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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Excellent service The Service Tech was timely, courteous, diagnosed the problem quickly and fixed the problem. He also took the time to make sure I was completely satisfied with the result. February 5, 2014
Everything wonderful except one huge mistake The phone rep, Monica was professional, friendly and efficient. The email and phone follow ups for the appointment were excellent. The technicians, Xavier and his partner, were solid. I would give all of this an excellent rating. The one sole problem is that I allegedly don't have Milgard windows and this possibility was never made clear to me until Xavier came inside my house. Monica accessed information about the purchase of my windows from what I later learned was a public website. When she told me the date of purchase and the purchaser, I assumed that she was accessing an internal database. Since the windows were bought and installed by the contractor who built my house, Monica asked for proof that I was the first owner. This took me several hours to prove as I had to call a number of city offices to find proof for my claim. I faxed her this information and she established with her boss that I qualified as the original owner and set up the home visit. We talked about how the technician would determine the damage from the condensation. At no point did she mention the windows were possibly not by Milgard. I was shocked, angry, and confused when Xavier told me the windows were not Milgard. Afterwards I called Monica and she was clear that Xavier had come to ascertain if the windows were Milgard and then to assess the damage and fit for replacement. If only she had been as clear with me in the first place! There might have been many methods by which we could have determined the windows were not Milgard and saved everyone a ton of time and energy if only I had known that was a question! February 5, 2014
Great job! The service and support given in-terms of answering questions and providing information was great. Thank you! February 5, 2014
service was great Had issues with bathroom window breaking, told me had new tech. that now has a breathing tube so it should resolve the issue. I know there is alot of people that has this same issue across the NW so I am glad to hear this. I hope this new tech. helps. February 5, 2014
Outstanding Service from A to Z Out of 57 Milgard windows in our house, we had one with a failed seal. The Milgard rep got on it immediately and scheduled the service tech to come to the house and swap out the pane. Communication was great by the rep and the tech, and I was very pleased with the whole experience. Thanks! February 5, 2014
Very fast, efficient, and great service! My husband said that the gentleman was very fast with fixing our door. Thank you very much! February 5, 2014
Love the guarantee on our windows! I love that we can get our windows replaced when we have had challenges. Thanks for standing behind what you make. February 4, 2014
great very pleased with the warranty service from scheduling to install. Prompt, courteous and clean. February 4, 2014
Nice, but shipping department need upgrade The phone service was excellent, and found the part I need right a way. However, he said the shipping department can not provide me with a tracking number. The shipping department need some work. February 4, 2014
Replacement Windows Had a couple of windows that imploded. Phoned Milgard and got the number of my local service company. Got an appointment quickly and the tech that came out was very friendly and professional. February 4, 2014
Really good service. Didn't hear from Milgard for several days after i reported the problem to Newman windows. They took down my information and made an appointment. The service tech arrived right on time. His instructions were incorrect but he was able to make the repairs on site anyway. He was very experienced and courteous. I am very satisfied with the results so far. February 4, 2014
Outstanding All the representatives I was in contact with were very polite and helpful. Replacement windows were installed without a hitch. Especially liked the emails and update phone messages. February 4, 2014
Great service!!!!!! AAAA++++++ Edgar arrived on time and carried out the repair as though he could perform it blindfolded. Really, he had 2 windows, double pane, fixed in less than 30 minutes. They look just as they did when new. Thank you, Milgard & Edgar! February 4, 2014
Very displeased with the quality of the product and service I received. Stunned I have been in business as a general contractor in SoCal for over 30 years. I have not only used Milgard doors and windows in customers home build's but mine personally. I have been very disappointed in the windows I have recently installed in my personal just completed home remodel. The vinyl double hung casements windows in my new master bedroom required a course in proper closing technique by the service tech to properly get the windows to stay securely closed. REDICULOUS! I have never seen a such a simple procedure , like securely closing a double hung window, require achieving such a level of skill to do so. Those who come over to close the window are doing so in vain without the proper training lesson in "HOW TO SECURELY CLOSE A MILGARD DOUBLE HUNG WINDOW". I am truly at a loss as to why it took the service tech three visits before the window was operating with somewhat of a latching consistency on the first try. Now, it's tolerable, JUST. The one saving grace to this whole affair is I know the windows are guaranteed for life. That I can believe in and something I know I'll be utilizing routinely in the future. Peter Reasin owner Native Sun Construction Services Dana Point, CA February 4, 2014
