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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Impressive Service! This door is several years old and the latch/lock pin broke off. Even with the age Millgaurd was quick, friendly, and willing to come and replace the part. Very Impressed with their service! March 21, 2014
Incorrect replacement glass ordered still waiting on correct ones The tech is very nice and professional but their is a problem somewhere in the process. Either the tech does not capture enough or the correct information when ordering the replacement glass or the factory does not produce what is on the replacement order. From a customer perspective, it doesn't matter where the problem is, it is just that the replacement time gets elongated. It would be nice if they actually got it right the first time. Both times that we have needed to have the glass replaced, there have been issues. When they have the proper glass, they are able to quickly replace it and without making a mess. The installer is very efficient. March 21, 2014
Service was excellent! My only slight complaint would be that it took over three weeks to get someone out to the house. March 21, 2014
Service request available only via internet On March 2nd I called Milgard about a service request. I was told that Milgard only accepts requests for service via their website. The next day I filled out the form on the website and submitted it. Two days later I received a response asking me to answer, in narrative form, the same questions I had answered with the first form. I responded. The next day I received a response TELLING ME that my repair date would be March 20, and that on March 19th someone would call to TELL ME the time of my appointment. Instead of 6 days to process my request, a ten-minute phone conversation could have answered all the necessary questions from a repair perspective as well as given me a choice in the date and time of service. As for the technician and the repair process, I can't comment. I was unable to be home between 1-3 on that date (some people have to work during the day!) so I had to ask someone else to be there to meet the technician. Totally dissatisfied with your service procedures! March 20, 2014
I'm impressed! Nice to see a company that not only manufactures excellent quality products, but backs them so well. Very responsive, professional, and cordial service from the regional office to the great service tech. March 20, 2014
had to leave phone message Casement window foldable crank failed to properly engage in hex. Called and waited for response, after waiting 5 min to talk to someone, left message requesting a replace crank. A few days later the crank showed up in the mail. Bottom line, nice to talk to someone, however, that failed. That said, the part showed up in mail and worked fine. March 20, 2014
Great professional service. The in-home service techs were very professional and efficient, with good follow through on questions and problem solving. I have recommended them to several people. March 20, 2014
Excellent service I was especially impressed by the professionalism, yet friendly service of the Service Tech. I also liked the way Milgard sent us his name and a picture so we knew exactly who to expect. I would never hesitate to recommend your windows to anyone. March 20, 2014
Window was fixed exactly on time When the window broke I heard that Milgard would repair the window at no charge, which was past the 1 year warranty I am used to. They scheduled the repair, sent an e-mail reminder/confirmation and the window was fixed on that exact time and date. Thanks! March 18, 2014
They don't honor their warranty! They don't honor their warranty for second owners even though their website specifically says that they will automatically extend full warranty coverage for 10 years. Also, it is difficult to get through to a service representative. The service representative will also not respond or acknowledge your emails. I've sent two emails to the service representative and she doesn't respond. I confirmed her email address with the receptionist/operator. My house is 8 years old and has 6 fogged windows. Obviously not the best quality product. March 18, 2014
Milgard did an excellent job! From customer support to onsite installation! Alison & Aaron- thank you so much for your support! The windows look great! The tech that came out did an excellent job, very cool guy, professional, and fast! I really appreciate Milgard replacing these windows & I will continue to use Milgard for my future window needs! March 18, 2014
The servcie was very professional and informative The service representative answered all of our questions and gave excellent maintenance suggestions. March 18, 2014
The service to replace the fogged glass panel was excellent. The solution to the bug infiltration was no satisfactory. I contacted Milgard service department for two problems I had with my windows. The first was a fogged glass panel due to a failure of the seal. This problem was taken care of to my utmost satisfaction. The second problem was with two single hung windows where insects are able to come in around the vertical sliding panels. Last summer I had as many as 20 flies per day coming through/around the edges of the windows.The service tech was very polite in the advice he gave to me about trying to rectify the situation. My problem though is that this seems to be a bad design in the window that takes makeshift work on the part of the homeowner to try and prevent insect infiltration. I have purchased windows from other manufacturers in the past and never had this problem. I'm totally satiisfied with my fixed pane and horizontal sliding Milgard windows. March 17, 2014
A little slow, hard to schedule and didn't fix whole problem. A little slow, hard to schedule and didn't fix whole problem. March 17, 2014
Great service The process was quick and everyone I dealt with was professional. The actual fix was done well and the technician arrived on time and was knowledgable. Great service. March 16, 2014
Outstanding, prompt and courteous! Everything from my first phone call to the end result with the replacement of our window was outstanding. The entire process of filing a claim, setting up appointment and replacing window was easy and completed in a timely manner. Could not have asked for better service. I will definitely recommend Milgard. March 16, 2014
Great service!! A customer service representative picked up the phone almost immediately, there was an available appointment the next week, the repair technician showed up on-time, he was fast and clean and the windows are like new again. Overall it was a great experience!! March 16, 2014
Overall service was excellent Bobby and his co-worker were fabulous, curious and extremely efficient March 15, 2014
Excellent Service We had to have a window pane replaced. Because the window was still under warrantee, Milgard arranged to have an estimator come to our house to measure the window and then had another come to replace the pane. Both men arrived on time (one was early) and the work was down within a half hour as estimated. Both men were very pleasant as was the young lady on the phone who arranged the appointment. We're very happy with the experience. March 15, 2014
