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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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A happy outcome One of my windows developed a stress crack. I spoke to the seller/installer of the window about it and sent him a picture, and he reported it to Milgard. I expected that it would take a long time to resolve, and the vendor didn't seem very optimistic that it would be replaced. I was delighted and relieved to get a phone call from the Milgard rep to schedule a time when the tech could come and replace the window. They even cleaned it for me! June 13, 2014
Great service On time and fast, in and out in less than 30 min. Replaced one large window. June 13, 2014
great service. questionable window quality We have had Milgard service come out and fix several of our fiberglass replacement windows. The service rep and the techs that we have dealt with have been excellent. On time and very quick with the fixes. I am a little disappointed in that the same part keeps breaking on our windows. Its the locking mechanism that also allows you to tilt the sashes. The last tech showed me how they are made of plastic and just strip out after several uses. Warranty is lifetime, so i guess its on Milgard to keep coming out and fixing it...I believe we have had 6 of our window locks replaced out of 21 windows over the past three years. June 13, 2014
the worst service ever it was the worst service i ever experience in my entire life. I have never heard of this type of service either. When i first place the warrenty service, one of the rep told me that i am not qualified for warrenty since i am the second owner. So i thought that was it but couple days later Tiffany McNeely called and asked me what's wrong with my window. She told me that my warrenty is still good even i am the second owner for 10 years. So she asked me what the problems were and asked me to send her order numbers for the windows. She even emailed me youtube link where i can find those. ( date: 3/28 # I emailed her order numbers with indication of frame damage or window films. # date :3/31 # No response from her so i called and called but no luck reaching her so i send another email # date: 4/3 # asking her to send me confirmation email just in case she didn't get it. I got email from her saying she didn't get the first email and asked me what kind of frame damage i am having. # date: 4/5 # I responded her describing the problems of each window. # date: 4/5 # I was expecting to get some response from her in couple days but no response so i called and called and left voice message asking her to call me but not return calls from her. She took a week to respond my email asking me if it was a fixed or vent but she didn't call. # date: 4/12 # I replied right back to her and told her that i called couple time and left voice message to show my frustration and asked what she meant by vent or fixed and told her to call me.# date: 4/12 # She replied right away this time saying she had issues getting into voice mail and explained what she meant by vent or fixed but no call. # date: 4/12 # I emailed her which ones are fixed and which ones are vent and asked her to call me back again but no call # date: 4/13 ) After this, there are no more emails i can trace to put exact date in this message so i have to vaguely state the dates. I tried calling her but no luck for multiple times and finally someone called me after couple weeks saying that this person wants to confirm the appointment the next day. This was suprising since i never made an appointment but sooner the better and i asked if they were coming to invastigate what the problems are or they were coming to actually fix them. And the response were they would be taking all the equipment and fix and replace all windows. So i confirmed the time and told my wife to stay at home to open the door for them. But they did not show up. I called and Tiffany was finally available so I asked where the technicians are but the reply was there was no appointment for me that day. What a shock. I told her someone called me day before but she couldn't find any trace of that record. So i asked when they were coming and she said in 2 weeks. She already had the fixed date for my service somehow but didn't tell me that. I confirmed that the technicians will be prepared to fix the frames and replace glasses. So i waited for another 2 weeks and technicans finally came about 30 mins late but only fixed the frames not replacing the glasses. They said they didn't bring the window glasses so they will be back in a few days. WHAT'S THE POINT GIVING OUT ALL THE ORDER NUMBERS AND EXPLANATIONS IN ADVANCE IF THEY WON'T BE PREPARED ANYWAYS! I am tired of calling and whatever. Until last week, i realized they haven't replaced the glasses. I called again and Tiffany was available asked her when they are coming. She put me hold for couple times looking for something and finally told me the someone had the order but did not proceed with it. I knew she would say this since this is just typical execuse when you just forgot about something important. Even what she said were true, it was her job to finish the work. Finally, today, technicians came and repalces the glasses. I would never use or recommend milgard to anyone and tell people my experience with milgard. June 13, 2014