made me feel comfortable I was nervous about having Milgard come out. The service rep was really pleasant, saying no request was too big or too small. He fixed the problem easily and reassured me to call the next time anything wasn't right. February 4, 2014
Dissatisfied with the NO service The repair person acted as if he was annoyed to be out. All he did was look at the window and told me it "Might" be a caulking problem........... He then left!! February 4, 2014
The lifetime warranty really means something! When one of the Milgard windows I had placed in my home 5 years ago began to fail, I was afraid that getting a replacement with the lifetime warranty might be difficult. I was wrong. After one easy call servicemen were scheduled to come to my home in 2 weeks. They arrived on time and immediately replaced the window right there and then. No charge, no hassle. This is one reputable company. Their lifetime warranty really means something. I will buy Milgard windows exclusively in the future. I really appreciate how they stand behind their product. February 4, 2014
Milgard rocks! Great service, on time, professional, what more could you ask for? February 4, 2014
Happy in Billings Great service. 6 years after they were installed and they came out and fixed it. February 4, 2014
Very good service, very professional Called to tell about broken window which happen during a cold spell. Was told it was not covered, but they would replace because of cold spell. Talk about good service, pays to buy with a local company who backs up what they sell.. This seems to be lost with a lot of companies . Your company will be around for a long time to come with this type of customer service. Many thanks. I offered to pay buy he said no. February 4, 2014
Milgard Stands By Their Product 2nd time since 2006 that I've needed help. Milgard is spot on ready to help! This out of 52 windows and 5 doors. Outstanding products and service February 4, 2014
Milgard Stands Behind Their Product Over 10 years after installing Milgard windows in our remodeled home, one of the windows mysteriously shattered. Milgard was professional and prompt in their response. It was totally taken care of. Milgard is a great company to work with. February 4, 2014
Good! The lead time was a bit long but the service was always great! February 4, 2014
Great service, courteous and professional. My initial contact with Milguard happened right during a huge phone glitch of their system and was quite frustrating. Passed that, everything went smoothly. The phone assistants were friendly and helpful, and if my requests were not able to be accomodated right away, they kept them in mind and I got the saturday appointment I wished for as soon as they was a cancellation. The technicians were also very friendly and professional, and all my concerned were addressed. My windows are now easy to use. February 4, 2014
Window replacement Had a few weather issues which required rescheduling of appointment. Initial install had to be rescheduled as replacement window was incorrectly sized. Once correct size was provided, install went well and new window looks great. February 3, 2014
Excellent I called for help on the windows in our house. Arik helped me identify the brand of windows we have and then provided a link to contact the manufacturer. Very prompt and help full , thanks. February 3, 2014
Prompt and Professional The phone contact handed my warranty request without hesitation and the field rep was on time and completed the work very fast. We were happy to see excellent warranty service. February 3, 2014
Fixed it fast & proper. I'm happy! Two of my windows developed issues, including a failed IGU seal. The techs wasted no time pulling them apart and installing the new parts. They were very friendly, VERY neat, quite quick, and they knew exactly what to do. Thank you! February 3, 2014
Great Service I had no problem getting a minor problem resolved. There were no issues in getting a service technician out here to look at the window and getting it fixed. On time and no questions asked and the customer service and tech people were very nice and professional. CRG Westminster,Co February 3, 2014
100% recomended to use Milgard for quality and warranty of their product. the service need to be improve 100% recomended to use Milgard for quality and warranty of their product, the service is not good. I report for service through their web site is very slow, I was sent a request 2 times and get their respond after 2 week waiting. February 3, 2014
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