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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Great Techs THe young men who came to our house did an excellent job and they were very nice people. OUr only complaint is the length of time it took to initially get a warranty service person to our home - almost 2 months from the initial phone call. November 9, 2014
Service great with one exception. Everything excellent except that I got an email saying the tech would be here between 700 and 900 AM, and a voicemail that the tech would be here between 2:30 and 4:30. By the time I got the second message, it was after hours and no answer at the number left in the voicemail. Made it a bit difficult to plan my day, Other than that, however, everything excellent. Thank you. November 8, 2014
There was a long delay, but a great two man crew prevailed. We had bad deals and streaking on 3 of our 15 windows. After a 2 month delay due to no repair contract on Maui, the first repairman mis-measured 2 of our 3 windows - so another 2 months passed, but then 2 quality repairmen made the fix. I still have two neighbors trying to get service for their repairs without success. Milgard really needs to get on top of there inadequate response time. November 8, 2014
Outstanding Quick, Efficient, … and Totally Courteous and Professional November 8, 2014
Top Notch Service Outstanding service was provided when my window was recently placed. The repair techs were prompt, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. The warranty repair was completed in about 30 minutes. I'm glad we had Milgard windows installed in our home. We often overlook the value of having excellent back end service support on the product. November 8, 2014
Top-notch, professional window service! We had a very large job of 12 windows, mostly all very high off the ground, requiring long ladders. It was estimated to be a 7 hour job. Arriving at 10:30AM, Manuel and Andres got right to work, and they completed the window removals and replacements by 4:15PM. Plenty of daylight was still left. No problem! These gentlemen were the consumate professionals. Both were respectful and courteous. I know we'll need future service from Milgard, and I can only hope that Manuel and Andres will again be assigned. Thanks, Milgard! November 8, 2014
Unable to assess Northwest Windows and Door company scratched our two windows during lifting/placing the windows. Milgard techs came out to see the windows and said they were scratched too deep to buff out. But that is all Millgard assisted us with this matter. We reported the Northwest Windows and Door company to the Attorney General office who helped us contact the owner initially since we received no response back from him for followup. Attorney General Office could not recontact the company and told us they apparently shut down and can no longer be contacted. So we are now stuck with the two scratched Milgard Windows that we paid a high price for. November 8, 2014
The service was very professional The service people arrived on time and completed the replacement of our window very quickly. There was absolutely no disruption to our day - thank you. November 8, 2014
Very good service and on time. Was impressed by employes that installed our new glass and how fast they were finished. November 7, 2014
Had to wait a while but the service was A-one!! Appreciate Milgard's guarantee for their windows. Repair and pre-emptive service today was done quickly and professionally. Anyone that I have talked about Milgard to has reported the same great service. Don't ever change!! November 7, 2014
responsive and professional We had moisture issues with two of our windows. Not only were they placed quickly but the service technician identified two others we were not aware of. November 7, 2014
Excellent service and friendliness of everyone we were in contact. The technician examined the broken window; he thought the window cracked due to the glass not being correctly placed in the frame from the factory. There was no space on one edge between the the side edges and too much space on the other side edge. November 7, 2014
Outstanding Service Cannot even image how the phone call, notifications and service could possibly be improved!!! Not just satisfied-- but truly impressed. Delayed calling about a very minor problem -- one of the "stops" that allows the window to be cracked open but not fully opened would not spring out. Did not think it was worth a special service trip --so was just going to wait until something else came up --nothing did. Milgard treated it as if it were a significant problem --promptly scheduled a technician, called & E-Mailed appointment details including a photo of the technician and he showed up within the time window we were given. November 7, 2014
Great service -- thank you; website less enjoyable The techs didn't even wait for me to ask them to take off their shoes; they took their shoes off as soon as they saw me do it. Removing the window was a little tricky, possibly due to some settling of the house, but they extracted it without breakage, and with a good deal of care regarding cleanliness. However, I should not have to work and work to create a unique nickname in order to simply submit customer feedback. This part of the online process is silly and aggravating. November 7, 2014
Very good! Excellent! communication was great! Technician was great! Milgard all the way! November 7, 2014
Great service! Milgard windows and their warranty are great. When I had a problem they fixed it without question. Service techs are clean and personable, taking time to answer all questions. November 7, 2014
