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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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We were very happy with the service received. We were impressed with the promptness and quality of the service performed. Our service man was most helpful with advice about our windows. He worked quickly did a very professional job. We are still grateful that 19 years ago we chose such a good company!!! Thank you, The Dunn's February 12, 2014
Never experienced customer service this good...ever! I called Millguard and told them that one of my sliding glass doors was making a cracking sound, especially when it was very cold outside. I bought the doors and windows in 2005. They scheduled a technician to come out and take a look. I didnt have to schedule on my day off or lose time at work because the technicians are licensed and bonded. I gave her my garage code so the technician could let themselves in. When I got home the day of the appointment, every door and window opened and closed effortlessly. He not only adjusted the door making the noise, he took the time to service every door and window in my house. They really went above and beyond in service. Thank you! February 12, 2014
Professional and fast service Carlos efficiently and courteously repaired our windows. Thank you. February 12, 2014
Service is professional. I have a problem with the quality. First, I like the fact that Milgard is "made in the USA" in the entrepreneurial model. My husband has been in construction for 30 years and worked on extremely upscale homes. We went with Milgard because of their reputation and his knowledge of the product. Unfortunately, we bought our windows at the height of the building frenzy in 2005. I'll chalk it up to the company being overwhelmed to fill orders during that time, however, I believe the quality control ended up taking a back seat to production. Here are my complaints: the glue on all the seams of the windows is messy, and incredibly difficult and time consuming to remove. Pollen and dust ends up coating the adhesive seal in any and all corners or miters. To correct this defect, I ended up compiling a host of tools: exacto knife, Q tips, denatured alcohol, Awesome, even tweezers, to name a few. I have literally spent days trying to make these windows look 'finished'...days I will never get back and I resent having to give up so much of my valuable time to 'fix' what should have been quality control at the plant. If it were just a window or two, I would hardly complain. But we purchased 38 windows, so add that up and you can see what I am still dealing with. Aside from that, which is a big deal to me, other problems have been minor and Milgard has made good on them, i.e. instances of failure of the seal on the double-paned windows and failure of the weather stripping. All were corrected professionally and conveniently. Today their rep, Ty, replaced failed weatherstrip and he wax excellent. Note: for those purchasing windows….upcoming: building code revisions will require that all windows be triple-pane. I can't imagine how much that will add to the cost, as well as the opportunities for problems, no matter the manufacturer. February 12, 2014
Couldn't ask for better service and techs The service scheduling was a couple of weeks out, but now I know why. The service was excellent and the extra time the techs took to fix a very difficult situation (that was not caused by Milgard's products) was fantastic. There was NO cost to me and my doors work better than new. I bought my window and doors over 10 years ago and I still get great service. Greg February 12, 2014
The tech's were truly excellent! I am very grateful to them. The two technicians who came out to repair my sliding glass doors were very professional, knowledgable, polite, and highly skilled. They were able to quickly diagnose the problem, make the complicated repairs, and get the doors working like new. I was so impressed with their professionalism and skill level. They worked very hard to resolve the issues and did an outstanding job. I couldn't be more grateful to them and thankful for their help. All of the doors and windows in my home are Milgard and they will always be. I have shared my positive experience with friends and family. Please extend my thanks again to these valuable professionals. February 12, 2014
Great Overall I am very happy with the service provided in accordance with the warranty. The only thing that could have been better was the long period of time until the scheduled service date. February 12, 2014
Excellent service! Prompt and professional. Thanks for standing behind your product! :-) February 12, 2014
Problem solved Despite conditions (lots of snow) Vlad was willing to pack the replacement window up a long snowy driveway. The old window was fractured from the cold. He removed the old window carefully without further damage and quickly installed the replacement. He also suggested that we routinely apply silicon spray to the mechanism. He did a great job and I appreciated his suggestion. We love our Milgard Windows and your excellent customer service. February 12, 2014
Best service I've ever seen! I was very pleased with the entire process of having my Milgard windows repaired. I noticed two windows which had developed discoloration between the panes. When the technician came to look at the problem, he also inspected the rest of our windows and Milgard patio door for problems. He found issues with two other windows, and identified a problem with the patio door as well. The two repair technicians who came out to complete the repairs were very professional, and did an outstanding job. All windows were repaired, and the repairs/upgrade completed on the patio door made it work BETTER than when it was first installed! I never would have believed a service request for warranty repairs could go this smoothly. Great job Milgard! February 12, 2014
