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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Service timely, efficient and very satisfactory Service only yesterday. Replacement window installed in 10 minutes! Reps arrived early after calling, were cordial, efficient and professional. Very little mess. They cleaned windows nicely. January 24, 2014
Techs were great, but took too long to get an appointment I called for warranty service on one of my windows in mid December. The earliest appointment available to replace my small window was January 23, 2014. That is way too long to wait for a service appointment. Very disappointed about that. Milgard must do better with warranty service appointment turn times. My service techs, Mark and Saib (spelling?), were very friendly, professional and courteous. January 24, 2014
WOW! You just couldn't ask for more! My windows were installed several months ago. The first time I opened the bedroom window it would no longer close/lock properly. One phone call was all I needed. The communication was great, the service man was great and he fixed the problem in less than 1 minute!! From the first phone call to the completed repair Milgard kept in touch with me. I love this company!!!! January 24, 2014
Excellent service as always! Milgard always stood by their warranty (and more!). The technicians were always professional & knowledgable yet so POLITE! (Some technicians from other appliance companies may know their stuff but so rude & know-it-all attitude). Thank you for your high quality windows and services! January 24, 2014
VERy good Prompt service and very helpful with questions I asked them January 24, 2014
Window Hardwares, Glass Doors Replacements 1/20/14 - two technicians came to our house. The total cost was over $1650.00 New hardwares for windows in dining area, living room, bonus room was to be done. New glass doors for sliding doors in family room to be replaced. New windows for the shower in the master shower to be done. What was not done as paid and per invoiced materials and labor: 1 - the hardwares (the swining arms of the windows) in the dining room -- one part was replaced new - the other piece was rusted - that should have been replaced too. I thought when the tech back in Dec and I walked through the house, when I said replace the window 'arm' it means the hardwares changed. They only replaced the 'Y'shaped portion & left the small piece metal piece below (1/2 x 4" long) that's rusted in there. Why will I agree to replace just the other part and not the other small piece? 2 -the two (18*18) windows in the master shower. the problem was both windows are not opening, and Milgard tech last Dec told me both must be replaced with new better type of window materials that Milgard now have-- I just checked it today-I did not realized that ((a) one of the windows now opens but I paid for NEW WINDOWS not just to fix it (b) the other window not only was not fixed it was not also not replaced by NEW WINDOW. I'm frustrated and not happy with the way this was handled. I'm sure the hardware in the window must be a misunderstanding --but I'm not the expert- Milgard tech should have advised me about that. We paid over $1650 and we should be totally satisfied with labor and materials done. January 24, 2014
The Les Scwab of Windows We've used Milgard exclusively on two homes. Product quality and customer service are exceptional. Best warranty in the industry. Will never buy another window from any other manufacturer. Milgard is the BEST! January 24, 2014
Service . . What Service? 1. On December 18, 2013 a service request was initiated by phone with a Milgard service person. 2. Next on January 7, 2014, a phone message was left on the Milgard service line requesting a call-back for service. 3. On January 17, 2014, a request for service form was filled out on-line with 4 photographs was submitted in hopes of obtaining service. I am still waiting to hear the phone ring. Milgard apparently has NO SERVICE department. January 24, 2014
Overall, the experience with Milgard was terrific!! Due to circumstances beyond either Milgard or mine, getting the job done took awhile. I want to make it clear that that in no way reflects on the service provided. Everyone from the phone representative, scheduler, and repairman was really professional, courteous and fast. It was a pleasure doing business. We replaced windows that were over 15 years old, at no charge. Now that is a guarantee!!!!!!! January 24, 2014
Service was great! My technician was very efficient and did an excellent job. The Milgard guarantee is excellent! January 24, 2014
THE BEST! I had Milgard windows installed my home when it was being built in 1990. Since then I have had a few that needed replacing; this week I had a skylight that needed replacing. Not only was all the work done for free, the people were so professional and great to work with. I can say that in all the household repairs/improvements I've had done, Milgard is the best. When they examined the skylight in question, they found that 2 others could be replaced as well. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. I would recommend Milgard to everyone. THANK YOU! January 24, 2014
nice guy, fast and neat, we waited 30 days for him to get here we waited 30 days, we were told that the was the best you could do, while our friend, who had Milgard installed at our recommendation a year later, had his replaced in three days. January 24, 2014