Excellent service Calls were returned promptly, staff (phone and in person) were friendly, in home technician showed up within the time frame given, and the work was performed efficiently and done well. June 12, 2014
Great service beginning to end! This warranty service was performed by Pacific Woods Glass in Gualala, CA. They were professional and courteous from the initial contact to the completion of the job. Many thanks! June 12, 2014
Service was fine This is the third time I had a service rep here for the same problem. This time there were two reps. I hope the problem is solved this time. June 12, 2014
Thank you for the continued support I have appreciated your willingness to stand by your warranty over the years and fix whatever need to be fixed. Thank you for this customer service from the woman who helps on the phone to the technician that comes to my house. June 12, 2014
Very god service from Juan I think it would be better for the service tech to schedule the app. I have two different jobs in the same area close together but different zip codes. Now I have to be available on two different days to get service work done. I was very dissapointed with the quality of paint job on my Milgard tusc double hung bronze windows. The interior white had overspray, the exterior had a section that was not painted, and had paint runs in places. Milgard needs to have an inspection of windows for quality before they are sent out. Not sure I would recommend painted windows to future customers. NEED better quality control. June 12, 2014
Great On time and on the job, no waste of time for anyone. June 12, 2014
This service was excellent We have had Milgard products for 13 years and have always been extremely satisfied with their service June 12, 2014
Lifetime Warranty is Terrific! Appreciate the lifetime warranty and the ease of getting resolution to our issue! Thanks June 11, 2014
Service was great The guys showed up and were professional. It had rained for about 20 minutes before they arrived. They had "booties" in hand and put them on when I answered the door. They went about their business in a very timely matter, cleaned up after themselves and asked if there was anything else just in case I forgot anything. June 11, 2014
We always recommend Milgard We live on the Oregon coast where good windows are a must. We built our home in Neahkahnie ten years ago and used all Milgard products. They have served us well and the one or two small issues we have had over the years have been promptly addressed by our Milgard rep and the service technicians. June 11, 2014
Super efficient! Appointment was set a week or so in advance. Technician called twenty minutes before arrival, within the 2 hour window estimated. He was personable, knowledgeable of options and we are greatly satisfied with the repair! June 11, 2014
Overall service was fine except for misdiagnosis of master bedroom mechanism Made new appointment after visit from tech 6/6 . Master bedroon hardware failed to close window and came out of casing. It was checked by tech who thought it was ok, but that evening it failed. June 11, 2014
Milgard warranty and service is excellent We have had several windows that needed additional weather seals due to their location on the windward side, as well as some that have lost their seal and became cloudy. In all cases Milgard service came and resolved the problems promptly and at no charge. That is commendable. June 11, 2014
Quick, clean and efficient I have 3-4 year old Milgard window that lost a seal. I notified Milgard online and a representative called me shortly thereafter. The representative asked me specific questions and provided clear direction to gather the information necessary to get the replacement glass ordered. He then scheduled an appointment for replacement. The service technician arrived as scheduled. He was on-time, efficient, clean and polite. It couldn't have been a smoother operation. Thank you Milgard. Your windows will always be my choice. June 11, 2014
Great Service!! The service received by Milgard was great from start to finish! Its wonderful to have Milgard stand by their product and fulfil their warranty. June 11, 2014
The service I have received has been poor I started the process of replacing two warranted windows back in March. As of today, 6-10-14, they have not been replaced. The original install date was to be 4-6-14. Denver, CO called the morning of 4-6-14 and said the install would have to be delayed due to the windows not being in Kansas City. I did not here from them for a new date for about a month so I called and the same lady that called about the 4-6-14 installation told me the reason they had not called was because I did not pay the invoice? What invoice? To this point, nothing has been said about me owing anything or did I ever get an invoice sent to me. She said nothing about that on 4-6-14 when she called to delay the installation due to the windows not being there. After a few telephone calls, a date was set for 6-6-14. On 6-5-14 the installation was delayed, again, because one or both of the two windows were broken in shipping I was told. After receiving that information, a different person called 3 hours later telling me what time the installer would be there on 6-6-14??? A new date of 7-6-14 was offered and I asked to get it finished earlier than that due to an event we were having at our house and the two windows are in our living area overlooking the golf course we live on. She had a telephone call into a second installer that helps out when they get behind on 6-6-14. I have still not received a call from the woman in Denver as of today. Obviously, I am not pleased with the service I have received or not received. June 10, 2014
