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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

Milgard Service 4.7 5 6707 9101
Very Well Done I was very pleased with the warranty visit from Milgard. The two-person work crew was prompt and courteous. They were friendly and communicated well. It was clear that they knew what they were doing. Rather than just fix the problem, they took the time to explain the cause and how I might avoid it in the future. I felt that they enjoyed their work and put forth a good effort to make this a positive experience for the customer. It is clear to me that Milgard understands the high value of good service in promoting their brand. Keep up the good work! April 23, 2014
Prompt, professional, complete satisfaction Initial delays in getting this scheduled, but end result was total satisfaction. April 23, 2014
Excellent. Gentlemen showed up, repaired the window and door lock mechanism quickly and professionally. Great job! April 23, 2014
Window Replacement I did have to wait quite a while before I got a return phone call after my initial call to Milgard but was told it was a new system for these calls. They were quite apologetic. I was afraid I was not going to hear from them! The date for service was set quickly and the tech showed up yesterday, a bit early (which I like!) and completed the work in a timely manner. I am glad I made the initial call. April 23, 2014
Replaced Glasss Milgard was very prompt in taking the service request and having a field technician replace the glass. April 22, 2014
Never spoke to anyone. Did all transactions over email. Response was fast and efficient. I contacted Milgard via there website. Received an email shorly thereafter asking me for window measurements. I responded and the replacement parts were shipped to my home in a few days. I recommend along with the shipping the replacement parts you add some installation instructions. I did find a Youtube video that demonstrated how to replace the parts and had no probelms. Your service is very much appreciated. April 22, 2014
the service was great fast friendly service! Prompt and courteous cleanup April 22, 2014
What's in a Name... Everything!! I never even knew the name Milgard until I was advised to contact them for inquiry about a warranty on my mindows. I was greeted with prompt courtious service and set up for an appointment with a tech to come out to take a look at our windows. J.C is the Tech who came out and I just have to say you have an outstanding emplyee working for you. His professionalism and knowlege helped us get the work done that we needed. When it came time to repair he and another tech came out and installed and fixed our issues with the high quality warranty they stand behind. When the job was completed I was advised not to hesitate to call if I have any other issues with my windows. It feels great to have the work completed and to have received such great service. I was so excited that I happen to talk to my sister who actually just had a new Milgard wildow installed in her home and she too raved on how pleased she is with Milgard and the warranty on their windows. Thank you Milgard and J.C. April 22, 2014
Great Company After we finally figured out a time to set an appointment everything went very well. The In-home Service Tech was prompt, efficient and friendly. I am very pleased with this company. April 22, 2014
Super Service! Thanks for the speed and quality of service -- after fifteen years! April 22, 2014
service was very long & drawn out Susan in C.S. was helpful.... Point is I started this process about 9 weeks ago & finally got new windows. not a big complaint as the warrenty cannot be beat but it should not take so long to replace 2 windows with broken seals.. April 21, 2014
Replacement of failed glass/seals Vlad did a great job on replacing several of our windows. Fast, and very polite, cleaned everything up. I couldn't ask for better service. Thank you! April 21, 2014
Profesional and no hassel The installer, Johnny, was efficient and friendly. April 21, 2014
Milgard is great! Milgard bends over backwards with great customer support. Their products are good and their service is even better! You can't go wrong with them for doors and windows. April 21, 2014
Polite and efficient service. Windo Polite and efficient service. Windows look wonderful. April 21, 2014
High rate of factory defects I am not impressed with the factory quality control for Milgard replacement windows. Out of 12 windows, 3 have factory defects, a 25% defect rate. One window has a 1-inch scratch in the glass which apparently does not fall within warranty limits. A second window has a 9-inch gouge in the glass. After a 1-month delay, the glass was replaced by Milgard and inspection showed that the gouge originated on the edge of the glass before assembly. A third window was manufactured out of square. It is a double awning with a vertical T-bar that was assembled so that the awning does not operate properly and the screen does not fit. The Milgard service crew was unable to repair this window. I am still waiting on a response from Milgard as to replacement of this window, so after two months we still don't have an acceptable product. I don't know when this will be taken care of. This is not the level of quality I would expect from Milgard. April 21, 2014
The service was terrific! We had some glass units replaced where the seal had broken on one and some others had a Low-E film blemish. Scheduled a time for replacement. Work was done on time and quickly. Workers were very pleasant and efficient and cleaned everything up at the end. I'm very pleased overall. April 21, 2014
this service was very great! the milgard as it states clearly the best,best product,most importantly-best service. April 21, 2014
Technician on time Tech was very knowledgable and explain on how to take care of our windows. April 21, 2014
Excellent Wish more companies backed up their product as Milgard has done. On time, and very efficient. Service personnel, very professional and friendly. April 21, 2014
The service was good It took along time to get a responce from Milgard. However once we heard from the service person a date was set and the service was excellent. April 20, 2014
Milgard... ONLY! I will never allow a window other than Milgard to be installed in my home or place of business. Many businesses out there do not stand behind their products. Milgard does without question and is always happy to help. We love our Milgard windows. We love the service Milgard provides us. We have had Milgard windows for over ten-years and we have not one thing to complain about. Thank you Milgard! Your company is fantastic!!! April 20, 2014
Good Service I had to wait 14 days to receive an evaluation on weather or not I could install a damaged window and Sliding Glass Door. The tech did a good job removing scratches and discoloration. He has to order repair parts which will take another 2 weeks. Due to the above, I was at a work stoppage for 2 weeks which I was not happy with. I love the New Tuscany Tan Vinyl windows and SG. April 19, 2014
They really do stand behind every window and patio door they build. I recently had some seals broken on our windows and a patio door. I called Milgard customer service and Sheila graciously set me up with the correct window replacement information and set-up an appointment. I was very impressed with the technicians' professionalism, and knowledge. They were very pleasant and considerate, taking care not to make a mess. I would recommend these windows if for no other reason than their service capabilities. April 19, 2014
Excellent The Technician arrived within the specified time. He was professional and did the repair in no time . I was impressed. Thank you. April 19, 2014
Your service was excellent Your tech arrived within the specified time range, introduced himself and immediately went to work replacing six pieces of glass that were clouded. He worked with great efficiency and answered all my questions regarding what caused the defects within the dual pane windows. All windows were cleaned to perfection and he lubricated two of my sliding windows that were sticking. My customer P.O. was 03625193 and the date of installation was 17Apr14. This man rates my highest possible rating. Martin G April 18, 2014
Replacement experience Everything I have to say about Milgard windows is EXCELLENT. My phone call was answered the next day and an appointment was made. The guys were out when they said they would be. Both were very polite, friendly and knowledgeable about the product. They wasted no time in the repair and I still love the choice I made about replacing my windows..... April 18, 2014
As a realtor, my experience with Milgard is that they always provide great service! Today I had two windows replaced and another one checked out, and all went perfectly. Both technicians were professional, knowledgeable, accommodating and polite. I couldn't be more pleased! April 18, 2014
exceptional service Your windows are very nice. The support, service and the ways in which you stand behind your products are truly extraordinary. Thanks again for turning a minor problem into a positive experience.... April 18, 2014
Milgard Windows The placement of Milgard Windows is of recent. I am very happy with not only the noise reduction but also with the slight tint of such to help keep the unwanted rays of sun out that has previously been with discomfort. After moving in 5 yrs ago & sweltering, the Milgards are great!!! Thank You for being here. ***Representatives were very courteous and attentive to matter addressed. April 18, 2014
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