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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Great, professional service We have lived in our home for almost 5 years and our windows started looking foggy and difficult to see through. To our surprise we found out our windows are guaranteed for life. I described the problem and they sent someone out within a week. They came on time and were very professional. They said when the new windows would come and they were ready when they said. They came to our house when they said, even a few minutes early. They worked very quickly and did not make any mess at all. We are so pleased! They said if there are any other windows that look foggy to just call them. They are professional and very nice. We are so happy about our beautiful new windows. January 30, 2015
Great service Great customer service and installation January 30, 2015
Good Job Technician worked solo (co-worker called in sick) and made numerous trips up and down stairs carrying slider windows--quite the workout. Very efficient, conscientious and professional. Good job. January 29, 2015
Sevice tech really helped me understand the product better. He also adjusted the doors perfectly Some installation information was hard to find. The service tech solved all my problems and was very professional. He showed me how doors and windows are assembled which will result in better staining and finishing. January 29, 2015
The two men that you sent to my house we very great at there jop About the girl that order the sliding door did not order the right side of my sliding door I took the time to tell her what side it was.I told her that I was inside the house looking out and it was the right of the door and she order the left.But the two men had to take the old door apart so they made the left side into a right side. good job Dennis M Berry January 29, 2015
We couldn't be more pleased. The technician came early in response to our request for an earlier appointment than initially scheduled because we had a conflict. The young man's appearance was outstanding and he quickly installed the screen door and two other windows with an easy, confident skill. He also had a part in his truck that was missing from the sliding glass door and about which he had not been told. His manner was friendly and extremely courteous. It was a most pleasurable experience. Thank you. January 29, 2015
Communication was great. I really appreciated the communication by Milgard. I was impressed by the updates and scheduling efforts made by the staff. Dell, the service technician was personable and professional. I appreciated the fact that he was on time and efficient as well. Thanks! January 29, 2015
Service was outstanding, Time between phone call and appointment was lengthy. I appreciate the lifetime warranty. I recommend Milgard to any one needing to purchasing windows. The service was outstanding. The time between making the call and getting an appointment was lengthy January 29, 2015
Milgard stands behind their product. Milgard has come out to our house several times and replaced windows that need it due to cloudiness or a flaw. We're happy with their service and warranty. January 29, 2015
Excellent service Millgard gave us outstanding service from the time of our phone call to report our window problem, to the measuring and ordering the replacement window followed by the window installation. The installer was personable and very effiicent. January 29, 2015
Excellent service and support Milgard stands behind their windows and doors with excellent service and support. We have a large south facing window at our house in Seattle that must endure heavy wind and rain. Fortunately we used Milgard windows during our remodel 20 years ago. After a particularly violent wind storm, the seal between the glass panels began to allow moisture in, clouding the view. But Milgard repaired the window without question and without hesitation. We will only use Milgard windows and doors from now on. January 29, 2015
The service was excellent The service tech arrived early (did not keep us waiting all day). He was pleasant, knowledgeable, and worked to correct the problem. He gave us tips on how to avoid future problems and how to maintain the integrity of the slider in inclement weather. Thank you. January 29, 2015
A Satisfied Customer!! Milgard has managed to maintain a level of excellence when it comes to their customer service department. However the in-home Service Tech (Juan) is a perfect example of how Milgard ensures the customer that the same level of service will be provided by their in-home Service Tech!! Juan does an outstanding job from the time he arrives at the customer's home until his job is completed!! He's knowledgeable, professional and very conscientious about completing the job to the customer's satisfaction! If all service tech's were like Juan, I wouldn't mind having some things done in my home..BUT THEY'RE NOT!! January 28, 2015
Great guys, quick and easy They came to replace a light on our garden window. Did a great job. On time and it only took them 15 minutes. clean and careful. Awesome experience!!! January 28, 2015
Overall good to excellent service. can be improved by beefing up your telephone staff I had to call twice to get a field tech scheduled. BTW Rocky is a total credit to your company January 28, 2015
Good Knowledge-bad follow through The crew did a good job replacing 14 windows that failed. Unfortunately in the installation process one of my stain quality window sills was severely scratched. It was not a deep scratch, but rather a wide one. This is going to be a real problem to correct. January 28, 2015
Not resolved The promptness and professionalism was terrific from the caller to the installers. Unfortunatly the window glass installed has smudges inside which cannot be cleaned. When the sun it, it looks bad. Windows should be clear without spots and smudges. I would like supervisor to call me and come look at it. Photos would not show it. January 28, 2015
Great tech, all problems resolved, web interface for tickets needs work Our technician was awesome, very helpful, arrived within the specified time frame, and completed the work in a straightforward and professional manner. Very pleased with the tech! Our only issue on this repair ticket is that we submitted it via the web, and it took FOREVER (as in weeks) to get any kind of a response back from Milgard. Once we got a response, things were scheduled and the tech did a great job. The web interface for submitting service requests needs to have much better feedback and communication with the customer. January 28, 2015
Great service Only had 3 service calls over 12yrs, but they are always excellent.The only thing they can improve on is their response time. January 28, 2015