Fading and oxidation from sun exposure. I was told I need to clean the frames of the windows. But the windows not facing south don't need cleaning. OK that tells me the sun is causing oxidation and the frames are being damaged from the sun. The windows are just a few years old. What will they look like 10 years from now, my guess is not good. My guess is that the vinyl is defective and the frame condition will deteriorate as time passes. I hope that Milgard will find a better solution as I expected these windows to last a lifetime. March 15, 2014
Great Reliable service. Very professional sent reminders and fixed my slider as good as new. I rarely experience such great service and under warranty! Thank you March 14, 2014
The Service was excellent, installers very professional I highly recommend the Milgard windows and service. They stand behind their products 100%. In my next home will advise to use the Milgard windows, big Fan based on their service and support. March 14, 2014
Excellent Service! The person who answered my phone call was very professional and courteous and was able to look up my order to see exactly what windows I needed service on even though they were over 10 years old. She found the exact windows I needed replaced, ordered them and set up a service call to install them at the same time. The gentleman who came to install them was right on time, professional and friendly and installed my windows quickly. Overall, I would recommend Milgard Windows to ANYONE! The windows are excellent quality and the service after the fact absolutely exceeded my expectations! March 14, 2014
Lack of Customer Service I called about failing windows and after a period of time a representative came out and measured the windows. He said he Milguard would call shortly to set up an appointment to install the windows. Nobody called for 3 weeks and I had to finally send an email because nobody answered the customer service line and ask what was going on. I then received a text and phone message that they were coming in two days. I take off work and wait at home. The service people arrive and tell me that they ordered the wrong windows and have to come back at a later time. Seems like there is a management issue in this department. March 14, 2014
I'm absolutely thrilled with Milgard! Exceptional products AND customer service! If you're considering new windows or sliding doors, you've come to the right place. I had a Milgard sliding patio door installed, and soon after I happened to noticed a small flaw in the glass near the top of the door. I think it's called a "dimple" and it was about the size of a pencil eraser, maybe smaller. At any rate, I totally expected to get the run-around (especially after reading nightmarish reviews from people who had made the mistake of going with a different company - won't mention names, but one in particular rhymes with Della) but I called to report it anyway. I had searched online to find out more about this flaw in the glass, but couldn't find anything at all so I wasn't sure if it was just a cosmetic thing, or if it could cause a problem down the road, such as an actual crack during severe weather or what have you. The next day, Jake from Milgard called and said they would send someone out to make it right, and that's exactly what they did - they replaced the glass! I asked the repair man if it would have become a safety hazard, and he said no, it was only cosmetic. I felt bad for having him come out and do all that work for just a very small flaw (if I had been just an inch shorter, I never would have even noticed it! It wasn't a big deal!) and he said, "No, don't feel bad! It was a defect and we needed to fix it. Now you're set." Wow!!! Who has that kind of customer service these days?! I think we all know that no matter how exceptional a company is, once in a while there is going to be a problem. The difference is how the company address the issue, and Milgard passes that test with flying colors to say the least. My patio door is simply fabulous. It's the Tuscany series with the triple glazing and Argon gas with the low-E coating. I'm really amazed at the reduction in noise compared to our original door, and it slides so easily. The first night the door was in place, it was obvious it was making a HUGE difference as far as keeping the cold out. Even when the wind really kicked up, there wasn't even a slight draft or anything. I could put my had on the glass and it was just slightly cool, which was amazing because it was snowing outside. It might as well have been a brick wall for the amount of cold that made it into the house. With our old door we would have had frost on the inside of the glass, we would have heard the wind blowing,and the living room would have been very cold and drafty. We are having all our windows replaced, but just a couple at a time because money is so tight, and I can tell you that even if another company said they could "guarantee" me the exact same windows for a fraction of the price, I'd turn them down and stay with Milgard. Really, they ARE the best. I hope they'll end up expanding their product line and making entry doors or maybe sky lights one of these days, because I'll be the first in line. March 14, 2014
Made it so easy and convenient for me to have the come and fix my windows I called Milgard and after having our windows in for 21 years they began to develop issues such as moisture in between the panes and other problems like springs in the windows not working properly or latches breaking. They sent a service tech to go over everything than they got back to me and made a time to fix it all. I will always use Milgard when we build any new home or rental property. They really do stand by the life time warranty advertisement. I could not be more happier March 14, 2014
these folks just do things right... in a world where seemingly simple transactions with private industry get worse by the day, it is refreshing to encounter people who seem to know what they doing and just do things right...from the person who took my initial service call to the person who installed the replacement window...this what we will do and this is when we will do it and that is exactly how it have a great team... March 13, 2014
Fantastic service! We built our new house with Milgard windows and doors 10 years ago. The tracks on two of the sliding doors failed within a few years. We have been forcing them open for a very long time. A contractor friend of ours recognized the problem and told us the windows are guaranteed and to call Milgard. Long story short: Milgard set up a service appointment, technicians fixed the problem, my doors can now be opened with one finger. Awesome!! March 13, 2014
We love our Milgard Windows and the customer service! When we needed a replacement window due to sun exposure over time, we called and Rudy came out with a wonderful attitude and a beautiful new window. Thanks Rudy! March 13, 2014
Scheduling issues I had a date of March 24th. I received an email on March 10th notifying me that Millgard changed the date to March 12th at 1 PM. I had to scramble to get someone to be home during this time. At 11:30 AM on the 12th I got a call from a grumpy technician telling me he was at my house and no one was home. I told no one was home because he was an hour and a half early. He went on to berate Milgard's scheduling department which I 100% agreed with. He told me that if no one was available I would have to call Milgard back and reschedule. The thought of this was horrible so I made a call and luckily found someone who had a house key and was available to run over and let him in. All in all a GIANT PAIN THE BUTT AND SUPER UNPROFESSIONAL. That being said I appreciate that you stand behind your warranty. March 13, 2014
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