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Milgard Service

At Milgard, we stand behind every window and patio door we build. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard's factory-trained technicians go out and make it right. We are committed to excellent service. Don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say about us!

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Service was great. Service man was on time and very polite. Had window changed out with new one installed in less than 20 mins. Did a great job. January 19, 2014
Work well done, with very professional and courteous service. As has been the case in the past, quality service and on time. Not only do you have quality products, your representatives are quality people. That is why we keep buying your windows for our work projects , and our personal residence as well. Jill Adams Adams Properties LLC January 19, 2014
Service and techs were great Thank you for your timely and professional response to my issue. I appreciate the assistance provided along with the friendly service. January 19, 2014
The technician was good and he replaced the window very quickly. It took me more than a week and several phone calls and e-mails before someone contact me to schedule an appointment. The repair service was great. January 19, 2014
Every aspect of the service exceeded expectations. This service, from my first call, to setting up the appointment to the repair was absolutely perfect. Lolo arrived on time, was courteous and knowledgeable and solved my problem completely. Thank you for living up to your reputation! January 18, 2014
150% If there has ever been any doubt in your mind about which "window" or "doors" to purchase, allow me to allay your fears. Milgard, without a doubt, is the most reputable company with the highest form of customer care known in the industry, bar none. My windows were installed over 18 years ago and they still stood behind their product. At the time I had the windows installed they did not make French doors ~ I installed wood to replace wood ~ then in 2007 went with another company. I would have been far better off to have boarded the entries with plywood. The company, who shall remain nameless (but it starts with an "S") is producing products that are so far inferior, it is not worth putting on the dog house, say nothing of a residence (my FD are 6 years old and shot! I was not smart enough to replace the wood doors with Milgard ~ tough lesson). Milgard is the ONLY way to replace doors & windows! January 18, 2014
The service was excellent. The technician was professional and also fixed the French door mechanism so the door would close smoothly. He did not have to repair the French door but just did it. Thanks for doing that. It was extremely nice to have a service performed by people who have great attitudes and know what they are doing. Thanks again from a happy customer. Janic January 18, 2014
correcting a mfg mistake They did a great job correcting the mistake when made at the time of manufacture. The frosted glass for my bathroom was on the top of a single hung window instead of on the bottom. we were able to agree on a date and time for the tech to repair. he was a great guy, arrived on time, put his booties on (I told him it wasn't necessary#, I left him to his repair, he showed me the finished product and explained what he did. He also was interested in anything else that was going on with my windows, this reminded me of a screen that the guide had pulled out-he is sending me a new screen. #its been a week and I haven't seen it yet but I/m sure it will) and off he went. my installers were so good I recommend clear choice construction and Milgard windows!! thank you, JudyH January 18, 2014
Excellent Service experience After scheduling service for my windows, which was a straightforward experience, the service techs who showed up at my house were punctual, and very efficient in solving the problems with the window mechanisms. Very good job to both. January 18, 2014
The service was outstanding! How wonderful to deal with a company that is so proud of their product they offer a lifetime warranty! I love my windows and am happier with them now because of the OUTSTANDING SERVICE I received recently. Thank you! January 18, 2014
Outstanding! I am a convert. I will always buy Milgard Windows. January 17, 2014
Our service Tech --Ray H was great! Also, we very much appreciated the follow through on the warranty for our windows. Ray H was great! prompt, professional, and very helpful as to how to take care of our windows. I would purchase Milgard based on this experience -- follow through on the warranty and a service tech guy who comes out and fixes the window in no time flat!!! THANK YOU! January 17, 2014
Great Product and Service We installed windows in 2006, the balances on the small window failed. The technician came out in a timely manner and repaired them. Very helpful and knowledgeable. I will purchase Milgard windows in the future for the quality and excellent service! January 17, 2014
