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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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The service was outstanding. We had all the windows in our house replaced. There was a problem with 3 of them and there were replaced right away. September 10, 2013
Great Service Experience We built our house 8 years ago. The gas seals on a couple of our new windows failed but I had not done anything about it yet. I recently heard that Milgard has a great warranty program and decided to check into it. I made one call and, the same day, I was given paperwork to start the process for having my windows repaired. Within 10 days we had a technician in our home and the repairs on 3 windows were complete in less than 30 minutes. We couldn't be happier. I will buy Milgard windows again and would recommend the company to anyone shopping windows. September 10, 2013
Job well done! The discovery of a life time warranty on the windows of my Townhome was a great relief, but I thought I would face a morass of paperwork and road blocks to get the windows fixed. Much to my relief the process of replacing the fogged windows was straight forward and simple, and the phone support was fantastic, and the tech who came to the home was fast and professional and helpful. Good job to the whole team!! Dan September 10, 2013
Service was excellent and prompt. Very easy company to work with, as our window had a lifetime guarantee and they came out measured and replaced. Thank you!!! September 10, 2013
Service was great. Dan, the installer, very professional. The only glitch was the time it took to resolve the problem. I first reported the problem 6 weeks ago. I was told the next time a servicer would be in my area would be a 3-week wait. I waited, but when the two techs came, they had the wrong size replacement glass. this put me back in the waiting queue for another 3 weeks. September 10, 2013
Terrific service Your repair man arrived within the appointment time, had the correct parts, replaced the problem, and was done in 15 minutes. The window now glides open and shut easily and smoothly. Thank you very much! September 10, 2013
Everything went smooth!!! All went according to plan. 4 of our windows were slightly shady, indicating leaking seals. We've been in the house for 22 years, and called Milgard up expecting to hear reasons why the warranty wasn't in effect, or expecting someon to come out to tell us the windows weren't in need of replacement. BUT the service department asked me to give him the dimensions of the glass and a week later a tech came our ON SCHEDULE and replaced all 4 windows. Coudn't have gone smoother!! Thanks September 10, 2013
Milgrard windows and service are superb! This service was spectacular! The repair guys arrived when they said they would, they were courteous and professional, and they were done in a flash. Our window looks great. I can't believe I put off calling, because the service was so streamlined, from the initial call to the prompt follow-up emails, to the actual repair day. I'm going to tell everyone how spectacular this service was! Thank you! September 10, 2013
A 5 star job. Excellent service. We are very pleased. In-home service techs courteous, proficient , highly skilled & very professional. Arrived on time, repaired the problem windows quickly & were very careful when furniture had to be moved to gain access to the windows. Could not have done a better job. September 10, 2013
Sending me to the video site put me off. Although I understand that there are some service calls that could be avoided, directing a customer to the video site is a little disconcerting. While I was able to follow the instructions to take the window apart, there wasn't anything further about how to fix the darn thing. Anyway, I got it put back together and the springs sprung again. At that point I couldn't get the window back together and I called for an SOS service call which was responded to immediately which I was very grateful for and very much relieved. So my opinion is that it's probably more productive to send someone out on a "scheduled" service call than try to get a service call for an emergency homeowner repair gone bad. September 10, 2013
Quick work The service tech was quick to review our issue, fix the problem, make minor adjustments to improve the windows installed and offer spare parts for the windows. He didn't have some parts on hand and committed to mail them to us. September 10, 2013
Professional, punctual and proficient!!! From the first few seconds of phone conversation it was readily apparent that I was dealing with people who cared about their job and the effect it has on the customer experience. Your customer service system is a well oiled machine and I really don't know how I could recommend any improvement!! Awesome---thank you very much! September 10, 2013
Good quick service The technician was about 15 minutes early (a plus) and finished his repairs in ten minutes and the relevant windows work perfectly now. September 9, 2013
Excellent warranty coverage and service Sergey is the best technician we have ever met in any business. Wonderful young man! September 9, 2013