very good technician arrived early and was completed in 15 minutes! Very professional and courteous. January 24, 2014
A clear choice for windows! We couldn't be more satisfied that our contractor chose Milgard to provide the windows for our new house. We've needed service a couple of times and have received professional, prompt service. January 24, 2014
great service The first time I had an issue with a window that had lost it's seal. It took several months and many phone calls to get it resolved. It was a horrible customer service issue on your part. This time was fantastic! The agent I talked to was great, the service tech was on time and a great guy. Overall a great display of customer service! Thanks! January 24, 2014
As always, customer service is fast and they show up on time. Unfortunately, My issues was not resolved. Either the windows leak or the roof. We will see at the next window-rain storm. January 24, 2014
the repair work was fast, thorough and excellent! the service tech was punctual, neat and efficient in the work he performed. I have always been satisfied with Milgard. January 24, 2014
Excellent Service! Windows were getting foggy in-between the panes. I called and they set an appointment and the service tech was prompt. He looked at the windows and agreed that they needed to be replaced. A few days later I received a call to set the day for replacement. Tech showed up on time and was very quick in replacing all the windows. I would recommend Milgard windows to any one because of the way they stand behind the product. Very happy! January 24, 2014
Excellent service once again! John was our service person and as usual, he was not only on time (early in fact) but had the problem diagnosed and finished in a jiffy. He has come to our house once before to correct a minor problem and he showed the same efficiency and professionalism then too. We highly recommend him for a job well-done. We are loving our door once again! January 24, 2014
Awesome! Very professional and efficient. Would highly recommend Milgard for your window needs. January 23, 2014
Best Service Ever! My 10 year old Milgard window spring was broken and the window would not close or lock. I emailed for a service request and was delighted when I received a call back the next morning. After explaining my problem, the service rep was able to send out a repair team within 3 hours. I was shocked! Milgard windows have a lifetime guarantee so it didn't cost me anything to repair. I would never work with another company after this. Milgard is the best! January 23, 2014
Excellent response My broken window spring was replaced within 2 days. I was esp. impressed with phone rep who took my information & was so patient as I looked for info January 23, 2014
the service was great the service tech was excellent very knowledgeable and courteous January 23, 2014
LOUSY SERVICE, but I like my windows 1. Milgard windows were ordered w/ the pop up locks; They arrived without them. Was told they could be added later. A week later they said it would be TWO MONTHS before they could fix it. Initially it was about getting the parts (which are standard stock parts), but found out it was because they were short on tech reps. They'd rather install new orders versus taking care of their current customers. 2. Two months later they sent a tech rep out who had the WRONG lock for this type of window; Was told it may be another week to get correct lock. NOBODY ever called back the next week. 3. My dealer rep had to elevate the situation and Milgard committed to a date 5 weeks later to fix the problem... LOUSY way to treat your customers. 4. On the day I took off work to be home for the window fix, 30 minutes into the service window I get a call that said the tech rep was sick and would have to reschedule. I said no way. They did send a supervisor out who FINALLY finished the project. He was the only professional person I'd give good marks to.... all others didn't take care of the customer. January 23, 2014
Excellent response in fixing the broken window We were amased at how quickly the broken window panel was replaced without creating a mess January 23, 2014
Real proffesionals Dear Friends, (and I really mean that). From the first call to Milgard thru to the technitian replacing the window it was a real pleasure to finally deal with somene that followed thru on their promise. I am so very thankful that we chose Milgard as our window supplier. Especially pleased that you are an American company, maks me proud. Thanks for your service. John & Phyllis Sherman PS: GREAT PRODUCTS, GREAT PEOPLE January 23, 2014
Great Service The team from Milgard were great and were able to repair the patio door at our house. They put in a new part and got everything lined up and working smoother than it was originally. I did a post on my Facebook timeline also on the great service that we received. Ray January 23, 2014
Very Professional Very refreshing, everything you said you do, you did!!! I will certainly recommend you to anyone. Thank You. January 23, 2014
The service was good but the follow-up was outstanding! The repairmen arrived on time and with all the replacement windows, However during the replacement process a very difficult window was cracked during installation (not the installer's fault). The follow-up to replace that broken one was prompt and complete. I was very satisfied with the service and am very pleased with the warranty repair. January 23, 2014
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