Wish I'd bought Loewen. I bought Milgard upon the recommendations of my builder and Loewen's longer lead time. To my disappointment, every window and door looked like my amateur woodworking. I've never seen such poor joinery in a window--the corners aren't clean on any of them. I was shown how the trim pieces pull out for a quick pane removal, but even the fixed trim pieces don't fit well. Now I'll try to get my builder to patch what he can. The service rep did what he could, but that is apparently very little. Very frustrating. January 17, 2014
All reps of Milgard were professional, friendly, and courteous. See above. I particularly liked the promptness of the service. January 17, 2014
Fast and Efficent We had a 7 year old bathroom window break because of cold weather. Only the outside privacy glass broke. I called Milgard and they had someone on it right away. Once our service tech figured out the correct size of our window he popped the old one out and got the replacement in. We installed Milgard windows on the rest of the house this summer and I'm super glad we did because of the warranty and service they provide. January 17, 2014
Best in the industry! While we had many problems with our Milgard windows--initial quality, order accuracy, etc., your customer service is nothing short of EXCELLENT! January 17, 2014
We are pleased. From the initial contact through the actual installation of our replacement window, the experience was seamless. I can't think of anything to improve! January 17, 2014
Thank you for taking care of my needs quickly Your service was great and much appreciated. My friend was here and was able to get something repaired at his house. Everything was great, Thanks January 16, 2014
so-so I called the 8oo-645-4273 Ashley answered very unprofessional Received call back from Allison I said I needed afternoon apt she said not sure if that would work and she would see what could be done set appt for 1/15 . Received email from Allison 2 day before appt. Stated appt. was between 10-12 not afternoon as requested. My husband had to change work time not good. The installer was great Thanks marla boen January 16, 2014
Cannot say enough about the excellent level of service! The service was under the lifetime warranty and was excellent. The serviceman was professional, personable and very capable and knowledgable. He did and excellent job. January 16, 2014
Prompt, Professional We had warranty work done. The initial contact was on time, courteous. The service tech was on time, courteous and professional. Left NO MESS. Even took care of a weather strip that we had not noticed and was not on the work order. Could not be more pleased. January 16, 2014
Offer better service time It would be greatly appreciated if you offered better service hours, but overall I was very impressed. January 16, 2014
Reponse time and service was excellent Assessed the situation quickly and schedule the repair in a very reasonable time frame. Excellent service both in the office and service technician. January 16, 2014
repair was quick and easy once the found out what window it was. then it went easy. i had to send them a picture the numbers inside frame ment nuthing January 16, 2014
needs some work only took six months to resolve the problem finally got it right Eric Webb general contractor since 1992 January 15, 2014
The reason for Milgard The gold standard! There's a reason why Milgard may cost a little more than the average window. That's because they are quality windows and with that, comes a lifetime warranty. We've only had a few problems in the 12+ years we've had the windows, but their service was incredible! Highly recommend Milgard! January 15, 2014
A bit less than what I wanted, but not bad. We had two issues. One was a broken glass and the other was discolored glass. I submitted an online request and got a call back in about 3 days. The discoloration was covered under warranty. But the broken glass wasn't. I understand that Milgard's fine print says that glass breakage is not covered by the Lifetime warranty, and I can understand why it would be difficult to determine if the breakage was caused by the owner or due to defects. In our case, I was quite convinced that the breakage was due to some defect because I knew of no impact to the glass, and I also didn't see any chip or sign of impact where the breakage started. So I was a bit bummed that I had to pay a few hundred dollars for something I felt I didn't have to. But that's Milgard's stated warranty policy. So I'm not suggesting they did anything wrong. I just wish the breakage was covered in my case, that's all. The service was scheduled about 3 weeks later (Christmas holiday time) and the service was prompt and professional. The service techs left some broken pieces of glass along the driveway and the sidewalk that we ended up having to clean up. A bit sloppy. Otherwise, everything was fine. January 15, 2014
Super service The Service Tech was here on time and handled it quickly and efficiently. I can't say enough for his courteous attitude and friendly manner. January 15, 2014
Great service Todd was an amazing technician . Can-do, smart, nice. January 15, 2014
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