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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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All As expected--top of the line.. After eight years of virtually daily use, one of the springs on the double hung windows packed it in. Phoned the rep, the tech came the same day, diagnosed the problem, got the parts and fixed the window. The tech checked the other window, wasn't quite satisfied with the way it opened and fixed it as well. It doesn't get any better than that. Thanks Milgard. June 21, 2014
So glad that we installed Milgard windows!! The sealant on many of our 5 year old windows 'failed' and Milgard replaced all glass that was affected. It did take a while to get the inspector here and to do the installation - in 3 separate visits - but we are very happy with the service people who were prompt, efficient and neat. Thank you. June 21, 2014
Never Again After purchasing 20 something Ultra line fiberglas frame windows and installing them in our addition as well as replacing the rest of the windows in the structure we found our local design and review board insisted some of the street facing windows be gridded in order to look period. Our window contractor ordered the retro-fit gridded windows and installed them promptly. Milgard informed us that their personnel needed to install the exterior faux-grids because of some special tool or procedure or I-don't-know-what. The addition was 100% complete and ready for sign-off save for these grids. It took Milgard eight weeks to get that done. Let me repeat; EIGHT WEEKS! I must have called their service dept. 10 times and was promised over and over they would be done in a day or two. They lied to me, avoided taking my calls, came out once and installed two out of three of the grid kits but ran out of material. Passed me on to low-level flak-catchers to pacify me and make more false promises. . . . We are talking about two man hours of work to complete this and they held up our entire job for two months. We couldn't get our permits signed off or get our certificate of occupancy, the contractor couldn't get paid, all for a a lousy few sticks of plastic and a couple hours work. They are idiots. I purchased Milgard windows for my home about 12 years ago. They all leaked after a few years and when I exercised the lifetime warranty my experience with their service department was the same. Put it off, blame the contractor (Bought another famous brand of sliders at the same time, installed by the same contractor, and they function perfectly), was told, (no, really) that ALL windows leak, didn't you know that you fool!? That time it took six months to get people out here and fix the problem. The problems with Milgard service are obviously endemic. I will never buy a Milgard product again. Too bad. they used to be a good company. June 21, 2014
Awesome!!!! All I can say is "Wow". I sent in an on-line request to have a failed insulated window repaired. The window was purchased in 2006, so 8 years later I expected to hear "Too bad, so sad" Within 5 minutes I received a call and set up a repair schedule. They came out and fixed it, no questions asked. I am impressed! In a day and age of cheap junk and lousy service, this was a shock. Thanks! John June 20, 2014
Courteous & efficient Michael called to let us know he would be here in 20 minutes - well within the two-hour time frame schedule. He was clean, courteous and very efficient. I am impressed with the ease of having made a single call to the service department resulting in a timely installation of a replacement window. June 20, 2014
Appreciate the great service by Milgard. We were very pleased that the service person came to replace the window. And the service person was supper nice and did a great job. The guy really knows his trade. Thank you Milgard and the service person. Allan June 20, 2014
Excellent service. Professional and quick. The service tech who came to fix the problem was quick, thorough, professional and did a great job! Thank you Milgard! June 19, 2014
Builder I built 14 townhomes in Morro Bay Ca. I have used Milgard exclusively as a builder for over 20 yrs. My experience on this project was the worst I have ever dealt with. If not for the outstanding effort and diligence of the Fresno area account rep (windows purchased from Fresno dealer as they were my regular supplier of Milgard windows up until then), my project would have suffered far greater than it did. Only when he got involved did the service aspect begin to be addressed by Milgard. June 19, 2014
Milgard stands by their product! I have had Milgard out on several occasions and they always meet or exceed their promise. I would only buy Milgard windows for this reason. June 19, 2014
The service was very good. It is nice to know that the company stands behind its product and is committed to customer service.I am very happy with all the people that I worked with in correcting our problem. A big thank you to all of you and keep up the good work!! June 19, 2014
Poor Customer Service on Known Problem We have 3 Tuscan-style slider doors in our house. The first two that were installed are the original series and are hard to slide and even harder to lock/unlock. My 10 year-old son sometimes cant even open the door. The newer/upgraded version is much better at sliding and a much easier locking mechanism. I would highly recommend this (upgraded) one over the other. I contacted Milgard customer service and they said that they informed me that my newer (better) one is an upgrade and that they still sell the original one. That was alarming to me as the original one should even be marketed and sold. What was worse, was that the CS agent I spoke with was unwilling to resolve my ongoing problem with my two original doors - talk about a bad taste in my mouth. It's really too bad to as I really like the new one and all of the windows I have by them, but poor after-sale customer service is skewing my view now. June 19, 2014
Great service Pleased with service. Appreciate promise of replacement of damaged screens to be delivered to my home for self installation. June 19, 2014
