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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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This service was great! My windows were 10 years old and one glass pain had a problem. When I called, customer service was very friendly and helpful, and there was no hassle in getting someone out to fix the problem ASAP. The in-home service tech was very friendly, respectful, professional and answered all my questioned and fixed my problem quickly. He also called ahead on both my contact numbers to alert me that he was on his way. Thanks Milgard!!! January 2, 2015
Very pleased with the wonderful service. In the many years I've had Milgard windows and patio sliding doors I have been happy with the service. January 2, 2015
Mixed experience. Milguard good on phone. W&Ds weak in office, great in field After a series of administrative snafus at Windows and doors, we were fortunate to have John as our installer. He was terrific, dealt with problems that others created, never complained or made excuses and got our job done before we left for the season. Great employee! January 2, 2015
Service people were fantastic! From my first call to set up a service call to the techs that came to my house, I was delighted. I am glad I purchased Milgard sliders. January 2, 2015
Mark was great!! Mark was on time, professional, knowledgeable and fixed our problems. Thank you. My only issue was how long it took for someone to come out from initial call to service date. The customer service rep said they were busy. December 31, 2014
Outstanding! Our contractor installed Milgard windows in our addition almost seven years ago. We've needed some repair/replacement work twice, and each time the service was outstanding. From the initial phone call to the installation, everything went smoothly. Everyone was nice. The technicians were on time, efficient and the windows look great. Milgard even replaced one window that was not under warranty. Can't beat that! Thanks, Milgard!! December 31, 2014
Contacts and service were the quality I expect from Milgard The initial contact person scheduled a visit in less than 30 days and the appointment was followed up by phone and by email. The Service Tech arrived well before the end of the promised time envelope and had the knowledge to resolve (as far as we both could tell) my problem. Good job! December 31, 2014
Out standing!!!!! From my first phone call to telling your service man Good by all went well. December 31, 2014
Excellent Service for Window Replacement We had two windows that had lost their internal seal. We called Milgard and received a prompt response over the phone that our windows would be replaced at no charge within a couple of weeks. A few days before the appointment we were contacted regarding the two hour time period when the service person would arrive. On the day of the appointment the service person arrived on time and completed the replacements in a prompt and professional manner. We are very happy with our two new windows and with the entire experience of dealing with Milgard. December 31, 2014
Service Techs did a great job in 20 degree weather! We had two visits with Chuck and Serge and found them to be very professional, friendly and efficient. December 31, 2014
Warranty service was excellent. I was impressed, as even though our windows were eight years old (approximately), Milgard stood behind their "lifetime" warranty--and followed up with the required warranty follow up work. Great Job! December 31, 2014
service has been exceptional,. they had to return twice because of imperfections with the internal blinds. never questioned any issues i reported i am happy with the service and the door. the issues have been with the door inserts with the blinds. apparently they are outsourced and they need to do more quality control. might be a saving to your company to have a review of these blinds before coming to the house to install them.. December 30, 2014
Service was receptive, but issues kept arising as home visits increased... Our home had Milgard windows in the new construction phase in Fall 1988. Over the years some minor fixes have been completed by Milgard service. Starting in July we called to have 3 windows replaced due to a broken seal and some side balancers which were making it tough to open and close windows easily. The first visit was 4-6 weeks down the road due to summertime. Here is where the issues occurred. It was determined that the windows needed to be measured, so some of the balancers were installed. The next trip the glass was the wrong type. The next trip the paper was forgotten to trace the large half circle piece to be replaced over our front door. Each trip involving a month wait and time to open and close the house during a work day. Finally, on trip six it was determined the large window was ready to install, but the fabricator had made the internal inserts to look as though the windows had a wood frame inside was made differently than the diagram provided. At this time we accepted the window as made and the install went beautifully. Each time the service team was pleasant and did solid work. Somehow, with each visit something was forgotten or not told to the next group to ensure a smooth process. This specific case should be used as a training piece to help reduce unnecessary trips to peoples homes and save the company time and money too. best, Ed E. December 30, 2014
Millard service and product warranty are the Best I highly recommend Milgard. Their products, service and lifetime warranty are the best December 30, 2014
See review Hector did a fine job replacing the glass in my doors which had gaps in the blinds frames. Quick and efficient. Glad I have the lifetime warranty on the doors. John Holland manhattan Beach December 30, 2014