Quick fix, service tips My service was performed early as requested, with a friendly warning call 10 minutes before arrival. The service technician quickly replaced the damaged window and "tuned up" the slider movement, and also checked the other window locations and turned them up as well. He took to time to explain how I should maintain the windows, and demonstrated how to adjust the sliders for my own future reference. Amazingly, everything was completed within 30 minutes, done! Result: vastly improved operation of all windows, everything was clean and tidy, and I was hardly late to work. Thanks! January 28, 2015
The job was incomplete Milgard was contacted and agreed to replace the hardware on several windows and on two french doors. They were paid in advance for both of these. They arrived and replaced the window hardware, but brought the wrong hardware for the door hinges, handles, and mechanisms. The technitions apologized and assured me that the appropriate hardware would be sourced and that the job would be rescheduled. This did not happen. I followed up with an email and a telephone call; but have not yet had the doors repaired. I remain hopeful that this will be sorted out and would still recommend their service. January 27, 2015
4-Panel French Slider Rework Service After installation of a 4-Panel Tuscany French Slider, by a Contractor for a Well-known Hardware Store, I needed THREE return visits from Milgard Technicians to correct the Contractor installation issues below: 1) One of the stationary glass panels was scratched when the Hardware Store received it and it needed replacement. 2) The Contractor installed the Snap Bead around one of the stationary panels incorrectly and damaged the vinyl frame during installation. 3) The L-bracket for the screen door was missing. Holes were drilled but the L-bracket was nowhere to be found. 4) The astrical on the screen door popped off during normal use of the screen door. FIRST VISIT: 12/20/14 Milgard sent out one Technician, we'll call him "M". "M" looked at the issues and determined that the lady in their office who ordered the replacement panel had ordered the wrong replacement panel. The panel he had in his truck contained no grids within the glass panel. So, "M" wrote down the measurements and grid pattern and also took note of the other issues that he was supposed to fix and said that he would have to reschedule when the replacement panel was received. And said that he would fix all the other issues at the same time the replacement panel was installed. I was hopeful that everything would be fixed the next time he returned since he sounded knowledgeable about what needed to be repaired. SECOND VISIT: 1/17/15 Milgard sent out two Technicians this time, "J" and "T". These two were much better than "M", in my opinion. They looked at the 4-Panel French Slider and the list of issues "M" had identified and said they couldn't fix the panel either because "M" did not order the correct replacement panel, it had no grids. "J" and "T" did however fix issues 3 and 4. And fixed the damaged vinyl in issue 2. They "wrote" down notes of what needed repairs remained and said that they would reschedule the rework when the new replacement panel arrived. They also schooled me on how the stationary panels are supposed to be installed and had identified that the Contractors who initially installed the stationary panels had installed them backwards. So, they added an additional issue to be taken care of when the next Technician#s# return to finish the job. THIRD VISIT: 1/27/15 Milgard sends out two Technicians again, "F" and "S". These two have the correct replacement panel and enough snap beads to fix the issues with both stationary panels, I'm assuming thanks to the note taking ability of "J" and "T". "F" and "S" worked so quickly and efficiently. They installed the replacement panel correctly and reworked the other stationary panel and re-installed it correctly and installed all new snap beads. They did all of this in approximately 30 minutes. *** The service Milgard provided the second and third times around to fix the initial issues created by the Contractors was overall excellent. I only wish Milgard dealt directly with the customers when it comes to initially buying the windows. After seeing what they are capable of, having them send their technicians out to install the windows/doors instead of having to go through a distributor and contractors would have been the best way to go. It would have saved me time and money in the long run. After all I went through, I still recommend Milgard. If there is something wrong, they will definitely come out and correct the issues. January 27, 2015
This service was great, thank you The technician was extremely knowledgable, informative & polite January 27, 2015
Outstanding. What a great experience. Your tech was on time, he had a great attitude, and he made the adjustments that were needed. In today's world of shoddy service it was a great experience. January 27, 2015
Service was done well. Excellent service in an appropriate amount of time from both the office personnel and service person. January 27, 2015
Overall service to correct patio sliding door and leaky window EXCELLENT!! A few issues with customer service representative. She did not have correct phone number so I had to call back and confirm appointment. Customer service representative corrected contact phone number. Ramon, service technician was EXCELLENT!! He was professional, courteous, on time and answered all questions. He repaired patio door in no time at all. I would recommend MILGARD windows to anyone just for the lifetime warranty. What a surprise to find a company who stands behind their product. January 27, 2015
needs improvement poor service - wrong window glass replacement was ordered for 2 glass panes - they need to come back a second time January 27, 2015
Great overall experience. Great installer, quick to replace window. I still can't believe your company offers lifetime warranty. Unheard of in the the usual homeowners experience. My only issue is the time to schedule replacement was over a month. January 27, 2015
Professional service call but not sure problem solved Technician could find only minor problems with very drafty slider and window. He did a complete analysis and did find a couple of problems. I have my fingers crossed for next wind storm. Technician was very professional and helpful. January 27, 2015
They got it done...! Sadly they had to have three attempts to replace our window. The first window broke on installation, the second one was scratched, but the third was perfect!! January 27, 2015
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