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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Problem resolved finally, but job site not left clean. The tech did not take off his shoes and had to be asked to wipe them on a very muddy day. He left broken glass on the floor! He left "goo" at the edges of the glass which I am uncertain how to clean. He was nice, but wholly unprofessional. January 15, 2015
Warranty service was excellent! Great service thanks! Receptionist, installer and everyone I spoke with was pleasant and professional. January 15, 2015
Great Service! I want to replace all my windows with Milgard windows!!!! Can't speak highly enough of this company's product and especially their service and standing by their product! Lisa Jane January 15, 2015
fantastic as always The 2 repair men were on time and QUICK. Very very good service January 15, 2015
Great staff to support and sharing knowledge with the customer Great staff to support and sharing knowledge with the customer January 15, 2015
Good Service Follow thru fell thru the cracks from first visit to 2nd visit.. but the replacement of the windows upon tech arriving was so quick and effecient, it's as if the tech wasn't even here. January 15, 2015
Great Job I was experiencing a leak somewhere and needed to know if the leak was in my windows. The technicians came out and did a thorough inspection of the windows in question. The best part was that they explained everything and showed me how the windows were supposed to function by draining any moisture out. I felt confident that their assessment was good. The windows are still in good shape. I'm glad I bought Milgard windows, and that they have great service personnel. January 15, 2015
Great Experience! After buying the home in Aug 2013 we quickly discovered many windows tracks were broken. If we'd known the process was going to be so easy and no cost we would have looked into it much earlier! The customer service rep was very helpful, the website and directions to place a service call was very easy to follow and understand. I placed the order online and was given a service date. The only compliant was the service date was more than a month out. However I cannot give enough praise and complements to Andy Konarski the repair man!!! He was not only prompt he was early, he was extremely knowledgeable, efficient, cleaned up after himself, friendly and overall an amazing face to your company!!! Thank you very much for standing behind your product! January 15, 2015
Great service! We bought a Milgard sliding door 10 years ago at a big-box store, and the store sent two people they contracted with to install it. Apparently it was not installed correctly. It always looked a bit off or crooked to me. Last fall, I mentioned it to my neighbor, who has his own business selling and installing doors and windows. He said it looked like the rollers were "off." "Call Milgard. They'll fix it for free," he said. I said, "But I bought the sliding door 10 years ago, and I'm not even sure I still have the receipt." He said that wouldn't matter. So I called Milgard, and the person I talked to on the phone had all my information in his computer and scheduled a time for someone to come to my home. The technician was prompt and had the door fixed in a matter of minutes. I can't believe I waited 10 years. When I expressed surprise that I wouldn't have to pay for it, he said, "Nope, Milgard has a lifetime warranty." So if I ever need new windows, which I don't right now, I know who I'm calling! January 15, 2015
Great Company and Great Technician. Appreciate the warranty Milgard keeps its customer at the center of all it does. I reached to Milgard by way of the web to inquire about repairs to a number of windows in our home that were not functioning properly. An appointment was schedule. The technician arrived with new replacement springs for all 38 functioning windows in our home. He shared that Milgard had identified that the springs used in our windows we substandard and replace them all. While he was here, he was pleasant, worked efficiently, and was attentive and cautious while moving things to access the windows. Impressive. Milgard stands behind its product and hires great people. January 14, 2015
Thank You Really appreciate the quality, service and commitment to your product. The people who came out to replace the broken window were prompt and very quick with their job. Four weeks seems a long time to wait for the replacement though. January 14, 2015
Warranty works We've twice had Milgard fix compromised double-paned windows, and the service was excellent both times. The only small glitch was some initial confusion about making the appointment, but that was resolved smoothly. January 14, 2015
Good, but! Good job, but after the techs left we realized the window they installed had been cleaned on the outside with something that smeared the window. We did not expect to have to go outside and do the job after they left. January 14, 2015
