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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Service technician is an absolut professional! Fonzo is prompt and does great work, A+ for this asset to the company!! September 21, 2014
Milgard window warrenty is the BEST ON THE PLANET! My new home came with Milgard windows. I had no idea what a "high end" product they are. They look great and the warrenty is fabulous. No hassel, great customer service and replacement support. You are the best! September 21, 2014
Outstanding service!!! Serviceman opened the sliding door and immediately got the squawking noise we had described. Within five seconds he had the problem diagnosed and repaired. Seems the installers left packing clips in the top rail and as he explained not many outside contractors know to remove them. They are for in-transit shipping to keep the doors aligned. We are so happy and impressed with the service and couldn't thank him enough on making the irritating noise go away without having to take it apart. Service call lasted less then eight minutes. Impressive!!! September 21, 2014
Your service & support makes me so glad i chose Milgard windows. Over 30 windows installed on this 1 apartmnet building, 9 years later, a door slider and a foggy window needed service. It was no questions asked...and no charge. Service personel called ahead, was well trained, and got my work donestraight away. Positive experience start to finish. September 21, 2014
Two windows out of 40 experienced a failed seal. Took a number, waited and Milgard took care of business as advertised. Great job. Replacement for two defective windows required substantial wait-time. However, It was worth it! Although frustrating to wait for replacement, when my number eventually came up I was happy with the quality of work and the installers' professionalism. September 20, 2014
Jose L. was outstanding! Jose L. is an outstanding tech. He took the time to show us how to lube our windows and they now work smooth! - He actually did all of our windows and doors except 1 that I wanted to do myself to learn. Just a great experience all around. I'd recommend Jose L. anytime. Thank you Jose for a great job! September 20, 2014
Glass Replacement My house has six windows in the back facing toward the south where sun and rain beat on them year after year. The seals on all of the thermopane units were showing various signs of failure after 22 years. Since I am the original owner of these windows, Milgard agreed to replace all of them for free, no questions asked. They arranged for a technician to come out on a given day and all were replaced in a very short time. It was very gratifying to see someone stand behind their product and actually make good on their guarantee. Thanks Milgard, Larry A Bills September 20, 2014
Milgard is fantatic The people at Milgard are excellent the service tech. that came to our house is a real asset to your company he was friendly polite and very professional. We will recommend your company to anyone we see,my father always told me if you make a person happy they will tell five other people but if you make them mad they will tell a hundred. Thank-you for making us happy and please pass this on to the tech. and all the people involved in our experience. William and Karen Dever September 20, 2014
Excellent Service Our Milgard Windows are over 20 yrs old and we only needed service a few times and each time Milgard was very responsive and the service reps did a great job. I have read reviews of others at different locations that have not been as favorable, but my experience with our area reps has been great. September 20, 2014
Excellent service Thank You Milgard for standing behind your product and your work. No one stands behind there work any more . Now a days you have to fight the companies for everything but it's not like that with milgard. Thanks for taking care of your customers and for being a top notch company. September 20, 2014
Great service. This particular window has had numerous problems. I am not sure why the repairs do not last. The service tech,s all seem to be very professional and knowledgeable. The problem might be in the product. I hope that this time everything works out OK. September 19, 2014
Very disappointed in my new purchase It has been over a year and still the screens are not working as they should, I have had problems getting the service people to understand my needs, I will probably not use Milgard next time! September 19, 2014
The guys were exemplary The Milgard service team is simply top notch and professional. As a homeowner I could tell right away that they were well trained and able to problem solve quickly. We have a three story tower where two of the high windows were not functioning correctly and required some "adjustments" to make right. One window was fixed but he other was simply closed because the installation was the issue because the window is out of square by 3/8 of an inch. They showed me the alignment and clearly explained the situation. Well done! September 19, 2014
Still waiting for the replacement windows!!!!! The initial service request took over 6 weeks to complete before Milgard sent their service agent to my home for evaluation of my problems. The service agent was very professional, prompt on the appointment, and knowledgeable about the defective windows and failure to the glass seals. The service tech serviced the window tension springs with on the truck supplies. He took measurements of the required warranty replacements and advised they would manufacture the replacements and install them at ' no charge'. I am still waiting for the replacement windows and their installation. I withhold my final service comments until the process had been completed... 9/19/14 September 19, 2014