The appointment-making system is appalling I have no problem with the service reps, but making appointments through Milgard is the most frustrating experience I have encountered with any business. The first time I called, it took almost 1 1/2 hours to set up a simple appointment. Eventually the woman told me I would have to wait a month for the first appointment to become available. She told me I would have the first appointment of the day--early in the morning. I certainly did not get the first appointment of the day; the guy came late in the day. He needed a part, so I had to set up another appointment. That took almost two months. The women on the phone keep saying that the software does not allow them to set ;up appointments for a particular part of the day and that they will call the day before the appointment with a 2-hour window. What good is that for people (like most of us) who have to work? The appointment was supposed to be between 12:15 and 2:15, but the guy called to say he would be late. I had taken time off for the two-hour slot, but that was useless because the tech came later than that. Phone wait times are ridiculous too. June 10, 2014
Great service The technician showed up on time and was very fast and courteous, with no questions asked about replacing the window that was covered under warranty. I was very pleased with the service. June 10, 2014
I recommend this company I've had to have 2 windows replaced and my screens replaced since I had these windows installed throughout my house in 2008. Each time I needed service the representatives and technicians were professional and courteous, worked quickly and efficiently and were conscientious of their surroundings. I am very satisfied with this product and service. June 10, 2014
7110Verite From the initial call to actually having the service performed, took a really long time. As well as the re-schedule for the service. The installers were great, efficient and through! Thank you June 10, 2014
Impressive! Very happy with the customer service we recieved. Within one half hour had Our faulty windows replaced, cleaned, and looking great. Thank you!! June 10, 2014
This experience far more disappointing than happy, opposite of first experience. We have had problems with 17 windows installed in 2004 only twice. First time, customer service was fast and installation prompt and excellent. We were impressed and pleased with entire experience! This time, I had to make numerous contacts over weeks to get ANY response, then more time and additional contacts to provide information and inquire if info had been received and was correct. And more time, and contacts, for service call to be arranged and finally happen. Installer was on time and proficient, but less than tactful about my need for service to NOT really be needed. Possibly he was correct, and if so this was something that customer service should have discovered at initial contact, if not all the following contacts. This matter has been concluded finally, but I feel more abused than pleased. I rate customer service with an F. Technician was not aware of the problems, so his comments were salt in the wound. Otherwise, I would give him a B+. (An A would have earned by putting the shade back in place.) June 10, 2014
VERY happy with the Milgard service I was fortunate to have a replacement warranty for my vinyl slider. And I was fortunate that only the outer pane was broken. When the replacement window was being made, Milgard' service representative was able to schedule the installation 3 weeks in advance with a 2 hour service window. The service technicians arrived at the beginning of the time frame #unlike the "cable man"# replaced the window, cleaned everything and left within 45 minutes. Oh by the way, it was 104 degrees that day. The service could not have been better. Thank you to Milgard for a job well done! June 10, 2014
Excellent warranty and service Our Milgard windows were installed in 1995 under lifetime warranty. The frames still look new and service has been excellent. Prompt, attentive and service work has been well done. June 10, 2014
Great and easy service I was amaized, called them, it was scheduled, they showed up on time and with all the parts, installed and were gone. Keep up the great work June 10, 2014
Great service Great service no questions about the need to replace the panes June 10, 2014
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