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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Great company, great product. Over the years I have second guessed my decision to go with Milgard windows rather than with the products offered by Milgard's competition. But, the ease and professionalism of the individuals who dealt with the various issues my windows were having along with the company's integrity in standing behind their warranty have completely retired any lingering questions. This is a great company and a great product. February 17, 2014
Very professional and friendly. Very professional and friendly. They worked very well as a team. February 17, 2014
The service was fast and professional I appreciated the professionalism of the company representatives. They ordered replacements immediately and did everything they promised thoroughly and in the time frame they originally promised. This is a company that stands behind their word and makes it easy for the customer. February 17, 2014
Francisco Zuniga was awesome, the service was really great! Your service department hit a grand slam. We are really happy with our Milgard Vinyl windows. Even more so, now that we have experienced your Customer Service, Service Department and Francisco as a technician. This is how business is supposed to be run. Great job Milgard! February 17, 2014
Early arrival. My repairs were scheduled for 2/13/14 from 1:30-3:30pm. I got home from work at 1:15 and the repairman had already been here and gone. It so happened my kids were home during that time or I would have missed it all together. No calls were made to me saying they were going to be here early. I would have appreciated a phone call ahead of time explaining the early arrival. No paperwork was left so I'm assuming none was needed. You probably don't get many reviews about early arrival time but I was surprised and a little bothered there was no notice given to me ahead of time. My kids said they were no problems and the repair was done quickly. All the correspondence was done online and was efficient and professional. February 16, 2014
Prompt and professional Technician was friendly and efficient he even identified a problem on another door I hadn't noticed and corrected it. February 16, 2014
The service was fantastic. The initial phone call was so professional. It took two months for them to come to my home but the technician was courteous & efficient. Thanks for my replacements! February 16, 2014
Very pleased with overall Milgard experience. The service tech was awesome. Very professional, great people skills, and very skilled at his job. I don't know what he gets paid, but I can assure you, it should be more. February 15, 2014
Overall excellent. The service tech was very prompt, he was at our house with in 1/2 hour of the 2 hours time slot. He was very polite & even took off his shoes in our house. February 15, 2014
Great service I appreciated not having to be home while the service was performed! February 15, 2014
Great service call. Nice to have a clear view again! Jamie was on time and did a fast, professional job replacing both panes in our kitchen vinyl slider. Nice to have a company support its products. February 15, 2014
I was impressed with the service. The two men changed the two windows and cleaned up in about a half an hour. February 15, 2014
took way too long took 3 visits to get it right. first to measure, second to install wrong glass(clear instead of original pattern), third to finally get it right. from first contact to finally right, about 6 weeks and they wanted payment up front at time of appointment. If i wanted clear glass i certainly wouldn't pay up front or use them again. could have got it done faster and cheaper from an independent. February 15, 2014
This service was great Service Tech was punctual and professional. Work was completed in 20 minutes. February 15, 2014
Great customer service! Pat was great on response time on phone. Jerry was a great tech that fixed the problem - and explained things - and then helped talk about future maintenance - so a true holistic approach to customer service. February 14, 2014
great service! Great service, professional and quick. Very happy that the window had a guarantee.. Would recommend your company! February 14, 2014
Best warranty service This was the most convenient, simple, easy and honest warranty service I've ever experienced in my life. The technician was proficient and knew exactly what needed to be serviced just from the forms I completed online. He had all the parts and completely replaced all problematic parts for us with no questions asked. He was professional and very nice. He explained to me why some of the parts were failing and was very honest about it. I hope all other warranty services learn from Milgard because this was one of the best services I've ever received. February 14, 2014
Great Service Only hick-up was the person who wrote up my order failed to put on the order ticket that the service tech needed to call me 30 minutes prior to arriving. Otherwise great service. February 14, 2014
Service was great, technicians were on time and very courteous! I would highly recommend Milgard. Great products and service. Thank you for a job well done! February 14, 2014
Quick and professional service overall The kitchen wIndow was stuck. The serviceman came in on time and investigated and fixed the issue promptly. February 14, 2014
Unsurpassed! I was pleasantly surprised the techs showed up a replacement unit--I was expecting the service call to be a measure-only call. Everything fit, the window was replaced in virtually minutes by a friendly and obviously very expert and professional pair of techs. Well done, proof we made the right choice in choosing Milgard windows. Reliability was the primary reason we choose Milgard, based on my experience with these windows as a former design/build contractor. I choose Milgard for my own home when I built it, and I will tell anyone that the only thing that exceeds Milgard reliability is their outstanding warranty service. Unsurpassed in the industry. February 13, 2014
The service was Excellent The service Techs, were actually early, which was a nice surprise. They were very professional, answered all of the questions that I asked of them. They quickly fixed the windows and made sure that they were all working properly before they left. Thank you Milgard! February 13, 2014
Outstanding! We could not have been more pleased with the Milgard Service. The technician was prompt, courteous, professional, and lightning fast! February 13, 2014
Fast and flawless! The work was done very quickly - the gentleman was knowledgeable and polite. What a difference 10 minutes of work made. I'm absolutely sold on their follow up... Now I can open and close the windows with one hand. February 13, 2014
Great Service! A couple mix ups on part order and service appointment this time but overall your usual outstanding February 13, 2014
We were very happy with the service received. We were impressed with the promptness and quality of the service performed. Our service man was most helpful with advice about our windows. He worked quickly did a very professional job. We are still grateful that 19 years ago we chose such a good company!!! Thank you, The Dunn's February 12, 2014
Never experienced customer service this good...ever! I called Millguard and told them that one of my sliding glass doors was making a cracking sound, especially when it was very cold outside. I bought the doors and windows in 2005. They scheduled a technician to come out and take a look. I didnt have to schedule on my day off or lose time at work because the technicians are licensed and bonded. I gave her my garage code so the technician could let themselves in. When I got home the day of the appointment, every door and window opened and closed effortlessly. He not only adjusted the door making the noise, he took the time to service every door and window in my house. They really went above and beyond in service. Thank you! February 12, 2014
Professional and fast service Carlos efficiently and courteously repaired our windows. Thank you. February 12, 2014
Service is professional. I have a problem with the quality. First, I like the fact that Milgard is "made in the USA" in the entrepreneurial model. My husband has been in construction for 30 years and worked on extremely upscale homes. We went with Milgard because of their reputation and his knowledge of the product. Unfortunately, we bought our windows at the height of the building frenzy in 2005. I'll chalk it up to the company being overwhelmed to fill orders during that time, however, I believe the quality control ended up taking a back seat to production. Here are my complaints: the glue on all the seams of the windows is messy, and incredibly difficult and time consuming to remove. Pollen and dust ends up coating the adhesive seal in any and all corners or miters. To correct this defect, I ended up compiling a host of tools: exacto knife, Q tips, denatured alcohol, Awesome, even tweezers, to name a few. I have literally spent days trying to make these windows look 'finished'...days I will never get back and I resent having to give up so much of my valuable time to 'fix' what should have been quality control at the plant. If it were just a window or two, I would hardly complain. But we purchased 38 windows, so add that up and you can see what I am still dealing with. Aside from that, which is a big deal to me, other problems have been minor and Milgard has made good on them, i.e. instances of failure of the seal on the double-paned windows and failure of the weather stripping. All were corrected professionally and conveniently. Today their rep, Ty, replaced failed weatherstrip and he wax excellent. Note: for those purchasing windows….upcoming: building code revisions will require that all windows be triple-pane. I can't imagine how much that will add to the cost, as well as the opportunities for problems, no matter the manufacturer. February 12, 2014
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