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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Great Service! I was pleasantly surprised on the level and promptness of service to correct a mechanical issue with one of my Milgard windows. The appointment was scheduled, the technician arrived promptly, addressed the isue, made the necessary repairs, installed additional missing trim, and completed within 30 minutes. Since the product has a lifetime warranty, the tech refused payment and even a tip (although I insted several times and forced a small token on him). Thanks Milgard...This level of service needs to be demonstrated with more American products and services. Thanks! April 30, 2014
Outstanding Experience; Great Tech Milgard honored my 20-year old installation and arranged for some warranty work. The Milgard Tech was very professional and fixed/replaced all of my concerns. I will continue to recommend and buy Milgard products. Top quality service. April 30, 2014
4 trips out and still the wrong parts The Tech is skilled but he is always given the wrong size springs to repair the two that broke. The parts warehouse does not know their product and what is required to fix the windows. April 29, 2014
Better than expected I was initially concerned when I called and was told to complete the request via the internet. I had questions as to warranty, price, etc but because I completed the information on a web-site I was not sure what the price would be for repair and replacement. Received a call advising me the Service Tech would arrive on a specific day and time - which is great - but I still did not know how much this would cost. Service Tech arrived, took measurements and told me I would receive another call for the apt to replace. By this time I figured there would be no charge - nice surprise. Never any paperwork to sign, no receipt of work completed and ALL IS GREAT. April 29, 2014
Your company is great. Your windows were installed in our home when it was built in 1990, and the lifetime warranty is excellent. I couldn't be more pleased with your company. Your warranty is excellent as is your service when it's needed. April 29, 2014
Milgard makes me happy! From my first contact, things kept rolling. I didn't have to get back to them, they always kept me informed. The office and field service men were helpful, friendly and competent. I have two new windows and am a happy camper! Thanks Milgard! When I am in the market for new windows, I will always go to Milgard. April 29, 2014
Excellent experience I am extremely impressed with the professionalism of the service tech and the prompt job he did. I am equally impressed with Milgard's warrantee and the willingness to back it up. I have dealt with Milgard in the past and received the same excellent service then. April 29, 2014
Milgard = THE BEST IN QUALITY SERVICE I have always been impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of everyone with whom I have interacted at Milgard from the service department on the telephone to the repair crew. I highly recommend Milgard and will always use these products! April 29, 2014
Installers 0. Milgard Service 1 Although the installers of our sliding patio door tried very hard the door was very difficult to open and close. We wished we had purchased a better quality door. The Milgard Service Tech found the problem and now we are satisfied. Thanks to Felix. April 29, 2014
Replaced a broken window We've only been in this house for 1 1/2 years but have had Milgard out twice to repair something. I was a bit disappointed to find out that this window wasn't covered under the warranty. Service professional was prompt and courteous but I'm just not sure about the quality of the product. April 29, 2014
Awesome! Problem fixed and we are delighted! There was condensation or something blurry between the panes. The window was replaced in minutes with complete clean up and clear instructions. Great service! April 29, 2014
Fast and very professional! I thought replacing my windows in my dinning room was going to be a huge job and a big hassle. It was so fast and easy I was amazed. I called one week they were there the following Thursday and it only took them about 20 minutes from start to finish. I only wish I had called sooner. April 29, 2014
In and out in 15 minutes! After calling the company that installed my windows about a leaking seal, Milgard called me the next day. They set a date for the window to be replaced. They called to remind me, and gave me a two hour window that the service man would be here. He was here on time and replaced the window in about 15 minutes! He was professional and friendly. April 29, 2014
Very professional Highly competent Juan and his management trainee showed up on Monday and replaced the glass panel, Very professional and highly competent. Worked smoothly and cleaned up after the job was complete. Did the job right and knew what they are doing. Full confidence in knowing what to do and how to do the job. April 29, 2014
Responsive & Professional Overall we are happy with our windows and doors in our home. We have had a few minor issues and Milgard has been responsive and corrected the problems in a timely manner. April 28, 2014
Great Product! Windows and doors put in 15 years ago and they still stand behind they're product warrenty,politely and timely! They still surprise me when I need they're help with a matter even with how old my windows and doors are! Would defiantly recommend!! April 28, 2014