The service is too slow to address an actual happening issue. CAVEAT: I like the MILGARD product, and chock up my door problem to a lack of maintenance/ 12 years of kid and dog access usage. I looked for the part/equivalent on my own and had to resort to contacting MilGard for the service (lesson is to find a product that can be repaired via multiple channels). Communications and the In-home Service Tech were superb. The duration of time/date for initial service (approx. 1.5 months) was way too long. In addition, despite a picture of needed component, the initial service visit failed due to incorrect parts. I resorted to building a home-made track to resolve the immediate issue of non-sealing door. The 2nd service visit with the previously incorrect part, still revealed an incorrect length additional part, but appears to be adequate currently. January 14, 2015
As always, Milgard is exceptional Our house is 5,000 sq. ft. with very large and windows overlooking 'our' valley. We have had a number of new windows added and some replaced. This is our experience. • We contact Milgard. • Milgard come and measure for either new or replacement windows • Milgard advises us a week before they come to install • Milgard call 30 minutes before they arrive • Milgard arrive and install • Milgard leave Even though Milgard's windows are more expensive than others company's, we chose this company for their reputation. Regardless of a replacement we don't get questioned - they just come and do it. Their guarantee speaks for itself. I wish other companies were as professional to deal with. January 14, 2015
OK We were shocked that the tech did not see that the first replacement was more full of water than the original. Second replacement is fine. January 14, 2015
Great Quality of Customer Service I contacted Milgard as I had spots inside of one of my windows. A technician was scheduled and evaluated not only my window in question, but he walked around and evaluated all my windows. He told me the seal had broken and he would order a replacement window and after checking all my windows, this was the only one with a problem. A few weeks later, my window was installed. I'm very impressed with their followup and customer service. I recommend Milgard to all who are upgrading existing or contemplating new windows. January 14, 2015
They stand by their promise of lifetime guarantee to original homeowners and respond professionally and with no hassles at all. Would go with Millard again. Appreciate the good service. January 14, 2015
Excellent Windows If you want great windows, Milgard is the only way to go. January 13, 2015
Service was great, window quality and QA was the question Your service people are great but with all of the window/glass problems we had I have to question Milgard quality and QA program? Don't know if we are going to continue with our window replacements using Milgard windows? January 13, 2015
Awesome Awesome service, fantastic warranty. Great follow through. A couple of our windows needed replacing after years of wind abuse. Everyone treated us like a new customer! Wow. January 13, 2015
Milgard's claim that they stand behind their product is true. This was not an easy or inexpensive fix for Milgard. Nevertheless, they stayed with it and I believe the problem has been solved. They told me they would return if there are any more problems and I believe they will. January 13, 2015
Window Replacement Replaced a stationary window due to condensation build up between the glass panels. Milgard came out to confirm measurements and grid pattern of window and a few weeks later the installer was able to pop out the old glass panels and install the new without a hitch. I love how these windows can be replaced without disturbing the surrounding surfaces. January 13, 2015
Tech was friendly, courteous & knowledgeable about the product & repair needed. i din't know my Milgard windows had a lifetime warranty until I talked to a window salesman about my problem. Boy was I Happy to hear the defect would be covered. The Warranty rep called in a timely manner, scheduled the repair @ my convenience & sent a knowledgable tech to perform the repair. He called 15 minutes prior to arrival so I was ready for him. Will definitely recommend Milgard windows & praise about their service to anyone looking for new windows. January 13, 2015
The service was awsome!!!! The service team was great. They knew what they were doing. They made the apppropriate repairs and them cleaned up the work area in a very clean neat manner. Wow!!! These guys were professional. January 13, 2015
Great Service I can't think of a company that provides better customer service or warranties their products as well as Milgard. I would recommend them to anyone. January 13, 2015
Very impressed wtih my experience with Mlgard. Your crew did a stellar job in replacing my window. It was a large stationery window and it was really starting to rain by the time they arrived. They were quite fast and didn't track in any debris despite the weather. They finished just in time as the rain turned to snow after they left. January 13, 2015
Patio door window replacement Technician was prompt, courteous, and professional. January 12, 2015
Milguard Windows I love my windows they were worth every penny! Have had them for 8 years now. One of them cracked a 3:00 in the morning on a night when tempatures were below freezing. Milguard came out and change the window promptly - no charge. January 12, 2015
Jaime was superb. Jaime was extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable and thoughtful. He called in advance and arrived on time.The service was excellent. January 12, 2015
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