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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Weatherstripping My only concern is that it took 7-8 weeks for the service to occur from the time it was reported even though I had requested an earlier appointment due to the weather change. During this period, we had a couple of huge rain/wind storms. On Oct. 25, the storm was so severe that the worn door weatherstripping allowed water to come into the house big time and rippled our hardwood floor! This could have been avoided with an earlier appointment. Unfortunately, we are now looking at the possibility of an insurance claim if the floors ripples don't recede. Otherwise, the service itself was great. It's the promptness in appointments that is the problem in my opinion. November 4, 2014
Wonderful Service He was a very knowledgeable person for questions that were never fully answered upon installation. He let us know when we need service and what we can do ourselves. November 4, 2014
Replacement window on warranty I have a life time warranty as the original purchaser of my home. Milgard has shown high levels of integrity, expertise and customer service for my warranty needs. I feel very comfortable that they will stand behind their products. Martin Cohen Seaside Highlands Seaside, California November 4, 2014
I was very impressed by your technician. He was fantastic!!! Steve was our technician. He was very polite, considerate, explained what he was doing, he showed the window panes and what the issue was, etc. An all around great guy. Please pass onto Steve our thanks. Roy Swackhamer November 4, 2014
Over all excellent--just a little be slow. I really liked Bob. Seemed to have all the answers to my questions. Did not a definitive date for the replacement glass to be installed. Review of the Kitchen windows casement has yet to be addressed. I guess that I am on hold for now. November 4, 2014
The service was outstanding. We requested a service call to adjust a screen door for a sliding glass door. Your office personnel were very professional. Your service person Todd Veater did an outstanding job of adjusting the screen door. While we were not at the location of the service call, we were there last week and the screen door works well. I want to thank your office personnel for the handling of the service call as well as Todd for his fixing the problem. November 3, 2014
The service was great! The service person was polite, knowledgeable and right on time. He also helped with showing me how to maintain the windows. I was impressed and very pleased with the service. November 3, 2014
I am so impressed with the service you provided I really appreciate the fact that you took care of the issues with my windows., The technician was professional and explained what the issue were and made some good reccomendation. I would buy Milguard windows again. November 3, 2014
The service provided by your Technician "Mark" was excellent. He was friendly, professional and went right to work. If I had to make a negative it would be the amount of time we had to wait from the time we made our initial call for service and the time the tech was able to complete the work. Not a big deal but it is the only negative. The tech was great. Thanks November 3, 2014
Window replacement The window that was installed is different from the other windows. I'm just wondering if maybe that was why the installers had orders to replace 3 of them. The metal piece between the double pane is different from the original windows. Does that make a difference? I was told that the original ones had been discontinued and the new ones are better. I'm OK with it -- just wondering. Becky November 3, 2014
Such a pleasant experience! Professional, fast, reliable, on time, and fixed all my various window needs. November 3, 2014
Hector is my hero Hector came out and fixed the issue within about 30 seconds. He was prompt, knowledgable, considerate, professional, and my hero! I couldn't have asked for better service. Hector deserves 10 stars! So grateful. November 3, 2014
The service techs who came out were great! I started this replacement window process August 6, 2014. The first installer brought out a bay window September 12 that was 1/2" thick when it should have been 3/4" thick - so another window had to be ordered and another date set up for installation. The second window was correct and installed 10/31/14 - almost 3 months after my initial request. So, I am not at all happy with the time that it took to replace the window or with the people who ordered the wrong on in the first place. I had to make sure that I was available 2 days for the service to take place. It takes way to long to get windows replaced and this is the third time that the wrong windows were ordered and had to be reordered before the windows could be replaced. I am a very dissatisfied customer. November 2, 2014
problems can happen Milgard will fix it Most of our windows are perfect. One had blown its seal. No hassel to have it replaced. Milgard knew all about my home and what windows were in it. Easy experience. November 2, 2014
The service was great The service was great. If I had to say anything I would say that it took a long time to get an appointment. I had to wait 3 weeks for someone to come fix my slider. With having a dog and a doggie door it' was quite hard to wait that long and not be able to use my door. Other than that, everything was great. November 2, 2014