All Good! I initiated the service call via their website, which they followed up with a phone call, then received an email a few days prior to my appointment with time & even a photo ID of the tech to do the service call. The work was done on time ,by neat, clean & professional service men. All good! September 19, 2014
Remarkably good service We didn't actually get to experience Milgard's window replacement warranty because it turned out not all the windows in our home are Milgard. The service person showed us how to differentiate Milgard and non-Milgard. We asked about replacing our non-Milgard with Milgards but he advised us that would be too complex/expensive and advised us on how to go about getting the non-Milgard windows replaced. He was so helpful that my husband, who is not easily impressed, wanted to change all the windows on our South Carolina home to Milgard. Sadly, Milgard isn't available in that State. September 19, 2014
Service was Great Thanks to my neighbor who had her door fixed I set up an appointment to get my door done. Great company. September 19, 2014
Window Replacement I have had windows replaced twice from Milgard. They are friendly, prompt, efficient, on time and courteous. Couldn't be better. Lynda September 19, 2014
Service remains incomplete We're still awaiting for the service technician to return with the correct part to install in the window to make it operable again. I will have to call Milgard again to inquire about the status of the part and when the technician will return to complete the job. The frustrating part is the lack of communication from Milgard. September 19, 2014
Amazingly fast window replacement! The service crew called ahead to say they were about 20 minutes out. They spotted the failed window as they were driving up to the house. Between the service fellow on the outside and the the one inside, they had the failed window out and the new one in extremely fast. They checked their work, cleaned the new window and were gone to the next call. Very professional workers. September 19, 2014
Excellent service!! When I put in a request for service I got a quick response from milgard rep. Tech called before he came out and was able to come early. Tech was professional and fixed the windows quickly. Thank u milgard!! September 19, 2014
Excellent Service When our sliding door window broke suddenly and unexpectedly -- 14 years after installation, Milgard promptly helped us get it replaced. They had records of our original purchase and the dimensions needed to replace it. The first rep I spoke with was able to handle everything for me. Very easy, very professional. We are impressed with Milgard's warranty and the ease with which the broken window got repaired. The in-home Service Tech arrived when scheduled and completed the work quickly. Very impressive! Thank you! September 18, 2014
Fantastic!!! What a pleasure! This was just all around great customer service. September 18, 2014
great warranty I called about one window and the tech looked around at all the other windows. He found another window that was "going to" start peeling. They replaced both. September 18, 2014
Great warranty I can't imagine a better warranty. Milgard stands behind its products. September 18, 2014
A problem with one window After approx 18 years, we had a problem with one window that developed a haziness between the panes. The window faces a fierce Southernly wind and rain through the winter months. With one phone call, Milgard took care of our situation in short order. The attendant was polite, knowledgeable and answered all our questions plus doing a first rate job! Thank You, Milgard! September 18, 2014
The service was excellent, except for the field tech. In Home service rep was put out because I called for replacement of failed units even though the window didn;t have crystals present. Problem was moisture between the glass and he tried to tell me all glass will have this problem. Well my other windows don't have that problem. They shouldn't if they are a sealed unit, right? Anyway, he was upset that he had to replace them. After that I told him as far as I was concerned he could just take his windows and leave. He said, "well I'm here and I have the windows so I might as well replace them." Bad attitude toward the customer. September 18, 2014
Major issue was poor quality control at the factory. Had 14 windows installed including 2 patio doors on a 1970's two story house. It took over four months to get the quality of windows we paid for. Service reps made five visits trying to install windows that were not flawed by debris between the panes or fingerprints between the panes, as well as scratches on the outside. Thankfully they made them right, but it took persistence and patience on everyone's part. Overall, they are lovely windows and we are very glad we made the decision to replace the old ones. September 18, 2014
Awesome service ! the technician Jose was a competent person with pleasant demeanor and did an excellent job. September 18, 2014
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