I didn't know how easy this was I was not familiar with the Milgard warranty, but when I had a problem with the door lock on our sliding glass door I found out about the warranty doing an internet search. We submitted a warranty claim and they responded quickly, set up the appointment and came out and fixed the door without charge. The service agent arrived within 15 minutes of the scheduled time and was done within 15 minutes of walking in the door. I am so impressed. We're now a customer for life! February 12, 2014
The service did not resolve the problem While the Milgard employees where professional and prompt to come to our home, the problem with the window crank was not resolved. It is an ongoing problem leaving us being very dissatisfied with the window. February 12, 2014
Well run company A few of our windows have had to be replaced over the last twenty five years for a variety of reasons and we have always found Milguard exceptional in their response time and in the quality of their service. So happy we chose Milguard 25 years ago, it has certainly paid off! February 12, 2014
Crew did a great job. The crew arrived on time, had the correct equipment and worked quickly. My problems was resolved the same day. I am very happy with the Milgard team. February 11, 2014
Thank You! Your eagerness to correct Warranty issues is clearly a difference maker for me, your current customer and all those potential customers ( friends; family; and neighbors ) influenced by my words and attitude from your service. Only glitch was the window count that needed balancers ..... could have saved you a trip if the correct count from tech #1 given to customer service was provided to tech #2. You resolved count & tech #3 was quiclky scheduled to replace the balance. Thank you !!! Greg H. February 11, 2014
work that ought to have been done originally What was done and accomplished today - months after the installation ought to have been done right at installation and especially after it - the French door- the problem of closing and locking had to be called in for repairmen twice before. February 11, 2014
Awsome! It was a breath of fresh air working with Milgard to resolve our problem. I used the on-line email service request to get help. I didn't expect a response but I did. I didn't expect Milgard to replace my window because I had no documentation on the window (it was part of a re-model) but it was with no questions asked. Since then I have told family and friends about this wonderful experience. THANK YOU MILGARD! February 11, 2014
great service will recommend I just recently built a new house. It's the third house that I've used milgardbwindows and doors. After install I had few issues with the doors. I called to schedule an appoinment and it took a while. They came back a few times because of missing parts but they ended up taking care of everything. They did not charge for anything. Overall great service. February 11, 2014
Courteous, professional and pleasant. I had a miserable time scheduling service, the options available were too limited and I had to wait a long time because various times were not available. The home service was excellent and I highly recommend them. February 11, 2014
Service was wonderful! After having MIlgard windows installed in our new house we had some issues with them fogging up after a year. We contacted Milgard service and they promptly sent out a service representative who came out and verified that the seal on the windows had failed and ordered new windows and installed them. We could not ask for better customer service. February 11, 2014
Outstanding! Ray and Felix were highly efficient and professional in every way. February 11, 2014
Window / door install HI, Just wanted to say that Milgard windows and doors have been great. They've been in the house for a year now with zero issues. I would (and have) recommend these to friends. February 11, 2014
Good Job, Appreciate the care and support Arrived on time, Had the correct replacement, checked door for adjustment, was very neat and tidy and took away waste. Overall, could not have asked for more! Thanks, February 11, 2014
The Tech was excellent. On time and knew how to fix problem. When you combine an outstanding product with professional service you have a winner! A small problem occurred with the window and you all fixed it no problem. I only wish you made french doors 6 or 7 years ago when I needed two doors and had to purchase another brand! February 11, 2014
Outstanding service Can't say enough about how good this company is with customer service and their products. February 10, 2014
Milgard Service is beyond compare - the service is reliable! I currently have Milgard windows in my condo in San Diego since 2004 and am very pleased with the windows and service. I recently purchased a home in Carlsbad and without hesitation, I wanted Milgard windows installed throughout my home also. The deciding factor is the service I have consistently received. Thanks! February 10, 2014
The service was excellent, but the time it took to respond was (in my estimation) too long. Hello from Jay who is Supervisor for Main Street Development We are a smaller scale home builder/developer company. These particular windows went into one of our new homes, we are building, and unfortunately, got broken during the offloading of drywall into the home. It took over 2 weeks to have the new window installed, which (in my opinion) was excessive? Other than the time it took, we are very pleased with the work and installation of the new window. February 10, 2014
Excellent service. Dell arrived early and fixed the problem. He checked the other windows and fixed another problem that I wasn't aware of. February 10, 2014
Great service! The service tech was nice and and did a great job! February 10, 2014
Very good service! Representatives were very friendly and helpful. It took a while to get the rep's time to come to our house since there is only one rep in the State but he was prompt and fast. He got the parts we needed to us in just a few days. We were very happy with the service. February 10, 2014
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