Got the runaround a bit Exceptional service once I found the right person. I got passed around on the phone between multiple (3) offices. At least it worked, being the in the telcom business I was quite impressed that the call wasn't dropped as I was passed around. Shouldn't have been passed around though. If you can make the phones work like that you can make the info work like that and get it in front of the right person at the right time. Great service from the person who came out. Got the issue fixed in very short order. June 19, 2014
Totally happy with the service we received today. A bathroom window had seal failure and was replaced at no cost to us . Very much appreciate that the work was done in a timely and professional manner. The service tech did a excellent job and was friendly and courteous. June 18, 2014
Great Crew- John and the Crew did an amazing job/ Very Professional Milgard stands behind their windows! I had warrantee issues with some windows. They were expertly replaced with no cost to me. In a world where service doe's not seem to matter this was an unexpected surprise. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for windows. KB June 18, 2014
Could not have been better. Well done! Thanks so much for your excellent service. From initial request for service, to scheduling our repair and today's service call, every Milgard action was perfectly responsive to our window repair need. Well done Milgard!! Thank you! June 18, 2014
Service quick and professional. Glass replacement went well. They sent 3 guys and was finished withing 1 1/2 hours. Good service. Replaced 7 windows d/t seal failure. June 18, 2014
Another Excellent Job This is not the first window that you've replaced. Each instance in the past has exemplified stellar service. The ball was dropped a little on this one, when the local dealer said he couldn't make the repair. He was suppose to let you know. I never received a call from Milgard, I called. As usual your rep was the best. A breath of fresh air. Smiling, efficient, competent and professional. What other platitudes can I heap on him. Thanks again, for standing behind your product and employing such fantastic people. June 18, 2014
Fantastic service! The men were very neat and tidy! They are clean, don't smell, and extremely nice and polite. The windows are clean, all the grids are even, they cleaned up any mess which was very minimal - just a few white chips. Absolutely no damage to plants outside or floor and window framing inside. NICE JOB! June 18, 2014
More than excellent Millard is the first company that I have dealt with that does what they say they will do. There work is excellent and I have instructed my contractor to use only Milgard windows. June 18, 2014
The Milgard lifetime warranty is amazing and their service arm is incredible. I can't say enough about Milgard Service-they were prompt, professional and thorough. So happy after their visit. Thank you Milgard! June 18, 2014
Excellent service quality product I am amazed at the quality of scheduling the efficiency and the quality product. It gives me great security in the honoring of your warranty. I often recommend Milgard to my friends June 18, 2014
Excellent service! I was given a 4 hour window of when the guys would show up. However the guys called at the beginning of the window and gave me a 15 minute warning. I was so appreciative because it didn't leave me stuck at home for the day waiting for them to show up. They replaced the window within 15 minutes and I was on my way! Thank you Milgard! June 18, 2014
Fantastic service! I had three windows that needed repair. The service tech had them all fixed in about 20 minutes. Overall, simply great customer service. June 18, 2014
Very professional I have had my Milgard windows for 18 years or better. The window that needed to be repaired has been replaced once before due to the same issue. The seal between the dual glass let go and allowed clouding and stains between them. Each time, Milgard has provided prompt response and replacement. I used to be a window installer and by far, Milgard has been the best to work with. They stand behind their warranty and what they say. June 18, 2014
Service you can count on! In our experience, Milgard honors their lifetime warranty guarantee. Phone communication has been pleasant, prompt and professional. Technicians arrive as scheduled with the necessary skill and equipment to make repairs efficiently. Questions are answered thoroughly and respectfully. From beginning to end, they make the process as easy as possible. This is customer service at its best! June 18, 2014
No hassle, quick repair! Your service team was top notch. I had a 13+year old window and the gasket started leaking. I expected to have to pay for a new window, but it was still covered under warranty. Your service team was great, easy to work with, and friendly. Thanks! June 18, 2014
Excellent experience We noticed one of our windows had a seal broken. The service tech handled that but also offered to inspect the rest of our windows. To our surprise, he found a number of other windows with minor issues and proactively replaced them all before they could become bigger issues. Five stars for proactive, prompt, and customer-friendly service! June 17, 2014
In-home service was EXCELLENT I was very impressed with the level of service. I had no idea that my sliding glass door had a lifetime warranty. I have been in my house here for 11 years, the door started binding in the last few months. I looked up the manufacturer online to see if I could order new rollers that's how I discovered the warranty. I sent my request for service online and I got an email response a few days later, then soon after that I got a call from Milgard to set up the service call. the tech right away replaced the rollers, tightened the handle and now it works like new! Thank you Milgard for your prompt and professional service. You Impressed Me!! June 17, 2014
In home service techs were wonderful Techs were awesome. Very professional and personable. Customer service rep via emails came across as arrogant and short. My opinion........ June 17, 2014
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