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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Great job! I was very pleased with the way everything was handled related to replacing a window that had become defective. I am so thankful for Milgard's lifetime guarantee and that they stood behind it with no hassle. The service tech (Juan) was on time, worked quickly and did a wonderful job. March 5, 2014
I am a happy camper Great service from the call to the repair. Nice job! March 5, 2014
Great Technician The Milguard technician has been here several times and always does a good job. Very professional, courteous and nice to chat with. I think the Milguard windows need better quality control before they leave the factory. March 5, 2014
Just o.k. Was 1/2 hour late after waiting my obligatory 2 hours (arrived at 4:30pm). Was not impressed with quality of construction of windows...had to have two replaced and still found a defect in a third but decided not to pursue it since it took 2 months to get the original ones replaced (after 2 tries and having to miss two half days of work to meet installer). March 5, 2014
Outstanding Both Pat, the service rep and Anthony, the tech were exceptional. The service was courteous, professional and efficient. You are fortunate to have two individuals of such quality represent your company - it makes a difference and sets you apart from others in your industry. They should be complimented for their dedication and commitment to the customers overall experience. March 5, 2014
Very Impressed The technicians were very helpful and did the repairs in a timely manner. Went above and beyond. March 4, 2014
Satisfied I was very satisfied with Milgard honoring the life time warranty ....Everything went very well and i will spread the word of being satisfied....... Ron March 4, 2014
Milgard solved a problem in minutes that landlord neglected for months! After begging my landlord for months to fix a window in my apartment, I finally contacted Milgard directly. Unfortunately, it took over a month more for me to get an appointment. However, I truly appreciate that the company figured out when the window was put in, that it was under warranty, and that it was immediately willing to fix the problem. Tim, the company's representative, was very pleasant and professional as he made the necessary repairs. Thank you very much to everyone who helped! March 4, 2014
Very satisfied! Cherie was professional and efficient on the phone. John was great with the install, and we were very pleased to get the windows replaced. I've already told a few people how impressed I was. Kristi Struffert March 4, 2014
Prompt professional service! It was a simple fis to a sliding window, but scheduling is always a problem in our house! The Milgard tech rep helped to set up a good time, and the field rep showed up promptly, in the first half hour of the time window. Awesome service! Thanks! March 4, 2014
The Service was awesome. I would highly recommend Milgard products for their warranty and service. March 4, 2014
Cancelled again without notice! I purchased our Milgard windows 25 years ago and only in the past year have I begun to have HORRIBLE service. It has been at least 5 months since I requested service and this morning they cancelled my appointment for today without notice. I work and was paying someone to set at my house for you to show besides spending hours last night making sure all of the windows were clear for your convenience. My frustration cannot begun to be put in words although I think I'm tapping the service in this post. March 4, 2014
Excellent service. Very professional, prompt, polite and efficient! We have owned our house 20+ years, and we are so glad that we chose Milgard windows at that time. You can depend on Milgard to do exactly what they advertise-replace any failed or damaged window. Recently we needed to replace all the windows in a rental house. We chose Milgard. March 4, 2014
installed the wrong part of the sliding door..... The moving part of our sliding door is where the seal was no good. However the tech replaced the fixed panel. Thanks, but this does not solve the problem! March 4, 2014
Everything was done quickly and professionally Very happy with the tech that came out. Was quick and respected my property even though it was 10 below zero outside. Completely satisfied March 3, 2014
great warrantee and service Very timely with resolve. Great work on installation. Only thing I might comment on was glass wasn't clean after installation but they ran into rain after leaving the shop. He leaned a glass panel against a white suede bed frame and proceeded to spray glass cleaner on the panel...a little too close to the upholstery in my opinion but all was OK. I had to clean the glass myself with a squeegee after they left. Very happy to have Milgard windows! Cricket southern California March 3, 2014
Warranty carried out for window issue I was pleasantly surprised that lifetime warranty truly means lifetime warranty. I purchased a large window a few years back. One of the sections started to show moisture. I presume the seal had broken. The service technician came to my house, took care of it in one trip, and all is well. No cost to me. Thanks, March 3, 2014
Damage WE suffered damage to our wall and furniture due to the tech dropping a window. He did not admit to the damage until after we discovered it. We are still waiting resolution of the damage. RFowler Pocatello ID March 3, 2014
Great job I called Milgard about two weeks ago and told them that I had a window that had moisture between the glass panels.They told me to measure it and I did and they came on 2-28-2014 and the service person was very polite and replace the window,got it done very quickly. Great job. Del Velenchenko March 3, 2014
Efficient and professional work. We had new windows installed throughout our home in January. Three were found by our local contractor/window company to have visual defects. The local company contacted Milgaard. Milgaard followed through with replacement. The Milgaard technicians were on time, had sufficient manpower to handle a very large window, and completed the replacement of all three windows in about an hour's time. There was very little disruption to us while they did the work. March 3, 2014
Courteous, prompt and professional service organization! Had issues after six years, regarding inner pane condensation in a few double pane windows. From the initial call, through a service visit to evaluate and then the glass replacement it was a smooth and hassle free experience. Not a hitch anywhere, not a question asked. The new window units fit right, match the adjoining glass in every way. These folks took good care of the issue. I confidently endorse MG Life Time Warranty! March 3, 2014
Milgard is a great company! Service tech was very prompt, professional and friendly. Although he was sent to the house with the wrong size window, Milgard was quick to reschedule and the window was replaced promptly. This is a great company that employees grat people. Thank you Barbie March 2, 2014
Great customer service! Customer service was timely and efficient. I am glad that I purchased Milgard. March 2, 2014
Replacement window nightmare I'm sure if you have factory windows without defect ,milgard windows are fine. Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky, 15 windows had to be replaced and upon replacement several windows have seepage. The installer left a mess around the house and rammed a window into the door, leaving a very noticeable flaw. Which they did not offer to fix or compensate,They also broke a window in my driveway and did a poor job cleaning all the glass particles. I just can't in good conscience recommend this company for any repair work! March 2, 2014
Milgard really does stand behind their products! We put in Milgard windows and doors during an addition to our home 12 years ago on advise of our contractor. He touted the lifetime no hassle warranty at the time. We have had only one problem in the 12 years, the seal failed on the sliding glass door causing it tofog inside. I called Milgard Customer Service, gave the agent some numbers off the door and he scheduled me for replacement. The Service Technician was very courtious, knowlegable, showed up on time and completed the replacement in short order. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND MILGARD to anyone!! March 1, 2014
Great Service. I can not say how please I and my wife are pleased with the service & workmanship that your company provided. I and my wife will tell our friends about your company & should they need your service to call your company. March 1, 2014
The service was great! Our minor service repair was handled promptly and professionally. The technicians were on time - alleluia! We love our windows! February 28, 2014
Service-after the sale-at it's BEST. Great to have a Company that has enough pride in it's product to offer this excellent "after the sale" Warranty and Service. Abslolutely the way it should be done.-Robert. February 28, 2014
Always happy with Milgard! We have a 150 year old victorian farm house and we had all 28 windows replaced with Milgard windows. We love them! February 28, 2014
Excellant service. On-time, professional, took less than 15 minutes to fix 8 windows and provided education on how to maintain windows to last. February 28, 2014
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