Outstanding warrantee service I have to admit I was skeptical about warranty service in general but Milgard changed my mind. They took care of everything. I was concerned about 2 windows but the tech looked at all of the Milgard windows, found some issues and replaced all that had a problem. I will always buy Milgard in the future. November 2, 2014
Service Was Great! The Milgard representative was extremely courteous, November 2, 2014
After our 6th service visit, hopefully our issue has been resolved. My review is really for Mark and also for Mary in customer service. Mark has been here 3 times and just came to our home again for our total 6th visit. While I find it completely ridiculous that it took 6 visits to fix the problem that we were having with our window (total of over 6 months) I appreciate that I finally received Mary's direct number and she sped up the process, sending senior techs and not causing us to always wait at least a month to be scheduled. Hopefully our window will continue to close/lock properly. I appreciate Mark and Mary's professionalism (Felix was also very nice). November 1, 2014
What more could you ask for? Milgard flat out exceeded my expectation of them resolving my problem with the window in my den. They got me on their schedule right away and after a reasonable wait they showed up right on time, friendly young guy. Got right to work after a little small talk,and got the window changed out right away. I thought It might take at least a half an hour or so to get the window replaced with the new pane but to my surprise the repair guy had the job done in about 10 minutes! A little more small talk and the guy was on his way! What more could you ask for. With Milgards warranty, If we were building a new house or replacing, it would be well worth it to install Milgard for this reason. I give them 5 stars! November 1, 2014
Excellent service It was very convenient to have my wait time limited to a 2 hour window and the techs were very efficient and friendly. November 1, 2014
Service man was quick and on time. Thank you for the they great service and the NEW REPLACMENT is the correct color. THANK YOU Donna Eusterbrock November 1, 2014
Your guys screwed up something every time they came to my house. 1. they put a hole in my ceiling 2. they put a big groove in my hardwood floor 3. they bent the track of a couple sliders and did not fix them 4. they scratched some newly painted exterior surfaces 5. to replace one sliding door and two windows took six visits. According to your scheduling person, this is normal. In my world, its a big waste of time. I won't be buying Milgard windows in the future. November 1, 2014
Always Excellent The south side of my home takes a beating from the sun and several of my windows had broken seals, Milgard was very cooperative and replaced every damaged window under the warranty. In addition they replaced both of my skylights as a courtesy even though they were not showing any signs of damage or wear I am getting ready to build a new home and am insisting my builder use Milgard windows! The service and warranty are excellent Thank you October 31, 2014
Excellent! All companies should be like Milgard. I first contacted them by email regarding replacement parts. I received an answer in less than 24 hours. Parts were mailed to ke at no charge. Approximately 2 weeks later I contacted them again because I needed a service tech. Once again the response was immediate and service date scheduled. The tech was courteous, on time and resolved the problem. Milgard is a pleasure to do business with! October 31, 2014
Well done! Very knowledgeable tech who took time to explain how my doors and windows are designed to work properly. Everything was fixed promptly, Top shelf service. October 31, 2014
On time, professional and resolved the issue Couldn't ask for more. The tech called 30 minutes ahead of showing up, showed up on time and resolved the issue in a professional manner. October 31, 2014
Professional and courteous technician We got our issue resolved quickly and to complete satisfaction, thanks! October 31, 2014
I love Milgard. This is one of the most amazing products on the market. The service is outstanding. I don't know of any other company that stands behind its products the way Milgard does. Also, we had a crackerjack repair person today. He answered all our questions, was polite and knowledgeable and you could tell he knew the product inside out. love Milgard. October 31, 2014
This service was excellent! The service tech was in and out quickly & efficiently. He knew exactly what he needed to do to fix our issue. October 31, 2014
Tech was very good Our tech was just fine and resolved the issue we called about. I would like to discuss another issue with a service manager however. We have 5 small sliding windows where all of the screens do not sit flush within the frames. There is no problems with the screen, but it is quite obvious that they are not seated correctly, letting bugs in and simply appearing like a poor install. Our tech had little to offer, but I would like to see this addressed. Thank you in advance. October 31, 2014
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