Outstanding service We purchased our windows in1996 and have loved the quality. I never thought we would have a problem but one side of our sliding door window seal leaked and they had it replaced in less than 30 minutes. Outstanding service. I will always buy Milgard windows, the lifetime warranty is so worth it! Thank You.H April 28, 2014
Service call with older windows a problem. Waited over 3 weeks for service to arrive only to be told they will not service our windows because we are not the original owners. This was not communicated when I called Milgard to arrange for service, but the person I was speaking with was clear that I was not the original house owner. Now we have to find an independent contractor to replace our window after all this delay. The seal on this picture window is broken with serious water condensation on the inside, everytime I look at it I ask myself how much water has now seeped into the wood framing below and the potential for dry rot gets worse each day. Reallly very disappointing service. People should also know that the warrenties with Milgard seem to change year by year and the warrenty they advertise today is NOT what they honor with earlier installations. April 28, 2014
Perfect The company has a jewel in this service tech. Recommend a promotion. April 28, 2014
The windows are wonderful and so is the service I am so impressed with the quick response and service that I have received from Milgard . Diane in Albuquerque, NM April 28, 2014
Great People, Rivisionist Warranty Policy, cracking windows,vinylview All my experiences face to face have been great! In 2009 I moved in to a house with Milgard windows dated 2004. One of my windows cracked, I looked on the Web and the policy was "Lifetime for the home owner and 10 years if the house sold." You fixed the window, no problem and someone explained some untemper glass made it to production. Two years later, cracked window and on the phone, I'm some crazy person because there is a new policy, and no one over at Milgard ever heard of the policy I claim I read two years ago, and I have to pay if I want it fixed. Then, the third window broke and NO Way were they going to fix it in 2013 for free. Finally, FOUR scuttled appointments and fixed. As for the windows, aside from three windows cracking due to heat differentials of sunshine in the morning or sunset in the evening, there is a nice 4" wide vinyl bar blocking the view through the kitchen window if it is open. Such as all the windows, so conspicuous the vinyl bars that block the view. April 26, 2014
Great service The Migard serviceman as always was courteous, efficient, neat and clean. April 26, 2014
Great job On time, clean and quick, looks like new and completely covered by the guarantee... no questions asked. What else could you ask for! April 26, 2014
Fast and efficient Your professional techs were able to fix four of our windows. They had everything they needed and got the job done! Thank you. April 25, 2014
So quick From the initial call to the swift replacement, the service was prompt, efficient and seamless. Thank you Milgard April 25, 2014
the tech was very good, didn't like the scheduling the scheduling needs some work. I had to trust someone coming into my home to replace my windows with no one home because you couldn't schedule around my job. I feel that if you wanted to you could dispatch the work a little better rather than rely on a computer to do the scheduling which has no feeling for the working person. I did however think the tech was very courteous and handled everything great. The windows look fantastic also April 25, 2014
Painless installation Milgard reps came within the advertised time frame for the service and were quick and professional. They removed the glass in my slider patio door, replaced it with new glass and reinstalled my screen in about 15 min. If I have any constructive criticism, it would be that, although they did clean the replacement glass, it could be a better job, but that is so minor! I am a happy customer... April 25, 2014
Top notch service The technicians that were sent out were very professional and polite and were very mindful of our animals and making sure they did not get out. I have nothing for praise for the work they did. I am completely satisfied with them. April 25, 2014
The service is great, but disappointed in the product! If it weren't for the great warranty and outstanding service, I would never want to use Milgard windows again. We have had to REPLACE just about EVERY window and some of the windows twice in our 15 year old home. I don't believe the UV protection within the glass lasts as long as it should. April 25, 2014
All is good! I contacted Milgard via their customer service link on their website and it did take at least a week before someone contacted me about a potential broken seal on one of my windows. Once contacted though, an appointment was promptly set up and a tech came out and looked at the window, verified that yes the seal was broken and he also checked the rest of my windows. About two weeks later the new window was installed. The installer was quick and professional. We are the original home owners and over the course of 18 years have had several windows replaced. We love the Milgard guarantee. April 25, 2014
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