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At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Fantastic service as usual. We have been so happy with Milgard quality and service for 14 years. The Service Tech was friendly, efficient and performed his job most professionally. October 1, 2014
Great Service Milgard came to my house to fix an issue with my sliding glass door. The first trip the Technicians did everything in their power to remedy the issue and make the door useable, it had slipped off the track and the track became bent. They fixed it to the best of their ability and I was able to use my door again. They could not replace the track because they were unable to remove the door to complete the replacement. They told me they were going back to the office and would consult with other Techs. I thought the whole thing was completed at that time. I was very surprised to know that in fact those Techs did as they said they would and another Technician came out to my house and took the door apart, replaced the rollers, replaced the track and my door is perfect now. He even made sure that my sliding screen was set perfect so that I could lock that too. I am so happy that we have Milgard windows in our home and if I do build another home, Milgard will be the windows placed in that home as well. All of the Technicians have been wonderful and so professional and I am very confident that they will do what they say they will do. October 1, 2014
Both contacts were exceptional. Cust.service was very helpful on determining sliding window problem. Trouble with finding window serial number, but, would make appt. to fix problem. Service tech was on time and window was fixed within 5-minutes. Milgard lived up to their warranty and took care of concern. October 1, 2014
This isn't for any one piece of service - the experience as a whole. When I had a good number of windows with issues, I contacted Milgard. That was last April - the 21st to be exact. Yesterday, September 30th, the job got done. Except for one exception of a scheduler that really needs some customer service training - everyone has been pleasant, professional, and kind. It's the system and process that is clearly broken. Main problem - they knew very clearly what I needed and two times they came without the needed parts on the car to address the very detailed description of issues I sent them. Also - every tech does things differently. Worst of all, they were concrete firm that they could not bend to my needs for schedule; only on Tuesdays and always a month or more out. That's OK if you do it right when you FIRST come out, but if tell me I have to reschedule because you didn't bring the parts....that's when some flexibility and urgency should be assumed. NONE. The last guy I talked to finally bumped me up two weeks because I basically whined loudly. That was the only accommodation they made throughout the entire process. Except for the one scheduler that was really out of line, all the people were great. It's a training and process issue. They are nice but bound by rules and layered with inconsistencies. End of story - April 21 to September 30th - that's how long it took them to get the windows fixed. 5 + months and 3 visits, 7 phone calls, and 15 emails. Note - the team that finished the work yesterday was great. The tech that came on the 2nd visit was THE BEST. He cared about customer service and was clearly the most knowledgeable of them all. He took the time to say - all the windows should have been checked by the first guy. He checked all the windows for me. The techs were clear that if they are doing their jobs right, they should be checking all the windows because the springs, balances, and strike plates are all going to go. If some have failed - others will soon. Both he and the last team told me that. Why isn't that built into your processes? the schedulers who you talk to on the phone aren't going with that knowledge. There seems to be lots of gaping holes in the process. I'm no expert on guys are. It seems you would figure out a flow to better serve the customers. This flow, in my opinion needs some work. October 1, 2014
Could not be happier with the service. Your representative arrived on time, evaluated the situation, and had it repaired very quickly. What more can I say. October 1, 2014
Go to kind of people! A lot of times when they say between the hours it means you will be waiting. NOT TRUE with Milgard. Our service guy was there right at the beginning fixed the window in 10-15 minutes and on his way. I'm very impressed with the service, reminder calls, emails and will definitely use them again when needed. This company is on the good list") Thank you so very much, and for understanding that my time is important and being so prompt so I could go about my day. September 30, 2014
Milgard Service personal should be rate 5 starr all the way at lesst the men that came and did the glass replacement These People are what make a great company Greater, with this type service and personal Milgard will be around for a very long time in the glass service. September 30, 2014
The service & technician were great. Having to wait over a month for service wasn't great. Everything about this service call was absolutely great except for one thing. We had to wait over 30 days to get a technician out to our housel. The person I spoke with on the phone was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Don, the technician who came to the house couldn't have been better. We had a problem with one window, but he fixed all five of our bedroom windows and did so in under 15 minutes. Overall we are very happy with our experience with Milgard. September 30, 2014
Very Satisfied The Technicicns. Sergey and Scott, arrived on time. They completed their work efficiently and in a completely satisfactory manner. Thanks so much. September 30, 2014
Milgard is great. I bought my home new a number of years ago. The builder put in Milgard windows and over the years the seals have failed on several that were installed. Without question or a hassle, a Milgard tech visited my home and took measurements of the defective windows. Shortly thereafter, I was on the schedule to have another tech come visit to install the new windows. The whole process was seemless. I'm going to build a retirement home in a few years and I will be sure to purchase Milgard windows. I couldn't be happier. September 29, 2014
