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At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Our Milgard Windows are now restored. Our 2 windows have been repaired and are returned to their normally excellent condition. Thank you and the company for your real lifetime guarantee. I also wanted to let you know that the technician Milgard sent was outstanding. In addition to replacing the window glass, window locking levers, and adjusting the locking mechanisms expertly, he did so quickly with very friendly service. I realize that it is very difficult for a reputable manufacture to retain an excellent reputation because you do not have direct contact with the end users – great and friendly service goes a long way to retain a very good reputation. February 18, 2014
In-home service tech was awesome. The in-home service rep did a great job fixing my window and sliding door. But what really impressed me was the way he handled all of my 4 year old granddaughter's questions. Thank you! February 18, 2014
Somewhat disappointed The in home tech arrived before I was home. He didn't have the correct replacement parts so I now have a different colored handle. The replacement part didn't include the locking mechanism like the original. The tech claimed that screws in the door handle weren't the original therefore my beautiful high end Milgard sliding door is no longer under warranty. I can assure you with full confidence that any part (including any screws) were on the original. Neither I nor anyone has added any different part on that door that did not come with it. He claimed that the screws had a silver metal color and therefore weren't original. Those are the screws that came with it, I don't care what color they should be. I am a bit confused and perplexed about the whole thing. I may buy other brand windows in the future. February 18, 2014
response time was horrible for in-house repair company placed a significant emphasis on warranty and customer service. One of the reasons we purchased through milgard. 6 years later, with the window warping, they indicate over a month to get a repair guy over here to take a look at it....and i live iin orange county....not in the boonies. That's not customer service......far from it. I have multiple properties, with windows needing to be replaced. At this point I will more than likely go to another manufacturer. Very disappointed with customer service and warrantee. February 17, 2014
Great Service Service was great. It took over a month to schedule however and that was inconvienient. February 17, 2014
The service was very good. Repair service was excellent. Overall experience was very good and showcased Milgard's honoring their lifetime warranty by replacing our defective window. February 17, 2014
excellent We were very grateful to find out that our window was covered under warranty.We bought our house three years ago this summer,a couple of months ago we had a problem with our window.I got online and was relieved to find that Millard extends their warranty for ten years to the second home buyer.We love our home and our Windows.This is an excellent company and we would recommend them to everyone we know.Thank you Millard. SINCERELY Vicky Usmari February 17, 2014
Awesome warranty After a few years, seals failed in a few windows. Milgard replaced the windows with no hesitation. Yea MW! February 17, 2014
very prompt, courteous, and professional. Customer service representative was helpful, accommodating, and pleasant. The in-home service technicians were prompt, courteous, and efficient. I am very pleased with the service. I would not hesitate to recommend. February 17, 2014
Excellant Product and Service The technician showed up on time and fixed our hard to open sliding glass doors in a few minutes. He also took the time to check our other 3 patio doors to be sure they were working properly. He was efficient and friendly. I have been very impressed with our windows and doors. February 17, 2014
These two guys were the best Hime & Bob, fixed problem immediately, fast. I couldn't be happier the two fellows Hime & Bob, made my windows work better than when they were first installed. These two were fast, and problem was solved. Amen!!!!! February 17, 2014
Great company, great product. Over the years I have second guessed my decision to go with Milgard windows rather than with the products offered by Milgard's competition. But, the ease and professionalism of the individuals who dealt with the various issues my windows were having along with the company's integrity in standing behind their warranty have completely retired any lingering questions. This is a great company and a great product. February 17, 2014
Very professional and friendly. Very professional and friendly. They worked very well as a team. February 17, 2014
The service was fast and professional I appreciated the professionalism of the company representatives. They ordered replacements immediately and did everything they promised thoroughly and in the time frame they originally promised. This is a company that stands behind their word and makes it easy for the customer. February 17, 2014
Francisco Zuniga was awesome, the service was really great! Your service department hit a grand slam. We are really happy with our Milgard Vinyl windows. Even more so, now that we have experienced your Customer Service, Service Department and Francisco as a technician. This is how business is supposed to be run. Great job Milgard! February 17, 2014
Early arrival. My repairs were scheduled for 2/13/14 from 1:30-3:30pm. I got home from work at 1:15 and the repairman had already been here and gone. It so happened my kids were home during that time or I would have missed it all together. No calls were made to me saying they were going to be here early. I would have appreciated a phone call ahead of time explaining the early arrival. No paperwork was left so I'm assuming none was needed. You probably don't get many reviews about early arrival time but I was surprised and a little bothered there was no notice given to me ahead of time. My kids said they were no problems and the repair was done quickly. All the correspondence was done online and was efficient and professional. February 16, 2014
Prompt and professional Technician was friendly and efficient he even identified a problem on another door I hadn't noticed and corrected it. February 16, 2014
The service was fantastic. The initial phone call was so professional. It took two months for them to come to my home but the technician was courteous & efficient. Thanks for my replacements! February 16, 2014
Very pleased with overall Milgard experience. The service tech was awesome. Very professional, great people skills, and very skilled at his job. I don't know what he gets paid, but I can assure you, it should be more. February 15, 2014
Overall excellent. The service tech was very prompt, he was at our house with in 1/2 hour of the 2 hours time slot. He was very polite & even took off his shoes in our house. February 15, 2014
Great service I appreciated not having to be home while the service was performed! February 15, 2014
Great service call. Nice to have a clear view again! Jamie was on time and did a fast, professional job replacing both panes in our kitchen vinyl slider. Nice to have a company support its products. February 15, 2014
I was impressed with the service. The two men changed the two windows and cleaned up in about a half an hour. February 15, 2014
took way too long took 3 visits to get it right. first to measure, second to install wrong glass(clear instead of original pattern), third to finally get it right. from first contact to finally right, about 6 weeks and they wanted payment up front at time of appointment. If i wanted clear glass i certainly wouldn't pay up front or use them again. could have got it done faster and cheaper from an independent. February 15, 2014
This service was great Service Tech was punctual and professional. Work was completed in 20 minutes. February 15, 2014
Great customer service! Pat was great on response time on phone. Jerry was a great tech that fixed the problem - and explained things - and then helped talk about future maintenance - so a true holistic approach to customer service. February 14, 2014
great service! Great service, professional and quick. Very happy that the window had a guarantee.. Would recommend your company! February 14, 2014
Best warranty service This was the most convenient, simple, easy and honest warranty service I've ever experienced in my life. The technician was proficient and knew exactly what needed to be serviced just from the forms I completed online. He had all the parts and completely replaced all problematic parts for us with no questions asked. He was professional and very nice. He explained to me why some of the parts were failing and was very honest about it. I hope all other warranty services learn from Milgard because this was one of the best services I've ever received. February 14, 2014
Great Service Only hick-up was the person who wrote up my order failed to put on the order ticket that the service tech needed to call me 30 minutes prior to arriving. Otherwise great service. February 14, 2014
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