Took too long to get here. Over two months/ Had I known how long it would take for someone to make the repair, I would have paid a local contractor to get the job done. It too two months to get the sky-lights replaced. November 7, 2014
Great Job Excellent phone service and installation. The only negative is the service date was far out. November 7, 2014
Customer service I opened case# 03932085 sometime in mid to late Sept. I received an e-mail on Oct.3rd asking for information regarding the windows. I responded with that information on Oct.7. On Oct.27 I emailed your firm stating it hard been 3 weeks since I had sent in the required information and that I had not been contacted by anyone. On Nov. 5th a technician showed up unannounced to make the repairs. I had not been contacted by anyone to set up an appointment. I just happened to be home when the tech arrived. Hardly what I would call satisfactory customer service! Your technician, Pilar Morales was very professional, knowledgable and efficient. He did apologize for the lack of contact from his office. November 7, 2014
Excellent service The time between my initial email and the service appointment was about 6 weeks, so that was disappointing. The service visit was great. Armando Sanchez arrived within the appointment window, was friendly, neat and quick. November 6, 2014
absolutly the best Many years ago I purchased a group of windows to be installed. they told me then that I had a life time ugarentee. I did not think that I would ever fall back on tha t ( BUT I DID ) I phoned it it and was give a date for service, they showed up that day and itn short time repaired the problem, and it was like NEW! I am proud of m sellf for the original purchase and happy that it was with MILGARD,,can I say More! J Campbell November 6, 2014
Excellent service; especially from Victor the Service Tech. Victor called when he was about ten minutes away from my house which was really nice as it gave me time to make sure the dogs were outside and the window was ready for him to work on. He was prompt and finished the job very quickly. November 6, 2014
We were pleased with the service and are happy we chose Milgard Windows I love our of the best upgrades we have done to our home. I really didn't want to call to complain because I thought we would have a hassle. I was wrong. The young lady that took my call was very polite. We set up a date for the repair which was today (11/6). Yesterday we received a call to confirm the time. Your repairman was on time & immediately went to work on the repairs. He not only was very professional but was finished with the repairs in a short amount of time. November 6, 2014
Handle of my patio door I was sooo impressed with Enrique the service guy , on how they wear blue covers over their shoes before they come into the house. Was so quick as far as repairing the handle..And very personable November 6, 2014
Service Techs Went Above and Beyond! I can't speak highly enough about the Service Techs who came to my home this afternoon. Guillermo was assisted by Chris, who is still in training. Both were courteous, professional, and careful about not tracking debris into the house. Guillermo was the consummate professional. He was very knowledgeable about Milgard Windows, fully answered all my questions, and more than satisfactorily resolved my window issues. Guillermo and Chris handily replaced two broken window panes, which they were scheduled to do. When I explained that I was having trouble with my new Milgard sliding door, Guillermo happily agreed to look at it; after he adjusted the door, I saw a 200% improvement in the operation of the door! I also had questions about the 'weep holes' and the 'window stops', and Guillermo new how to address each one. Please express my appreciation to Guillermo and Chris for all their efforts today. Well done, Milgard! November 6, 2014
Service was exceptional The technician arrived at the beginning of the appointment window. He was very courteous and professional. He left us with a sparkling clean, clear window. November 6, 2014
Quality work completed on time! Service team called and requested early arrival. Upon arrival work was started immediately and performed efficiently. I'm the original owner of this house and Milgard has honored the lifetime warrantee for 25 years; replacing our windows whenever needed all labor and materials included, absolutely amazing. November 6, 2014
awesome product & service! From the first email I sent to the awesome service from the gentlemen that came to my house.... Everything was perfect.....I couldn't have asked for better overall customer service!! November 6, 2014
Excellent! As it always has been, Milgard service is excellent. November 6, 2014
So pleased that Milgard stands behind its products. Our windows were nearing the end of the warranty period (we were not aware we had a warranty any longer). When I called to ask about how to fix the problem of windows that were so hard to open, and also how to replace some broken balancer springs, I was told we were "in warranty". It took 2 trips to replace all the balancers, and the 1 window that had a broken seal. The tech was courteous and knowledgeable. I can't adequately express my pleasure at the quality of the service AND the fact that Milgard replaced all the balancers for us at no charge. These windows barely opened before and now lift with one finger. Thank you. PS: We have one more home to build - for our retirement. Milgard windows will be our first choice. November 6, 2014
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