Very Professional The Tech arrived on time and resolved our problem immediately. September 9, 2013
Its great to have a company that stands behind there products I have a problem with some latches that failed. Milgard sent me the parts and I replaced. They offered to send someone out but it looked like a simple swap so I offered to do myself. Took less then ten minutes . Melissa responded quickly and got me the parts before I got home to install. This is why I only buy Milgard. September 9, 2013
Really good experience The person who scheduled my service was very helpful, and the technician was friendly and did a great job. Couldn't be more satisfied. September 9, 2013
Milgard is BEST Window Company of All When it comes to product design, the options are great - from simple vinyl to fiberglass with innovative features and clean lines between combinations of awning, picture and slider styles. And the lifetime guarantee on glass and free service calls is a real value when you consider the potential for seal failures in our high altitude, extreme weather conditions in Winter Park, Colorado. Milgard is simple the best in my book. September 9, 2013
Service Other than some difficulty in tracking down the warranty servixe and some delay in getting a response, once Milgard was on it things went off without a hitch. No hassles getting the warranty acknowledged and the service tech that came to the house was quick, charming, respectful and simply a pleasure to work with. I think his name was Rob and he was simply terrific. September 9, 2013
Very happy with Milguard service. We were very happy with our Milguard experience. The spring on one of our windows had become dislodged from the window; we thought it was going to be more difficult to repair than it was - the technician was here no more than 15 minutes. He was very professional and explained a couple of things to prevent this from happening in the future. He also gave us some advice on how to better care for the screens. Thanks Milguard! September 9, 2013
Great Experience Service technician was there at the appointment time scheduled which was awesome. So many times you are given a several hour window of time for service. Appointment was at 10AM and he was there at 10AM and done by 11AM. September 9, 2013
quick! the service tech was quick and did a clean job..very personable;. September 9, 2013
Poor phone service Inpurchase the patio door thru home depot. I paid extra to have he accessories on the door. The door arrived was standard without the extra parts I ordered. The phone rep never called me initially as informed by the Home Depot. I took them 2 weeks and inquiries from Home Depot to call me. I scheduled he appointment one minh in advance, but the service guy didn't have the parts with him because he phone girl didn't take down the right info; even though I had to talk to 2 different girls and explained my story at least 3 times ( they didn't even have the right time down). I had to schedule another appointment and finally it was fixed. The service guy was good and professional, but the phone girls need a lot more training. September 9, 2013
Great service! Milgard always gets the job done when we have any issue with our windows and they stand behind their product 100%. Never any issue or hassle. Thank you. September 9, 2013
Mixed review Window was installed efficiently on the second visit. On the first visit, the technician wasn't prepared to make the install. It felt like my time wasn't valued. September 9, 2013
Quick and fixed! Someone told me that my windows were still under warranty and I didn't quite believe it. We bad 2 small windows that wouldn't stay open anymore so I called and when I got the call back, they were here the next day and came it to fix the problem in about 10 minutes - no charge! September 8, 2013
Great service! The service rep who came to my house was very professional and helpfull September 8, 2013
Missed opportunities We had to have Milgard come to our home on 3 different occasions for a few reasons I feel could have been avoided. First issue, the technician came before the scheduled time and therefore my husband was not present. He fixed one window and then replaced the wrong window (could have been avoided if he would have come at the time he said, my teenage son did not know which window needed to be done). We had to call and make a second appointment. 2nd visit the technician came and replaced the window but the replacement had a big scratch. The technician knew it but put the window in anyways. My husband was not happy about that and was vocal to Sergie and Aaron. We at this point called Aaron from customer service and told him not to send Sergie back. 3rd visit window was replaced and done well. I really appreciated you replacing the windows...that was fine but didn't feel the like technician listened to us. That is what made us feel the customer service was only rated fair Randy and Camilla Collins Milwaukie OR September 8, 2013
Great service! The service was great! The window was a replacement under warranty. They arrived on time and very professional. September 8, 2013
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