. When I called to inquire if Milgard had installed or manufactured my windows the CSR found my address and specifics in two minutes and in the course of maybe a ten minute call had set an appointment for the tech to come out and install the windows in a very quick turn around/time period. The installation tech was amazing - he was very professional, incredibly efficient and courteous and did a great job installing the four replacement windows under the manufacturer warranty at no cost to us. We are very glad your company is a top notch organization and shines far and away above many companies in the customer satisfaction department. Milgard provided likely the best customer service I've ever encountered over twenty years of home-ownership. Our sincere thanks for your premier service - Delighted Customers - Broomfield, CO. April 11, 2014
Service was excellent! Could not ask for more. Service tech was very professional and knowledgeable. We were impressed that he put on booties before entering the house. We were very satisfied with the service provided by Milgard. Thank you. Vicki & Ken Wish I was aware of your warrenty as I ordered and replaced patio door handle through Ace Hardware, and it cost me a few bucks. April 11, 2014
Nice work! Vlad, the technician who came to our home was friendly and professional. He took the time to inspect all the windows and even clean the sliding door runner (the metal piece where the sliding door sits) after finished replacing the windows. We are so glad we choose MiIgard Windows for our home. Great Job! April 11, 2014
Great from start to finish All it took was one phone call and my faulty window was replaced asap. Thanks, I would never purchase anything but a Milgard Window product. April 11, 2014
I love the way Milgard stands by their warranty. Our windows are 8 years old and have performed excellently all these years. Only now, the seal failed on 1 of the windows (out of 15 Milgard windows in our house), and Milgard promptly and efficiently sent someone out to repair it. No questions asked. April 10, 2014
The Service was prompt. I needed a replacement window due to the failed seal that fogged the glass. The window was under warranty. Milgard set up an appointment to see the failed window that same week and replaced the window the following week. Milgard called me the day before the installation to inform me of the 2 hour window of arrival. I was pleased with the service and warranty on Milgard windows. April 9, 2014
Great Job Excellent job, the guys came in and got the job done quickly despite the challenging conditions of the window being up high on a steep slope. April 9, 2014
Best service I've experienced. Our windows are about 7 years old. Three narrow windows have had the margins bow in obstructing the view. Another large window was cracked from the corner into the interior of the pane. Our vendor asked for some numbers between the panes of glass. Once our vendor contacted Milgard with the number, Milgard knew the window dimensions and makeup and the replacement was as easy as can be. The only glitch is that Milgard made 2 trips because only two windows were shipped the first time. Within 2 weeks, all of our windows were replaced free of charge with no questions asked. The tech's were quick, pleasant, and created no mess. I've never experienced such good service. Thanks Milgard! April 8, 2014
DISAPPOINTED IN PRODUCT AT THIS POINT Your product looks nice, but have had technicians out to the house at least 3-4 times, at this point I have lost count. A technician was there again today with new screens because the original ones won' t open. I have waited almost 3 weeks for these and now this tech says this is not the problem. The window open if the trim is taken off!?!?! He said that this is a new product so they are working thru the issues, but I am unhappy with paying that kind money 3 months ago and still have windows that are not right. April 7, 2014
Super happy! I thought I was going to have to pay to get my window fixed and was fully prepared to. The woman I spoke with helped me to determine if the windows were still under warranty, I had no way of knowing as I recently purchased the house. We determined that they were and she sent a tech to the house. She said it would take about five minutes and I was highly skeptical, but to my amazement, the tech was in and out in five minutes, maybe less. Super nice guy and professional. I was just blown away with the whole experience. I am so happy I have Milgard windows. Thank you, Dan April 7, 2014
Service could not have been better These People have their act together. They do a excellent job from start to finish. Perhaps the only decent customer service left in this country. PJN April 3, 2014
Servie department needs organizational help After purchasing and installing new windows throughout the house, two windows were identified by the installer as having defects. Replacement windows were immediately ordered. About two weeks later I receive a phone call stating the replacement windows were going to be installed the next day. No prior calls had been made to arrange for this replacement and rescheduling was needed due to work commitments. On the day of the reschedule, again no one called. I called them only to find out they had the wrong phone number for me and had been unable to reach me. Could they come any way? They did, but again one of the replacement windows had a defect. Another was ordered and installation scheduled. When no call was received the day of scheduled install, I again called and was told the tech had tried to call, but had an invalid phone number. The records had not been updated! I called the tech's cell and asked when he was coming. I was told since he had been unable to reach me earlier he no longer had time to perform the repair. I left a message with service regarding my displeasure. 15 minutes later the tech arrives to install the window! Awkward, but ... I asked the tech to please make certain phone number gets updated Then, 2 days later I receive an email from the service department telling me there appears to be a problem with my phone number, but they have my replacement window ready to install, could they please come out that day. What?! I love the windows, but clearly your service department needs help getting organized. April 1, 2014
Very thorough After calling to get a window replaced in our living room, Shawn came out and looked over the whole house. He ended up replacing NINE windows he viewed as in need of maintenance. Very thorough by looking at the whole house instead of just the requested repair and very quick when the repairs were made. Milgard was great to work with and I appreciate them standing behind their warranty! April 1, 2014
We had a great experience with Milgard Windows! We had some balance rods exchanged after 9 years in our house and a large window pane replaced. Our windows work like a charm now and our new window pane looks great. Thank you for great service and especially for great warranty on your products! March 31, 2014
Great service We have had alot of issues with our Milgard windows and are so happy to have the replacement windows ,lifetime. Milgard has been prompt to replace our windows and very professional. We appreciate their response and for replacing our windows in a timely manner. Thank you so much! Jim Anderson March 31, 2014
Great windows - great service! I didn't call. I submitted the request online, which was nice, but a but hard to find. March 31, 2014
Every good thing I heard about Milgard was true - thank you guys!! My whole experience with Milgard has been a joy. My rep Jeff was really helpful and talked me through the whole project. I am building my own house, for the first time, from the ground up, so have no prior experience, but he made it all sound easy. He helped me choose which windows would work best and advised me on my rough cuts and exact measurements. They delivered on time, to my remote part of the world, in rural Oregon and I installed them myself. The house looks great - I love the patio doors looking to the ocean - it's a dream come true - thanks you guys for making that part so easy. Jonathan - Bandon, Oregon. March 28, 2014
Very Professional! Excellent service. I couldn't have done any better myself! March 27, 2014
difficulty arranging initial appointment for window replacement,need for second appt Difficulty getting a commitment to definite scheduled time for install of replacement window panes. I needed to take time off from work to be present at appt. Windows replaced well w/ excellent technician but one window was delivered incorrectly thus needed to make second apt for this to be installed/replaced. Not easy to get a Saturday appt for this but eventually was able. Windows are excellent and Milgard stood by their warranty without any problems. Technician photo was emailed w/ appt confirmation date/time so felt confident when he arrived. Tech was EXCELLENT -knowledgable, neat and efficient, kind, professional!~ I recommend Milgard to anyone who needs replacement windows. We've had them installed to replace all windows in 2 homes now. March 27, 2014
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