Milgard windows are the best investment I made for my remodel I purchased Milgard windows back in 1989. I have had two incidences where I needed a professional to come out to correct the problem In both instances the professional was prompt and very efficient. I have also found their telephone tech support to be excellent. For me, the quality of workmanship of any product comes first. The quality of a companies tech support is right up at the top. Milgard rates up at the top for both. I like these windows so much that I have just purchased 5 new ones to replace five windows which came with the original house when I purchased it back in 1979. September 29, 2014
Excellent service from Milgard I really appreciate Milgard provides this excellent post-sale service..I applaud your policy. I will recommend Milgard to my friends. September 29, 2014
Worth the wait My home is in rural Central Washington, so we have come to expect that service people will have to travel a long distance to get to us. My appointment was scheduled between 4:30 and 6:30. The technician phoned me early in the day and told me that it would probably be closer to 6:30. When he left the appointment before mine, he phoned me to tell me the that he would be there about 7:00. The technician showed up a little before 7:00. He was very polite and within ten minutes, he had the window replaced and he was on his way. I was impressed by both his speed and his professionalism. I wouldn't hesitate to contact Milgard again. September 29, 2014
Lusy Service Took Milgard 3 in-home visits to take care of my windows September 29, 2014
Excellent Service, Professional Technicians I have had to have several windows replaced over the last two years. I have had no problems scheduling the replacement with a phone call or email, and the technicians who arrived at my house were on time and professional, courteous and quick to finish the project. I will use Milgard if I ever have the opportunity to have new windows put in a house for sure. September 29, 2014
Window replacement The seal on one of the sliding windows failed after 17 years. Milgrad came out and replaced it free of charge. The Service Tech was fast and did a great job. September 28, 2014
Nilgard has a great warranty We recently has one of our front picture windows fog up with moisture inside. We figured we would be stuck with replacing the window. But, low and behold, the window had a lifetime warranty. Milgard replaced the window, and we are happy customers. September 28, 2014
horrible service. no show for an appointment and no one answering business phone. Don't expect warranty service. No one is accountable. September 27, 2014
Professional Service Everyone from the person who took my original call to schedule warranty to the service tech who fixed the issue represented Milgard in a professional and courteous manner. The service tech fixed the issue in about 3 minutes and was very polite. September 27, 2014
Excellent service arrived when they told me they would and did the job in a very short period of time. Excellent service. September 27, 2014
Good Service All was good except for a small detail... the ladder they used to install the skylight did scratch paint off the edge of the gutters. Maybe the workers could use a pad (like I do when I put a ladder against a painted surface) to better protect the paint. Otherwise, they did a great job. Thanks. September 27, 2014
Unbelievably great service I have had my Milgard windows for about 12 years. One of the panes recently developed fogging between the glass. A single phone call and the service rep was here to replace the fogged pane, and fix a weak spring while he was here. I cannot believe what a great warranty there is on this product. I almost feel guilty that they continue to be so pleasant about windows that were installed so long ago. I cannot imagine ever purchasing any other window! September 26, 2014
excellant service I'm very impressed with the way you stand by your product. From your call center reps to the installation techs, our experience was great!! September 26, 2014
I was forgotten for awhile. My only complaint is that after I first called, and received an email that you were coming to look at my windows, you never came. I had to make a second call to see what they problem was. After that, the service was good, and you came promptly to fix the windows. Thank you. Phyllis Millar Rigby, ID September 26, 2014
Happy with service Techs were professional and very efficient. One window was the wrong size but they got the correct measurement. September 25, 2014
Love the Wiundows- but I love the windows, but we had some problems with our contractor. Up front he talked all about service and taking care of the customer. Once the windows were installed we realized that one of the windows when we stained them (two weeks later) that all matched our 6 pane windows in the house but one and it was an 8 pane window. The contractor took the track that it was not his fault, and this was an issue we needed to take up with Milguard. That we signed the contract and didn't say anything when they were installed. He was rude and combative. Finally he agreed to contact Milguard to see if they would replace the window. The thing that is frustrating is that all the windows he removed and the ones we wanted matched were all 6 pane. September 25, 2014
Finally a company that stands behind their product 100% After being in our house for 10 years and having a large window get moisture inside, it was refreshing to see Milgard standing by their warranty and product. I am thoroughly impressed. September 25, 2014
Overall excellent service! I had three windows replaced today that were under warranty. The technician arrived promptly as scheduled, was very professional, worked fast and answered any questions that I had. I was very pleased with the service. September 25, 2014
This service was great. Trech was on time and was very professional, did great repair service. September 25, 2014
Installer was great! Very happy that Milgard stands behind their warranty. September 25, 2014
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