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At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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great service! Milgard really stands behind their lifetime guarantee. January 7, 2014
Nice, quick job on window replacement We have a 13 year old home with Milgard windows and sliding glass doors. We have had 3 windows lose their seal over the years, and Milgard has been very quick to replace the glass on warranty. We are very happy with the product and their service. January 7, 2014
Service was great! The technicians were professional and addressed all my concerns. The third glass pane brought out had a larger scratch than the last one and one before so we took the last one they just pulled out and flipped it to I was less likely to see the scratch. They did what they could to minimize its look. The patio slider did help with the breeze, no longer hearing window pass through. January 7, 2014
Great professional service Service was great and easy to schedule. Service rep and technician were easy to work with and provided prompt service. January 6, 2014
Great Job Andrew!! The service was the best! He did everything possible when he arrived for the scheduled appt. Unable to make total adjustment he felt necessary, he scheduled follow up for Saturday morning and totally solved the problem! Thank you Andrew It's definitely a huge improvement!! Anne January 6, 2014
Good service The service technician knew the product very well & took his time to check out all of the issues with each window. January 6, 2014
Excellent Service Technician was on time and quickly replaced some recalled springs in the window. Excellect and quick service. January 6, 2014
This was my second warranty contact with Milgard We have had two warranty service calls regarding window tint. In both cases the affected windows were promptly replaced. Service was excellent, including both scheduling and installation. Pat in the office and Jerry the serviceman are outstanding. January 6, 2014
I couldn'!t ask for better service I have done business with Milgard for more than 30 years--first as a homebuilder and second as a homeowner. The lifetime guarantee to the original owner is an impressive feature, and I have always been pleased with the service I have received from Milgard. January 6, 2014
The best service! We had Milgard windows installed 19 years ago throughout our home. The local Misgard dealer did a lousy job of installation. After we made multiple calls and had non-responsible actions with the local dealer we decided to just live with the "flaws" as is. *I should mention the flaws were caused by the local dealer installation and not the Milgard corporation product or service. After year went by the "flaws" became a hassle to our everyday life. I decided to search the internet for Milgard corporate to contact to see if we had any options to fix the problem flaws. After our initial request, and it being 19 years since the windows and doors were installed, we were very surprised to receive a response back to schedule a service call. The technician came out and repaired all problem areas we had with the windows and doors... NO QUESTIONS ASKED! There was never any hesitation or questions asked to avoid repairs by either Milgard or the technician. We cannot express our gratitude to Milgard for such great service. All we can say is we will consider and recommend Milgard over all other window companies due to such high quality, consumer friendly service! Truly an industry leader. You may find a cheaper window but no one will match the service Milgard provides! January 5, 2014
Service tech was on time and was finished before we knew it! Service tech very knowledgeable when I asked questions and completed three wnindow replacements in a short time. January 5, 2014
Great service that should have been accomplished on service call several years ago This was the second time for service of our Milgard sliding patio door. This service was excellent and the problem was resolved to our full satisfaction. Both rollers and the roller track were replaced. This door was serviced several years ago and the technician only adjusted the height of the rollers and did not replace the rollers or the track. There was a minor improvement but the problem persisted until we finally decided it was time to go back to Milgard and get the problem fully resolved. January 5, 2014
Window glass replacement service was efficient and well done Had two windows with blown seals for the upper double-pane glass. Easily reported the problem via e-mail and received a prompt response. Was able to arrange a service call for several weeks out. Window technician arrived early in the indicated time window and replaced the window glass within about 20 minutes, including cleanup. Technician was polite and professional. Overall we were very pleased with the service. January 4, 2014
Very helpful service I had to get a replacement window slot vent cover for use in my Beaverton Oregon condominium. It was a challenge since I am now living in Columbia Maryland. Tanya Seward, Customer Service representative for Milgard Windows & Doors took the information I provided and made quick work of getting a new part and sending it to my Hillsboro Oregon leasing agent. January 4, 2014
Won't buy any other window I built my house in 2007 and in the winter of 2013 came home to find an interior window splintered. I contacted Milgard and told them nobody was in the house for three weeks and the heat was on. They said, "No problem; this is something we would warranty." The service Tech was dispatched during the next available appointment and he had the window changed in less than 15 minutes; no signatures, no paperwork; just a thank you and have a nice day. This experience alone has convinced me that Milgard stands behind their products; they just don't "say" they stand behind their products. I won''t ever buy any other window or door as long as they keep up this first class warranty and service. Thank you Milgard. Phil Ryan, Dupont Washington January 4, 2014