Great Service! We put off calling about our window that fogged up over the years, thinking it wouldn't do any good though we thought it had a life time guarantee. We were so surprised by the friendly response from everyone at Milgard and their willingness and promptness to take care of the problem. They even fixed rollers on a couple of sliding glass doors that we didn't know were covered. I've been singing Milgard's praises all around! December 29, 2014
Crew arrived on schedule to replace window under warranty the two service men did a good job removing the old window and put the new window in like pros. I have had Milgard replace several windows under warranty over the last 15 years. Never an argument as to the warranty replacement. Overall I am glad we purchased the Milgard windows ( We replaced every window in our house with the Milgard windows) December 29, 2014
Great service. Called for replacement of 3 windows that had grown "cloudy" over the past 7 yrs. Telephone service rep was very knowledgeable and helpful. I was a little surprised that it would be 7 weeks or so before a technician could come out to do the work, but it certainly wasn't any emergency (and the 7 weeks included both Thanksgiving and Christmas). The technician who came was very prompt (arrived at the start of the 2 hr. time period I'd been given to expect him) and personable and completed the work in a very timely manner. No complaints about any of this process, and I appreciate that Milgard "stands behind" their product for the life of my ownership. December 29, 2014
I recommend Milgard to anyone thinking about buying windows. You are true to your promises. I bought Milgard windows for a 6,000 sq ft house. In 14 years I only had 4 calls to make, all of which were handled in a timely manner and with skillful, quality work. Your practice will bring you closer and closer to zero problems by what you learn with each repair. And, you will always be recommended to others for being true to your policy. Ray Torgerson December 29, 2014
Excellent Warranty and service. On time, professional and courteous. He put on over socks over shoes before entering which is nice. Milgard has replaced three windows for me over five years for warranty issues and each time it is excellent service. December 29, 2014
Unknown, and afraid problems will be long lasting The Milgard servicemen told us that they repaired the leak in window with calking. Calk by its very nature is a temporary fix that that requires a lifetime of maintenance. We are not happy about this at all. In order to do their work, the servicemen had to remove Christmas lights and wreaths from the upstairs and downstairs windows. They did not replace them. This I had to do by myself in the rain and wind after returning home from work. I was very angry about this.. December 29, 2014
Unbelievable great service The tech was on time, finished the job within a matter of minutes. Was very nice and respectful. I was very pleased with his work and his manners. I would highly recommend Milgard Service to anyone. Thank you Milgard! December 28, 2014
Hard to get an appointment but good once there. It took a month to get an appointment and somehow it got messed up on Milguard's end so we had to reschedule which took another month but the tech gave excellent service once we finally got him there. He replaced a window that had fogged up in the middle of the two panes and also fixed some that did not open easily. December 28, 2014
Repair service was fine. Repair service was fine. Fast & efficient. My complaint is: your workers-when working INSIDE someone's home....should be more careful and aware of damaging the interior of one's home. This is what happened in my home. An area rug was damaged ( we were able to fix it) & they left marks on the hardwood floor. That's my only complaint. December 28, 2014
Good service The lag time between the installation of the door and Milgard's ability to complete the installation and provide missing parts was a bit slow but once all parts were received the service went very smoothly. December 27, 2014
Great Service Technician called to say he was going to be a little late and explained why - we much appreciated that. Also called again when he was about 20 minutes away. He put on shoe protectors before entering the house. Warranty work was done very quickly. December 26, 2014
Milgard stands behind their windows! We had some poor quality windows installed in early 2000. These were low-e vinyl windows that faded badly. Milgard came out and replaced 5 windows at their cost. New window look great. They honored their warrantee without question. Thanks Milgard. December 26, 2014
Quality Issues We have 20 Milgard windows in our home. Malfunctions were experienced regularly. only three windows are able to open and many have severe discolorations. Cant recommend this product as it will cost us a fortune to remove and replace with another brand. December 25, 2014
Excellent in all regards! Courteous agents and technicians... no hassle replacements. December 25, 2014
Great field representatives, lousy office reps Firstly I want to give the highest praise to the field representatives who came into my home and fixed all of my problems with the Millgard products. They were highly skilled and professional. Secondly, I have to be concerned about the initial quality of the product when it left the manufacturing plant. There were issues with the windows that should have been caught at the plant. Thirdly, I did not at all enjoy the attitude of the office staff in Temecula and the incredibly long lead times for a service call. The staff people never identified themselves and they didn't seem concerned about the long time for a simple in-house service call. December 24, 2014
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