Service techs were very good but scheduling of service appt was extremely untimely as was turn-around time of initial delivery of window. The service reps were polite, respectful, and capable. They performed the needed service in a conscientious manner. They are a credit to Milgard. The reason why I would not recommend Milgard is that prior to placing my order I checked on the turn-around time between ordering and delivery. I was told it was 2 weeks. I placed my order within a day or two of checking, yet I believe it ended up being well over 3 weeks for the window to be shipped to the store. This would not have been much of a problem if that's all I was doing, but as I am trying to wrap up an ordeal of a remodel and need all work completed before getting my floors refinished, it contributed to things dragging on. Shortly after the slider was installed, I noticed a deep etch in one of the panels. I HATED to call to report the problem. It took quite some time to hear back from anyone at the store that I purchased the window from, and then took additional time to hear from Milgard. I was very disappointed to know that the first available service appointment was not for a month. I greatly appreciate that Milgard stands behind their product. That is assuring. I just need timeliness to go along with it. It was a shame that the initial delivery was late, but it was horrible that the window that was installed was damaged. It made matters even worse that it took so long to get the problem resolved. More service techs may be in order. Kudos to the techs : ) January 4, 2014
Fast and professional I was surprised how fast your servicemen (2) removed the old glass prepped the opening and replaced the new glass. 5ft x 5 ft. Just a suggestion, my feeling is that the job would have been complete with a wipe down of the glass to remove hand and suction smears. January 4, 2014
Service was fantastic! Called about two window seals that failed during the warranty period in early December. My appointment was scheduled for 1/2/2014 - perfect - right after all the guests had left. Technician was here at 8am - as scheduled - all was fixed, replacement windows cleaned and installed - all within 45 minutes. I just wish I found out what type of window cleaner he used - it was sparkling. January 3, 2014
Awesome service!! Very prompt and courteous service. Love the lifetime guarantee. Thank you January 3, 2014
Excellent service for sliding door repair One of the sets of wheels on the patio sliding door had frozen up. Called Milgard main number, was transferred immediately to the Simi Valley center, here in the Los Angeles area. I thought I would need paperwork as to when I got the doors, the rep just asked the year of installation (1998, 15 years ago) and made an appointment for about two weeks in the future, after Christmas and New Year. The day before the appointment, they called to confirm, and the tech arrived the next day ahead of schedule. He fixed the problem: replaced both sets of rollers and fitted new guide. I am very happy with the entire warranty service. It was excellent. January 3, 2014
Be careful of lifetime warranty We were under the assumption we had a lifetime warranty on our warrant as the house was built in 2001 and we moved in in 2004 as 2nd owners. The warranty now reverts to 10 years from date of manufacture which I was told was pre 2001. Long story short we now have unsightly purple haze between glass and service told us we are on our own. Doesn't speak well for the company's thoughts on consumer satisfaction. Please read fine print on the warranty. January 3, 2014
Couldn't be happier When a problem developed in one of our house full of Milgard windows, we were placed immediately in the queue for service. The Service Rep arrived right on schedule, was pleasant and professional, and was in and out in no time, leaving us with a new window. It just doesn't get any better than that. I also appreciate the photo of the Service person we should expect in the email telling us when he would arrive. January 3, 2014
The warranty claim process couldn't have been easier. I had a several Milguard retrofit windows installed about 5 years ago. The seal on one window had broken. I called my installer who told me to contact Milguard directly. He told me where to find the serial number on the window which was very helpful. I looked up the Milguard number on the web and found that they had an online request form. I filled that out and a Milguard representative called me the next day to say that the request had been processed and we set up an installation date! It was that easy. The installer came right on time, replaced the window and that was that. Easy! January 3, 2014
The tech was quick, neat, and very professional. We have had a couple of issues come up over the years, but Milgard has always been very responsive and resolved them. It is so great to have a company stand behind their product so well. January 3, 2014
perfect On time and clean service, this is why we chose Milgard years ago. January 3, 2014
Great Service Milgard responded promptly and professionally to problems encountered on our sliding glass door and windows that we purchased approximately 10 years ago. With the type of service we just received, we are certainly glad that we purchased Milgard products and will make sure that we buy their products again. January 2, 2014
Great job. Professional, friendly, knowledgeable: Both the telephone schedulers, and the three gentlemen who came to our home to do the job. January 2, 2014
Excellent service. Alison, Brian and Tom were all very professional and great to work with. Thanks for the excellent service. January 2, 2014
Service was great I'm very happy with my windows that I purchased from Milgard and have received excellent customer service from all departments. Very professional company. Thank you, Connie Stanley January 2, 2014
Took forever! One of the big selling points for going with Milgard was their great customer service, as well as selling quality windows. While I do think the windows are great, I can't say that I was all that impressed by the service needed. When our windows arrived (we did the whole house), we were missing one screen, two windows were missing stops and the weather strip on all of the sliding screen doors was wrong. That was Sept. 23-25. We were told that it should just take a few weeks to get all of this resolved. Six week later, the tech arrived with three screens and nothing else on the order! Only needed one of those screens and no stop material or weatherstripping in sight! Told again that there must have been some mix up and that it should just take a week or two. Took about another 5 weeks to get it resolved!!! The tech was great and working in the cold and snow to get it done, but rather disappointed with the length of time it all took! January 2, 2014
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